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Someone's watching you while you poop... Also another Siren Head game! Spooky, scary stuff!
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Aug 27, 2020




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Kw1k S1lver
Kw1k S1lver 21 minute ago
0:01 Oh I though you were phillip Philliplier
Grimslade Leviathan
I remember singing Smash Mouth with a few strangers in the bathroom stalls. We now go to drinks every other Friday night
Aptiika 5 hours ago
is it bad that the kevin hart ad that popped up scared me and the jumpscare in the second game didn't? ._.
Wild Weirdo
Wild Weirdo 8 hours ago
In cut short mark played with the boxes and all i thought of was TINY BOX TIM who remembers him📦🤗 (Edit: ok bye imma go watch it again for the 20th time)
Haunted 8 hours ago
Ghosts in these stalls? Hanako that you?
ILike Beanies
ILike Beanies 11 hours ago
*JUMPSCARE LIST:* 1st Game: 2:35 (Medium) Mark: 3:15 (Bruh) 2nd Game: 6:07 (Medium) 8:24 (Small) 11:08 (Small) 3rd Game: 18:59 (Small) 22:26 (Medium) 4th Game: 30:05 (Large)
Eli N
Eli N 12 hours ago
mark did you go cross eyed
Hans Keel
Hans Keel 14 hours ago
Hans Keel
Hans Keel 14 hours ago
Ong it looked like the room got darker when you started the vid
AaronXD 20 hours ago
the first game (0:30) where you collect symbols, its actually called "Baybayin" . It says "Busalan/Bosalan" which means gag? i think thats what it says.
kitten love
kitten love Day ago
somebody: you like jazz? me:uhhh naybe not i have to gooo yea byee
YNNAF ML Day ago
ahh,you are slovin Baybayin
daydream lab
daydream lab Day ago
Any filo that read the baybayin on the first game? Wanna ask *ANO YUNG BESALAN?*
CoffeeStars Day ago
Everyone else's minds or something: S P O O P Y T I M E My mind: mark sounds like a T H E R I P I S T
This is my 2nd time watching this and I am now just realizing that the symbols in the first game was actually baybayin!
Zack Immortal
Victoria Rytlewski
Victoria Rytlewski
it says at the bottom location tracker on ..... mark i just want you to know your in danger I mean even the way he said it like all sus yah you being tracked
ArthurLeonard Malijan
Am I the only one here just because of the animation of the videos ?
Scarlett Jones
3:09 that made me thro my phone
sweeny grim
sweeny grim Day ago
Oh thats so cool it’s traditional filipino writings
Onii chan
Onii chan 2 days ago
Derpy Meat
Derpy Meat 2 days ago
Bet a lotta comments here will be about the baybayin script on the door of the stall.
MatD 2 days ago
Your voice tone never gets old. Your content really inspired me to start my channel. Keep it up big Mark!
SkyPlayz 2 days ago
*mark* just taking a big poop *ghost* jeez it smells in here what did you eat
Gacha Darling
Gacha Darling 2 days ago
Mark: "Don't worry there's no jump scare" Me: "There's a disturbance in the force"
Lee Antoniette Cuenca
Hahahaha it so funny hahahahha
Viktória Balgová
On the first game the dude be watchin you in the dark and you be like,, yo leave me alone i just want to pee"😂😂🤣
Broden Broden
Broden Broden 2 days ago
If any of you see this coment in 2021 Mark: Did I just culect a poop butt? Me:It's a poop but- it was a *O*
Jamie Elvins
Jamie Elvins 2 days ago
Is it me, or did that guy sound a bit like Carlos from Nightvale?
S. D.
S. D. 3 days ago
"This is Cut Short"- *video suddenly ends*
S. D.
S. D. 3 days ago
"This is Cut Short"- *video suddenly ends*
{{•p0ison0us fruitl00p•}}
When I was young, I used to be terrified of stalls for THIS FEAR (There are ghosts on these stalls)
R D 3 days ago
Ghost: ! Mark: 啊巴啊巴啊巴啊巴啊巴
blueberry !
blueberry ! 3 days ago
nobody- mark- yA lIKe JaZz
Solar Bahar
Solar Bahar 3 days ago
So cool
Timothy Paules
Timothy Paules 3 days ago
Mark:"WHAT DO YOU MEAN I DIED??!!" ME: dude you missed every time
Timothy Paules
Timothy Paules 3 days ago
And also when he put the key in the lock
Timothy Paules
Timothy Paules 3 days ago
For example the noise that it made when he picked up the flashlight is 1 from spookiz house of jump-scares
Timothy Paules
Timothy Paules 3 days ago
The noises in the game cut short are the same As the noises in Spooky's house of jump-scares
Megi Vujnovac
Megi Vujnovac 3 days ago
I am watching this after the flashlight review
Doughnuts -_-
Doughnuts -_- 4 days ago
It was not blood, it was ketchup
Nice Boi
Nice Boi 4 days ago
Why would a game access your location ~•-•~
bonnet._ the pink bunny
me going to say FNaF: also me: its not scary wait-
Yamaguchi-mi 4 days ago
Purple guy?
Stan Harrell
Stan Harrell 4 days ago
Double Trouble
Double Trouble 4 days ago
The First Game I Almost Shat Myself LMAO YOU SHAT TOO??!
