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There's been a murder on this ship... and every single one of you is a suspect... But Detective Markiplier is on the job!
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Nov 1, 2020




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Comments 100   
Cole Headley
Cole Headley 4 hours ago
how dare you
k a r l
k a r l 6 hours ago
Was the ua theme playing at 2:06??
Bodias 50
Bodias 50 7 hours ago
26:52 what is this song called I cannot remember 😂😂
Frank 927
Frank 927 8 hours ago
When people get killed In among us : OHH COME ON!! Mark: 17:20
Awkie Awks
Awkie Awks 9 hours ago
Mark is like the dad trying to understand the game the kids like..
Ryan Levan
Ryan Levan 11 hours ago
Plot twist, its the Knives Out Detective but its just Markiplier. Case solved.
Nadiah F. Zulkifli
Nadiah F. Zulkifli 11 hours ago
Mark never being sure when to talk while EVERYBODY ELSE IS TALKING AT THE SAME TIME is relatable af
Grasica Is
Grasica Is 14 hours ago
the unus annus background music depresses me
Elijah Andrade
Elijah Andrade 15 hours ago
This is fun-ertaining o.O
Diego Alejandro
Diego Alejandro 16 hours ago
Mark should react to the Mystery Skulls series
Jaheim Smith
Jaheim Smith 17 hours ago
hey mark u have a discord server
Sydney Slaughter
Sydney Slaughter 18 hours ago
Damn, I want ice cream!!
13bigbangtheory 18 hours ago
Mark eating halo top ice cream after denouncing it in his sour patch ice cream review
Ábel Ferenc
Ábel Ferenc 21 hour ago
3:43 That unus annus music Me: 😭😭😭😭
Sim Ona
Sim Ona Day ago
Omg him wasting everyone's time with long useless monologues is making me so frustrated and I'm not even the one playing the game. Like come on, it's maybe funny the first couple times, but then it's just ruining everyone's experience.
Jackson Potato
Yes it has always been my dream to watch Markiplier play among us for an hour straight
Bailey B
Bailey B Day ago
(No one) markiplier with his blanket 🥰
Lim Liang Chew
Hahahahaha that was fun 😂😂
I'd like to point out that this is the music for the introduction video from unus annus Edit: No one else has pointed this out so.... Am I the only one who knows this?
ItsCatCraft Day ago
Everyone: *sounds mostly normal* Mark: *sounds like Morgan Freeman* Me: REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE
Nikkie V
Nikkie V Day ago
Everyone: Mark what happened?? Mark: Four score and seven years ago.....
luna fall
luna fall Day ago
He really just played the unus annus soundtrack
Challenge Accepted
Fuck it’s been forever since I’ve heard from Trevor shit last time I heard him was when he was apart of cowchop
ATRIN alone
ATRIN alone Day ago
I like how in the subtitles it says EEF that's a nice touch and the music in the background is a memory of the past Momento mori
Tim Arsenault
This is a video where Mark shows his introvert side. Too many people saying too many things. Better to just be quiet and do some tasks.
Lukas Reimer
Lukas Reimer Day ago
Reka Vas
Reka Vas Day ago
When Ethan says to Mark: 'I love you so much but you are so frustrating to deal with...' first of all... adorable... but most importantly OOhhhh how the tables have turned :D Mark is the frustrating one now huh? :D
Meepicality Day ago
I like that the subtitles for Ethan talking says EEF
The Holy Boink
Alison Nykaza
Mark is just sitting there eating his ice cream like "y'all dumb 😘✌🏼"
Ariel Crusan
Ariel Crusan Day ago
Jakeb D.
Jakeb D. 2 days ago
2:28 3:30 Everybody arguing while Mark is just chilling
Mirage Gamer
Mirage Gamer 2 days ago
Who else thinks he should play with jack, toast, sykkuno, and corpse
smol bean
smol bean 2 days ago
Everyone: *Sensible Names that Match Up with their User* Ethan: *B I R T H*
The Holy Boink
It's because it was his birthday when this was recorded.
M. P
M. P 2 days ago
It's so enjoyable to watch mark play among us. I love it😂♥️
Jayden Corkill
Jayden Corkill 2 days ago
Nice moves mark
Angelina Edanol
Angelina Edanol 2 days ago
i love how markiplier doesnt care that he's dead. he literally just vibes with his ice cream. *✨vibes✨*
Luis Otero
Luis Otero 2 days ago
I believe..I believe... I BELIEVE.. I believe.. now hear me out... I believe.. that some one among us is a murderer. *gasp*
Sierra Lane
Sierra Lane 2 days ago
56:26 It sounds like he's reading a cheesy fan fiction or something off of r/menwritingwomen.
Dusty 2 days ago
mark dies mark : ow :\
Bratty 2 days ago
How’s it going mark
Dusty 2 days ago
i like how mark is just in his own world lmao
Duckle 2 days ago
Erin Schiferl
Erin Schiferl 2 days ago
no one: me: gets so triggered that he kept skipping sheilds in the first round.
Valkyr_E 2 days ago
*looks at Jaeden poster* I want you to know that you didn’t win this game by playing it Harlan’s way... * takes long draw from a cigar *
DarkRubberDucky 2 days ago
30 seconds in, Mark looks like Egg Shen in Big Trouble in Little China.
