Beware the GOOP (MEGA EPISODE) || G.T.F.O. w/ da boiz 

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There's a lot of GOOP and SLIME in this update of GTFO and it's definitely not the fun kind... just watch the walls as close as you can...
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May 1, 2020




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Septic-Sam 11 hours ago
At first my client send though gtfo stood for get the f*ck out
J T 12 hours ago
Watching this in 2021 remembering when people could joke that COVID-19 was a hoax.
Manface 22 hours ago
Is it just me or would they make an amazing team in deep rock galactic?
Daverex Day ago
Gee I wonder. I wonder if the gooshers are the reason they haven't come back to this.
Kira Clear
Kira Clear 2 days ago
Imagine this game with range voice chat like that ghost game.
The Unknown
The Unknown 2 days ago
I said fu*k to COVID rules months ago and I did normal things and I have not gotten sick once and I’ve traveled to my family from across states like a normal person and no one has gotten sick the entire time
Webber Tan
Webber Tan 3 days ago
The balloon thingies are called spitters, there are ways to stop em, 1. Shine ur flashlight (15 seconds inactive), 2. KIll it (it explodes, 35 seconds inactive), 3. C-FOAM it (1 Minute Inactive)
mr. Ramos
mr. Ramos 4 days ago
Jacks character looks like hibana from r6
Trustworthy McLegitimate
eeewww... that place need to be napalmed
AbsorbedAlex 1258
hope they go back to this
Edgar 5 days ago
The creatures on the walls are called “spitters” and they can be disabled using c-foam for a few minutes. As far as I know, there isn’t a possible way to kill them/destroy them?
Kristi Kay
Kristi Kay 5 days ago
I think you guys need to come back to this and try to beat it
Maverick 6-4
Maverick 6-4 5 days ago
32:38 the one that goes past mark's face is undoubtedly a weeb
Fukurima Zuzu
Fukurima Zuzu 7 days ago
Normal people : Oh no, one of us is infected, we should try to be more careful and not get infected too The bois : Oh no, one of us is infected, *_guess we should crank that number up_*
Mr poetic
Mr poetic 7 days ago
You guys should play halo
Jacob Koppeser
Jacob Koppeser 9 days ago
i lovehow when everyone is searching for items mark is just going around clearing out rooms being a badass
0bst1n3s 10 days ago
Anthony Prime
Anthony Prime 10 days ago
Anyone else miss this series in 2021
Mak Vic
Mak Vic 11 days ago
i love this series sm i wish they did more of jt
Krisy Mac
Krisy Mac 11 days ago
i need more
firemoonlily 11 days ago
I hope they make more GTFO videos when they have a chance. Dont laugh, but these are the best videos for me to crochet to and after a view or two, fall asleep to while I listen on my phone.
Hidden Truth
Hidden Truth 12 days ago
Mark- Goop on his screen Me- Wiping my screen over and over thinking there’s something on my screen and forgetting it’s the video
Megiddo Eubanks
Megiddo Eubanks 12 days ago
Pandemic? lol Yeah, 99.8% survivability. But don't touch your face. haha
Lord ZombieBoy
Lord ZombieBoy 12 days ago
I wish you guys did more of this
Sir_Aidan 13 days ago
The fun thing is that they make fun of wade because he says its an "endemic"... What is actually correct sins the covid virus isn't an pandemic but an endemic because of the duration of time that the virus is surviving, this makes wade sound very smart
daniel Ocean Smith
daniel Ocean Smith 13 days ago
I feel like there should be a AOE lamp to take care of the Goshers like one of the fog repellents that you can throw down ... maybe it can be a lamp that doesn’t bother the sleepers, or it’s a choice to risk waking them or making a safe zone from the gooshers
Just A Trans Boy
Just A Trans Boy 13 days ago
There is no way that this has been out for eight months. Oh fuck it's 2020-
SteamTitan 15 days ago
I want them to go back to this
Blake Kjos
Blake Kjos 15 days ago
Bro. This didn’t age well at all
Cameron Barnett
Cameron Barnett 16 days ago
32:30 naurito running past the screen hardest ive laughed ever
Michael Thompson
Michael Thompson 16 days ago
Unrelated to anything, but I just watched a Carvana ad and that was some of the best shit I've ever seen
kit 523
kit 523 17 days ago
"new pod modals" they should have called it podals
nixy nightmares
nixy nightmares 18 days ago
I miss this series
Zaquary Edwards
Zaquary Edwards 17 days ago
Me too
Jonathan Irizarry
Had fun going through this playlist, hope you guys do the newer rundowns xD They're pretty brutal
Grant Kruger
Grant Kruger 22 days ago
That ladder animation glitch, and the fun it generated, those are the kinda moments that make these videos great :D
Grayson Conley
Grayson Conley 22 days ago
Wade made the same joke about itching his nose by punching it and breaking it, two times, within the span of 5-10 minutes.
