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3 Scary Games. With Lunky. Lunky.
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Oct 14, 2020




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Vinnydog5ice 3 minutes ago
Lunky is SCP-096’s cousin
Holly Manley
Holly Manley 11 hours ago
I like this Lunky character, what a stand up guy!
Yeetus Deletus
Yeetus Deletus 17 hours ago
Hey Mark i sent you an email plz consider
Landon Richmond
Landon Richmond 17 hours ago
Is it just me Mark has the most relaxing voice ever
Not Grace
Not Grace 18 hours ago
As good as the first game is, just once I'd love to see a game about a serial killer/murder cult/ anything involving the occult where it is clear that everything the cult is trying to achieve is lunacy and the true horror lies in what people are willing to do to each other. Instead of the demons. Though to be fair I don't really mind the demons all that much.
P1ØT3R 21 hour ago
32:39 best moment XD
Elizabeth Wagner
Elizabeth Wagner 22 hours ago
Me: *exists* My dad: 5:33
Alex Clarke
Alex Clarke Day ago
My heart sank when I realised you said P.T. not ET
Israe famosa
Israe famosa Day ago
R.I.P my ears
Chocolate Cat
i was making videos for October where i played horror games and I downloaded Inside. and oh my god, it was so fricking scary i had to take a break and i ended up not playing it any further cause i swear that house is fucking endless like wtf?! But watching this makes me think maybe i should try playing it again hen i have a computer that doesn't run on 4G of ram also Mark, i highly recoomend that you play Dia, its available from the same site as Inside and its very interesting, i'm curious as to what you would think of it
Sir_Gaming FR
6:42 it's me or the spirit say "salsa salsa"?
CiderVG Day ago
Me: *clears throat* Mark: 8:57 Me: oh
Bratty Day ago
Helloo mark
Riley Rose
Riley Rose Day ago
Love how ur just so calm about everything
Ashton Miller
hi lunky!!!!
Rose Aslan
Rose Aslan Day ago
Man I just wanted to see that puppy
Dokidoki Sanrioo
Lunky punky
Itsmericki 2 days ago
Why did I think this was ok to watch while I tried to put my toddlers to sleep 😅
Mj_gacha light
Mj_gacha light 2 days ago
in every one of these videos and when hes about to get jumpscared but escapes my heart skips a beat and i jump up XD
Rue Rue
Rue Rue 2 days ago
Anyone else think of salad fingers when they see lunky
NovaGod 2 days ago
At 47:16, the clock part he was missing was on the bed in front of you Mark jeez 😂
JoelJoestar 2 days ago
The description says edited by Lixian so does that mean Lixian is secretly Lunky
「Kowa renaii」
*lonki bonki shwompi donki*
Inujosha 2 days ago
It's funny you say merouge because that is the actual name of a city in Louisiana.
xXLunarMoonXx X3
xXLunarMoonXx X3 2 days ago
at 3:39 all i hear was sus, you sound, salami. sucks to be sus- ITS DIFFERENT EVERYTIME!!
birdgvee 2 days ago
My dog became very concerned after hearing that puppy and started whining and pawing at me. So I had to give him all the cuddles.
Shane Abram
Shane Abram 3 days ago
If you pause at 3:43 you can see that the door is in fact open, but it appears to have a shine right there as if it is closed😑
CruelestChris 3 days ago
"Oh no, now I've killed nobody!"
Paige Crawley
Paige Crawley 3 days ago
So I click on a another video and I'm like -n- then I go back and for some reason say I wanna see him suffer
Mark stopping to admire the carpet. Definitely would do that in an actual emergency situation I think lol
Goose Lord
Goose Lord 3 days ago
right off the bat I’d like to say yeah hi I hate those clunky ass footsteps thanks
Jacxi 3 days ago
.    。    •   ゚  。   .    .      .     。   。 .   .   。      ඞ 。 .    •     •   ゚   Lunky was an Imposter.   。 .   '    1 Impostor remains     。   ゚   .   . ,    .  .
Sofia Vega
Sofia Vega 3 days ago
12:22 The “Radio Demon” Said The Same Thing That Was On The Posted Notes: “Even Apart We Make A Great Team.” No I’m Not Talking About Alastair From Hazbin Hotel. >~
Sofia Vega
Sofia Vega 3 days ago
Actually, It’s 48:48.
Sofia Vega
Sofia Vega 3 days ago
Also Who Else Noticed That The First Game Was Made In 48 Hours And The Video Is A Little Over 48 Minutes?
Kristina Schroeder
Mark: like dental? Me:*getting ready for a dentist appointment*
Kat the sans fangirl
"just gonna ignore that. AHHHHHH"
Bottledmoondrops 3 days ago
I just jumped so hard in my class everyone must think I'm so weird😭😭
Jakob Rauch
Jakob Rauch 4 days ago
Me seeing thumbnail: I'm a brave boi Also me 10 minutes later: Not a brave enough boi for this
Tad Arnold
Tad Arnold 4 days ago
18:45 25:05
Nathan Childers
Nathan Childers 4 days ago
I don’t like lunky
Chester Zimmerman
This asmr isn't really my taste well then I guess you've never listened to furry asmr
GhOsTkInG 4 days ago
At about 14:00, am I the only one that hears, *some salsa, some salsa*
Super Mothballers
hi lunky
Annie Lamotte
Annie Lamotte 5 days ago
Markiplier really didn't know that was the Black Daliah on the wall of the laundry room lol
Creeper in a tux
Creeper in a tux 5 days ago
The last game gave me a heart attack
Zoollapool Caber
Zoollapool Caber 5 days ago
Me no likey lunky.