Marbles 2 days ago
2:07 .... the music... the music of the Unus Annus... I h e a r i t.. Edit: Oh god it's at 3:46 too-
Graham Day
Graham Day 2 days ago
I love that Mark’s task-doing playlist is apparently parody Tchaikovsky
Amanda Boutwell
Amanda Boutwell 2 days ago
3:43 ...was Mark playing the Unus Annus background music-
MADZ 2 days ago
tbh i love the long hair mark
Ellixtttz kun
Ellixtttz kun 2 days ago
love it when youre eating ice cream
Chris Buchheit
Chris Buchheit 2 days ago
Man, Mark really seems to stop caring like 20 minutes into this.
Pivinne 2 days ago
"i was failing admin cardswipe like corpse did" man he is NEVER gonna live that down lol
yamabaeyogx 2 days ago
mark vibing is my aesthetic
Krabby Patty
Krabby Patty 2 days ago
Mark playing Among Us is just a whole mood its funny
Anonymous_Animix 2 days ago
Talking about if your dead Nobody: Markiplier: starts dancing and eating ice cream
obi wan kenobi
obi wan kenobi 3 days ago
Mark really has the moves
Sam Picken
Sam Picken 3 days ago
53:04 Mark sounded like a priest putting a witch on trial in Salem
SyreinaClaw 2 days ago
Papa Knoth?
Sarah Fairman
Sarah Fairman 3 days ago
Ethan: "Mark what were you doing?" Mark: Some years ago-never mind how long precisely-having little or no money in my purse, and nothing particular to interest me on shore, I thought I would sail about a little and see the watery part of the world...
Ace Parks
Ace Parks 3 days ago
Does... does anyone else feel like mark isn't really having fun here? This did not seem like normal bubbly mark
So markiplier doesn't like among us, thats what cynix, mark only play among us when ethan is there
FoxTaterTot124 Tatertot
When "Turncoat" started playing at 2:04, I got both REALLY happy and REALLY sad.
tiara’s xtras
tiara’s xtras 3 days ago
Sam the Cat
Sam the Cat 3 days ago
any one else start crying at the unus annus music? just me? ok
lol i tried to check the chat for the game lol
BLXCK 3 days ago
This game is so boring
Kevin 3 days ago
Dead Space
Virgil The Pan-da
Anyone Notice the Unus Annus music in the background. Like I could stop thinking about that.
Emilee Cook
Emilee Cook 3 days ago
Everyone else when they die: AAAAAAAAHHHHH Mark: Oh, whatever.
Caleb Terra
Caleb Terra 3 days ago
Vegito 3 days ago
I Mark's the biggest youtuber here but he gets ghosted
Ava Stelter-Green
This was made a day before my Birthday
Everyone look out! Here comes Detective Markiplier! He's on the case
thefunnymanengi man
Ice Cream Dance Gang
TheGamerGirlElla 3 days ago
We just gona ignore the fact he was humming the periodic table song?
SyreinaClaw 2 days ago
Wait what? When? I have never heard of a song for that
Vanessa SVN
Vanessa SVN 3 days ago
I love how everyone’s like “Mark, don’t do this!🤦🏻‍♀️😆
Royal Scales
Royal Scales 4 days ago
Error Morris
Error Morris 4 days ago
Brielle McB
Brielle McB 4 days ago
The Unus Annus theme music is making me sad-
beastmode matt
beastmode matt 4 days ago
You fill my lungs with air thank you
Vegito 4 days ago
Mark says he's a trash player even thow he got the card swipe on his first try.
DANI Bananananananas
Why does he go “bugh” every time a body is reported
Cool Crafter
Cool Crafter 4 days ago
Wait I'm so stupid what is Ethan's (crankgameplay) color?
Amandine Boulanger
RazaFF11 4 days ago
Mark was the best out of everyone here
Rainbow Floof
Rainbow Floof 4 days ago
Starts glitching and the -deleted cahnnel- music starts playing, a clue? Maybe next year a part 2? Idk I am prob just reading to much into it
Lainey Taylor
Lainey Taylor 4 days ago
i want mark to read audio books, especially old westerns
サリナーー 4 days ago
Mark’s a m o o d When ur extraverted friend invites u to hangout with people u don’t know 🥴✌️
The Red Hourglass
Unus Annus theme starts playing, me:😭
Rose Willis
Rose Willis 4 days ago
mark sounds a little like galahad from high noon over camelot
Revamped Stone
Revamped Stone 4 days ago
Markiplier: is sus me: MarkiLIAR
matherly007 4 days ago
I feel like if corpse and mark played among us together everyone in the lobby would die from their deep voices
Mark's starting to look more like Keanu Reeves every single day...
Dark Vendar
Dark Vendar 4 days ago
I love how Ethans name is B I R T H. Like i imagine its a deep womanly man voice saying it like "BURTH"
io1iiooi 4 days ago
Facts: mark looks like a guitar artist :)
- DuckingZ -
- DuckingZ - 4 days ago
Everybody watching mark playing among us.. Me: 1 houar of mark being crewmate only
Retorta Sinistram
Mark: **gets his neck snapped clean off** Apparation Mark: Ow, okay. Whatever. Back to what I was doing...
SvnNghts 5 days ago
Hey Mark you inspired me to get SCP: Unity! I love it :)
Amir J
Amir J 5 days ago
These gameplays give me Uno vibes
Nakiah Garcia
Nakiah Garcia 5 days ago
Aww eef’s lonely child 14:18
Naruto WRLD
Naruto WRLD 5 days ago
me: resuming this video Mark: I am jesus