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You ever just crash your car in a monster infest forest? You ever just do that? You ever do? That? You ever do exactly that? You ever?
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Nov 7, 2020




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finley 42
finley 42 2 hours ago
I sh*t myself like 13 times
Roblox Gamers
Roblox Gamers 7 hours ago
Maya be it’s siren head
typical guy
typical guy 7 hours ago
One little fact:if the Mr.tall Guy screams and witch would be nearby (that monster Who comes from ground) and gets you then you will be in her lair and the second time she gets you then you will die
Amari Jackson
Amari Jackson 8 hours ago
Splush Splash, I'm taking a bath!
bystander 10 hours ago
mark said years ago how cool it would be if games used voice detection, he hasn't changed
LivingEncyclopedia 11 hours ago
Oh my god! There was an advert right at the end the second that Mark got jump-scared. Freaking Bluehost scared me more than the monster
pamela Cook
pamela Cook 14 hours ago
When i was watching. The its po when. Jumped scared me
DJSwag Panda
DJSwag Panda 19 hours ago
Kangaroo chicken cheese alligator flamingo pigeon shit. That's all I Gotta say, do you agree?
UnknownGamer 21 hour ago
My dad never told me he had echo location-
William Dent
William Dent Day ago
Ibuki Moida Kin :3
Mark's owo speak made me fucking D I E
Ashley Lynn
Ashley Lynn Day ago
No one said anything about bob giting suckt under ground
Katherine Beggiani
37:51 i jumped out of my fuckin skin holy shit
俊杰のKeat 21 hour ago
same I spilled all my water on the fucking table now the table is wet
XxTree_Gacha 41xX
-Mark- Talks normally. -ghost- *comes out of nowhere* -Mark- GHARABA IM DEAD GARHAHS -baby language-
Nova Stanton
Nova Stanton Day ago
*"UwU Mark isn't real. He can't hurt you."* Uwu Mark: 6:09
Bratty Day ago
What’s up mark
Rokudo Day ago
"It's so deep.." "I'm so deep..." "I'm inside the legs!" Me, sipping tea with a dirty mind: o_o
Jack: "it's probably a bear trap" Also jack: *steps in bear trap* "AH"
Clantis Day ago
"jean" jean mcclothlin
Austin Dodd
Austin Dodd Day ago
I knew that jumpscare was coming and my soul still left my body 😭
This game is amazing. It gives you an achievement called being a loser.
"Shean you need to go near that thing and find out what its about" 😂🤣🤣🤣
LordTahnoid Day ago
This is suppose to be a horror game, why are you and your friends laughing
Kryzys Day ago
Mark Implier
NvrStpGaming Day ago
Imagine GTFO with proximity chat
BunBun Day ago
there is a horse....
BxD ViBeS Day ago
that ending scared the shit out of me
Potato 101
Potato 101 2 days ago
An add played right as a thing popped out of the ground before mark has time to react TwT
Isabel Jarvis
Isabel Jarvis 2 days ago
7:30 "Wait- did it just slurp?? Im sorry did it just slurp?" Me, drinking coffee: "ok ok im sorry!!!"
Shadows Star
Shadows Star 2 days ago
19:48 I know I'm supposed to be looking at the sway of those supple asscheeks but I keep getting distracted by how long and uncanny her neck is....
Yeeet Yeeet
Yeeet Yeeet 2 days ago
Fuck belle delphine
Hokaiyu Mioshi
Hokaiyu Mioshi 2 days ago
That last jump scare really got me. My poor heart haha!
Marionettes 2 days ago
jesus fk, i almost shit my pant by just looking at the thumbnail, and i feel the coldness from my back and i keep looking back at my door. Fuck me for watching this at 3 am
Alice Evans
Alice Evans 2 days ago
does mark have a discord?
