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Don't trust the baby in yellow... and actually this is 12 Scary Games!
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Aug 10, 2020




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Comments 99   
Rainbow Cactus
Rainbow Cactus 10 hours ago
I have a history paper due tomorrow and I needed something to keep me awake, this is really helpful :)
Emi Pearce
Emi Pearce 13 hours ago
Me no scared
Rebekah Blackwell-Chin
and that, people of earth, is why i never want kids.
Lincoln 18 hours ago
Someone needs to animate mark sitting the baby
MrHotSauceGD 19 hours ago
0:00 Secret Words: Hello Everybody, My name is Markiplier Welcome to 3 Scary Games, The video where I play scary games, for you It’s a good time for everybody involved, Hope you enjoy yourself, Should be fun. 😈 Edited by Lixian Revealed Words by MrHotSauceGD
brylie is hotter than you
The baby has more cheek bones than Victoria justice
brylie is hotter than you
Who else reversed the audio at the beginning
Sofia Vega
Sofia Vega Day ago
On The Flashlight Thingy You Need To Stop Flicking It Exactly When The Light Turns On. I Think. You’re Welcome. :D
Zil 1127
Zil 1127 Day ago
They way his expression doesn't change at 15:22 is so hilarious to me for no reason. The slow turn around is gold.
he just said smack your eggs
arlene varner
🎶Go too sleep go to sleep please don't KILL me in the dead of the night🎶 go to sleep please go to sleep and for the love of god please BLINK🎶
-*Kyoka -Jiro*-
12:10 *Denki as a dad*
An idiot who sings
i legit screen recorded the beginning and reversed it
The Epic Slime
this is what he says in backwards: "It's a good time for everyone involved, the video where I play scary games for YOU, welcome to 3 scary games, my name is Markiplier, Hello everybody."
MagsPie Day ago
Now I feel really bad for the baby sitter from the Incredibles
King Nathan’s channel
11:20 baby in yellow
small myosotis
the captions in the intro has me dead
And I oop Sksksksks
2832837iwsj)wiendjdjsnwjwjehdnch that first part got me lol I LOVE THE SCARE XDXDXDXD
Gary Redfield
Gary Redfield 2 days ago
5:05 whats that game
LukaGelutashv 2 days ago
Im rewatching this 69th time
Rhedyn Rhyden
Rhedyn Rhyden 2 days ago
Put on subtitles and listen to the beginning, trust me
the Asshole
the Asshole 2 days ago
15:06 really got me lol-
*Serenity* 2 days ago
Imma have to explain to my mother why I cant babysit anymore. ;-;
Bonbon Playz
Bonbon Playz 2 days ago
0:00 - 0:17 - 21:47 Turn on subtitles it says "Smack your eggs" and "Slash your eggs" XD
S0ftiebl0x YT
S0ftiebl0x YT 2 days ago
Mark: *reading* talismans and their uses in child care. Me: so the parents know their baby is a demon but they leave it with a baby sitter anyways? xD 17:16
S0ftiebl0x YT
S0ftiebl0x YT 2 days ago
Mark: BABY~ Also mark: BAB- The door down the hallway: *OPENS* Mark: *Screams internally* 14:26
adam b00p
adam b00p 2 days ago
Put auto generated captions at the beginning Results: yes
the basic strange unicorn
Wow i have not seen the baby game since the update, ( I thought it would be the same ) and almost had a heart attack
Sac A
Sac A 2 days ago
baby in yellow please
Sac A
Sac A 2 days ago
such a poopy baby
TheTrueGamer66 2 days ago
I know it's too late, but for the flashlight you HAVE to stop hitting the flashlight when it turns on.
Samantha Morton
Samantha Morton 2 days ago
Marks face when the baby disappears
mariah r
mariah r 3 days ago
i normally get high and watch this series but tbh im so high eveytime that i nearly piss myself at the intros
ThatGuyDan 3 days ago
Turn on subtitles at the start of the video, he says at 0:02 ish; smack your eggs
Korbin Foster
Korbin Foster 3 days ago
It’s fine he’s not going to harm anybody it’s a sacrifice to Cthulhu 21:21
Sam - Annus
Sam - Annus 3 days ago
Stop speaking Gravity Falls, Mark! You're gonna summon Bill!
Devon Wood-Epstein
Baby is just admin walking
Patrick Langley
Patrick Langley 3 days ago
Patrick Langley
Patrick Langley 3 days ago
I love your videos ❤️
Bryce Pirie
Bryce Pirie 3 days ago
that middle game reminded me of an old game called warioware, if you know it then you can see the resemblance.
Dead Pool
Dead Pool 3 days ago
I beated it
Dead Pool
Dead Pool 3 days ago
2 scarey games
Animus Silica
Animus Silica 3 days ago
No wonder Master Xehanort grew up into such a dick.
MaRy Bregvadze
MaRy Bregvadze 4 days ago
Markiplier: now lets get you to bed thonk thonk Baby: Good greif... Also the baby: TELEPORTS Markiplier: NANI?! i missed the part where that happens ok here it is 17:34
MaRy Bregvadze
MaRy Bregvadze 4 days ago
Markiplier: now lets get you to bed thonk thonk Baby: Good greif... Also the baby: *TELEPORTS* Markiplier: NANI?!
