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There's another map for Pogostuck and it's... harder than anything I could ever possibly imagine... I hate everything in the everything...
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Jul 16, 2020




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Comments 100   
FerretFungus_27 54
FerretFungus_27 54 6 hours ago
Mark: I think I’m more zen than I was before. Also Mark: AGHHHHHHH I HATE THIS GAME
Yana Shah
Yana Shah Day ago
9:30 Mark sounds so much like Ethan jnrhjerhjerjnejkndkm
FalconV7000 3 days ago
1:28 - "You can try double-jump..." Mark: "NOOO!" Future Mark: *sweats*
Dark Wolf
Dark Wolf 3 days ago
Oh no the rage storm is coming.
Condor Gamer
Condor Gamer 6 days ago
i like how he said that he was so much more zen then he played this
stacia2016 7 days ago
Hes so good at this game until theres a ceiling of any form
Marp Beebop Chickenpox Kaij
5:28 Da vincki
Rayzer Maniac
Rayzer Maniac 12 days ago
There are so many occasions where it looks like you are finally aiming at the proper locations to get over each section then for some reason it you get it all wrong. I think you are too flustered and are not concentrating. You should probably find the knack to just bouncing in place because so often you get so far then one mistake causes you to lose your entire composure and end up back at the bottom.
procraftbrothers 14 days ago
7:25 Mark reverses time
Phantom 2536
Phantom 2536 14 days ago
You are this game’s potty and this game is super fat and has diarrhea
HauntedAce 17 days ago
i feel like mark is cringy because what he really wants to do is kill the developer of pogo stuck
Rae Elemental
Rae Elemental 18 days ago
Man, Mark's getting a lot better at this.
That Lewd Denmarkian
5:55 woo baby! That's what I've been waiting for! That's what I'm talking about woo!
A YOYO NERD 21 day ago
love the bees he says. 10/10 he says. OOOH BOY HE UNDERESTIMATED THE BEEEES
antoshkapoohify 25 days ago
Yeah, I definitely feel obligated to like this video.
Verena Ebner
Verena Ebner 26 days ago
“Love the bees” if only he knew what was about to happen in future episodes😂
harsh595 29 days ago
Everytime there is a fast-forward, I'm like: this is gonna be the time he makes progress...Only to be dissapointed...again....
Anthony Peens
Anthony Peens Month ago
Lol I am a Peens
Stressmelo Month ago
"love the bees" *oh mark*
Paul Street
Paul Street Month ago
I've been watching you for years but I made a new account
GhostKing 1401
GhostKing 1401 Month ago
Looking at how Mark jumps and rages is so satisfying
Olivia Gregory
Olivia Gregory Month ago
so...when mark said titty sprinkles i knew it had been a swearing thing for years but i always wondered if it was an actual, thing, and, um, i went on incognito to google it and i've never been more confused, sure it's exactly what you expect it would be if you go to images but just looking at the all page, i don't know how to react to that one
Skidiscovery 13
Skidiscovery 13 Month ago
if you just get good man it wouldn't be that baaaaad ohhh mah goshh
Benjamin Yeager
Benjamin Yeager Month ago
I don't understand how he can go from "Oh yea lets play this game" to " AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH"
Haai Gamer
Haai Gamer Month ago
14:15 someone remix this!😂
Stephen Van Gorden
The 5 stages of loss. -Demonstrated by Markiplier Denial- I'M THE BEST! Anger- NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! Bargaining- Please let me make this! NOOOOOOOOOO!!! Depression- Do you hate me, game? Acceptance- This is is all my fault. I'm the only one to be blamed. Thank you, Markiplier, for teaching us this today.
music Studio
music Studio Month ago
DerpSkelly Month ago
"So cooooool,, so coooool oh it's so pretty"
Help Me
Help Me Month ago
7:22 10/10 love the bees...
Theo boss lol
Theo boss lol Month ago
Marpliatr says it was my fault Me billshit As he screw it up Me still bullshit
Baker Cat
Baker Cat Month ago
1:38 in portuguese this *SUPER ASS*
Guido Fedeli
Guido Fedeli Month ago
"10/10 love the bees" boy did that age poorly
MaxxDread Raulston
Watch this amazingness 6:34
MaxxDread Raulston
ThatGuy 2 months ago
Why does he sound like shaggy lol
Liddle Puppies
Liddle Puppies 2 months ago
Mark: *i hate everything* Me: do you hate nothing?
Liddle Puppies
Liddle Puppies 2 months ago
No one: Mark: *titty sprinkles*
someone odd
someone odd 2 months ago
Tiddie sprinkles
Kander 2 months ago
"10/10 love the bees" I doubt he would say that after his last 3 pogostuck videos
Elgin Branch
Elgin Branch 2 months ago
whats that music at the begenning
Hjalmar Berg
Hjalmar Berg 2 months ago
Omega Siarnaq
Omega Siarnaq 2 months ago
Meow, bark, moo, baa? 9:35
Jack Newton
Jack Newton 2 months ago
Haha pogo go brrrr
sly gamergirl
sly gamergirl 2 months ago
I love the beginning sooo much and who wants mark to play this game again?
