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Schools back in session and Baldi's Basics PLUS is here to learn you a thing or 2 about FEAR.
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Jul 4, 2020




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Comments 100   
kellise matthias
kellise matthias 54 minutes ago
U should totally try extra life
Nugget24 4 hours ago
Is there still the Notebooks mode in Baldi's Basics?
Galiel Karmi
Galiel Karmi 4 hours ago
17:35 when your music teacher gives you homework
Destiny Hernandez
Destiny Hernandez 19 hours ago
what I have Baldi’s Basics this app does not work but no
NEON 2 days ago
Help Butt integrity in speed mode 000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000.1 %
Baldi's Basics
Baldi's Basics 3 days ago
*I'm bald*
Coffin Dance
Coffin Dance 3 days ago
Imagine if a teacher skipped the warning and thought it was an educational game. Also the beginning with Mark yelling at Baldi's mouth had me cackling
Misty NightWolf
Misty NightWolf 3 days ago
P l e a s e do more
Benjamin Keaton
Benjamin Keaton 3 days ago
Why do you make so many videos!
kaan güneri
kaan güneri 4 days ago
this is mouse claud
Jahnsen Jerome Co
i want more baldis basics
Enzo Sant'Anna Cesário
Mark:**selects speed mode** Baldi:YOU WILL DIE NOW
Dark Wolf
Dark Wolf 4 days ago
This made my day.
Sky 64
Sky 64 4 days ago
This is popular video about baldi's basics plus so far. So now he is less popular on youtube?
super chavon ;v
super chavon ;v 5 days ago
hey, marki, remember Advanced Education with Victor Strobovski? i would like to see you try it after 2 years, i bet you got better at baldi so it must be easier for you to beat it.
Simonsaysgaming 5 days ago
Mark: I'm pretty good at what i do The Bully: *I want those **_stickickickickickickickickickickickickicks_*
videowatcher551 6 days ago
Mark: *Chooses speedy mode* Baldi: "So you have chosen death"
BlueFlag Alpha
BlueFlag Alpha 6 days ago
The dissapointment when Mark can type his full name
• Star Berry •
pachec75 6 days ago
Denme like por ser el unico conentario en español xdd
SKARPMU 7 days ago
0:40 markimoo is better
TheRencer 2O
TheRencer 2O 7 days ago
Lixan Has competition with the art
Marina Tonon Rossi
Markipli markpli blalalalalalalalalalalalalalalala
Ashton Logan
Ashton Logan 7 days ago
Who edited this 😂
Ashton Logan
Ashton Logan 6 days ago
@Ches Beta thought so. best editor
Ches Beta
Ches Beta 6 days ago
Lixian did. 😁
Conner Forshey
Conner Forshey 8 days ago
ypu shouldve named yourself: instead of "markipli" you shouldve done "markey"
Edgaras Baranauskas
Gum Boy; *Spits out a gum* Mark; NO DONT GUM ME Baldi; *slapping with a thing* Mark; I CANT HANDLE THESE SLAPS Mark at the end; *twirling noices* Gum boy, principal, baldi and a Thing; ;-; WUT ARE YOU OK MARK
J Lo
J Lo 9 days ago
Mark: Chooses speed mode Baldi: Pulls out machine gun
Hurricane HD!
Hurricane HD! 9 days ago
Mark: **turns on speedy mode** Baldis AK-47: it’s showtime
JOE HOME 9 days ago
*You know it takes a special kind of talent, to make stuff look that bad* -Mark
PastelizyyGamez1 9 days ago
*T U B E S*
Lara Posa
Lara Posa 10 days ago
When you want to play hard mode instead of letting him use the ruler baldi will use a gun
Mick Petalers
Mick Petalers 11 days ago
13:50 so we not going to talk about the fact that bully was carrying a tree
Noah Janzegers
Noah Janzegers 11 days ago
:D Happy
:D Happy 12 days ago
Dubstep Dishwasher
Dubstep Dishwasher 12 days ago
Maddy Jones
Maddy Jones 12 days ago
who like to spit gum out of their thing i wish it came from other thing
•-B r i a-•
•-B r i a-• 12 days ago
*Sees the thumbnail* *Grabs my trusty cocker spaniel stuffed animal* Me: "Protect me"
Clarissa Dela Cruz
Clarissa Dela Cruz 14 days ago
i laughed so hard on the speedy mode and the elevate sound when the elevate closed
Adorable 15 days ago
I see it if you ends on youtube you can be opera singer :D
Baldi and his child abuse is back!
Sierra-77 15 days ago
track at 22:19??
CROWEL CHICKIN 15 days ago
Sleepy Fox
Sleepy Fox 16 days ago
Mark: chooses speed mode Baldi: so u have chosen death
Abel Quiroz
Abel Quiroz 16 days ago
When Baldi Puts The Fog Machine:Is Bad Thing
Tucker Snow
Tucker Snow 18 days ago
13:39 legit thought that a fly flew by me
Andrew Lopez
Andrew Lopez 19 days ago
Jayden Barker
Jayden Barker 19 days ago
damn that tripple chined shinny man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
3SiameseCats 20 days ago
No no no no no. I HATE THIS-
Makena Jerome
Makena Jerome 21 day ago
omg the speedy slap is worse than my mothers chancla
Chrisa the she-wolf
*Ah shit here we go again*
WillieManga 22 days ago
Mark: "Let's try speed mode." Baldi **Machinegun spanks** Mark: "That's too fast! My ass will not sustain that kind of dAMage, BalDI!!!"
