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Published on


Jul 28, 2020




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Comments 100   
Boop Sensei
Boop Sensei 13 hours ago
[Remind Me Tomorrow]
august holbrook
august holbrook 18 hours ago
I woke up at 3am trying to get food and I put my volume up a bit to hear the video and my speakers blew out
Madd Dogg Gaming
Alia Ris
Alia Ris 2 days ago
If it wasn't for the chair, Mark would come to Microsoft headquarter with his tactical shovel in hand.
Poki Skies
Poki Skies 2 days ago
Mark: *slowly folds blanket* Me: Oh he’s gonna just put it on the chair and walk off Mark: *stands behind the chair after putting the blanket on it* Me: Oh maybe he- Mark: *AGGRESSIVE SHAKING* Me and Amy: Aw man, here we go again
The Nifty Guy
The Nifty Guy 3 days ago
Mark being a bitch at games is fun
EvaRose Comer
EvaRose Comer 3 days ago
Mark: **Angrily folds blanket**
Joseph Joestar
Joseph Joestar 3 days ago
“ every thing that can go wrong will go wrong”
Owen Phares
Owen Phares 3 days ago
Who is getting flash backs from getting over it
the Bebobalistic
the Bebobalistic 3 days ago
thats odd a pro gamer says YOU WOULD NEVER BE ABLE TO DO THAT IN A MILLION YEARS over a game that just means nope
Pickles x2
Pickles x2 4 days ago
The question isn't "Did I lose this game?" it is "Can anyone truly win this game?"
Dimitris Tsekeris
When Windows informed him about upcoming updates I really felt that.
Mackenzie Turpin
Mackenzie Turpin 4 days ago
mans was so angry he folded a blanket
Not Sure
Not Sure 5 days ago
The editing makes it 50x more funny
Maiky Bravo
Maiky Bravo 5 days ago
Press 9 on computer, you're wellcome... Tap here on cellphone 14:44 you're wellcome...
Night Mime
Night Mime 5 days ago
Me: aw look at this boi. Folding a blanket to control his anger- *moments later* Me:👁👄👁 oh
Grim Reaper Studios
I could feel Mark's rage through my phone..
Xavier mcmullen-casem
is it just me or does everyone like when mark gets mad cos its the funniest thing ever
MBAYER 101 7 days ago
Markiplier rage chair 15:45 lol
Carmendagreat 7 days ago
Pop stick: hacks mark Mark:CMON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ezequiel Montemayor
When you turn on captions for when he shakes his chair it just says "music". 15:47
MrAtarine 8 days ago
i died im sorry... been there i was screaming at my pc for hours while modeling stuff in blender
blade of honor YT
I indure Mark's rage i love it
Medzaga 8 days ago
Mark........ I FEEL YOU!
Anakin Weaver
Anakin Weaver 9 days ago
The second notification loses his momentum and I can see it in his eyes that he REALLY WANTS TO BE ABLE TO UNINSTALL IT but he has to do it for youtube
Anakin Weaver
Anakin Weaver 9 days ago
I remember when I downloaded getting over it I regeted it and I still have I got so pissed that I hacked like actually hacked it to modify it's gravity
Anakin Weaver
Anakin Weaver 9 days ago
The face when the pop up or I'm guessing notification and mark is like. "why do you do this to me JUST WHY"
Anakin Weaver
Anakin Weaver 9 days ago
I just love when markiplier does rage game, like getting over it was funny enough
Cactus me
Cactus me 10 days ago
Can we just appreciate how he folded the blanket before destroying it again, hes almost trying to say *I will give you good life since its your final day*
Mayonnaise 10 days ago
This video teaches you how anime super villains come to be........
Half Puff Prince
Half Puff Prince 10 days ago
Wow this doesn’t feel like 3 months ago this feels like 2019
Nate Illian
Nate Illian 10 days ago
kid: mommy, mommy i wanna watch Markimoo!! Mother: im sorry, but mark isnt with us anymore... kid: w-what do ya mean mommy? Mother: Mark is- hes broken, child, he quit US-first to go live peacefully in the Bahamas kid: *M O T H E R I M U S T I N F O R M Y O U T H A T N O W Y O U M U S T D I E* kid?: *demonic screeching as eyes go white
Galiel Karmi
Galiel Karmi 10 days ago
14:19 my life in a nutshell
Ezequiel Montemayor
Me when I try to do the star test without reviewing information on any subject. 14:52
Cam Ham
Cam Ham 10 days ago
Rage king Lol
S. L. Will Ghost Quartz
15:21 Markiplier: *aggressively folds sheet and shakes chair with anger*
Gabriel Irvine
Gabriel Irvine 12 days ago
12:26 When you think your brother is knocking on your door but it's actually your mom.
Blueberry 13 days ago
I rage quit this video
kro vicious
kro vicious 14 days ago
the defeat in your voice and on your face. thought you were going to lose it with the blanket
Mahalaleel Timbers
Mahalaleel Timbers 14 days ago
Well, Microsoft, I hope you're happy with yourselves...
Doughnuts -_-
Doughnuts -_- 14 days ago
Lets cross this pogostuck off your list
Peyman 17 days ago
Poor Mark. I have had those episodes and it is not healthy.
David Parman 15 彭健豪
Holy shit thats the most stress ive ever seen in mark
No waifu no laifu
No waifu no laifu 18 days ago
11:35 "stop bee-ing an asshole"
hannah b.
hannah b. 18 days ago
mark: omaiwa mo shinderu chair: *NANI?!*
daniel samaniego
daniel samaniego 18 days ago
Hahaha this is great 👍 🤣
Anoush Ali
Anoush Ali 19 days ago
I think you and Jack might be the only persons who have the exact same rage. I also have the same type of rage as you guys have.
