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This game is legit scary. I didn't know what to expect going into it but I'm so happy I gave it a try because it's got scares for DAYS!
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Dec 10, 2019




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i love how he just barges through after ringing the bell lol
funny posts
funny posts 8 hours ago
Why does the thumbnail look like mark is getting scared by a Karen.
Tammy Worthington
Tammy Worthington 15 hours ago
Am I the only one who went back to the beginning to see if the door behind him was actually closed?
Vermeille Rose [Женский взгляд]
It is a really good game) Thank you! ^^
Baby Kookie
Baby Kookie 20 hours ago
My heart is beating faster than it did when I was caught as impostor on among us that one time I managed to kill the person that caught me venting just before they called an emergency meeting, I had 1 second before the meeting was called
Zinthewolf OwO
When Karen goes too far:
Janice Slagle
Yukina Himeragi
I am not scared of the game... I just can't handle THE BLOODY PRESSURE!!
Missy Scott
Missy Scott Day ago
Shits big yo
Ben Falkner
Ben Falkner Day ago
Yo I remember watching The Outer Middle Show play this. Great game
50ulEat3r Day ago
I fell asleep watching this and had a nightmare about lisa from PT outside window shambling towards me. Horrifying.
Still Alive Studio
Mark, play At Dead of Night
Kaitlyn Pierce
Kaitlyn Pierce 2 days ago
Smol Jazzy
Smol Jazzy 2 days ago
This reminds me of horror escape rooms 🤧
Sean P
Sean P 2 days ago
We all know a marcey
Bernadine Gonzales
47:24 did anyone else notice that he had the key to the Easter egg door??
talk shit get hit
That first jumpscare made me recoil so hard that my knees hit me in the face and my spine cracked. I haven’t jumped that hard from a horror game in years
Alexis Franco
Alexis Franco 3 days ago
41:12 eminem who?
Alexis Franco
Alexis Franco 3 days ago
16:00 you can hear him close his door...but at 25:20 he has to shut it again
Alexis Franco
Alexis Franco 3 days ago
15:48 haha I love how he looks for marcy
Alexis Franco
Alexis Franco 3 days ago
I'm at 15:00 and the scare is in ten seconds 😭💀
Not me singing ring ding dong to comfort myself cause this made me want to cry
Kaspars Sentinels
32:34 - i almost shit myslelf 😂😂😂
Savage_Aly 87
Savage_Aly 87 4 days ago
Damn Y'all, I Played this game at Night with My Buddies, at 3 a.m and i swear we screamed after we got jumpscared and it was Freaky AF! I Got a Nightmare After Playing It lol!\ If You Have The Guts then Play this, It's Legendary and Fun AF
Michelle Chery
Michelle Chery 4 days ago
I had some fast heart beating but survived
Michelle Chery
Michelle Chery 4 days ago
I have a heart problem but i also have assma
Macen Payne
Macen Payne 4 days ago
*me watching in a public park during the day with my phone facing the opposite direction lodged in a tree 50 feet away* This ain't scary 😏
Toturieje Jxdjdj
Toturieje Jxdjdj 4 days ago
Two heart attacks
O Paul
O Paul 4 days ago
Timestamps: Light Goes Out-8:27 Chandelier Falls-9:12 Door Opens-14:40 Marcie At Door-15:10 Mannequins Appear-20:59 Marcie Appears-21:36 Lights Go Out-21:54 Marcie On Cameras-22:56 Marcie Jumps Out-32:35 Lights Go Out-33:24 Loud Crash-35:12 Marcie In Maze/Lights Go Out-37:57 Marcie Passes Doorway-39:46 Weird Rewind-42:24 Marcie by Photos-50:14
Mark: "a very large axe" my brain: "a very large ass"
Rachie UwU
Rachie UwU 4 days ago
You had to ringaling the bell many times
Quinlin Batol
Quinlin Batol 4 days ago
When you’re watching on your phone and you throw it at 32:35
Davis 4 days ago
Front page: demon karen
dsinemoi1mouton 5 days ago
sry if i'm not the first. Stanley parable.
32:35 almost gave me a heart attack.