Nαgαтσяσ 4 days ago
The "symbols" mark was talking about in the first game looked like, Alibata. Philippines Old Alphabet
Muhammad Hussain
Muhammad Hussain 4 days ago
2:40 those eyes
MaRy Bregvadze
MaRy Bregvadze 4 days ago
Markiplier went savage? I dont know. 3:12
ISAIAH EILERS 5 days ago
Why the start of the second game look like the road that the weekend finds juice wrlds car on in the that music video where there animated
Countryhuman KD
Countryhuman KD 5 days ago
when it went to baybayin(a type of Filipino writing) I was like BOI because it meant BUSATAN/BOSATAN "I think its a name
Yuri :D's alt acc.
sharper than my knife
M. Calico Hendrickson
*singing jauntily* "La la la what the hell is that!?" XD
Michael Hughett
Michael Hughett 5 days ago
the fact that the green trash can in the bottom scared the shit outta me but when the demon popped over the stall i wasent?
play a sexy games )
play siren haed
mark i love your vids plz do more
_vika _
_vika _ 5 days ago
2:36 purple guy is the only thing i tought (srry for the bad ennglish im brazilian)
Yanberry 5 days ago
WOAH- AAAAAAHH - mark 2020 2:08
Mieke Mees
Mieke Mees 5 days ago
I like That voice a lot 😉
Sunkenplayz 6 days ago
Ai Yukimura
Ai Yukimura 6 days ago
Mark: *literally breaks everything and holds an axe* Also Mark: I'm not threatening...
Roxy ¿
Roxy ¿ 6 days ago
Why does he sound like Steve at 1:15
Kait Shima
Kait Shima 6 days ago
"Allow The Game to access your location" Mark: * thinking* oh shit is this really the best idea.... .... Also Mark: *yeah okay sure whatever i got nothin to worry about*
Delilah Wright
Delilah Wright 6 days ago
heart attack im scared oml
Delilah Wright
Delilah Wright 6 days ago
when that vent fell i switched to comments
Xxfat bishhhxX
Xxfat bishhhxX 6 days ago
Me watching this at 7:42AM:👁️👄👁️
Echo_101 7 days ago
*I JUST REALIZED THE FIRST GAME HAD BAYBAYIN LETTERS* Baybayin is an alphabet in Tagalog and was used in the Philippines a long time ago based from what i've learned- Edit : i think it says Buslan or Boslan??
moonchild joonie
moonchild joonie 7 days ago
galexy woods
galexy woods 7 days ago
the 2. one is the hacker one
Liam Brock
Liam Brock 8 days ago
The last one sounded like Andrew Huang...
Kenny Samia
Kenny Samia 8 days ago
dude stop scaring me dude im gonna get nightmares and have heart attacks>:(((((((((((((((((((
The Cringee Club
The Cringee Club 8 days ago
I was eating my cereal while watching the bathroom game, and that thing came in, freaked me out and I spilled my milk everywhere
SSBE Kaioken Springbonnie
I had a Tik Tok advert, and “C if for *charli has no talent and never will, minus 8.4K followers*
- S a t o
- S a t o 8 days ago
15:16 Tf, is this Nagito's voice actor?
•Kip •ツ
•Kip •ツ 8 days ago
**vent door falls off** Mark: _panics and then zooms in_ Me: *_HOW_*
abigail darling
abigail darling 9 days ago
the letters are old tagalog letterings which translates to 'busalan' meaning "muzzle a human to keep quiet" hmmm
Mayda Djaferian
Mayda Djaferian 9 days ago
Ok I’m sorry maybe it’s because I’m growing up in the American school system but the first game gave me the vibes of hiding from a school shooter in a bathroom stall 😅😂
ꨄ ItzSunsetGirl ꨄ
that scared the 💩 on the first one 😱
Gary Redfield
Gary Redfield 9 days ago
8:24 oh no scary alien guy scary loud noise
Ryan Vo
Ryan Vo 9 days ago
3:14 --> Demon Markiplier/Darkiplier
iAnixanin h
iAnixanin h 9 days ago
That's a fun scull
Lime Crewmate
Lime Crewmate 10 days ago
15:16 That sounds like Nagito on helium
Amusing Kiwi
Amusing Kiwi 10 days ago
Mark: Hi Me: hi!
Loomst 10 days ago
10:18 oh...
Isabella Orvarsdottir
At random times I randomly see a pencil anywhere and it randomly falls and when I look where it fell nothing is there, it hasn’t happened in a while but it happened three times. I also always see things in the corner of my eyes and it freaks me out to be honest..
Kaito 10 days ago
Your voice is so soothing and i love how deep it is irs its lovely
Pamela Stack
Pamela Stack 10 days ago
Me seeing when this was posted then I see it as on my sisters birthday:)
Temmie Nguyen
Temmie Nguyen 10 days ago
My new phobia: *going in a bathroom*
Gunder 11 days ago
That third to last game was you being the only person at the quiet kid/redditor’s party
Terbie 11 days ago
Ok tbh whoever did the voice in the 3rd game has a really nice voice
Leafy's SpringTrap
Leafy's SpringTrap 11 days ago
9:21 Mark: I have fallen- Me: *AnD i CaN't GeT uP!!*
꧁ThAt WEEB꧂ 11 days ago
ಠ_ಠ 𝕥𝕙𝕖 𝕡𝕒𝕚𝕟𝕥𝕚𝕟𝕘 𝕚𝕤 𝕗𝕦𝕔𝕜𝕚𝕟𝕘 𝕦𝕘𝕝𝕪 𝕘𝕖𝕥 𝕚𝕥 𝕓𝕚𝕤𝕙
Kane Lord
Kane Lord 12 days ago
The symbols that you find at the first game are pre-Hispanic Philippine script. It's "busalan" or to muzzle someone.
Tbnr Niko
Tbnr Niko 12 days ago
*opens door* hi sisters james charles
Pich Nkn
Pich Nkn 12 days ago
3:09 got me, yeah.
Albert Noodles
Albert Noodles 12 days ago
2:39 .,.
Antwaan Jackson
Antwaan Jackson 12 days ago
He sound like corpse