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Yep... you read that right. Listen, let's just get it all out in the open. You clicked on this video because you were curious but now we're all in it. So let's just get through this together and never speak of it again...
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Jul 10, 2020




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Comments 100   
Madalyn faye
Madalyn faye 11 minutes ago
i dont understand why we are fucking chairs for almost 30 minutes but you do you mark
Ace Insanity
Ace Insanity 17 minutes ago
Why is it almost 30 fucking minuuutttresss
Shower me in crushed bathroom tiles
I watch this whenever I have constipation because it helps me shit myself
ooga booga
ooga booga 3 hours ago
Markiplier would you be willing to speedrun baldi’s basics?
Where's Will
Where's Will 5 hours ago
24:02 "help im in a cult EVERYTHINGS FIIIIINE!" L O R E
Where's Will
Where's Will 4 hours ago
i shouldnt care but i have nothing better to do but to pause at the lore of a chair fucking simulator im guessing people got turned into chairs, like people got thanos snapped into chairs and they just spout inane nonsense but sometimes they gain consciousness enough to cry out for help
Where's Will
Where's Will 4 hours ago
25:22 "hey hey maybe you can help me. the last thing i remember i was grocery shopping. i was about to put a banana into my grocery cart and then i heard this scream." the spirits of chairs are upon you be ready for the transformation!"
Where's Will
Where's Will 4 hours ago
24:55 "why is everyone in this mall dead"
FauxWhistle9262 6 hours ago
Nobody talks about this operating system being Windows XP
Mason Tatum
Mason Tatum 6 hours ago
Please tell me this is not a simulator for fucking chairs
Mason Tatum
Mason Tatum 6 hours ago
I am unhappy
Manuel Moralez
Manuel Moralez 7 hours ago
I don’t now how I got back here but I regret it
DoodlyDoo TheBest
DoodlyDoo TheBest 7 hours ago
idk about u... but I'm here to kick gum and chew ass (and I'm all out of ass)
Cecilia Rivera Galindo
Time to go clean my history
Rusty Runner
Rusty Runner 8 hours ago
Rhiannon Anderson
Rhiannon Anderson 9 hours ago
N o- Humanity has officially devolved- Im going back to the safety of my cave now-
Bigtastic Buddah
Bigtastic Buddah 11 hours ago
I felt my brain cells die from this
RubberDuckiesRule 11 hours ago
Never gonna look at my chair the same way
Shyanna Veith
Shyanna Veith 11 hours ago
Shyanna Veith
Shyanna Veith 11 hours ago
Oof the hecc is this vid
Kristie Laplante
Kristie Laplante 11 hours ago
Wtf has this world become
Kerry Christensen
Kerry Christensen 13 hours ago
At least Table-kun is safe
Platinum 14 hours ago
At 4:44 Marks post nut clarity sets in
Jolly 14 hours ago
lea 44
lea 44 14 hours ago
No clickbait? Ewww bye
Backlash_Studio YT
Backlash_Studio YT 14 hours ago
Zara_ Wolf
Zara_ Wolf 15 hours ago
I wnted to leve the video and never remeber it....but i stayed to the end, i need bleach for everything
Jane Sakura
Jane Sakura 15 hours ago
This Is A New *Try Not To Cringe Challenge*
Grim Reaper
Grim Reaper 16 hours ago
I need bleach
No Name
No Name 16 hours ago
I think this is enough youtube for tonight
Shino Kiseki
Shino Kiseki 16 hours ago
Well I understad to try it... but 26 minutes log video. Well just clap clap. Good video I gues xD
fuckyou lilshit
fuckyou lilshit 16 hours ago
this man has actually played a bunch of *cough* *cough* adult games
Detective Snickers
Detective Snickers 17 hours ago
2 minutes into the video and I am already absolutely terrified Edit: wipe my memory. Please. Smack me over the head with a rock. Inject anesthesia directly into my brain stem. Please. Help me.
Kirigaya Kazuto
Kirigaya Kazuto 18 hours ago
14:45 The fact that nobody is bringing this up, I'll take it that people have left the video already a long time ago
Daniel Torres Díaz
Daniel Torres Díaz 19 hours ago
Mark, What in the actual fuck? Literally and figuratively
Blood_Rose _Lord
Blood_Rose _Lord 19 hours ago
This reminds me, i need to finish watching the poop horror game
Din Mamma
Din Mamma 20 hours ago
This was so fucking weird to watch 😭😭😭
Zi Feng Lin
Zi Feng Lin 22 hours ago
Unus Annus did the dead on us
depressed broccoli
depressed broccoli 23 hours ago
Humanity has gone to far they need to stop evolving
Luna Day ago
Annus is still in possession of mark, his videos still ooze his presence
I eat Children
You don't fuck the chair, the chair fucks you.
PanthaRedHead11 Gaming
It would seem this video has been demonetised... how strange
Welp off to hang myself *WATCH AND LEAR- *Dies"
Melinda Sommerfeld
"I fucked it to death, oh no", I..... I'm not proud of my choices, I fucked a chair and it died..... Goku pregnant, dear God send my mind to hell
He said he didn't like that he had 3 fingers. Guess I'm not on his good side
14:48 I died laughing 😂
Reverse L21
Reverse L21 Day ago
Its evolving, just backwards
The Lucky Pepsi
Izak Fuentes
Izak Fuentes Day ago
Linda Holloway
Mark: "What have I done? What have I done? Me: "What the fuck did I just witness?"
