A TINY BIT ANGRY... | Pogostuck 

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Making progress... just one jump at a time... just keep jumping...
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Published on


Jul 31, 2020




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Comments 100   
HypnoDREW 6 hours ago
17:00 I love you, too, Mark. Honestly and sincerely. I didnt catch him saying that part the last time I saw this. That warmed my heart a little bit
DumbSofti 13 hours ago
“im a tiny bit angry...” *Thumbnail shows mark punching a laptop*
Chris Day ago
Pov: 90% of the intro was mark humping the bee's as they flew past
MrAtarine 7 days ago
this was calming
Galiel Karmi
Galiel Karmi 9 days ago
when FINALLY the food is ready 11:36
GxGamer 11 days ago
Praise Windows Update.... lol
HumidCoronet 618
HumidCoronet 618 11 days ago
3:06 well didn’t that happen to you when you beat the game 😂
Andy-opia 11 days ago
The fact that he is justifiably mad about a game while he is cheating is a testament to the bullshittery of this game.
Travis-Lee Boyer
Travis-Lee Boyer 14 days ago
Mark: the bounce lottery Me: plinko?
That Lewd Denmarkian
Now do it without the double jump : )
Cristian Simpson
Cristian Simpson 20 days ago
It's funny how almost everyone I've seen who commits to beating this game goes through the same emotional stages
Patton’s Pets Official
3 mile mark! 3 mile mark! 3 mile mark! 3 mile mark! 3 mile mark! 3 mile mark! 3 mile mark! 3 mile mark! 3 mile mark! 3 mile mark! 3 mile mark! 3 mile mark! 3 mile mark! 3 mile mark! 3 mile mark! 3 mile mark! 3 mile mark! 3 mile mark! 3 mile mark! 3 mile mark! 3 mile mark! 3 mile mark! 3 mile mark! 3 mile mark! 3 mile mark! 3 mile mark! 3 mile mark! 3 mile mark! 3 mile mark! 3 mile mark! 3 mile mark! 3 mile mark! 3 mile mark! 3 mile mark! 3 mile mark! 3 mile mark! 3 mile mark! 3 mile mark! 3 mile mark! 3 mile mark! 3 mile mark! 3 mile mark! 3 mile mark! 3 mile mark! 3 mile mark! 3 mile mark! 3 mile mark! 3 mile mark! 3 mile3 mile mark! 3 mile mark! 3 mile mark! mark! 3 mile mark! 3 mile mark! 3 mile mark! 3 mile mark! 3 mile mark! 3 mile mark! 3 mile mark! 3 mile mark!
Elina _
Elina _ 22 days ago
Damn.... there's so much stressed in this game
Muriel MacKenzie
Muriel MacKenzie 23 days ago
To bee or not to bee that is the question
Jesmejse 25 days ago
Can you do first map bothers me :-(
Dabbing Unicorn#1
Dabbing Unicorn#1 25 days ago
3:55 He said goodness?! I didn't know he was capable of replacing "swear words" with not swear words!
Laurent Tréguier
Laurent Tréguier 28 days ago
Windows: Can we update ? Mark: Tomorrow ... Windows: The future is now
Bolt187119 Month ago
Do you think the words "I'm going to fuck you harder then Pogostuck" were ever said in the bedroom?
GoldStarLord Month ago
9:06 mark just nutted lmao
GoldStarLord Month ago
8:36 mans almost turned into Donald trump
GoldStarLord Month ago
3:11 here we see one of marks rare stages of anger where he just goes senile for a second
Matthew Revell
Matthew Revell Month ago
13:22 wow that must have been painfull to say
Chin Jet
Chin Jet Month ago
His children should feel afraid when they made mistake and he keeps on explaining how much he loved them
bucketfan4life Month ago
I was thinking about liking the video until I saw that Mark's still cheating.