Grayson Conley
Grayson Conley 22 days ago
Hedemic, Youdemic, Wh'eeldemic: (Wealldemic).
Grayson Conley
Grayson Conley 22 days ago
I checked, it was 'D', (Who was staying out of the circle the whole time), in other words it was Wade...
Grayson Conley
Grayson Conley 22 days ago
Unless the numbers changed...
Grayson Conley
Grayson Conley 23 days ago
13:30 nice health percentage...
Mohamed Ali El khayat
Wen you fail the hack it makes the sound of R2-D2 screaming
Andrew Connacher
Andrew Connacher 24 days ago
5:40. Oochie coochie sounds like an std.
SOON 24 days ago
1:11:28 That enemy with the foam stuck on its leg
Kira Clear
Kira Clear 25 days ago
Play more of this
Randall Carroll
Randall Carroll 27 days ago
GTFO Covid edition
Gerbo's Friend
Gerbo's Friend 28 days ago
I so hope they come back to GTFO again
Hidden Truth
Hidden Truth 12 days ago
I was just binge watching their Sea Of Thieves playlist, I hope they bring that back and this as well too.
Tom Flock
Tom Flock 29 days ago
I want a game with this kind of game play and multiplayer, but Ghostbusters!
Tokyo Kaneki
Tokyo Kaneki Month ago
Is it just me or does jack sound like the P.C Principal?
monkiskwl Month ago
Damn this was the last one
Adam Hall
Adam Hall Month ago
schmow bow meow schmow
Timothy Brown
Timothy Brown Month ago
bob what do you have against Irish people
Leeam Month ago
so no more GTFO.. man.. maybe give warhammer 40k spacehulk deathwing a try with the bois?
Jacob Davidson
Jacob Davidson Month ago
G.T.F.O = Get the fuck out
The Crazy Lucario
I think "blaow shmeow" is one of the stupidest jokes they've ever come up with, but it's stupidness is what makes it funny.
Thumper Miner HQ
TailStraw xD
TailStraw xD Month ago
Bob's ladder climbing joke was play of the game
GAMEMASTER 7259 Month ago
Ω Louys Ω
Ω Louys Ω Month ago
42:00 Wait for it
Adam Baker
Adam Baker Month ago
Nel Ko
Nel Ko Month ago
Can you use the foam thingy to block their holes? Nvm, mark realize it in the middle
Deborah Smith
Deborah Smith Month ago
27:00 De Niro called, he wants his face back
kaitlyn marie
kaitlyn marie Month ago
this is seriously my favorite series i hope they play this again
Toren Johnson
Toren Johnson Month ago
Also, I have Covid and I feel like I can run a marathon or two, now for others it’s different but still, stop exadurating about the virus, it’s enoing and dumb
Toren Johnson
Toren Johnson Month ago
Just imagine you saw these dudes doing the spy crab in your home
Sunny Figueroa
Sunny Figueroa Month ago
0:37 0:52 2:01 8:18 8:58 10:10 18:16 18:46 26:03 28:18 37:51 40:55 1:05:30 15:06 17:09 17:44 19:17 21:58 42:35 50:19 1:04:00 1:06:35 1:08:50 1:09:57.18:09 55:47
ItsZochy Month ago
666 dislikes mother truckers
Keri Bastian
Keri Bastian Month ago
3:19 Mozambique here Wrong game juh-sean 21:05 juh-sean's best mark impression
ItstheFox_x Month ago
*Mozambique here!*
Carter Stevenson
*Bab:* Yeah, I washed my hands yesterday, I can touch my eyeball. *Mark:* {F$$$ing dies}
Carter Stevenson
The "half-a-syllable name" bit cracked me up so much.
