DIGGING STRAIGHT DOWN... | Minecraft - Part 3 

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I've been told that digging straight down is an effective way to get the best resources early on in the game so I'm trying this complicated technique.
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Jun 3, 2020




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Comments 100   
OrangeCrusader 17 hours ago
18:26 *Cr1TiKaL meme flashbacks*
Sam Rodabaugh
Sam Rodabaugh 18 hours ago
the video paused the second a cave noise played thank you, youtube
Donny King
Donny King 19 hours ago
At 14:52 Mark states that he is indeed Marklipier.
Christie Doyel
2:02 Darkiplier?
matej Kufa
matej Kufa Day ago
Markiplier: misses a bunch of iron Me: this is torture but I like it
matej Kufa
matej Kufa Day ago
Please... Make a shield. It's just mildly infuriating because it can protect you from any kind of damage. When you crouch with the shield you use it
sleepy lizard man
if i took a shot for every time he said “gunius” i would be dead
Ophelia Gacha
No one: Literally no one: Mark: trying to fight spider with flower
Basically Jesus
Those noises you’re hearing in the caves are the cave ambient sounds, idk what Mojang was thinking adding these sounds, they’re creepy as hell and don’t sound at all like cave noises 😂
Gabriel Hutter
Gabriel Hutter 2 days ago
Omg did he actually forget his ladders? BEFORE going into the whole that leads to immanent deth? ... Someone get this man the help he needs
The Imposter
The Imposter 2 days ago
Markipler: loses half a heart Also Markipler: OWWW
History Dude
History Dude 2 days ago
Everyone: sugarcane Markiplier: bamboo
TailStraw xD
TailStraw xD Day ago
I still call them reeds from sheer force of habit
Shada Iqbal
Shada Iqbal 3 days ago
froggy chair
froggy chair 3 days ago
mark : see's unusual shape in the sky mark 2 seconds later : *i must dig*
Robert Clarke
Robert Clarke 3 days ago
Mark: Super Smart! Pickaxe: **breaks** Mark: e-dammit
bean noodle
bean noodle 3 days ago
12:00 mark foreseeing future 😳
Matthew Neeld
Matthew Neeld 4 days ago
Imagine if markiplier knew how minecraft workd
Kronix Gaming
Kronix Gaming 6 days ago
7:44 Me when I stub my toe to the couch legs
EggyXD 6 days ago
11:05 M y .. E g g O n M y F a c e . . . . .
J4KE 0510
J4KE 0510 6 days ago
Yo my gecko was watching the vid with me
Duralid 7 days ago
shiro 7 days ago
minecraft players: skeletons! markiplier: *_archers._*
Cecil Lee
Cecil Lee 7 days ago
10:42 Cave: (predator noises straight from the movie) Mark:..........WHAT IN THE FRESH HELL WAS THAT!?
MAX. BG 7 days ago
Mark dont spam click
Cecil Lee
Cecil Lee 7 days ago
Yeah those tiny Zomz are jerks
Lisa Gray
Lisa Gray 7 days ago
Lincoln 8 days ago
Mark:what's aNdISiTe
Lincoln 8 days ago
Me:shut the hell up
Lincoln 8 days ago
Mark:because,because,because,because,because, because, because, because, because, because, because
FEM 8 days ago
Lé cócké
misscanadarain 8 days ago
Super smart😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Yes 10 days ago
21:41 Mark is a masochist, confirmed.
Cole Bryan
Cole Bryan 10 days ago
Only Markiplier can dig straight down & Not die.
Spinosaur4809 F
Spinosaur4809 F 10 days ago
Nooooooo! Markiplier didn't realize beehives are rare
Eryk Zysk
Eryk Zysk 11 days ago
Markiplier: "I don't believe in karma" Also Markiplier: 2:50
Michael Andrew Benham
google helps you find information about Minecraft
Yvonne Hoang
Yvonne Hoang 12 days ago
I wonder if he ever figures out how to use the crit bar thingy
Blizzard 13 days ago
Digging straight down sounds like it should be in Drunk Minecraft.
