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Lixian is back... Lunky is afraid... Hamilton, Between These Walls, and Linger are the games in this episode of 3 Scary Games....
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Oct 20, 2020




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Markiplier Month ago
Can we take a moment to preesh Lixian for his unbelievable work? Comes back from vacation to deliver us a SMOOCH of delightful editing such as this? The IMPUDENCE. The AUDACITY. The UNMITIGATED GALL. Too good for this world. Everyone go sub to him immediately.
Jadyn Chronicle
Jadyn Chronicle 13 days ago
thank the heavens lixian is back- i don't think any of us could have survived lunky for much longer
River Side
River Side 13 days ago
Ellis Hayne
Ellis Hayne Month ago
when the girl was standing at the end of the hallway I yelled "LIXIAN ZOOOOOOOOOOM!!!!"
Psycho Grin
Psycho Grin Month ago
Joshua Thomison
Joshua Thomison Month ago
I’m already subbed to Lixian so I can’t
Panicking Potato Cos
Morbid Mary
Morbid Mary Hour ago
RC = run coward lol i know it doesn't actually mean this but it's more pleasing to my brain. so shush lol.
Matthew Havner
Matthew Havner 2 hours ago
Negative 1 hahhahahahhahahahhahahahahhahahhahahahhahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahhahahahahahaya
Buggy loves you
Buggy loves you 4 hours ago
Still waiting for 62
Diemute 4 hours ago
11:05 that scared me
HMW SPADE 6 hours ago
Buggy loves you
Buggy loves you 3 hours ago
He always has to cause he like the movie haha
A YouTube Channel
A YouTube Channel 10 hours ago
I would like to see Lixian try to make a scary game not under a time crunch
AlexB_Playz23 Gamer
AlexB_Playz23 Gamer 13 hours ago
lol Hamilton is a new musical that came out this year, me and my sister went to watch it wen it first came to England
Honeybee Idv
Honeybee Idv 14 hours ago
My dad used to write love letters to my mom, she can still recognize his handwriting even after 9 years since he passed! Dedication right there 😌
Marty Mcfly
Marty Mcfly 15 hours ago
3:01 AWW that's awesome! he did a grinch reference
Yaroslav Ivanov
Yaroslav Ivanov 17 hours ago
Are you saying that you haven't tried Lost in Vivo?
Karen Voyer
Karen Voyer 18 hours ago
I love watchung g scary things at night.
MIKAL ORTEGA 18 hours ago
You should play Fractured minds
GameBoy Productions
this is a good thing *oh*
JoelJoestar Day ago
Mark really likes the Grinch huh
Gary Redfield
9:48 looks like the terminator
Hosnaaa Day ago
the third game is REALLY SCARY!!!...FUCK!!!!
Venom Quill
Venom Quill Day ago
When's the full-length feature film of Lunk and Lixian coming out? 3 Scary Games, 35 minutes 44 seconds. Nice.
7:25 look under the platform there's a figure standing there watching Mark
Hero Games
Hero Games Day ago
😂 an anti vape ad came on and jumpscared me
Taiku Altergrund
what ever happened to tiny box tim?
Trollin Mouland
I love how I’m terrified by things like this and still watch as many of these videos as possible
Dria Day ago
Hey mark! There are actually 2 endings in Hamilton! ( don’t know if I spelled that right )
Kyle Fujioka
Kyle Fujioka Day ago
Mark: "everyone loves Day6." Me, a k-pop fan: "OH MY GOD HE KNOWS DAY6 JAE WOULD BE SO HAPPY"
BundleOfMinsung uwu
WarLord YT
WarLord YT Day ago
It was cran berry juice
dcjkwbkj febhdb
7:02 hEeeEeE
dcjkwbkj febhdb
6:06 aaaaaa eeeeeee
dcjkwbkj febhdb
5:19 oh good I love...winter cave door.
ashley tim
ashley tim Day ago
DiD YoU InJoY DaT HuGg UvUz
ashley tim
ashley tim Day ago
TunaPlayz Day ago
Mark: "Ill go uppus!" Mark again: "Ill go down the downus stairs!" Me:"UPPUS, DOWNUS, UPPUS, DOWNUS, Unus annus reference
XxX XxX 2 days ago
The intro's last part was sick
RedzaImran0480 2 days ago
I thought this was a game trailer
Smith Holliday
Smith Holliday 2 days ago
5:03 "Caution Too Late" says Markiplier "Well thats too bad cuz i cant read!"
darkest noob
darkest noob 2 days ago
"Hi HoW aRe YoU?"
Brayden Morelock
Brayden Morelock 2 days ago
Did nobody get the grinch reference?!!! At the beginning when he makes Lixian put an echo!!
Maddy Walsh
Maddy Walsh 2 days ago
At the start of Linger: Mark *reads like three words* “ahh well I’m done reading now *lowers microphone away slowly looking very offended*
Allie Bertholm
Allie Bertholm 2 days ago
Not my cheeks
sophia 2 days ago
Okay dude I don’t know how you are playing this game and not being terrified
Minimal Grammar
Minimal Grammar 2 days ago
I-- Is the first game an SCP thing? Seems very SCP-like. In fact there's an SCP very reminiscent of that... phenomenon.
Alaa Babi
Alaa Babi 2 days ago
dear Markiplier ,, plz don't do any ridiculous actions or voices .. act like a man not like a kid.
Gripss Playz
Gripss Playz 2 days ago
At 11:06 the wall to the right looks low-key like Minecraft dirt texture
Murderous Biker Chick
🌌fascinating, I hope to make good choices while I play this game🌌
Cora Lorenscheit
Cora Lorenscheit 2 days ago
i like how he keeps saying 'no thank you' in the politest way possible while being scared
My name is Giselle
- I peed at the RISK part.