Minjusaka 2 days ago
I was in an online class when the last scene where the creature pops-up scares the hell out that I jump. My teacher asked what happen. ( Sorry if my gramma is bad )
KimiTheIjiLover 2 days ago
Wow XD That last jump-scare really got me, and I'm glad it was followed up by the even more terrifying Audi add.
Leonardo Brinley
Leonardo Brinley 2 days ago
Daniel Rine
Daniel Rine 2 days ago
Congratulations, I actually threw my phone at the end
Googli300 2 days ago
Oh no... Mark's acquiring the UwU voice...
Hikaeme4022 2 days ago
10:16 Joseph? Is that you?
Funny Valentine
Funny Valentine 2 days ago
You know someone, somewhere yanked out a good one with the demons
Tije Tode
Tije Tode 2 days ago
I got scarrd of my cat my cat does the thing that it wil sctats my door until i open it that scared mw
Tije Tode
Tije Tode 2 days ago
Wy am i wachting this whit my suround sound jead fhpses
Escuro 2 days ago
"Try not to make noise." The Gang when they find a monster whose sole purpose is to scream really loud: *_Friendly :)))_*
chocolatewolf7 roblox
bob: im glade i dont have the chance to die here monster behind them: ill see about that BOB: gets draged doown the ground and dies ME: HAHA:D
Ta'Maira Leventry
Title and thumbnail : BIG SPOOKY SCARY Actual video: 8:31
80and50s4Us 2Luv
80and50s4Us 2Luv 2 days ago
When mark was readying the first the not with one of the skulls above it he sounded like Adam Sandler from Hubie Halloween.😅
Lt Warden
Lt Warden 2 days ago
Mark sounds like hubie from hubie Halloween when he reads
Sadie Whitehead
Sadie Whitehead 2 days ago
When Mark said "pspspspsp", my cat perked up.
That_Dog_Person :P
That_Dog_Person :P 10 hours ago
that’s funny
FTB Homeslice
FTB Homeslice 2 days ago
Bro I got an ad right at the jumps scare at the end
FTB Homeslice
FTB Homeslice 2 days ago
Who else searched up calliypygian
Lexie libby
Lexie libby 2 days ago
i lost it as soon as he started reading the first note
Meilena Banks
Meilena Banks 2 days ago
i kid you not as soon as it jumpscared mark youtube turned on an add for league of legends. Istg i've never felt more fear in my LIFE. 37:50
Synth 2 days ago
Mark: gets a flare gun Me:shoot it in the air Mark uses it as an actul gun even though the point of a flare gun is to call for safety Me: my disappointment is immeasurable
HYPE ACE 24 2 days ago
These are the markiplier let's plays I remember and enjoy I love this
Draon029 3 days ago
“What’s that in the water?” THE GONGOOZLER!!!
CELL · 3 days ago
watching this with earbuds middle pf class is fun
Eliza Henry
Eliza Henry 3 days ago
ok, i might be totally wrong, but when he wrote the paper and did that weird voice, he sounded like hubie and once again i might be wrong but i think hubie lives in danville and hubie's mom was a monster and dis game bout monsters so i think this is based off of hubie halloween and mark is hubie
That_Dog_Person :P
That_Dog_Person :P 10 hours ago
xD nice thought work, I don’t remember what hubies are and stuff but still, Nice (and kinda funny lol)
DeltaSilver88 3 days ago
I just pulled a muscle in both of my thighs at the final jumpscare. XD _Well, dat hurt-_
彭溢平Leo Pang
You see soming that look like WiFi it’s your sound not make too much sound or the monster will hear you
Sickly Four
Sickly Four 3 days ago
Did anyone else jump at the explosion at the beginning? No just me? Okay...
Nova The Aquarius owo
Amnesia part 5? 🥺
DSK DubStepKing
DSK DubStepKing 3 days ago
The end scared the f out of me 😂
That_Dog_Person :P
“My vision is grey” “I just lost color?!” Me when I had my first experience with my eye issues and I lost all color and everything was black and grey
Brianna Stafford
Brianna Stafford 3 days ago
i was today years old when i learned what a flea circus really is
Stephen Faddes
Stephen Faddes 3 days ago
"I got the achievement unlocked for being a loser." ~Muyskerm (Bob) 2020 That hit hard. Bob you're not a loser!
