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Escape the Ayuwoki is ACTUALLY SCARY!! Like... WHAT THE HELL? Other games have tried to be the scariest monster chasing experience ever but this one WORKS!!? What primal monster fearing part of my brain is it hitting with its jumpscares?
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Also I'm pretty sure this is a horror game about Michael Jackson...
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Oct 19, 2019




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Bodibaatar Baatar
Nice video
MikeThePlug 5 hours ago
13:54 and 15:38Me trying to run up and down the stairs to get a snack
Stanley Kyle
Stanley Kyle 7 hours ago
dude basically screamed in my ears
SirActionSlacks 12 hours ago
I want to witness them britches what which you claimed to have soiled out of fear; for I don't believe you lost any control of your bowels.
Merging Kibbles
Merging Kibbles 12 hours ago
This is so weird, I remember watching this in 2017 but it says it was filmed a year ago, my reality is crumbling around me
Aaron Gray
Aaron Gray 16 hours ago
This is legit terrifying
Alex Payadue
Alex Payadue 16 hours ago
At least Mark’s self aware about his tendencies to yell about horror games.
Sofia Jackson
Sofia Jackson 17 hours ago
This is a based of game of Michael Jackson- =w=
Dietrich Borden
Dietrich Borden 19 hours ago
I keep hearing mickael Jackson
yadi 19 hours ago
tell me why i decided to re-watch this and the first thing that came to my mind when i saw “ayuwoki” was smooth criminal 😭
Hayden Thurman
Hayden Thurman 21 hour ago
markiplier hiding under the couch the monster staring at him IN THE LIGHT
mimi bread
mimi bread 22 hours ago
I am watching this while taking a poo, pls pray for me
twilight hexx
twilight hexx 23 hours ago
Me: this aint scary!! Heart: *beating really fast* Me: *jumps* it was a spider that scared me not this Mind: bish...dont lie
Patato prince
"Means that I won't die..." Ayokay: no❤
SomebodyBlue :P
7:18 Me at 3am trying to sleep:.... My brain: HEEHOO
Alaia Ash
Alaia Ash Day ago
Ahfaz Khan
Ahfaz Khan Day ago
13:04 bloods be like:
Yukina Himeragi
whenever Mark is trying to talk, the " are you ok " cuts him off
Bismarck Day ago
I guess you could say this game was a… *Thriller?*
REDBOOL11 2 days ago
20:00 the funniest minute in my life
Toprak Kazancı
Toprak Kazancı 2 days ago
hee hee
Azula 2 days ago
*markiplier have a literal breakdown* *Yh that's ok!*
Ryan Ford
Ryan Ford 2 days ago
Mark: **coughs** ~ b e h ~ Me: **Replays that moment 7 times, hits like, and carries on**
itsphoenix 27
itsphoenix 27 2 days ago
Cult? Hee Hoo? Sounds oddly familiar...
Slenderender101 2 days ago
is this neverland?
Melissa Nelson
Melissa Nelson 2 days ago
probably one of the hardest episodes for him lmao
Haikyuu!!!! 2 days ago
I was in class and I kept being confused because I kept hearing a Michael Jackson HEE HEE.
Nicholas Rhoads
Nicholas Rhoads 3 days ago
is that home alone
William Harvey
William Harvey 3 days ago
Speaking of Michael Jackson, does anyone else hear "Beat It" from that piano part throughout?
