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Darkwood is a excellent horror game with incredible atmosphere and lots of intensely scary moments... how has it changes since I last played?
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Jul 22, 2020




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Something Something
Something Something 23 hours ago
Mark: “Hand, Hand, HAND, Hand” . My Brain: “Hello my name is Yoshikage Kira...”
Fufuboi Day ago
26:14 it says ... but you said ... . -_- dislike and report
Dj_Devil Day ago
0:00 to 0:01 full intro so fast wow he is really fast in these video
musicislife Day ago
Okay but Mark needs to read audio books
Sophia Corum
Sophia Corum 2 days ago
👋I raised my hand
Szszymon14 - Krytyk wszystkiego
16:50 18:50 It's so wholesome to hear a Polish text read by a native English speaker while by a Polish native speaker myself.
Doublekil 5 days ago
6:38 “if you wanna hit it, drink some thicc it” 😔🖤🤍
Feline Samurai
Feline Samurai 6 days ago
That bit with Mark able to focus and such I just thought 'Marikiplier instensfies' as he looked at the screen or camera XD
Feline Samurai
Feline Samurai 6 days ago
Yuppp ^u^ I was a there 2014
nice guy
nice guy 6 days ago
This is literally my favorite play-through, and I came back to watch it again. I just love how intense it is, and it scares you but I love it. It immerses yourself in a dark world, and i'm okay with that. I just love it.
Wendy_1995 6 days ago
Omg, when he’s reading the Polish, I gotta give Mark a star for effort 😂😂
brisk 7 days ago
he said the exact same thing when he killed the dog the first time
Ryan Lemrani
Ryan Lemrani 7 days ago
Lily Reese
Lily Reese 8 days ago
I can't believe I've been watching these videos for more than 6 years...
Vallencia 9 days ago
I literally wanted to cry when you bashed the dog. I managed to hold it, somehow.
Riley Oneill
Riley Oneill 9 days ago
I disagree
Coppertop 10 days ago
Paige 1996
Paige 1996 10 days ago
Ugh you and Sean man! You guys keep making me buy games for my switch lol 😂
kimbapae 11 days ago
To polska gra?
Elijah Robinette
Elijah Robinette 12 days ago
Macaroni is nice
Macaroni is nice 12 days ago
God I love Mark reading in Polish XD (no offense) Also "droga do domu" and "użytek z grzybów" is in Polish. God I'm becomin one of those Polish people that get excited about anything related to them in other countries I'm so sorry
IRVS 13 days ago
Who else is binge watching this series?
Dragon Keeper
Dragon Keeper 13 days ago
The dog makes me sad anyone else 😭
Tysh Ashmore
Tysh Ashmore 13 days ago
I didn't think anyone else used Dillweed and Dillhole as cuss words except my family :)
Coppertop 10 days ago
I feel
The Great Momba
The Great Momba 13 days ago
memento mori
Jeffrey Kessler
Jeffrey Kessler 14 days ago
Maja Wójcik
Maja Wójcik 14 days ago
a lot of stuff in this game was written in Polish! Is the game made by Polish developers??
Life Channel
Life Channel 14 days ago
Mephilis 78
Mephilis 78 16 days ago
I'm here to fight, Mark! En Garde!
RandomDingetjes 17 days ago
Oh well the nostalgia hits me I can remember 2014 like it was yesterday! I was here since nearly the beginning
DarkDepression 18 days ago
Will Orsini ANGRY ASIAN GAMER Orsini
Antiplier edits
Antiplier edits 19 days ago
**raises hand**
Mark Kovacevich
Mark Kovacevich 19 days ago
i disagree
superscheire 20 days ago
Gonna start my second watch of this playthrough, while the first was not even a week ago
TytoAlbaSoren 22 days ago
Is no one gonna talk how Mark said almost the exact same words before he killed the guy's dog back when he played the alpha *6 years* ago? Edit: nevermind someone has indeed talked about it
dingerwinger 07
dingerwinger 07 22 days ago
Nathan Cholewinski
Nathan Cholewinski 23 days ago
*raises hand*
Sparrow 24 days ago
i only see oneface though
the radio name is monika
Dakota Powell
Dakota Powell 25 days ago
Mark, you'd be great at narrating audio books. I'd so love to hear you narrate some of Stephen King's works. Or even a true crime podcast. You have the perfect voice for it. Also, I love your videos. You can make me laugh even on the worst of days, so thank you.
SenterSen 27 days ago
inky cinnamon bun
inky cinnamon bun 27 days ago
Been here since 2014 👋
Tee Yah
Tee Yah 29 days ago
Binging this with my tuna pesto pasta and banana muffin. Let's go! 🍌
Happyboicrazy 7
Happyboicrazy 7 29 days ago
Mark: im patiant Him later: skips intro
B Montejano
B Montejano Month ago
I am so excited!! Mark, you're doing great this was super entertaining. And Lixian... I appreciate you and your editing. Thank you!
Parker Hart
Parker Hart Month ago
Hand raise that’s crazy only super recently got back into mark but still as funny as he was In 8th grade.
I Love reaction time
mark jus by sayin those 3 words we all know u gonna loose now lmfao
Casarah Rice
Casarah Rice Month ago
✋ also I love you and your videos and every day I watch your videos and whenever I'm down are feeling depressed I always watch your videos and you always make me happy I'd be so sad if I ever lost you❤
Arden Latham
Arden Latham Month ago
“I thought I was just gonna do a one-off” (Part 1 of 16)
Summerghost O'Midworld
I remember this from 2014! Excited to see the full version, this is an awesome game. Thank you for the playthrough Mark!