Ben Pike
Ben Pike 3 days ago
is it just me or does marks voice when he says omg sound like joseph joestar's voice
Haisse Azumaki
Haisse Azumaki 3 days ago
Is it just me or is this game just like Monstrum but a better version with multiplayer.....anyone? No? Ok just me
Jake P
Jake P 3 days ago
"Horse don't make any noise..." i jumped out muh goddamn skin.
Jake P
Jake P 3 days ago
Bob. I like you. But. Please just stop talking so much.
Marek Borgstahl
Marek Borgstahl 3 days ago
Nightmares check lamo
Zachary Maldonado
10:15 Mr. Joestar?!
Brevin Palmes
Brevin Palmes 3 days ago
I think bob died here at 17:39 because he stood on another player in a weird way causing the game think he's falling and died to "fall damage"
Harry Potter
Harry Potter 3 days ago
I now live in Massachoochoos.
Dillon Sudduth
Dillon Sudduth 3 days ago
Mark. Play Nonsters and Mortals. Please
Oliver S
Oliver S 3 days ago
“That’s the last time you step on my new shoes!” Had me dying 😂
꧁Peachy Vibes꧂
*That kinda feels like..... KQKQKWHSHSHHSH* (22:30)
Cheyanne Jablonski
Alright imma get in a car crash and hopefully get ✨echolocation✨
Kiyochine 3 days ago
6:09 Homestar Runner Anyone? . . Just me? Ok.
Miss. Danni Tiger
3:16 17:20 23:28 31:50
Evangelo Petris
Evangelo Petris 3 days ago
I pissed my pants at the end
Dark Cobra
Dark Cobra 3 days ago
Spongegar 2.0
Spongegar 2.0 4 days ago
Joeseph joestar be like: 10:20
Lucius Hammer holder
31:40 smh lmao
Bruh Man
Bruh Man 4 days ago
when mark was reading the notes it sounded like how adam sandler talks in his movies
Belai _
Belai _ 4 days ago
I don't like the fact that horror game graphic gets more and more realistic The forest looks exactly like the forest near houses...
Tadashi Yamaguchi
"THERES A HORSE IN THE POND-" *Famous last words* -Wade 2020
devinator 3001
devinator 3001 4 days ago
Lol that last part got me good
TriGGered XX
TriGGered XX 4 days ago
Oxána Osgyáni
Oxána Osgyáni 4 days ago
No one: Actually no one: Joseph Joestar in every 5 second: 10:16
Sebastian Cook
Sebastian Cook 4 days ago
37:53 I got an ad right here, and there was this glitch, where the audio was absolutely broken, and it was the most terrifying crap, I've ever experienced on US-first.
Yeehaw Lizard
Yeehaw Lizard 4 days ago
Anyone noticed that Mark is wearing a camp Unnus Annus shirt. I am here after Unnus Annus so I shall go cry
Unknown Person
Unknown Person 4 days ago
I'm phasmophobic but I like watching people play scary games lol... I don't know what's wrong me! 🤣
Zkar Zalgo
Zkar Zalgo 4 days ago
anyone else thinking of "The Attack of Karens"
Carter Han
Carter Han 4 days ago
The last jumpscare got me... The horse threw me off. man...
BigBadWolf 4 days ago
Mark : Horse I'm sorry Horse : f u
Aries MonkeyMan
Aries MonkeyMan 4 days ago
ngl the jump scare at the end got me goog
IzzySnow 4 days ago
markiflyer + markaplaser = markiplier
Luna 4 days ago
Kat Tomlin
Kat Tomlin 4 days ago
The ad placement after the horse whinny is horrible