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Superliminal (FULL GAME)
9 days ago
i'd rather not... | RAFT
29 days ago
oh no... | RAFT
Month ago
Month ago
Month ago
Month ago
2 months ago
3 months ago
3 months ago
4 months ago
4 months ago
4 months ago
Baldi's Basics PLUS
4 months ago
4 months ago
utt 4 hours ago
Logan Whitaker
Logan Whitaker 4 hours ago
Mark needs to use his bullet shoter
Evry Kelley
Evry Kelley 4 hours ago
Why does mark sound like a sadist leader early on in the episode
glitchiboy1463 4 hours ago
Mark: *Oh yea Amy got a new Top Hat for me!* *Footage unavailable* Me: *crying noises in the distance*
Mertcan Çiçek
Mertcan Çiçek 4 hours ago
İ had a really good idea in my head and i wanted to say that beat 20/20 mode in Five Night's At Freddy's in 2020!
a mini life
a mini life 4 hours ago
Honestly, I feel like he was having way more fun with proximity chat than usual.
Carmella Baldacchin
I’m 3 years late but idc because this is frickin hilarious
Aaron Marsh
Aaron Marsh 4 hours ago
But have you ever seen Mark and Annus together...?
corrupted foox
corrupted foox 4 hours ago
1:23 brogle
Law 4 hours ago
I know markiplier lowkey thinking about wtf his life has come to over here trying to get a corn sponsor ship
Comet Hatsuki
Comet Hatsuki 4 hours ago
Me: sees video ooh yes this will be a disaster! Video starts: ah I was very much correct
Muath Jalal
Muath Jalal 4 hours ago
10:17! :D
ThePandaDiaries 4 hours ago
Now this got me wondering if someone else was as committed to this game than Mark
Bunger 4 hours ago
Instinct Gaming
Instinct Gaming 4 hours ago
This game is MASTERPIECE !! 🔥🔥🔥
CreamyUwU 4 hours ago
Mark: nooo u can't just lag my very high end PC Roblox: haha lag go brrrrrr
Sam Z
Sam Z 4 hours ago
27:42 you here that?!
Adam H
Adam H 4 hours ago
Pressing like button to confirm I will make Automaton soup.
•xÈvãx• ò-ó•
yt recommended me this 1 year ago 😂
Mitchell Carr
Mitchell Carr 4 hours ago
did anyone else realise that mark never shot ethan with the paintball gun for that old video or did he and i just didn't get to see it?! pLz HeLp
Woomy 19
Woomy 19 4 hours ago
I meant unas
Woomy 19
Woomy 19 4 hours ago
Drathe 4 hours ago
So much metal...no Foundation Armor. Armor up the outside "layer" of the Raft to prevent the shark from eating it!
Luna Blue
Luna Blue 4 hours ago
!!jumpscare List!! *FOR EVERYONE* I will not recommend to read this if you want adrenaline. I'm watching them all, and make then the lists!! 2:29 (W. Bonnie)
Alfred Casvine
Alfred Casvine 4 hours ago
Markiplier's rapping skills aren't that much good, probably because he isn't in the mood!
My Name Might Be Connor
The long hair really helps his chaotic mad scientist energy 😂
AzureJoems 4 hours ago
watching this makes me remember of a channel. It had a short lifespan...and yet...it has given us such beautiful memories
Chromebroke 4 hours ago
does anyone else have a mini heart attack when you get jumpscared by these pieces of shit because of how terrifying they are?
A Random Crusader
A Random Crusader 4 hours ago
Markiplier during the Sims 3 patch notes: *_Silent laughing_*
Jack Dab
Jack Dab 4 hours ago
Mark not even using the wicked lasers FlashTorch. I'm disappointed and my day has been ruined.
Espacio 4 hours ago
It’s kind of ironic how the only non-police officer was the brown dick? i’m black btw so chill
DeJay Quintana
DeJay Quintana 4 hours ago
I love you Charles RIP😫
Chummy Wiggler
Chummy Wiggler 4 hours ago
Ender Gaming
Ender Gaming 4 hours ago
I played this once and i said on the spirit box: "Marco" Know what the ghost replies to me? An instant hunt
JohnMarcus Reyes
JohnMarcus Reyes 4 hours ago
I almost won but this bird got me and my parent's think im crazy laughing so much over and over again 12:07
Daniella Thorn
Daniella Thorn 4 hours ago
I'm rewatching this video, and I'm kinda nervous to say this, but, I drew fanart for when mark said it was like attack on titian, with mark as part of the survey corpse and a baldi titan🤣🤣🤣 One of the only times I haven't regretted any life decisions.