Kev Jr
Kev Jr Month ago
Mark:tomorrow Tomorrow... Mark:I sad toooooommmooooorrrrrrrrrrrrrrrooooooooowwwwww
Cameron Dodge
Cameron Dodge Month ago
"It should be possible without it" "It should be able to be done without any boost" You mean the guy at 3:18?
music Studio
music Studio Month ago
*Ya like jazz?*
music Studio
music Studio Month ago
Kevmaster2000 Month ago
It’s an updated not a “cheat”.
Cotton Candy
Cotton Candy Month ago
Mark when something good happens: This is the best day ever and I deserve this Mark when something bad happens: I am cursed and this life is horrors and sorrow.
Robin Month ago
Mark- WHAT WAS THE LAG Me- try playing this on my computer
CrygenicFlare Month ago
14:36 is when markymoo turns into moo
Mavrik Lokeeh
Mavrik Lokeeh Month ago
8:36 me to my inexperienced nonexistent girlfriend
HispanicWeedwacker Aries
ExGamArs Month ago
The developers of this game REDEFINE THE WORD *SADISTIC*
Giovanni Christensen
Lucy T
Lucy T Month ago
The law of B
Delta Netrem
Delta Netrem Month ago
14:36 me when my gf wont buy me a ps5
Galaxy Gamer
Galaxy Gamer Month ago
A tiny bit angry Hmmmmmm well that was a lie
Mr. Yeet357
Mr. Yeet357 Month ago
3:12 Markiplier the Pirate
Crippled Scorpion
mark evolved from E to B
Disappointment Chips
P R O G R E S S .
S58 Month ago
This is so funny but if I played this game I would probably throw my monitor out of rage
J.V.R. Month ago
The ultimate anger management game.
Skeletor 2 months ago
9:18 a moment of silence.
mercy mac
mercy mac 2 months ago
11:36 when i NEED to go to the bathroom but moms in there talking on the phone.
Skyler Benoit
Skyler Benoit 2 months ago
A tiny bit? More like A WHOLESALE MARKET!! 😬
Christian Herrera
Christian Herrera 2 months ago
Title: "A TINY BIT ANGRY..." Me: thumbnail says otherwise ...
camers and maaazzee
camers and maaazzee 2 months ago
at 5:03 its silly go too that number
King Brad Cookie
King Brad Cookie 2 months ago
This episode killed my headphones
Hannah Sanders
Hannah Sanders 2 months ago
honestly if the continual series of pogostuck isn't proof that Mark is a masochist then I don't really know what it.
Z e e
Z e e 2 months ago
groundbreaker91 2 months ago
The whole scene from 7:11 - 7:34 had me dying, just in which the many different ways he was saying, "Bee" roflmao
YAKgamer 2 months ago
Mark keeps saying thizzit thizzit
Lucas 2 months ago
12:46 KOBE!!
Lucas 2 months ago
Hi and welcome to this video of Markiplier screaming for an entire video after 5 min of "calm/positivity"
Beta JediWizard
Beta JediWizard 2 months ago
11:36 Jack-Jack?
Beta JediWizard
Beta JediWizard 2 months ago
8:36 Nugget? What are you doing out of Kindergarden?
Awkward Lynn
Awkward Lynn 2 months ago
Mark's hell is playing pogostuck for all eternity.
lani d
lani d 2 months ago
Mark at the beginning: I'm going to face this with positivity Mark throughout this: AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH
S P I R I T 2 months ago
at 12:30, the shift. It actually scared me.
David Scoots
David Scoots 2 months ago
Seanie B
Seanie B 2 months ago
Marks like steph curry getting into the bee gaps. How does he thread that needle so perfectly?
Hazerd Prone
Hazerd Prone 2 months ago
zaako arolikin
zaako arolikin 2 months ago
Roll positivity to see whenever you fall in the ravine or not
Gehshshsud Shbshs
Gehshshsud Shbshs 2 months ago
What’s the game
Stazi_Die 2 months ago
Mark: They've play tested tested it... Certainly. *Laughs in developer*
Pedro Stormrage
Pedro Stormrage 2 months ago
6:43 "I can always hit the bees when I don't wanna hit them, and then when I do wanna hit the bees they'll never be there. It's the law of B" I think that's the law of M (Murphy)
Lorch95 2 months ago
Seems like he's not feeling it, everything ok?