william hutsch
william hutsch Month ago
"The infection is all a hoax, im just going to go about my life like normal"...... ...... "OH GOD I HAVE IT, ITS REAL"
matthew shankle
matthew shankle Month ago
Play more GTFO plz, good content, want more!!!
Carter Stevenson
Mark's whole bit about blaming Bob for shooting Juhsean is one of the best things I've ever seen. Also the "sorry, I might be a little *F$$$$ING* *SNAPPY* ."
Ace Month ago
came for the goop stayed for the funky ladder dancing glitch
Dylan Garcia
Dylan Garcia Month ago
*sigh* when will they play this again?
999lazerman Month ago
I miss this series
You need to play more G.T.F.O. I loved the series
Mrpear234 Month ago
The no time limit people like with this game is gone with infection.
Tundra B.R.O
Tundra B.R.O Month ago
All the time they said GOOP BROTHERS, I remembered the HELLO bit from game grumps.
Will Saucerman
Will Saucerman Month ago
Mark: H E Y W A D E H O W Y O U D O I N G
sprobgik Month ago
i'm kinda surprised this game's made using unity
Bronson S
Bronson S Month ago
We need more
Joseph Diehl
Joseph Diehl Month ago
adam_247 Month ago
The video when my parents aren’t around: “Jack’s infected, better put him down” The video when my parents walk into the room: “GUYS, WE SHOULD CALL IT A FLESHLIGHT”
nekokat 15 days ago
I've had worse. My mother walked into the room when I was watching a Cartoonz video, one of the Fibbage videos and Cartoonz shouted 'rectal massage' (Apparently a sure-fire way to get rid of hiccups.)
Chick-Fil-A Chicken Sandwich
I wish they would play this again, its very entertaining content
FlammaBrawl Month ago
28:18 is the best part Ive had to replay it so many times
Barbecued Potato
0:20 "cause the games still fun" please we need more gtfo
Kyleigh Bruner
Kyleigh Bruner Month ago
G.T.F.O stands for Get The Flip Out
Connor, the android sent by cyberlife
So infection is like radiation from fallout 4... I see
jonathan silva
jonathan silva Month ago
You know they love the game when they get excited when the loot spawns differently in the lockers😂
GvexTV Month ago
1:03:09 Was that Jack?
Marvin Roland
Marvin Roland 2 months ago
I legit popped a pimple during this video, I was just sitting here like "Uuuhhh...I'm going to not think about it...".
Rillman24 2 months ago
Bob: talking about pimples popping Me who's eating a juicy burger with mayo and ketchup on it: ...I'm not really hungry anymore
Madison Harju
Madison Harju 2 months ago
Anybody else thought the "G. T. F. O." stood for: Get The F*** Out I be a dirty small brain...
Gabriel Reverso Pereira
28:18 lol
NWCdarkness 2 months ago
Ahnaful Kabir Zarif
Ahnaful Kabir Zarif 2 months ago
@1:19:00 They all became experts in offence in this game
Ahnaful Kabir Zarif
Ahnaful Kabir Zarif 2 months ago
The game suddenly got 10 times more horrifying
riley mero
riley mero 2 months ago
Over the years Wade had gotten funnier and funnier
SkidMark Sisters
SkidMark Sisters 2 months ago
DILLIGAS 2 months ago
28:18 Taaaake oooon meeee.. (Take on me!)