EVERYTHING GOES WRONG | 7 Days to Die #27 

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7 Days to Die is the maker and the breaker of friendships. Especially when the zombies are knocking on your door...
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Jul 14, 2020




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funkyleah 2 hours ago
Mark if you skill "Natural healing" you will passively regen hp And go together to loot a bigger place (Like that military facility) for alot of good armor and weapons Sledgehammers are really good weapons, right click to power attack (will cost stamina so note that) and smash their faces off
Venom Quill
Venom Quill 16 hours ago
20:42 "You missed! How could you miss?! He was three feet in front of you!"
Krazy Robloxian
The only family Mark is friendly towards is the Simpsons.... so yes, he is family friendly.
Jared Deal
Jared Deal Day ago
mark: family friendly me: well fukin shity god damn fuking hell of jesus christ chicken shit i cant cuse any more
BiggiePuffs Day ago
O my God marks wearing a (deleted channel) shirt!
Sfastmix 2 days ago
someone should tell wade if he actually *uses* the vitamins he finds, he'll be more resistant to infection >w> XD
Dark Wolf
Dark Wolf 3 days ago
Bob is the nice one right 🤣🤣.
Lauren 4 days ago
Mark: we need defenses Also Mark: exploring run down building
Nick K
Nick K 6 days ago
Wade and Bob REALLY suck at this game.
Nick K
Nick K 6 days ago
Ok. I appreciate the Devs continually working on this game, and they’ve done a ton of cool work...but, to be perfectly honest, not enough. It’s been over 7 years devs. I like the graphical updates, but how about more meat to this deli, you get me? How about getting ready to put that “finally open” sign on the door? How about that? As a fan of this game, I think I speak for many others when I say Please Finish This Game! Keep working on it after, but Finish. The. Game.
Lone Rider
Lone Rider 6 days ago
Wade: did you do the faq? Mark: family frendliiii! Wade: oh sorry... did thy do the hardcore sexual act called the faq?
suburban dwarf
suburban dwarf 7 days ago
Why did this stop rheres no episode 28 😭
Stevia 8 days ago
Mark, if you aren’t gonna take a break this is a good series you could continue. You, bob, and wade, are fucking hilarious.
Owen Bridgers
Owen Bridgers 11 days ago
MAXDESTROYE88 12 days ago
i hope they make more episodes after this maybe they should pull ethan into this i fill like that be fun
RogueGoddess 13 days ago
Please play more of this game together. I love watching you guys ♡
Micaiah Nebel
Micaiah Nebel 15 days ago
In My Honest Opinion, The Best Strategy, is to remake Hello Neighbor with the game, and torment the zombies with your funhouse. Tell me what you think!
TheBest Wizzard
TheBest Wizzard 15 days ago
Near impossible to watch this with bob being annoying every 20 seconds
Amalgamation Prime
Amalgamation Prime 16 days ago
I sneezed so hard, I got an earache.
Random Thing CH
Random Thing CH 17 days ago
Will you continue this series mark?
Bearslikejaimie 19 days ago
"tO HoLd oUt iN"
Justice Crab
Justice Crab 20 days ago
i like the Hell's Kitchen style intros.
Alniko Amri
Alniko Amri 22 days ago
3:00 Had me dying of laughter
Brawl Bois
Brawl Bois 25 days ago
give us more 7 days to die pls
HAILEE CONWAY 29 days ago
I love your vids you are the best🤩😁😄
Hobby Tunez
Hobby Tunez Month ago
This has the same vibe as a bitchy sub who gets angry at the students for everything and so they just start to make fun of the sub. Niche? Yes. Accurate? I think so.
Chris Hamilton
Chris Hamilton Month ago
And that was the last we heard of the hopeful trio. Some say they boarded a raft in order to escape their fate but who really knows.
Vincent Lawson
Vincent Lawson Month ago
When I watch Mark I slowly realize that my friends are exactly like the 3 of them
TommyJosiah 21
TommyJosiah 21 Month ago
I saw The Thing movie and a was terrified
avian assassin
avian assassin Month ago
Where’s the next one in this series?
Jack_DP Month ago
Nola Clark
Nola Clark Month ago
Bob's noise mocking at 4:30 sound like courage the cowardly dog
Kinlee Rhodes
Kinlee Rhodes Month ago
Please do more seven days to die!!
Aidyn Chandler
Aidyn Chandler Month ago
When he was getting it the Metal locks i skip though it
The JohnSquid
The JohnSquid Month ago
Mark * family friendly* Wade * did you do the hardcore s*x *
Ramses Jones
Ramses Jones Month ago
Isaac Griffin
Isaac Griffin Month ago
Poor Wade, Mark treats him like Michael does Toby from The Office
Jason Tilford
Jason Tilford Month ago
"Do you do the hardcore graphical sex?" That got me.
Nick Degroat
Nick Degroat Month ago
Can yuou do more of this series please? I have been dying to watch more
Meghan Wilsdon-Hays
This should have been named Wades Revenge! Also, Wade totally owned the game when Mark was all I have anti-biotics. I teared up I laughed so hard at that whole bait and switch.
Wild13 WARRIOR Month ago
bone dot jpg
bone dot jpg Month ago
coming out as a blunder bi
Veeti Laiho
Veeti Laiho Month ago
Can u do more?
Inigo Montoya777
Yall haven't found the underground nuke bases yet, have you?