Akaashi supremacy
Same 🏃🏼‍♀️💨
Jake Bennett
Jake Bennett 5 days ago
my mom seeing me skip class 15:08
Bernadine Gonzales
15:55 Mark: mArCiE...MARCIE Amy: 👁👄👁
MJ Lynch
MJ Lynch 6 days ago
The game itself is not extraordinarily frightening to me, it's Mark jumping that does
This reminds me of the House of Leaves novel, by Mark Danielewski? (forget the name)
Megan P
Megan P 6 days ago
The doctor kills her
Hanna Bear
Hanna Bear 6 days ago
These jump scares, oh my fuck, gosh dang it lol
Gaming4Life 6 days ago
I left my computer playing youtube whilst I went for a restroom break, TOO COME BACK TO 9:10 AND GET JUMP SCARED
Darth Sidious
Darth Sidious 6 days ago
32:35 that face...priceless
Trevor Philips
Trevor Philips 6 days ago
21:12 Frank Mullen
Bubsthegod 7 days ago
Los polos was mad tragic if u wanna laugh lmao
ChintzierWand37 7 days ago
This reminds me of the Silent Hill trailer
angel 7 days ago
Marcy is definitely a Capricorn there’s no doubt about it
Sienna Rae
Sienna Rae 8 days ago
... ... ... ... ... .... .............................. 🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪 Take these cookies for your troubles Aslo thanks for scrolling all the way down -Sienna Rae
quirkychap 8 days ago
I love the stiff flex-walk he does to reclose the door when it was slightly cracked open.
anime weebs
anime weebs 8 days ago
Moral of the story is the doctor killed the mom by slowly poisoning her pills
Mani Savvy
Mani Savvy 8 days ago
They really missed an opportunity not inserting the song “ring my bell” into this game.
BloatedPizzaRolls 700
Who sang the song?
Dillan Polar
Dillan Polar 9 days ago
I was sitting in bed while I was supposed to be asleep, every single god damn jumpscare, I could only react with very little movements, do you know how hard that is!?!?1?!?!?!!?!
bee bop
bee bop 9 days ago
i literally screamed at 32:37 -
Mina Baker
Mina Baker 9 days ago
I just noticed it links to Girl with a fabric face! Because the mom was hung just like one of the girls!!!! so she was murdered with her friends when she wasn't to old and his mom has been dead for a good time now. please tell me if i am wrong but idk
rlydonewithu 9 days ago
alternate title: architecture mommy gets angry
Jasper Harden
Jasper Harden 10 days ago
The pastoral summer joly attack because walrus spectacularly detect over a wonderful wind. lucky, red bra
carter 8 days ago
hsdsjsks the fuck?
Andrew Lunceford
Andrew Lunceford 10 days ago
Markiplier: I can go upstairs also Markiplier: I cannot go upstairs
max 10 days ago
if your camping in the comments then hello me too. im just trying not to choke on my toast if i get scared
ElectraCat Forever
ElectraCat Forever 10 days ago
so apparently i am the monster that haunted you because my username is reallyreallyweird776 *o*
Harper Narine
Harper Narine 10 days ago
"shes a weird one" , Mr. Shippin. : )
blake robyn
blake robyn 10 days ago
it’s been a while since i’ve watched you play this game, but it still goes down as my favorite game i’ve ever watched you play.
Travis Tyrone
Travis Tyrone 10 days ago
Susie MacLean Susie MacLean 1 year ago (edited) JUMPSCARES: (audio and visual) - 7:47 - door closes 8:13 - bell rings 8:27 - light breaks 8:40 - strange noise(s) 9:01 - door slams 9:11 - light falls 10:52 - strange noise 11:50 - door closes 14:41 - door opens (and strange noises within room) 15:09 - "Marcy" appears / door closes 17:18 - door opens 21:00 - mannequin in hallway 21:08 - mannequin armageddon (as in armageddon outta here) 21:36 - "Marcy" appears 21:40 - you guessed it, mannequins 21:46 - they see me rollin' THEY FUCKING HATE IT 21:54 - no likey no lighty 22:55 - live feed T pose 23:13 - "Marcy" moves 23:43 - camera changes, "Marcy" appears 24:19 - music swells (no jumpscare) 24:18 - Mark gets spooped by Manny 26:42 - strange noises 29:37 - "Marcy" is a dirty girl 31:26 - light breaks 32:20 - just a mannequin in the shower (no jumpscare) 32:35 - "Marcy" wants some of your dick 33:24 - lights go out 35:10 - spookIER noises 35:13 - Big Bang / sound of door opening 36:51 - doggos barking 37:14 - loud light switch (not necessarily spoopy) 37:23 - "Marcy" just likes mazes 37:57 - "Marcy" is stuck in the wall /lights go out 39:48 - "Marcy" runs past doorway 40:24 - Italian man says "hello" 41:00 - Markiboy doesn't know the "plank on the door" rule 41:42 - lights go out (no jumpscare) 42:14 - "Marcy" gets into the corner (she knows she's not a baby) 42:23 - Mark does logical thing and goes up for snuggles, you WONT believe what happens NEXT! 45:22 - lights go bye bye 45:38 - strange noise (drawer I think) 46:21 - Big bang 48:07 - Mark spots ghost lady 50:14 - "Marcy" poppin' a squat
DubiousTheatre YT
DubiousTheatre YT 11 days ago
Throughout the playthrough I’m just thinking “Amy’s totally trolling him right now” Then again I have no idea how their house works so that door might as well be a bathroom.
