DO NOT WATCH | There Is No Game: Wrong Dimension 

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Do not click on this video. There is no game. You're in the wrong dimension. Do not watch because it's not worth your time!
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Sep 30, 2020




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Sir Bruoche Delasaintemie
9:56 *anxious in french*
Jestar black Heart
Jestar black Heart 3 hours ago
Emmanuel bryan
Emmanuel bryan 5 hours ago
Did anyone get the LG add and vibe out for a min lol
Brendan Rickey
Brendan Rickey 5 hours ago
I feel like you're literally just stumbling across every solution just by being a jackass. That's one way to win!
Chantal Rose McVay
Chantal Rose McVay 5 hours ago
I like that the Narrator and Markiplier actually sounded like they are REALLY talking to eachother, like Mark is part of the game or the Narrator is playing with him in real life.
Daimion Dark1
Daimion Dark1 5 hours ago
I want to watch more!
Kawaii Ghost
Kawaii Ghost 9 hours ago
Mark: “ What the hell are you doing here ?” Me : Damn you want me to leave that bad?😳
It's Karshmellow
It's Karshmellow 9 hours ago
Здравствуйте товарищ Маркиплиер
Trialite 10 hours ago
0:00 when my mom sees me on my xbox instead of being outside and having “fun”
UpdatedGamer 10 hours ago
There is no game but you don’t need a game to make or watch a video
Axel playz
Axel playz 11 hours ago
32:48 so what where you going to say?
yvng_tr33zy 11 hours ago
32:15 “You fear the SHUT UP” 😂
supersomeone 13 hours ago
But how could you have watched this video, US-first died 30 years ago
Lnicochanman -
Lnicochanman - 13 hours ago
41:19 is that a Monkey Island reference 👀
The Balance
The Balance 15 hours ago
love it
Sutera Gacha
Sutera Gacha 15 hours ago
What we're your doing with the France flag Si il y a des français ici, salut tous le monde 😊
- Serenity -
- Serenity - 16 hours ago
That Miss Tokyo was funny ngl
Little.missMan 18 hours ago
No Mark it's not a Portuguese ascend ⊂((・▽・))⊃
David Sedra
David Sedra 18 hours ago
Fine I’ll go :.(
HELLDIVER 18 hours ago
i did not come to watch a video about a game, i came because i wanted to see you lol
iMac_Z 20 hours ago
Why all of the viewer watching it then
Xaskolnik 20 hours ago
41:45 "Well, you know.. the fist is never enough for me.." Oh, really? ;)
Michelle Cabradilla
Yea right there is no game 1:00:16
Acoustic Adoration
The beginning of chapter two had that hello neighbor influence and I love it.
Jason M
Jason M Day ago
No one is going to mention they used the numbers from Lost??
Yana Shah
Yana Shah Day ago
Betty Jarvis
Betty Jarvis Day ago
Video: there is no game My phone: there is no internet connection
Ulysses Ayala
why are you here? there are no comments. leave
im a human but dumb
i mean its a game not a video
Aaron Nix
Aaron Nix Day ago
My fav part is the colors doh
Diogocraft 31
i am a brazilian and i like your channel, down there is the prof. put it in traductor to confirm. eu sou um brasileiro e eu gosto do seu canal, ali em baixo esta a prova. bote no tradutor para confirmar.
Plenr3k 345
Plenr3k 345 Day ago
7.9 milion vues lol
Vortex Larry!
Vortex Larry! 2 days ago
Watched it anyways
Dire Hashitaiya
Dire Hashitaiya 2 days ago
0:22 Mark i watched you stare at a banana and yell at your camera because there was a livestream i wasn't watching and i laughed my ass off in a matter of seconds. It has been almost about 5 years since i seen you. Hell i came back to watching you after watching 5 Jacksepticeye's Funniest Home Videos and 3 fnaf vr videos and you think i'm not gonna watch the video? Challenge accepted if this is how this has to be.
Bratty 2 days ago
Hello mark
xyrone loyd lanorias
when mark laughs i laugh too
Brielle Dale
Brielle Dale 2 days ago
0:11 Y e s
Dagurtheone 2 days ago
The reason why i clicked on this video is because your voice is beautiful.
Daimion Dark1
Daimion Dark1 2 days ago
Mark warns me not to watch but i didnt listen...now i am die
ajmod73 2 days ago
Those motherboards tho >_
Lettuce Dilo
Lettuce Dilo 2 days ago
I didn't like it because why make a video of no game
Jimmy Borst
Jimmy Borst 2 days ago
Mise en abyme means putting a painting in a painting, like a game in a game. 🤔 hmmm
oklol 2 days ago
oooh yes the ps3 sound :weary:
cloudcupcake gameing
When markiplier said there is no game and leave I left and came back and said hi hi
Morgan Leaves
Morgan Leaves 2 days ago
Byyeee Mark
Skei Clan
Skei Clan 2 days ago
Wrong game() - 7-
GameTime 2 days ago
Mark: There is no game Video: (1 hour long)
Paris M
Paris M 3 days ago
is it just me or is this game kinda fuckin racist lol
Griffen Depoe
Griffen Depoe 3 days ago
Ay what time are you watching this video?
Griffen Depoe
Griffen Depoe 3 days ago
I'm watching this at 1:11AM
Puny_God 3 days ago
The game: The sun has exploded. Is this how you want to spend your last eight minutes? Mark: Has anyone told you about the certainness of death?
Ruby Crawford
Ruby Crawford 3 days ago
I played the origional There Is No Game on CoolMath since like 4th grade (so about 3-4 years) and it is still one of my favorites on that platform. I'm so happy that the creator made another!!