MrGameguy 2 months ago
It is.
Soggy Soup
Soggy Soup 2 months ago
Did he finally stop playing it?
PuppetMaster634 2 months ago
He hasn't made another pogo stuck video. Maybe he has actually deleted the game
DangerLord 2 months ago
ya think
Parad0x 2 months ago
Imagine they make a new getting over it map.
lustrous lamb
lustrous lamb 2 months ago
Half the video is Mark talking about doing it without the boost while using the boost
Sadie Johnson
Sadie Johnson 2 months ago
I don’t want to make you lose your mind again but I hope we can get another episode soon!☺️
Amokra 2 months ago
In the news today famous US-first up a charges of BeeToo for shoving pogosticks up bees buts :)
Bunka M
Bunka M 2 months ago
Tank The Hedgehog 105
5:01- 8:35 The 2 Affects That Made Me Lose It 😂
Funnydylan 2 months ago
Also 11:30 got me to lose it.
Pilot 51
Pilot 51 2 months ago
Whatever happened to this series?
The Rare Rabbit
The Rare Rabbit 2 months ago
I felt the pain I will leave a like for your suffering 🤧
Timoty 2 months ago
I want you to be my uncle
TheYeetinator 2 months ago
im still waiting for the next part
CyberAshe 2 months ago
Lixian’s edits are so good and I die at every edited scream
Ayden Rivera
Ayden Rivera 2 months ago
Mark YOU NEED TO MAKE MORE GAMEPLAY!!!, this game is fascinating and I would love to see more gameplay
Francis 2 months ago
Chill yourself before you kill him.
Alice Goodheart
Alice Goodheart 2 months ago
Mark: *being positive* *5 minutes later* Mark: *intense keyboard smashing, constant screaming, and lots of chair abuse*
LucidStuff 2 months ago
Please do more of this game! We love watching you go mentally insane!
Alexandria Robles
Alexandria Robles 2 months ago
He si learning the techniques of the speedrunners
Anthony TecpoyotlLopez
Wheres lix
- NotaHoeBot
- NotaHoeBot 2 months ago
Please continue this series!!
Aly L.
Aly L. 2 months ago
PLEASE DON'T STOP UNTIL YOU BEAT THIS GAME 😭 It's been a month, I need more Pogostuck.
HairyMonkey 483
HairyMonkey 483 2 months ago
sorry, but it would mean a lot if you could help my friends twitch out, (very small channel), im helping pay him back for being such a good friend to me, by tryna get him a bunch of followers. His twitch is: Wonka_fn
MrHassle13 2 months ago
Please finish this series! I know you hate rage games but the joy we get is immeasurable as well as you made tremendous progress. You are almost done!!
Scott Godin
Scott Godin 2 months ago
Well done, sir!
Archwing Gaming
Archwing Gaming 2 months ago
7:01 lols great moment
Castravetele 2 months ago
finish this map please
Mark Sullivan
Mark Sullivan 2 months ago
FINISH THIS SERIES i thought you LiKed A ChAlLenGe
Maddie Hoff
Maddie Hoff 2 months ago
"When I say tomorrow, I mean fucking tomorrow"
John Roberts
John Roberts 2 months ago
Be honest though. You're mainly playing this to catch a break from Ethan annoying you in "Unnus Annus".
jakob findlay
jakob findlay 2 months ago
I wanted more pogostuck i got so much joy from Mark losing his mind
Phelopatir Abdel-Malak
Mark, I honestly feel you need to delete that game ASAP. I feel very bad that you have to torture yourself with this game. I'm no good with rage games like these so I tend to avoid them. Whatever your choice, I wish you the best in your endeavours.
Xongxai Phayouphone
Xongxai Phayouphone 3 months ago
When's the next pogostuck episode
Smile_squad_ 3 months ago
I don't know why, but I have a sneaking suspicion that Mark might be angry