Annabel yuuki's phone
Markiplier tries to be the ayuwoki: BLUUUHHHHYAAHH
dark reaper
dark reaper 3 days ago
Did anyone think that this was them on their way to the kitchen in their house in the middle of the night to get a snack that getting caught
-_Broth3r_ _HooD_-
if ,Micheal; Jackson was possess
Kresuno 4 days ago
You Get Hit By, You Git Struck By, Ayuwoki, AAAWWWW
EliteF36 4 days ago
Mark: "The ayaya" Me: do the meme Mark: ayaya YEEEESSSSS
Evan Larson
Evan Larson 4 days ago
I remember first watching this when it first came out, and not it’s two years later and I can still watch it late at night
Evolving Reptiles
From the game is 😵😭💀☠
Evolving Reptiles
I will play with friends and with you
Alea Banks
Alea Banks 4 days ago
Alea Banks
Alea Banks 4 days ago
mark:AYIYIYIYIYIYIYIYIYYI me:That looks like my phobia demon :>
Neil Joseph
Neil Joseph 5 days ago
What really sucks is that the jumpscare is same all the time
ITz Aufa
ITz Aufa 5 days ago
Michael Jackson hee hee
Justo Margareth D. G-11
Me: trying not to squeel in my class
Wyatt Arnold
Wyatt Arnold 5 days ago
Clearly Billie Jean is Not his lover and drove him off the edge
Persephone Campbell
its fkn michael jackson
Leorio :3
Leorio :3 5 days ago
Ive never been more scared of Michael Jackson in my entire life
Summer Haslam
Summer Haslam 5 days ago
Michael Jackson is that you?-
minecraftsquall2 5 days ago
to me the scariest part is that mark dosent talk. he alway sis chatting it up but in this game its way to queit
Alex Leach
Alex Leach 6 days ago
Mark: I'm gonna shut up so I don't die Also Mark 2 seconds later: IS THAT HOME ALONE?
Angeleen Valiente-Chavez
wow that was awsome men your very good at scary games can you comment me back and say something thankyou
life sucks then we all die
He didn't realize, that this is the ghost of Michael Jackson- He even did the teehee thing Remember not to turn off his radio, or he be maaaad
Absolute Dank
Absolute Dank 5 days ago
It says in the description that he thinks it is a game about Michael Jackson
Absolute Dank
Absolute Dank 5 days ago
It says in the description that he thinks it's a game about Michael Jackson
SpectrumHuntres 6 days ago
I'm sitting here covering my mouth, even afraid to breathe too loudly and then the ridiculously loud doorknobs, then cue the tv static! Man this is anxiety ridden lol.
Hhh Pestock
Hhh Pestock 6 days ago
Markiplier: "I don't know what you are! " The Ayuwoki: "I'm Michael Jackson"
Hhh Pestock
Hhh Pestock 6 days ago
クラピカ 6 days ago
Me: *trying to be quiet* My little sister barging in my room without warning: OWA OWA
Grubhub Man
Grubhub Man 16 hours ago
@クラピカ it's a pleasure
クラピカ 22 hours ago
@Grubhub Man Hello Grubhub man, I'm a huge fan
Grubhub Man
Grubhub Man 22 hours ago
Hello kurapika
Jenna Neila
Jenna Neila 6 days ago
20:25 I love how he smack talks it when he's prolly gonna die again lol
brady christian
brady christian 6 days ago
This has got to be one of the funniest videos I’ve watched in the longest, I laughed more in this video than I have in a while hahaha love it man
YourSaltyPretzel 7 days ago
I just realised you play as Annie and ayuwoki is actually are you ok in a gibberish language
Lynn Van de rostyne
looks like a michael jackson game
SJS 7 days ago
Cause it is
Jayde Cobler
Jayde Cobler 7 days ago
"Open the door." "I don't think I want to." "TOO GODDAMN BAD OPEN THE FREAKING DOOR!
Kris S.
Kris S. 7 days ago
Neon Crossing
Neon Crossing 7 days ago
Crap. The ayuwoki monster is bigger 18:40
Vøltrex Penn
Vøltrex Penn 7 days ago
my toaster scared tf outta me lol
Delta Δ
Delta Δ 7 days ago
What is the Ayaya from XD?
クラピカ 6 days ago
@Delta Δ oh, sorry
Delta Δ
Delta Δ 6 days ago
@クラピカ Ye I know that. I was asking about the "Ayaya" ;) But I already know what it is. Thanks anyway... however your name is pronounced.
クラピカ 6 days ago
The ayuwoki is Michael Jackson
Shamrock Hartnett
mark really cant tell its about michael jackson
Tape Boi
Tape Boi 8 days ago
This game is a massive Michael Jackson reference
Enigma 8 days ago
alternate title: mark whisper screams for 32 minutes while Michael Jackson tries to kill him
Diane Jones
Diane Jones 5 days ago
r/Ihadastroke but with Mark & Words
Alanah Smith
Alanah Smith 8 days ago
I know how you feel
Alanah Smith
Alanah Smith 8 days ago
I wont even move from the spawn im so scared of this game i haven't slept in 2 days
Dribs 8 days ago
Find the key for the red door
Kibz 8 days ago
Mani Savvy
Mani Savvy 8 days ago
Annie are you okay....ayuwoki Annie.
gamer boy
gamer boy 8 days ago
markiplier: you... stupid piece of poo. 20:21
Farah G.