NINA BRUMAGE 3 days ago
*watched video that says DO NOT WATCH and now I'm cursed to never stop laughing
I like dogs
I like dogs 3 days ago
"DO NOT WATCH THIS" 7.8M people: _hmm interesting_
Mathyou28 YT
Mathyou28 YT 3 days ago
Lol the ps3 startup sound in the beginning of the “game”
SMO & HVO Gaming
SMO & HVO Gaming 3 days ago
My favorite line Russian game: How many you are? Russian game: Show me papers! Game: Only if you say please
SMO & HVO Gaming
SMO & HVO Gaming 3 days ago
If you don’t get it it’s about the game papers please!
dabigshow80 3 days ago
Oh sorry for pressing the video
NameNick1234 3 days ago
“I dont think i broke it” the next day: “so i broke my nose”
IvoryWitch 3 days ago
Ofc there is gunna be something special when I watch this I'm watching you! You're special mark
Fredy Mor
Fredy Mor 3 days ago
7:30 no it isnt im portuguese and its not like that
Krista cool g
Krista cool g 3 days ago
Hi I'm new I'm krista
Krista cool g
Krista cool g 3 days ago
CFTWCFTL 3 days ago
markiplier looks asian
David Motik
David Motik 3 days ago
Fustuv 4 days ago
For some reason the narrator sounds ALOT Like captain Salazar from dead man tell no tales. Only me? Ok 😩
lukas frost
lukas frost 4 days ago
"DO NOT WATCH" legit like 8 million people : lets just take a sneak peek...
Carlito Julio
Carlito Julio 4 days ago
Theren Stormwind
Theren Stormwind 4 days ago
The "using a monkey to operate a hydraulic pump" is a reference to a point-and-click adventure game I can't remember the name of. In one notoriously difficult puzzle, the game used the pun of a "monkey wrench" as justification for you using a monkey to operate a pump.
BeanSproot 4 days ago
This is basically the video game version of "there is a monster at the end of this book"
angela kuhl
angela kuhl 4 days ago
If there's no game Then Why Is it a Hour long?
Swan Ronson
Swan Ronson 4 days ago
This dude’s Kickstarter failed and he still managed to make this, basically by himself, over the course of years. And it’s so good!
CallMeChris '
CallMeChris ' 4 days ago
if theres no video why did you made one?????
Сергій Збризький
The first game was actually a masterpiece, and this one is filled with references to it.
Kat the sans fangirl
I love it when mark sings!
David Kutz
David Kutz 4 days ago
"I wish there was 5 letters so I could say there was a 𝓹 𝓮 𝓷 𝓲 𝓼"
NoriMori 4 days ago
"There must be an error in the program-" *ad plays*
The Jerry’s
The Jerry’s 4 days ago
Mark so smoll brain
lilkiwi_ 4 days ago
mark: DO NOT WATCH 7.8 million people: no
Nykoryto 4 days ago
This is not a Markiplier video. It's a video of an emotionally constipated man trying to stop a 5 year old from messing shit up.
Team MOB
Team MOB 4 days ago
1:51. The og ps3 start up sound
Simon 4 days ago
Mark: I almost broke my nose. I dont think it's broken though The next video: *I broke my nose twice*
Fox Ree
Fox Ree 5 days ago
mark: why are u still here? me: bitch i have no social life might as well watch u not play a game for an hour.
Angie_ 5 days ago
"There is no game" but there is a video.
Ashe Williams
Ashe Williams 5 days ago
hey Mark/Marliplier I want you to know that you, Jacksepticeye, and Crankgameplays have saved my life your videos make me so happy bring me out of whatever funk is going on in my life and I love you so much, I'm legit crying while writing this you bring me so much joy if I have a rough day I just put on one of your videos. I love you.
blue flames
blue flames 5 days ago
I never felt so unwelcome😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
moradan81 5 days ago
this game started great, then chapter 2, Game became the world's worst russian backseater.
SylphionGamer 5 days ago
*opens +18 folder* - You cat is hungry. Well, I guess a cat is fine too.
Baijiru San
Baijiru San 5 days ago
Do not watch 7.5M people : Gotcha
Wojciech Sawicki
Wojciech Sawicki 5 days ago
LMAO at the Wilhelm Scream joke XD
Francisco Santos
Francisco Santos 5 days ago
Mark: Is that a Portuguese accent? Me (Portuguese): Well, I guess I'm Russian now.
Andy Li
Andy Li 5 days ago
"Mise en abyme" is a french expression used when talking about "a fiction inside the fiction" : for exemple, when the movie is about making a movie (King Kong, Disaster Artist...) a picture of someone making a picture, or more generaly when you see an existing piece of art/fiction inside your fiction. In this case, the game is about, well, a game (or the lack of it). Usually there is a meaning behind a "mise en abyme", it's not just a reference to something for the sake of it.
MudkipzLuvr 5 days ago
17:10 5 year olds be like: 👁💧👄💧👁 16:55
Joseph McLaughlin
18:52 Nigel Farage in any argument.
A I 5 days ago
Reign 5 days ago
How many times are you gonna break your nose in a year? This is rhetorical. Also, I love your videos, they make my day better.
Tarun FF
Tarun FF 5 days ago
22:51 who noticed mad in india
lily benton
lily benton 6 days ago
I've never seen the Wilhem scream used so well.
Gerrets 6 days ago
Oh no
Chris Hype
Chris Hype 6 days ago
4815162342. I’m happy I’m not the only one who still likes to quote Lost.
Kevindra Muhammad
32:10 no im
Bailey 6 days ago
Fight me