Jered Hodgins
Jered Hodgins Month ago
"That photo makes my soul itch" This is frighteningly accurate 3:32
valentin jigau
valentin jigau Month ago
4:21. Anyone know the east german song MONIKA
Cindi Escobar
Cindi Escobar Month ago
I literally just got this game on my Nintendo switch and I had never heard of it, but it looked so cool. I’ve been murdered several times lol.
boudicaa storm
boudicaa storm Month ago
Damn, this game is unusual and interesting and cool, like holy crap
Tyler MacDonald
Tyler MacDonald Month ago
If Mark hired an editor he's talented
Tyler MacDonald
Tyler MacDonald Month ago
Damn Mark seems so much more tame lmao
Joshua Cunningham
anyone else not able to fully immerse whilst Mark wears a tank top
Jacob Kornbluth
Jacob Kornbluth Month ago
28:36 was so funny
Biometric Month ago
✋ I've seen you play this before
Nick's TV
Nick's TV Month ago
"this photo makes my soul itch" is oddly relatable???
Danyal Fryer
Danyal Fryer Month ago
Just want to say that thank you for the motivation and inspiration to continue creating - it's been a struggle figuring out my own content and finding my own style, but finally nearly monetized and it's because of creators like you who are just honest, amazing people! Stay awesome, Mark!
NeedYourBlood Month ago
18:53 love those typos
NeedYourBlood Month ago
I love how he tried to pronounce the polish words 🤣🤣
luanblue3 Month ago
He has the same reaction for the dog years later lmao I love it
Axtro Rblx
Axtro Rblx Month ago
🖐️ Hands raised 🖐️
Shadow The Furry
as a polish person i can say that today was the day i've heard the weirdest way to read "droga do domu" (the way home) by anybody 16:49 edit: o jeez Mark reads everything like this
Shadow The Furry
Shadow The Furry 13 days ago
@Maja Wójcik tak, ja to musialam z trzy razy puścić bo na początku nie wiedziałam czy dobrze uslyszalam że to coś po polsku
Maja Wójcik
Maja Wójcik 14 days ago
drołga doł domi, zaśmiałam się jak to przeczytał haha
Hizzy Y
Hizzy Y Month ago
I was too much of a pussy cat to watch horror games in 2014 but I did watch all of your other videos but now I guess any video (depending on it) doesn’t bother me anymore so I’m all in
The1FreeMan Month ago
The wolfman has a bullethole in the chest of his jacket, implying he killed someone and stole it off their corpse
Among us kid
Among us kid Month ago
Fun facts the wolfman have a ak-47
Among us kid
Among us kid Month ago
Look on his back when you talk to him
Daniel K
Daniel K Month ago
That's writin in polish btw
The High Wizard Cat
Rendale William
Rendale William Month ago
Bun Month ago
playlist pls
Mr GreenHusky
Mr GreenHusky Month ago
Just added a playlist to this game from beginning to end.
Can you play the legend of zelda?
Evil_Grin Month ago
That thumbnail reminds me of old horror mark thumbnails, *please* continue this.
vSAMtheFAM _
vSAMtheFAM _ Month ago
the series already ended lol this was one of the best horror games mark has played
Adam Ali
Adam Ali Month ago
the house looks like SAS4
Kaitlin Renne22
Kaitlin Renne22 Month ago
Hell yea when I was bout to be 13 watching this love when u play horror games mark
Gwenaroni macaroni
I’m not a furry but that wolf is kinda hot
jb 105
jb 105 Month ago
why does this place you start in look like the first map in sas zombie assault 3
Tesrtth Month ago
Mark does asmr without even knowing it
Melon Man
Melon Man Month ago
Newbornkilik Month ago
This one takes me back not gonna lie
John Ruffer
John Ruffer Month ago
Second time watching this through..
Ticci Lily
Ticci Lily Month ago
Mark: “I’m patient” Also mark: *plays getting over it and then throws a chair*
Dog_BO OM Month ago
mARK reading polsih be like: uZYtkowEE MYTIE GZBYWO lmao...
emolawnflamingo Month ago
"Red, pulsating mushrooms" Anybody else having some serious Uzumaki flashbacks? Like...if that taught me anything, DON'T EAT THE FUCKING MUSHROOMS
Tornsoul Soul
Tornsoul Soul Month ago
I am playing this game right now, and in order to move, I need to move with the WSAD keys but cannot move my head at the same time. I have to stop and look around. How do I do it like Mark? Do I need a controller? I am playing on Keyboard.
Zerphses Month ago
I believe he is playing with a controller. Early in the video he said “What’s the interact button? Oh, right bumper.”
that service dog vlog
Mark has a good voice for prolouges but just knowing his personality i cant take him seriously 😂
Chris D
Chris D Month ago
Been waiting for this forever. Eeeee.... wish I hadn't watched someone else play this two years ago...
Abby Stabby
Abby Stabby Month ago
I can't bring myself to imagine the pain that dog went through I'm gonna cryy
scorpin145 Month ago
are we....the baddies?
Wolf boy plays
Wolf boy plays Month ago
Oh my god it's coming back to me this is so surreal
ok lets be honest here if you combine alcohol and bandage together and heal the wound in real life that would be a pain in the ass not gonna lie and btw mark *CAN YOU BE A VOICE ACTOR PLS*
Carlin Valdivia
Carlin Valdivia Month ago
I thought this was just a nightmare or like a wierd creepy pasta lost video dream i had once. But it's real and I'm kinda really happy it is.
Aj Curry
Aj Curry Month ago
Markiplier is the younger Morgan freeman
Blueberry Month ago
i remember mark playing this game and finding a military dog tag thinking it was the dead dogs dog tag
the best
the best Month ago
was there man, i loved you for many years and still do, cheers
Kozti Month ago
16:51 Droga do domu translated to english mean a way home, 18:55 Użytek z grzybów mean use of mushrooms
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