Sri Ram Saravana
Sri Ram Saravana 14 days ago
noooOOOOOoo u kill pfft
Cherry Fuentes
Cherry Fuentes 15 days ago
Why he dint use his ender pearl at the hole
Zer0 Cyber
Zer0 Cyber 15 days ago
Mark: I am a man who pushes the capacity of human power!!! Also Mark: I AM NOT A MASOCHIST!!!
Cameron The Camarón
I love how Mark asked the Endermen for it's consent to kill it. 🤣
Lily Rae
Lily Rae 15 days ago
Intro: Ethan & Mark] (sung softly) Hey now don't try it *whip crack* hey now don't try it (Spoken) Is that the Disclaimer Song!? [Part 1] [Verse 1: Ethan] Hey now, don't try it at home Do do do do do Hey now, don't try it Don't you dare try it You might die if you do this at home Do do do do [Bridge: Ethan] Oh, here's the bridge, woah Don't try it Don't do the thing that we're about to do Do do do do Oh, don't try this at all, or you'll die if You try this thing at home Do do do do do OH IT'S A KEY CHANGE! OH IT'S A KEY CHANGE! OH IT'S THE DISCLAIMER SONG! [Verse 2: Ethan] Don't try this at home If you do, you might die This is our disclaimer to you Hey, don't be that guy Just watch us do the thing you want to Dooooo Be safe For me But be safe For you DO DO DO DO BAA- [Part 2] [Verse 3: Ethan] OH, municipality I should have checked with you I dug a grave in my backyard Then my whole house went BOOM! I hit a gas line in the night Then one last cigarette I lit the match then my whole house Went up in flames instead [Verse 4: Ethan, Mark & both] Hit us with the verse four of the Disclaimer Song Can we just play the- Disclaimer Song It's the disclaim of Italy ​wOhWhOhWoh It's the disclaim of Italy ​wOhWhOhWoh It's the disclaim of Italy ​wOhWhOhWoh The disclaim of Italy
ThatGuyChris 16 days ago
Skeleton sees Mark having a good time playing minecraft "I'm about to end this man's career"
Yuki 16 days ago
Lixian is soo funny man..
Matthew Picard
Matthew Picard 16 days ago
Mark: "What the hell is andesite" Me, a geology student with some in my room: "let's just say that its a rock that forms very beautiful cone volcanoes"
Matthew Picard
Matthew Picard 16 days ago
Mark: "What the hell is andesite" Me, a geology student with some in my room: "let's just say that its a rock that forms very beautiful cone volcanoes"
Young Sidon
Young Sidon 16 days ago
THE FISH 17 days ago
b e e f m e
Gamer Guy472
Gamer Guy472 18 days ago
Is anyone gonna tell him that you can’t spam click anymore?
Y’all I Draw Ok?
Y’all I Draw Ok? 18 days ago
like a good neighbor state farm is there
Mr Flame Cat
Mr Flame Cat 19 days ago
What u r hear is cave noises
Brice Vasquez
Brice Vasquez 19 days ago
Everytime Mark doesn't make armor, I get so angry!
Wolfie Gorl
Wolfie Gorl 19 days ago
My favorite markiplier quote: they didn’t make him stronger they made me dumber
arya pande
arya pande 19 days ago
Note to self: do not watch markiplier while drinking tea... Or any hot liquid.
Manuel Morales
Manuel Morales 19 days ago
Imagine if mark learn that you have to hit slow to do more damage
mason mann
mason mann 20 days ago
Honestly, compared to everyone I’ve seen who doesn’t understand combat in the newer updates, he picked it up pretty fast
Nina _
Nina _ 21 day ago
Mark: *starts digging straight down* Everyone: *has a heart attack just watching*
unapologetically canadian
20:56 When your essay has a word limit
RachelThePotato 22 days ago
No one: Me in the shower: 4:18
Zoe Hill
Zoe Hill 22 days ago
“The pigs must die” Technoblade:👁👄👁
That guy Victor
That guy Victor 23 days ago
did he just run with humger?
That guy Victor
That guy Victor 23 days ago
me reading title you what?