Yelisey 4 hours ago
I still wonder if they ever got their stuff back
Funtime Candy
Funtime Candy 4 hours ago
Sirenhead could never get me I'd scream my actual lungs out Also I never go outside
emmetthelegoman 4 hours ago
Thats very unnus annus of you
Marcellofp 4 hours ago
Me:Looks behind Also me:Oh hi Mark
Marco Caraco
Marco Caraco 4 hours ago
YESS!!! A new episode of Raft, I love this series!
{cøøkiė-chån} 4 hours ago
I sat there crying....
Hayleigh Huckle
Hayleigh Huckle 4 hours ago
Is this... among us original? 0-0
Glier Nemeloc
Glier Nemeloc 4 hours ago
Date of release of this game didn't age very well, did it?
quick buttercup
quick buttercup 4 hours ago
This actually convinced me to get some green giant food stuffs.
Sunlight System
Sunlight System 4 hours ago
it's been 10 days, MARK
Muath Jalal
Muath Jalal 4 hours ago
Omg! xDD 7:46
ItzThe_ RaeTwinz
ItzThe_ RaeTwinz 4 hours ago
Shout to Lixian for being an amazing editor
Mavmallow 4 hours ago
The first Mark animated i ever watched after finding his channel back then
Kenpatchi Ramasama
Kenpatchi Ramasama 4 hours ago
What do you mean fake? I'm evil! ~Wade 2020
Lunar Kamaitachi
Lunar Kamaitachi 4 hours ago
Perfect for this time of year
SmellTheL 4 hours ago
Very realistic game
Johnboy Gunsling
Johnboy Gunsling 4 hours ago
I want a cup Sox and glasses from sour patch
Johnboy Gunsling
Johnboy Gunsling 4 hours ago
Love it
wills world
wills world 4 hours ago
Can u tell me how to get how to get the nightmares to stop
Noah Cain
Noah Cain 4 hours ago
5:30. Thanks Amy for the extra lighting 😂😂
Useless Content
Useless Content 4 hours ago
28:18 All I hear now is Mark reviews WWII
Mask D
Mask D 4 hours ago
Dude the Prowler Theme While Mark kills everyone is downright scary.
rachel smith
rachel smith 4 hours ago
Play raft
Jennifer Hall
Jennifer Hall 4 hours ago
I love Protective Mama Bear Mark.
Shadow Dog
Shadow Dog 4 hours ago
Someone: *gets biten* Mark: WAS THAT THE BITE OF 87
Lavan Volkov
Lavan Volkov 4 hours ago
When he sticks his finger in his eye and keeps going, I always lose it.
Noah Dale
Noah Dale 4 hours ago
Cayde 6
Cayde 6 4 hours ago
anyone else getting tilted due to the fact that he was keeping the spade key when he was able to delete it for another slot of space
Ur mom
Ur mom 4 hours ago
Mark: We will have a white and black short available Me: *cries in Unus Annus*
Muath Jalal
Muath Jalal 4 hours ago
Omg your reaction at 15:23 was crazzzyyy
The Swiss Guy
The Swiss Guy 4 hours ago
I always wonder... is Tyler allowed to just sit in the back of the van without a seatbelt?!
ShonycOI2 3A2Ihjon
ShonycOI2 3A2Ihjon 4 hours ago
Huh 1:05:14, could this be a Never-ending loop? put in the castle in the Castle/vent thing and bam you got your self a Never-ending loop of A VENT just circuling literally forever
Tactical Loner
Tactical Loner 5 hours ago
If Del Monte was Screaming they'd probably sound like SCP096 Hollering
Sim Ona
Sim Ona 5 hours ago
Omg him wasting everyone's time with long useless monologues is making me so frustrated and I'm not even the one playing the game. Like come on, it's maybe funny the first couple times, but then it's just ruining everyone's experience.
BOTCH_ CARA 5 hours ago
30:27 Our ancestors discovering fire.
ChasiaLily 5 hours ago
"Ah, sure, thats the ghost singing the oompah loompah song then"
Freia Oaks
Freia Oaks 5 hours ago
Markiplier is a dork and we Stan that.
Isabela Moreira
Isabela Moreira 5 hours ago
9:17 JAUZJAUZHIAJZJSJ yeah, you better do that
CillClick 5 hours ago
If youre sorting by new, what the frick is the guy below me saying
Wolfe Nightfall
Wolfe Nightfall 5 hours ago
Mark, scared voice: “I THOUGHT I WAS DEAD” *P R O W L E R N O I S E*
Charlotte Hunt
Charlotte Hunt 5 hours ago
New challenge: find a comment from the time this was posted :)