Josh Rivenburgh
Josh Rivenburgh 20 days ago
Mark: *Rages at game again* Amy: Just another day Me: *Feeling sorry Amy*
unicorn girl 160 lindsay
Mark: you are now my bee bich The bee: 👀 👄
Anoush Ali
Anoush Ali 20 days ago
Mark! I know that you're a handsome man and I 100% know about your anger. I know that you also have the handsome face but please try to control your anger.
Pain 21 day ago
Mark raging is the funniest thing I see all day, thank you mark for suffering for our entertainment
Tsugunogo 23 days ago
when i hit my toe against the wall 14:22
Ranveer Bhasin
Ranveer Bhasin 23 days ago
maybe you should just update Mark.
toast 24 days ago
Bro i know windows is annoying but there's no way it's doing it that much on accident. Disable that shit. Google it.
cody Wright
cody Wright 26 days ago
14:22 Rare footage of Eminem in the booth
jarom Finder
jarom Finder 26 days ago
Every body gangster till mark starts folding
Shaun Wallace
Shaun Wallace 26 days ago
14:43 Now his computer really did it.
Sgt. Crispy
Sgt. Crispy 26 days ago
you look kinda angy
jeffery pak
jeffery pak 27 days ago
Markiplier raging with a chair is LEGITIMATELY ME when the Truth of Unus Annus was revealed.
Hadock 005
Hadock 005 28 days ago
14:52 warning warning all hands abandon ship
Hadock 005
Hadock 005 28 days ago
14:21 markiplier power core critical malfunction
Tracker Alias
Tracker Alias 28 days ago
I never know what to make of those.. on the one hand it's fun to watch the reactions, including the rage, but at the same time it's a little soul destroying watching someone putting themselves through this when they don't really want to. This is a perfect justification for easy modes and cheat modes, and Mark's as entertaining as ever
Lunaar Hyena
Lunaar Hyena 29 days ago
14:44 is what real life is like
Larry Kan
Larry Kan Month ago
I did typed “guy who rages over pogostuck” and it went to this
Frankie Month ago
This is 10x more funny because the editing and I can relate HSHSJJSJ
Kamdestroyer Month ago
Let’s cross this off your list.
SpoopyCat Month ago
windows 10 updates amirite
GoldStarLord Month ago
Me seeing mark fold : oh cool he’s doing something productive to channel his anger Mark: grabs both sides of his chair *Oh no*
GoldStarLord Month ago
Me seeing mark fold : oh cool he’s doing something productive to channel his anger Mark: grabs both sides of his chair *Oh no*
GoldStarLord Month ago
15:15 is it just me or does mark look like some actor here like he reminds me of someone but I don’t know who
Shane Corrigan
Shane Corrigan Month ago
Lixian really made that fall 10000000000000x better
Univenon Month ago
Am I the only one who heard Mark say "This is impossible!" and then went to go watch the inevitable speedrun?
Manuel Villaruz
Manuel Villaruz Month ago
I think i only heard 1 swear the F word i miss his swears
SavageBoy Month ago
bucketfan4life Month ago
M Balazs
M Balazs Month ago
14:40 i hate when a window or opportunity closes get it window for windows :D
Nemesis GD
Nemesis GD Month ago
10:47 I’m literally dying and crying with laughter
rand0m_k1d Month ago
When you get roasted by your homies:
Andrew Kallama
Andrew Kallama Month ago
When my computer wants to update 14:44
Frederic Linko
Frederic Linko Month ago
15:49 So thats how earthquick is form
Stressmelo Month ago
15:48 when you lose x rank in splatoon 2 because of a communication error
dark dragon
dark dragon Month ago
Poor chair
Ibrahim Aftabodeen
Lets cross this one off you list
Ibrahim Aftabodeen
he cant go 28 seconds without messing up lamo. 28 seconds in and he fuckes up
Odori UwU
Odori UwU Month ago
Child friendly getting over it lmao
Kev Jr
Kev Jr Month ago
I’m dieing of laugh
Jason Walden
Jason Walden Month ago
This is unbeelievable
Luxe Gamer
Luxe Gamer Month ago
I kinda feel bad being entertained by someone slowly losing his mind
dylan pressley
dylan pressley Month ago
Mark playing Getting over it: Oh fuck. Oh fuck... Mark playing pogostuck: No... No... Please... FUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK! Mark playing GTFO: It's fine! I'm okay! We're all-OH GOD! IT'S NOT FINE! Me watching all of these series's: Haha game make Mark hair go *foofy*
GiaBooSado Month ago
-this video is sponsored by MICROSOFT XDDDD
music Studio
music Studio Month ago
Unoriginal Guy
Unoriginal Guy Month ago
Greatest pick up line in history: "YOU ARE MY BEE BITCH!!!!!"
Max Brannigan
Max Brannigan Month ago
25 seconds in and he’s already lost an episode worth of progress
Rahel Othman
Rahel Othman Month ago
14:53 Here comes the RAGE
Kevmaster2000 Month ago
Why do you keep calling it a cheat? It’s in the game for a reason, it’s not something someone added themselves like a mod to actually cheat, it’s in the game because the people who made the game put it there and intended you to use it, therefore not cheating. Is upgrading your heath or damage in a game cheating? Double jump is probably unlocked when you get a certain level just like upgrades.
charlie p
charlie p Month ago
Please oh please cut that tag OFF YOUR BLANKET!!!
DerpSkelly Month ago
That really messed you up at the end
Pewdiepie: Amnesia the Dark Descent Jacksepticeye: Phantasmaphobia Markiplier: Pogostuck: A Grief Observed...
SoloStudios Month ago
Plot twist: Mark has been playing for 6 days straight, that's why the Windows notification keeps coming back