Alex Hamilton
Alex Hamilton 2 days ago
Hey that's my name!
Pan Klobasnik
Pan Klobasnik 2 days ago
11:29 uu there is corpse
wills world
wills world 2 days ago
First game I'm guessing wendigo
LukaGelutashv 2 days ago
Oh no... I dont want to get scared by the intro again
Austin 3 days ago
Like I'm watching a damn movie
Irvansyah Kurniawan
Does anyone know the song name in radio at second game in 14:05 ?
The Special Ki
The Special Ki 3 days ago
I swear he could recite the entire Grinch movie script without even batting an eye
Aries Jaquez
Aries Jaquez 3 days ago
The Grinch reference was amazing, kind of upset about it tho cuz it didn't say '' you're an idiot"
ThatOneDoge 3 days ago
Lixian is a godlike editor
Andrew Brown
Andrew Brown 3 days ago
Nice grinch reference there
Logan Haynes
Logan Haynes 3 days ago
That's a corrupted face
Grimlinz 3 days ago
That outro is dope. Yes I mean both the animation and the woman crawling
William Roy
William Roy 3 days ago
I like the grinch Reference 3:10
`Mxnikax `
`Mxnikax ` 3 days ago
Too scary, too late to not get nightmares.
Ryan Gray
Ryan Gray 3 days ago
6:16 "Hi, how're you?" 😂😂😂
RWS Joker
RWS Joker 3 days ago
Uppus Downus Rightus Leftus Unus Annus
Unknown Singer
Unknown Singer 4 days ago
3:05 why... is mark SO obsessed with the live action Grinch?
Lyon Clips
Lyon Clips 4 days ago
RC stands for A Kuna Matata
Miles Huffstutler
Don’t feel bad Mark, I haven’t seen Hamilton either and that it by choice
Goose Lord
Goose Lord 4 days ago
i hate that third game. you don’t know when to anticipate anything and there’s so many NOISES. ourgh. i have to watch these videos at like full brightness cause I can’t see shit lmao doesn’t help that it’s the middle of the night
RIFF TM 4 days ago
we sno
Troy Mallory
Troy Mallory 4 days ago
Recreational Center?
JR Gomez
JR Gomez 4 days ago
Where’s is my 3 scary games 63?
Scourge the Wolf demon
Ladies and gentle that's why you should never move away from your parents
ダニちゃん 4 days ago
The first game feels like an SCP.
M 17
M 17 4 days ago
5:14 It’s the face of Brittney, or whatever her name is. It’s edited to look spooky
Skefter 4 days ago
The caution too late sign was a picture of the missing girls probably dead
1 Toxic Wasp
1 Toxic Wasp 4 days ago
I’ve never seen someone go from concerned to sheer panic so fast 31:35
Proud Cyanide
Proud Cyanide 4 days ago
Watch hamilton!
Dead Pool
Dead Pool 4 days ago
The sign was the little was the missing person
void_Zombie666 4 days ago
did anyone else get startled at 11:04.... no just me? ok.
dan mattoi
dan mattoi 4 days ago
90shits callmekevin interview drmike willowsmith straykids
at 5:07 that looks like darth vater lmaoo
Memento Mori
Memento Mori 5 days ago
YES IM NOT THE ONLY ONE WITH THAT ECHO SCENE FROM THE GRINCH STUCK IN MY HEAD. Also the Jim Carrey grinch is the best grinch hands down
Zoë Gibson
Zoë Gibson 5 days ago
its the grinch reference for me
The Main Dweeb
The Main Dweeb 5 days ago
I feel like the second game would’ve been slightly more scary, *if hE JUST LOOKED OUT THE W I N D O W*
Tsukari Kaoru
Tsukari Kaoru 5 days ago
ngl I'm loving the little ponytail mark has
Rocky Stout
Rocky Stout 5 days ago
that pichure was yo mom i think \(:/)/
xXTv_HeadXx lil boi
You should play The Supper for a 3 scary games i highly recommend it.
Derpy Space
Derpy Space 5 days ago
i dont think that was an apartment in the last game
illogical 5 days ago
snaw we
peachy rat
peachy rat 5 days ago
The zoom in and the noise of mark’s lips scared me, why was it that???
Bailee Moore
Bailee Moore 5 days ago
Am I the only one that noticed when Mark was doing the echo voice thing he did it exactly like the Grinch did? To a T. Literally. Except for the you're an idiot oart.
Stjepan Rukavina
Stjepan Rukavina 5 days ago
Mark is now a horror man
Kitty Kitty Thighs
2:55 we love that subtle reference to the 2000 feature Christmas film, The Grinch. Staring Jim Carrey as the Grinch and Taylor Momsen as Cindy Lou Who.
pelin uysal
pelin uysal 5 days ago
Yukako Yamagishi
Yukako Yamagishi 5 days ago
Lixian: **Dominance....ESTABLISHED.**
Itallya 5 days ago
Omg Lixian killed Lunky
Why ???
Why ??? 5 days ago
Iixian love your work really, but holy shit its 3am im streaming this in my pitch dark room on the tv and I'm more afraid of you and your cousin more than the games
Lefty Likes to Draw
The way that I just laugh at lunkys existance
Cas Inman
Cas Inman 6 days ago
Mark: It's the box demon. It's the box ghost Me, a well cultured weirdo: I aM tHe BoX gHoOoOSt!!!! Also me: extremely disappointed to see no one took the opportunity to make that joke, you heathens, but willing to forgive for everyone's appreciation for Mark's Grinch reference
Peashootemdaboi 6 days ago
2:56 anyone else love the grinch with Jim carry in it?