The Sir Rolfe
The Sir Rolfe 5 days ago
Marks editing is so much darker and honestly more terrifying than Lixians
Sophia Coo Moo
Sophia Coo Moo 5 days ago
Lunky is such a sweet boy
Kirstin Hull
Kirstin Hull 5 days ago
was Inside in the perspective of someone who was kidnapped to "feed" the energy but since the guy killed himself he's going through the house and figuring out what happened?
3:56 top left, Is that the Black Dahlia? (Just finished Bailey Sarian’s vid abt it)
Trash Panda
Trash Panda 6 days ago
mom can we get a lixian "no, we have a lixian at home" lixian at home: 0:14
the cooler doomguy
Remember Darkiplier?
Ocean Denied
Ocean Denied 6 days ago
Before you used to make scary games scarier, but now you're just makin'em hilarious like they're some sort of comedy Scary Movie series haha
Teodora Tomescu
Teodora Tomescu 6 days ago
The graphics at the first game are so realistic
Kyla Appel
Kyla Appel 6 days ago
Please never leave me alone with lunkey again
N&B Music
N&B Music 6 days ago
:} 6 days ago
Mark: am I supposed to tried the door **intense moaning and fapping noises** Mark: ;-;
RavenTheCat 6 days ago
umm....thanks spawn of hell *clears throat* er i mean uh lunky
Kiitschyy 6 days ago
Lunkey.... you're such a flirt!~
Faith Campbell
Faith Campbell 6 days ago
Mark; *pouts* i wasn't scared..>:((
ZephyrFluous 6 days ago
Is... is Lunky Canadian?
Grace-summer 6 days ago
Welcome to the safe comment section!! We have food, blankets, plushies, hot water bottles, and most importantly, those fuzzy socks your parents get you every christmas. :)
DaDaNNy 187
DaDaNNy 187 7 days ago
"*sneezes* I'm so scared!" ,Mark 2020
[E v i e]
[E v i e] 7 days ago
This vid is 48:48
Clawed50 Java
Clawed50 Java 7 days ago
inside body: WIGGLWIGGLWIGGLJIGGLJIGGL Mark: *screaming*
kaan güneri
kaan güneri 7 days ago
japan one not scary
B Tdi
B Tdi 7 days ago
32:09 ...Does this possession come with dental?
Dr. Heinz Doofenshmirtz
Lunky is handsome.
Templex 7 days ago
why does hearing mark swear feel weird
Ogichi117 7 days ago
Life as yanii
Life as yanii 7 days ago
Mark actually makes me feel safer when watching these scary games😌
TaylorZink27 7 days ago
I didn't know Lunky was SCP 096
Katsuki Bakugo
Katsuki Bakugo 7 days ago
Nobody; **scary thing happens** Mark: *𝙿 𝕌 𝑃 P ㄚ?!*
Jess Mahoney
Jess Mahoney 7 days ago
Mark: It's only Lunky here. Description: ...............ARE YOU SURE ABOUT THAT?
the anime cloud
the anime cloud 7 days ago
0:37 I already like lunky
Johnny Speedboat
Johnny Speedboat 7 days ago
I love the last game so much. The guy did a great job on the it. The only thing I would say to fix is polish the enemy a little bit since he's a bit annoying to work around, but overall he did a surprisingly good job on it. Well done developer!
Melz Cult
Melz Cult 8 days ago
Bymlex 8 days ago
Great US-firstr for Great Population Scary Videos!🙂🙂🙂
Quinn977 8 days ago
margauxmartine rosales
me be like hell no hell no HELL NO
Moonlite_ meadows
The weird whispering voices in the first game: *complete nonsense* Me: unus annus, unus annus, unus annus
Makayla Little
Makayla Little 8 days ago
The pictures on the wall of the woman that was the black dahlia murder case her name was Elizabeth Short (love your videos btw) 💕
Gayatri Wulansari
i thought my stomach was growling,, it turns out the sound was from the game
The Gaming Destroyers
I'm good a try not to laugh
The Gaming Destroyers
Yr bad at try not to laugh
HeartzTrippin 8 days ago
"AHHHH....that was not scary." *Markiplier rethinks life*
Bingo 8 days ago
Ik hes like "IM GONNA DIE IM GONA DIE- AHHHHHH- That wasnt that scary."
Samantha Juarez
Samantha Juarez 8 days ago
I like the black dahlia photos casually slid into the laundry room
chickenpresto 5000
00:02 my mom seeing me getting a snack at 3 am
eric murray
eric murray 8 days ago
with a loaded gun and barneys on the floor no more purple dinasoar
a name
a name 8 days ago
Lunky seems pretty cool. I like Lunky.
Brexy9 8 days ago
Yeah but Lunkey kinda vibing doe ngl
Kunisake 9 days ago
Two days and that's the finished product. If he worked on it for two more days, I bet the game would be fully done
Dark Sentinel
Dark Sentinel 9 days ago
32:38 I just throw the phone
Quintessential Teenager
Omg ink bendy is after u mark 3:36
Denis Petrezsil
Denis Petrezsil 9 days ago
On 3:42 did it said unnus annus?
Alex 9 days ago
The radio voice sounds like FortNine
Søfîa Ramoš
Søfîa Ramoš 9 days ago
Mark istfg whenever you scream I scream and it’s always funny to me so thank you for making me laugh
Tonyizzle Rizzle
Tonyizzle Rizzle 9 days ago
since when is radio demon in marks vid?
Lindsay Shanklin
Lindsay Shanklin 9 days ago
Mark: "that's not even scary" Me:being a pussy ass getting scared
ScatteredEmbers _0_0
I would SLAM all the doors open with my foot
Lorenzzo_Souza Maximiano
Someone knows the name of the piano music in 26:00 ? I really like the kind of "Dark" ambience that makes