EzMaTt 94
EzMaTt 94 11 days ago
Id rather live through the plot of Outlast than finish this video while actually watching it. ill just hang out down here
Azuchi Alviandy
Azuchi Alviandy 11 days ago
wanna know what makes me scarred? when markiplier screamed
J A Y D E E 11 days ago
26:19 “OUUU A LADDER...I’ll just put that in ma pocket”
SpectrumHuntres 11 days ago
I read the comments and was totally ready for the jump scare. And still. I feel like my heart exploded... jeez.
Clover sharp
Clover sharp 11 days ago
i am still wondering where the egg is
Daniel Klucinski
Daniel Klucinski 12 days ago
This game is made by Polish people :o
Mike Kadel
Mike Kadel 12 days ago
15:09 the funniest moment
BOOGEYMAN 12 days ago
wait.....WAIT......what... what are you doing step-ladder O:
Matthew Wright
Matthew Wright 12 days ago
15:23 Be ready...
Anais Gossman
Anais Gossman 12 days ago
sometimes horror games are like being high you don’t know if the footsteps are yours or someone else’s
Xavier Gard
Xavier Gard 13 days ago
I don't want to talk about what I almost did during the first jump scare
Kro 13 days ago
An ad popped up in a super tense moment that scared the shit out of me
Munny 13 days ago
15:07 The sound Marcy makes tho 😂 (In order to hear the sound I would recommend more than half volume)
lunar Skies
lunar Skies 13 days ago
I got bitch slapped 😂
Anastasia Winn
Anastasia Winn 13 days ago
Mark: Look at the photograph Me: 🎼 look at this photograph🎼
Xx_xX Super Star
Xx_xX Super Star 14 days ago
Who agrees Marcys decomposing nose is in better shape then Markiplier?
Xx_xX Super Star
Xx_xX Super Star 14 days ago
I know where the bell was, it was in the BELLevator
Ryblox 14 days ago
8:47 actual shock for like 38 seconds 15:13 more shock for like 25 seconds
besha kim
besha kim 14 days ago
The whole time I was like "KICK THE DOOR OPEN"
85 Studios
85 Studios 14 days ago
_Marcie_ 🎵 🎶 * "She's Just a Devil Woman, With Evil on her mind, She's Just a Devil Woman, She's Gonna Grab you from behind"* .. 🎵 🎶
Sushi 15 days ago
Who else is in the comments searching for a jumpscare list?
OMFG 15:08 scared the shit outa me
Enter Name
Enter Name 16 days ago
Look at this photograph, every time i do it makes me laugh
Yoonmin__Universe 16 days ago
For those of u hiding in the comments section: Here's a baby chicken to keep you safe. 🐥
Reu Cray Cray
Reu Cray Cray 16 days ago
I legit threw my phone when the lamp fell at 9:10!!!😅😅
FaTaL Viru5
FaTaL Viru5 17 days ago
cant stand him...he tries to hard to be funny and over reacts
Insane Chonk Chonk
Insane Chonk Chonk 17 days ago
9:42 The way he said "What did I dOoOoOoO?"
Chicken Nuggets
Chicken Nuggets 17 days ago
my body took a screenshot at 32:29
Maxwell 18 days ago
Megan 18 days ago
I’m fine with almost every horror game that mark plays but this one .... *this one scares me* Also best way to deal with this is turn all the lights on, close your door, and play it through headphones so it doesn’t put the energy into your room
Dark Jak Ultimate
Dark Jak Ultimate 18 days ago
The bedroom jumpscare made My skin seperate from my bones
king smiles
king smiles 19 days ago
Markipliers... pliers!
Molly and Eaven
Molly and Eaven 19 days ago
Am I the only 10 year old watching this with there 15 year old brother while your dad is screaming like a girl not even a few minutes in?
{Pansexual Sock}
{Pansexual Sock} 19 days ago
L A R G E A Y A X E.
Skye Himalaya
Skye Himalaya 19 days ago
I've never full-force jumped out of my skin, while watching a horror movie, let alone anything on US-first. That first scare made me almost go into cardiac arrest, lol.
lil spooky
lil spooky 19 days ago
But you closed the door how did it crack open again 👀
Jamie Noblett
Jamie Noblett 19 days ago
This is so random.. but did anyone happen to be shown an ad if a music video and it was a young woman in a dated looking camera effect singing something like ‘Everytime i fall in love, Feels like the first time’ ?! I loved it but didn’t get a name aha
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