Sl1th3r Arm0r
Sl1th3r Arm0r 23 days ago
8:39 And I need to come at them with AaAaAaAuGh
Basil Storm
Basil Storm 24 days ago
Me, watching Mark declare himself a genius after seeing him leave the ladders in the chest:
Sarah Beth
Sarah Beth 24 days ago
I may be an idiot for asking, but at 10:40, what fresh hell of a sound was that supposed to be
Ryan Walker
Ryan Walker 24 days ago
Mark: Minecraft is a horror game Also Mark: Minecraft is a game meant for babies
Ryan Walker
Ryan Walker 24 days ago
Mark then: Im A GeNiUs Mark now: Im so stupid im so dumb
Joseph Davis
Joseph Davis 5 days ago
Well, now he isn't real
Ryan Walker
Ryan Walker 24 days ago
Lixian claims that it was made before part 1 came out, but that could just be a coverup of mark's lack of skill
Shex Sardar
Shex Sardar 24 days ago
m m m m m m m
Shex Sardar
Shex Sardar 24 days ago
Walter Poffley
Walter Poffley 25 days ago
MArk find ‘treasure arrow’ me: :😓
Rachel Gomez
Rachel Gomez 25 days ago
ok.... so i watched raft and i enjoyed it, im still watching forest but they arent all upload and dont have many videos currently... so when i found this i was satisfied U-U probbly cause i like survival games
Eden Dripps
Eden Dripps 25 days ago
Is anyone realizing that it's sugar cane
C0ldW0lf 25 days ago
Gotta say you are not stupid because I would have done something like that aswell
Sketch _er
Sketch _er 25 days ago
Orson Krennic
Orson Krennic 26 days ago
"My first redstone" *Flashbacks to the first episode*
MilitoR_207 26 days ago
17:30 of course Mark would think that means something
MilitoR_207 26 days ago
10:53 Well, technically you’re right. The creepy noises you hear are actually harmless. Their just there to spook you.
MilitoR_207 26 days ago
2:51 “I prolly shouldn’t laugh at that, Karma’s gonna come get me.” 7:25 Well, Karma got you.
Egghead Emmy
Egghead Emmy 26 days ago
not me waiting for mark to swim to just be attacked by a drowned and be spooked
Kei Hiramine
Kei Hiramine 26 days ago
The sound you herd is called a cave noise 10:40
Kei Hiramine
Kei Hiramine 26 days ago
Some of the cave noises are really rare like the first one you heard
Mad Max
Mad Max 26 days ago
MY friend dose not like your vids so he sucks
mohamed kassem
mohamed kassem 27 days ago
Mark: *barely gets to the entrance of a cave* Cave noise: *spooky scary skeletons*
Shex Sardar
Shex Sardar 27 days ago
Straight down you find lava or sometimes you can get lava the arrows pointing down is just stuffed Minecraft nothing is pointing down no
Shex Sardar
Shex Sardar 24 days ago
m m m m mm m m m m m m
Settro Blu
Settro Blu 27 days ago
If this video was recorded before the part 1 then why he still spam in part 1?
Settro Blu
Settro Blu 27 days ago
Allison Welker
Allison Welker 27 days ago
Mark: Minecraft is horror game Everyone else: O-o??
AnythingStupidTM 27 days ago
Mark: "No-No-No-No-No-No-No-No! Captions: *M U S I C* Also Mark: "*ghaghgsagshgs*" Also Captions: *APPLAUSE*
Zero 27 days ago
It was a generation glitch
Kiana Huertas
Kiana Huertas 27 days ago
1:32 *technoblade has left the chat*
Joyce Collier
Joyce Collier 27 days ago
mark- " the bamboo is required, but what for" Me- Its SUGARCANE ReEeEeEeEeEeEe
Zackaria Boen
Zackaria Boen 27 days ago
If you jump and hit a mob it deals more damage
IThinkArtIsFun 27 days ago
New years resolution: Watch this whole series.
Sizzy 201
Sizzy 201 27 days ago
Me "awe new moon" Mark "eclipse?"
Chokoboh 28 days ago
Oh man lets have some sPeCiAl EfFeCtS
Sawyer Hyde
Sawyer Hyde 28 days ago
Hey look it’s T I N Y Z O M B I E B O X T I M
teletubby queen
teletubby queen 28 days ago
Bats.. aren’t hostile..
teletubby queen
teletubby queen 28 days ago
“Is this an arrow?” Uh.. it’s a world generation bug..
teletubby queen
teletubby queen 28 days ago
They’re called skeletons, and cave noises don’t do anything. They’re just noises.
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