Elizabeth V
Elizabeth V 4 days ago
In the beginning all I thought about is the sims
Boss Yamori
Boss Yamori 4 days ago
*Mark* thunk *Mark 3 sec later* :(
pelin uysal
pelin uysal 4 days ago
ı hate this baby so so much aa weırd baby ah whatever
Miriam Knight
Miriam Knight 4 days ago
Im new to his channel and I already love it XD anyone has video suggestions to watch from him?
guilleum2 4 days ago
The WarioWare-esk horror game was really neat to see :3
Night_ Studios
Night_ Studios 4 days ago
Nobody concerned bout him? 0:19
Leanna Goddard
Leanna Goddard 5 days ago
I have to stop on the light on the flash light one
peachyytea 5 days ago
*mark* : **sees a child** *also mark* : i *hate* it
peachyytea 5 days ago
that intro was sp00ky
Galaxy Films
Galaxy Films 5 days ago
Go my God
C0TT4G3C0RE 5 days ago
Nobody: Not even lixian: mark: at 0:14 " smack your eggs yeah wait if it just falls over nice " in captions.
Angie Landrum
Angie Landrum 5 days ago
I watched gray still plays watch the baby in yellow and omg
stratosphere 5 days ago
mark: i’m gonna teach you how to be a baby. number one: ᵇˡⁱⁿᵏ
ellie bean
ellie bean 5 days ago
At the start you said hi I'm markiplier I put a bit of it in reverse
James Sagers
James Sagers 6 days ago
i think i poopd a bit
eva sanyasi
eva sanyasi 6 days ago
me 6
Qian Parker
Qian Parker 6 days ago
0:00 turn subtitles
EK EXE 6 days ago
What do you mean smack your eggs
Chris Afton
Chris Afton 6 days ago
Get up your fellow herald and then um smack your eggs here with this in the club smack your eggs yeah wait if it just falls over nice dude [music]
EK EXE 7 days ago
Gacha.Skies. 077
Gacha.Skies. 077 7 days ago
I just reversed the audio it says " Hope you enjoy yourself, it's a good time for everybody involved where I played scary games for you.. Welcome to 3 scary games. My name's Markiplier hello everybody"
Qian Parker
Qian Parker 7 days ago
0:00 XD turn on subtitles XD
Rouxls Kaard
Rouxls Kaard 7 days ago
Kaelyn Potts
Kaelyn Potts 7 days ago
Other babysitters: twinkle twinkle little star Mark: 17:54
kaice 7 days ago
Plot twist, the baby was just from The Incredibles and he was just discovering his powers.
Gary Redfield
Gary Redfield 7 days ago
20:16 tpose babu slow the vid down
DoomCry_TheNightWing HiveWingHybrid666
The captions said: Smack Your Eggs There, Yes.
Medzaga 8 days ago
18:51 me when my brother wants me to do something for him
Ghost UwU
Ghost UwU 9 days ago
You know baby in yellow is messed up when it’s made by someone’s last name is McDonald and someone else’s name is arson
Iwa Chan
Iwa Chan 9 days ago
I put captions on at the beginning to try and understand what he was saying but what the captions say had me wheezing-
Shiro Tomachi
Shiro Tomachi 9 days ago
T posing baby be flexing
marshmellowswamp 9 days ago
markiplier: “are you in the closet, baby?” me, a closeted bisexual: *yes*
Player1up 15 hours ago
good luck coming out of it
Kay Alvarado
Kay Alvarado 10 days ago
Mark: exercises baby Game: yeets baby across room
_L0nely_P0tat0_ 11 days ago
I must have missed it.. But what was the second horror game called.? I'd really like to check it out
SaltedPringle 11 days ago
Voidking 11 days ago
smack your eggs here with in the club englirsh
TsunamiKai 11 days ago
Hey Mark! Just wanted to let you know that the link in the description for Spookware links to Hell Room instead! This was a great video and I actually wanna try a few of these games out! Thanks for showing them off!
StevenYT 11 days ago
On the flashlight you dont want to rapid punch it you have to let go of the keyboard/mouse and then you win that stage
Joey Bennett
Joey Bennett 11 days ago
What if the soup is made out of the two missing children
Amanda Holste
Amanda Holste 12 days ago
I don’t want you to leave!!!!!!! Stay on US-first!!!!
Kaung Htet Thaw
Kaung Htet Thaw 12 days ago
Melissa Woods
Melissa Woods 12 days ago
At the start of the video I thought that something broke
ᆞᆞ 13 days ago
0:20 Mark Wtf Did You Just Witness Saint of Jesus Chriat Compares you
Lily Edwards
Lily Edwards 13 days ago
At the bottom of the stairs
Joana Lua
Joana Lua 13 days ago
Did anybody catch that Mark said go my God instead oh my fucking god
chris whiting
chris whiting 13 days ago
Hahae so good
The Gaming Burglar
The Gaming Burglar 14 days ago
Ah, yes, the infamous reversed secret message video.... *We meet again...*
Honey-Sama 14 days ago
My boy, you hit the flashlight until the light is on then stop as soon as it turns on.
night blossoms
night blossoms 14 days ago
"So what you about game?" *"I hate it"*
Regina Harman
Regina Harman 14 days ago
Omg I’m so scared NOT
Primordial 14 days ago
What stewie does whenever he has a baby sitter
Jayden Pike
Jayden Pike 14 days ago
You sow a child with a blude mask
Jo Hynes
Jo Hynes 15 days ago
Mark:Is a Bouncy baby
Just a random Comment
Markiplier babysitting tips of the day. Number 1. *BLINK.* Nuber 2. *Whenever your holding the baby, make sure you hit every spot of it's head in the wall.* Number 3. *If the baby is floating in the air and appears to be demonic, slap the baby across the room with talisman and make sure to check if he's still not blinking, nevermind those broken bones.* And that is Markiplier babysitting tips of the day. Thank you for listening...