Farah G. 8 days ago
Markiplier looks very real to me.Come on stop saying Markiplier is fake.HE IS REAL
Ross Robertson
Ross Robertson 8 days ago
Do you know that you don’t have to buy that on the computer that
mcbeeferson big big
He is not real!
mcbeeferson big big
A Russians goodbye good ole bye markiplier
Michael Hughett
Michael Hughett 9 days ago
MARKIPLAR:screams and makes alot of noise MARKIPLIAR:steps on bag and gets scared
Michael Hughett
Michael Hughett 9 days ago
thank u for liking!!
Nuclear raisin
Nuclear raisin 9 days ago
19:19 that’s exactly what I thought too 😂
Wasbeer . EXE
Wasbeer . EXE 9 days ago
When micheal jackson kidnapped a kid, this is what that kid would see😂
Robert Jindra
Robert Jindra 9 days ago
Orlando Merced
Orlando Merced 9 days ago
5:05 the face of regret
Carly Elson
Carly Elson 9 days ago
It scared me so bad my heart was beating out of my chest
Sara Cecchinelli
Sara Cecchinelli 10 days ago
All this game I was like PLEASE MARK STOP TALKING/MAKING NOISE 😭 Cool game though, it scared me to death 💪 love you Mark ❤️
TheEagleG 10 days ago
20:42 stupid idiot Michael Jackson: What did you say about me!!!!!
James de Leeuw
James de Leeuw 10 days ago
Imagine having a sensitive mic
Aishite もっと愛して
I remember about 11-12months back people being obsessed with ayuwoki Annie, which in all fairness was funny at that point... I miss you guys who made those jokes, y'all made my day :)
major gaming
major gaming 10 days ago
Michael Jackson is after mark . 😂😂
Emil YAYCI 11 days ago
Name of the game aywoki (Annie are you ok) Looks like Michael Jackson Makes a Michael Jackson noise 5:11 Coincidence I don’t think so
troye 11 days ago
brandon fumes
brandon fumes 11 days ago
Ayuwoki Annie
brandon fumes
brandon fumes 11 days ago
She was struck by a smooth criminal
COMB4T 11 days ago
you not scare me
MrLittleMan 11 days ago
IMagine that in vr
Rizky M. Fajri
Rizky M. Fajri 12 days ago
Me: Watching the intro Mark: AYAYA AYAYA Also Me: I know that girl :)
walkthrough gameplay
Me:laughing front of ayuwoki
Carter Persons
Carter Persons 12 days ago
the ayuwoki is literally micheal jackson
spooks77 12 days ago
the ppl who wanted this game out and released and is behind the accusations is NWO, illumiati, blaming and false acussing him, when its inf act THEM that are the pedophiles. Its a horific disgrace and evil thing they are doing with this game, making him out to be a monster like this. Its all lies, many have been killed or acused of whatever, when they stop or refuse to play along with their elite agenda. MJ wanted out of pedowood, he made songs that inspired ppl and promoted resistance, love, aceptance etc. All things they are trying to prevent. We are living their dream world right now, and it will get worse than our current cowviid199 lie we are in right now. Pls research, tis all connected and u live a lie. MJ was amazing, if u only knew what he really did and went against, instead of believing media, corupt court and judges, his family who rpob got a lot of doh out of going along and letting them blame and defile him like this. Its a huge evil lie, run by REAL pedos and satanists.
troye 11 days ago
satanists arent involved in this shit and wouldnt touch it with a 7 foot pole - a satanist.
Mangle 21
Mangle 21 11 days ago
...... it’s a game, calm down. Plus, if you’re going to write all of this, spell things right next time.
spooks77 12 days ago
it scared the shit out of me just watching u play it, games like these i just cant play myself anymore, i have to watch others play them for me:o
막내마샬 12 days ago
It sounds like bootleg Micheal Jackson Hee-Hah
Mangle 21
Mangle 21 11 days ago
It is based on his “Hee-Hee”, its just disorderly made, so you right.
Fir fit
Fir fit 13 days ago
is this officially based on micheal jackson?
Daymian kraft
Daymian kraft 13 days ago
Im guessing the character that you play as is called Annie