Amfitriti Giannarou
big ol boots make you being able to move at normal speed on a conveyor
Amfitriti Giannarou
baldi is bald lol
Biscuit Baby
Biscuit Baby 23 days ago
When you choose speedy, Baldi gets carpal tunnel and can't slap because of his bandage being fixated upright (which is why you can't hear him at first). When he tries to slap, he fails, but he eventually bends his hand too far and his ruler gets stuck to his hand, forcing him to infinitely slap which is why he goes super fast. Just a simple thought. I thought it was worth sharing. What do you think?
Bro 24 days ago
19:25 Mark: are you ready? here goes nothing. yep. that's right. it's literally nothing. and it's not going to be anything, either. heh heh heh... ya get it? i know i can't beat you. one of your turns... you're just gonna kill me. so, uh. i've decided... it's not gonna BE your turn. ever. i'm just gonna keep having MY turn until you give up. *even if it means we have to stand here until the end of time.*
Bro 24 days ago
17:02 scared the sh*t out of me way more than any Baldi jumpscare before and I have no idea why XD
Vinnie Tawhiti
Vinnie Tawhiti 25 days ago
23:31 i died
Katie Lane
Katie Lane 26 days ago
It's to funny
jacksepticeye fan memes
*Markiplier hides in locker* *baldi hears everything* *baldi appears*
Maxwell Boone
Maxwell Boone 27 days ago
18:31 😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😂😂😅😇😇😂🤣🤣🤣🤣😂🙂🙂🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣😂 I filled up the water when when the tablet filled up which is very funny and the bell ran off when when the tablet filled off yeah!?😂😂😂😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂24:35.
• Yøur Łøcal Dumbåss •
13:41 wait did the bully carry a w h o l e d a m n t r e e a b o v e h i m-? xD
SAB & Moose Films
SAB & Moose Films 28 days ago
This game reminds me of Doom brutal
C_Tube_Dude Month ago
Mark: chooses Speedy mode" Baldi: Time for *QUICK MATHS!* Mark: "screams like a girl" 23:35
Domenico Berlingieri
13:44 lol
Orochi's Life -
Orochi's Life - Month ago
ᵒᵒʰ ʰᵉ ʰᵉᵃʳᵈ ᵗʰᵃᵗ
Yamila Cáceres
Yamila Cáceres Month ago
come and get your love
Don't mind me, putting this here for everyone's enjoyment 6:51
C.henrythezilla Month ago
13:00 when you open a packet of gum in class
Melon-Melanie Month ago
17:35 mark becomes a opera singer
Trey Stultz
Trey Stultz Month ago
steve vai
Baymax Waymax
Baymax Waymax Month ago
José Lourenço
José Lourenço Month ago
I dont know why this game isnt so popular anymore because of among us... But congrats to markiplier, is now very popular.
Markiplier I held my breath for 30 longer then u
And I could of gone longer
Mariano Duarte
Mariano Duarte Month ago
Mariano Duarte
Mariano Duarte Month ago
Mariano Duarte
Mariano Duarte Month ago
Mariano Duarte
Mariano Duarte Month ago
Ö -_-
Nategreat00 Month ago
“Baldi’s least favorite tape”, anyone get the feeling that that item’s real name is “Baldi’s least favorite porn film”?😂
Brodway Month ago
Me: 15 sec ad what NOOO markipler: don't care just records HEY
TheDarksaphira Month ago
I just love that everyone's reaction to this game is just a constant 'what?' It's like it's a collective fever dream!
ヅ B e r r y • B l u f f y ヅ
Welcome to Baldi's Basic and (Death.)
vm 0066
vm 0066 Month ago
i gotta say this has to be the ugliest game I've ever seen. I've seen rip offs of this game that look less hideous than the original. it's a crime that you even have to pay for it
N00dlz 25 days ago
@vm 0066 bro you said it was a crime for people to pay for it when it's a game. If you don't like it, then don't watch this kind of content? Simple as that.
vm 0066
vm 0066 25 days ago
@N00dlz I mean... I know they meant for it to look ugly but holy shit they outdid themselves
N00dlz 25 days ago
It looks bad on purpose bro-
Evelynn Ramsey-Kunter
u need to play the game some more
Ipsha Roy
Ipsha Roy Month ago
Lixian's edits are cool
Seal On ice
Seal On ice Month ago
Everytime I try to watch baldi while I’m eating no matter who’s playing I end up wanting to throw up when I see baldi’s face
classic pigman
classic pigman Month ago
This game lasted longer than i thought. BUT NOTHING LASTS LONGER THAN MY NEVERENDING SADNESS
pencilchat Month ago
imagine if teachers actually thought that this was educational software
Theunderlyinghater lol
1:50, this is the best part.
PinklePaztelz Month ago
انا توم _مزعج
Is gun 2:32
Fernanda Muller
Fernanda Muller Month ago
Ohma Zero
Ohma Zero Month ago
Hmm....Baldi is getting very aggressive at the very end~
rando burr
rando burr Month ago
Is it wierd that gum man's head looks like a toilet?
deer boi
deer boi Month ago
Mark you should do baldis more again!
Falcon Gaming
Falcon Gaming Month ago
Dont Gum Me Bro
Gacha Gamer
Gacha Gamer Month ago
Hi mark can you play fortnite?
J.J. Lentz
J.J. Lentz Month ago
How long ago was is thing uploaded-
waffl3_ir0n Month ago
Baldi's speed mode sounded like a baby duck running across the floor
June Rajuna Laka
June Rajuna Laka
How To DIY Dylan
for the imposseble question type the answer 31718 to take you somewere
Baldi's UNREAL Basics