Carly Savannah Johnson
mark really be runnin out of games
Insoy Day ago
Hi Mark, why
Jacob Monnat
Jacob Monnat Day ago
First he denies being a masochist and now hes denying his chair fetish. You can learn to yourself forever Mark
Jonathan Lewis
So hot
Sw0 Day ago
Why was i never recommend this video :(
I feel like this is something I would see in an Unus Annus video
Jakesplace 78
he hit me hard in the beginning and then just frightened me also i liked the warning thanks markiplier!
Sir bon Bon
Sir bon Bon Day ago
My curiosity all ways seems to amaze meAnd how many weird shit I tend to watch
Red Reaper
Red Reaper Day ago
I mean hey if you watched genital jousting
Mr.Saturn Day ago
Video: Chair F*cking Simulator Over 2 Million People: hmmmmmm interesting
michie Day ago
this sound like the first time on the hub with your best friend, but let's say you know your way around the cite 1:00
TheDino King_27
The Crying Child
God: NOAH! Noah: Yes? God: FUK DA BOAT!!!
megan Sherald
Humanity took it too far
Gurth-Quake Day ago
He said i can't back out, oh god.
Bird Brain
Bird Brain Day ago
... M- ... Mark are you- ok?
Bro Hendricks
Wt literal f
MhndAfton Day ago
3:09 Mark:getting an achievement of fucking a chair Also mark: oh no...
Adult Humanoid
I did not like this I feel Disturbed
Jackson Stone
Me sitting here anyways cause I miss clicked
Jason Needham
I started watching now I feel like I can't leave...
Samid Day ago
Things that I miss: 1. My grandfather 2. My grandmother 3. "Hello everybody, my name is Markiplier"
Lucca Urano
Lucca Urano Day ago
How much stuff markiplier doesn’t like
Anthony Chen
Anthony Chen Day ago
this is basically tinder but ur choosing the chairs
Anthony Chen
Anthony Chen Day ago
im already dying before he started palying lmao
Angry Penguin
If my mom sees this, i also want to know what this is.
Quibbly prolapse is just unnus annus the chair
Mr Wanner
Mr Wanner 2 days ago
"Dang, you can seriously fuck a chair!" XD
TrueNightAngel 2 days ago
I stayed with you markiplier....it was equally weird
Daraygona 2 days ago
There is not much else to say than *BRO* .... LIKE *BRO* WHAT?!
M M 2 days ago
Duke dash wolf gg22
cänön mæplë
cänön mæplë 2 days ago
I got so curious that i watch the full video Result:wtf lol....😵
In terms of fucks, I give none.
Yeety Boi
Yeety Boi 2 days ago
cone person
cone person 2 days ago
Every day We stray farther from god
Funtime Percy
Funtime Percy 2 days ago
"I paid money for this" Excuse me, You what?
The Error
The Error 2 days ago
Chair, what does it feel sitting on ya?
Izuku Midoriya
Izuku Midoriya 2 days ago
Why did i click on this
ThatAss420 2 days ago
Why am I watching this? Why did 2.3 million people watch this? Why are there so many likes? Why is Markiplier fucking chairs?
Just Another Ordinary Lama
welp this is hummanity now just f*ucking cairs thats 2020 idk thats just... what the fuck
Golden Eagle1720
Golden Eagle1720 2 days ago
Just why I clicked on this video lmao
ASR Beats
ASR Beats 2 days ago
I think Mark has run out of video ideas
Abby Craft
Abby Craft 2 days ago
Mark:"we've made a pack we're all in this together" Me: * falls asleep in the first 2 minutes * oppies
Sammy Playz6171
Sammy Playz6171 2 days ago
Me: starts vid* Also me: has vetnaim flashbacks* Me again: commits die*
Sammy Playz6171
Sammy Playz6171 2 days ago
Insert my humanity here
Sammy Playz6171
Sammy Playz6171 2 days ago
Call me anytime more like kill me anytime...
Sammy Playz6171
Sammy Playz6171 2 days ago
I’m 10 I should not see this Again I did beat doom on ultra violence... Yeah that’s not compared to this...
Jackywackychan Chan
Hearing mark say I dont Fuck chairs makes laugh
Robot King
Robot King 2 days ago
and here I thought it didn't get worse than 2 girls 1 cup...
Beanz Dwyer
Beanz Dwyer 2 days ago
I’m sorry mark but this is the one video on your channel I *had* to dislike
Julia Barata
Julia Barata 2 days ago
Sukamekitu 2 days ago
Yea f*ck ya you close you close
꧁Tʜᴇ FNᴀF ɢᴀᴍᴇʀ Mᴀʏᴀ Kᴜɴ꧂
Ok umm are we f-in chairs now is dis what happens in quarantine now wow I’m going insane I want this game
Why_tho886 2 days ago
*unliking the like button so i can like it when mark tells me to*
melon boba gacha
melon boba gacha 2 days ago