Matija Mladenović
Matija Mladenović 2 months ago
"Cheats? Never! Why would i do that?" "Love the bees, 10/10"
PopularPilot 2 months ago
18:42 : sixnine looking for his chorus to his song
Faris Hakim
Faris Hakim 2 months ago
He’s like a Philipino Jim Carrey
Jalex Ones Chanel
Jalex Ones Chanel 2 months ago
“If i day angular momentum is makes me sound more smart” Mark you were literally an engineer
Manolis Karadonis
Manolis Karadonis 2 months ago
I love the bees he says..... Ha yeah you do
K. S.
K. S. 2 months ago
goose 2 months ago
"are there bees in this game" 10/10 foreshadowing
samuel Doebler
samuel Doebler 2 months ago
6:59 deutchiplier
ethan drew
ethan drew 2 months ago
Stop trying to flip on every jump you perform
ThatSlaik 2 months ago
10/10 He does not love the bees. Trust me.
Axelotl 2 months ago
Sometimes i just like to start skipping 5 seconds and its funny because you can hear him say weird things, like: ITS FLOWING... SO HARD... (Mark sound) AAAAH...
Patricia Saucedo
Patricia Saucedo 2 months ago
Ayurai 2 months ago
"Why am I still here? Just to suffer?"
Akshat Jain
Akshat Jain 2 months ago
So cant mark turn off other people.....coz its really annoying to see others
OneBillionTacos 2 months ago
11:28 Bee cool
OneBillionTacos 2 months ago
7:23 You have no idea...
OneBillionTacos 2 months ago
1:32 "Ha"
Chris Griffin
Chris Griffin 2 months ago
At 9:37 we see a sneak peak of what could be “Bahhh”
Cosmic Kitsune
Cosmic Kitsune 2 months ago
This is exactly the reason why I love Lixian’s ediitng
Pilot 51
Pilot 51 2 months ago
Mark: "Love the bees." Mark Later: **Hatred for bees intensifies**
TheNumberQuelve 2 months ago
I do applaud Mark for going at it and immediately rejecting Easy Mode. I'm a proud man who says no to Easy Mode myself, but even I probably would've done Easy Mode to get a feel for how this World 2 plays out before trying the real deal...
Komodo Defender
Komodo Defender 2 months ago
9:29 why did this exclamation remind me of Jack Black?
Patience Nicole Productions
Well if you just git gud man, it wouldn't be that bad.
Larry Kan
Larry Kan 2 months ago
Ya more pogo stuck your the best if someone dis agrees let them go to *hell(
Saint Elmo's Wrath 2
*Getting over it flashbacks intensified*
Saint Elmo's Wrath 2
4:35 *tittiesprinkles* He speaks the language of the gods
Army Ninja1
Army Ninja1 2 months ago
Space is cool
MysticalSpace 2 months ago
Mark:10:17 Mark you do it all the time
Daniel .Chesley
Daniel .Chesley 2 months ago
Mark's version of eternal punishment would be playing pogostuck forever.
Tiddles is a god.
Tiddles is a god. 2 months ago
This is painful to watch
Robin 2 months ago
It’s been years sense I’ve heard “Space us so cool” and it’s awesome that people still listen to it. Then Mark comes in and says “Peen”
BoyGamer101 #GaminSquad
I perfectly skipped to Markiplier saying "how could you do that" with sad music and not gonna lie it seemed legit until I reminded a bit.
Musician84721 2 months ago
New drinking game.....Take a shot every time Mark falls back to the start xD
Capalingo 2 months ago
13:10 9:30 Just gonna leave this here.
DAFLOO O 2 months ago
9:35 i laughed myself to death
WickedSkyes 2 months ago
My bro playing FPS games: 8:11 Me playing FPS games: 8:18
Cosplay Fandoms
Cosplay Fandoms 2 months ago
“Tiddie sprinkles” Idk why but I lost it 😂👏🤣
Aly L.
Aly L. 2 months ago
Does binge watching Pogostuck make me sadistic? 😳
Charmandy Orton
Charmandy Orton 2 months ago
0:27 That character model legit looks like it was an unfinished test of 3D model mapping and they just ran with putting it in the title screen
seanbnti24 2 months ago
I just want to watch this vid cuz the space is cool song...it's nostalgic
Lichkings Vault
Lichkings Vault 2 months ago
Oh this video did not age well. Not going to use the double jump. Hahaha. Give it a few episodes.
Fabel Sage
Fabel Sage 2 months ago
I just saw that you played more pogo stuck and I’m so happy. This is a go to whenever I’m sad. It makes me laugh so much
Marissa Paige
Marissa Paige 3 months ago
This video is basically Mark screaming and jinxing himself for 22 minutes straight
Mike P
Mike P 3 months ago
I literally only watch markiplier to see him in pain.
Moulo 3 months ago
cranky says: git gud
Cup Kate
Cup Kate 3 months ago
"That's the goodlier, " Markiplier 2020.
Sarah Havens
Sarah Havens 3 months ago
Why is one of my favorite parts where he whispers “eyeyeye” 😹
Modern Medusa
Modern Medusa 3 months ago
You remind me so much of myself. Especially at the end
Ink! Sonic
Ink! Sonic 3 months ago
"10/10 love the bees." As someone who has seen later videos first. I can confirm, this is a lie.
Black Widow
Black Widow 3 months ago
Mark: *sings when frustrated* Me: I do the same thing sometimes.
Black Widow
Black Widow 3 months ago
I feel ur pain Mark
707Nero 3 months ago
I just appreciate that Lixian agreed with him ^^
N L 3 months ago
Haha I feel bad laughing so hard at his rage
Cartoon Studios
Cartoon Studios 3 months ago
Dana Kirby
Dana Kirby 3 months ago
Only liked so his suffering would not be in vain