Inigo Montoya777
So what's a good way to play this without griefers?
Inigo Montoya777
@RealRunningDog _ Im on the ps4 version. And private server just isn't as fun w/o a non-griefer player
RealRunningDog _
Inigo Montoya777 alone
Doge with a gun
Doge with a gun Month ago
and gta
Doge with a gun
Doge with a gun Month ago
and a bit of minecraft
Doge with a gun
Doge with a gun Month ago
this is fortnight all over again
Tyler Bushman
Tyler Bushman Month ago
JayJay Rain
JayJay Rain Month ago
I had rewatched this series more times then I can count. I just want a few more parts to this
Lord Gallacci
Lord Gallacci Month ago
More 7 days to die!!
ed t
ed t Month ago
TOG tank man!
TOG tank man! 2 months ago
3 ads?!?!?! are u kidding?!?!?!??!
Oxferd Gaming
Oxferd Gaming 2 months ago
do a part 28 or if there is already a part 28...
TehLxM 2 months ago
I want moreeeeee.... pls mark ive been watching you play this game since you first played it
Mark Septiceye
Mark Septiceye 2 months ago
I agree i have been waiting for more of the games
Denied Death
Denied Death 2 months ago
Have they played 7 days to die where they're not in a desert?
Stonks Boi
Stonks Boi 2 months ago
Please make more, I have been waiting for two months!
little timmy
little timmy 2 months ago
I’ve played 7 days to die ever since it came out, I pretty much grew up with the game, and I’m glad it’s finally getting the attention it deserves
Dark Fang12
Dark Fang12 2 months ago
14:20 anyone gonna talk about how he had 3 lockpicks?
Sizzy -
Sizzy - 2 months ago
Please do another one of these
Scharfschutze 99
Scharfschutze 99 2 months ago
just saw this video, this is exactly the house i make base on
Morgan Roberts
Morgan Roberts 2 months ago
Hey! I just wanted to be helpful. If you drink too much-boiled water, you will become hotter and get dehydrated faster. You have to make clean water or whatever the other one is called. Also, take off layers of clothing that keeps you warm. Just trying to be helpful. I died a few times because of these things. Looking out for you all! I watch your videos and I like all of your content! Keep up the great work Bob and Wade! Mark, you rock!
Torian Flack
Torian Flack 2 months ago
‘The other one’ is Purified Mineral Water (I _think_ ), though I don’t remember boiled water ever having a temperature effect, or it dehydrating the player. Also last I’m remembering clothes haven’t overall added to heat in some time, they have cold and heat _resistance_ modifiers now, but they don’t just stack heat.
Jonathan Suitch
Jonathan Suitch 2 months ago
its nostalgic when they still use the same pictures of them self in the video preview ever since 2013 - 2014
Sunny Figueroa
Sunny Figueroa 2 months ago
3:00 4:30 6:48 8:40 11:49 13:54 14:56 23:55
Alexander Doyle
Alexander Doyle 2 months ago
I can't wait to see them panic next time they play because the have to start over from scratch!
Ian Benton
Ian Benton 2 months ago
That was literally Whataburger at 15:20
Zaine Broughton
Zaine Broughton 2 months ago
Artemis Or Whatever
Artemis Or Whatever 2 months ago
"It's raining and it's hot, I hate this.." Me, a longtime resident of Las Vegas: *Interesting*
Mitchell Barton
Mitchell Barton 2 months ago
*Wade makes short joke about Mark* Me: *Laughs in 5'8"* (About 172cm for my friends using the clearly superior metric system) Bish I'm shorter than mark.
kaliru1 2 months ago
15:33 omg was that a whataburger???
Deathrider365 2 months ago
9:44 Bob- "Its time o clock!"
SaladFish 2 months ago
I am the 79th thousand like. AHAHAHA!
SaladFish 2 months ago
@fleninja gaming Exactly.
that not mean anything
Niko S.
Niko S. 2 months ago
We need a new episode already! It's time!
Thom 2 months ago
#28 soon? :)
Thom 2 months ago
@Thom the game is bad but the devs don't update it its just suck the game always alpha
Torian Flack
Torian Flack 2 months ago
Thom It’s a reasonable presumption to make based on the game getting regular updates, though another would be them having other games to check out and play.
Thom 2 months ago
@MISORPPO PLT MAGNO,DINO J Do you know any of them? And has you asked them?
not really they wait for the update
Rober Blog
Rober Blog 2 months ago
Mr12Relic 2 months ago
5:57 Mark should've said "I found Wade. Never mind. It's a pile of garbage."
TP FradeN
TP FradeN 2 months ago
I wish they’d update console version
Cause Cause
Cause Cause 2 months ago
RealRunningDog _
RealRunningDog _ 2 months ago
Please continue more it would be amazing
weetod express s
weetod express s 2 months ago
I love alpha 19 btw the best weapon for a person who loves melee is a sludge hammer
Hopp. Corporate
Hopp. Corporate 3 months ago
Bob: "how's my ass?" Markiplier: "its showtime."
BlankNoodle 3 months ago
They're sleeping on the console version its crazy the difference between the two versions of what's supposed to be the same game and its still very bugged 😂 the part that's annoying tho is the fact that it doesn't even tell you its not the same game when you buy it which is like false advertisement
BlankNoodle 2 months ago
@Torian Flack it seems like you're the one who has it twisted buddy 😊 if you paid attention to anything that's been said or listed in the video and on the web page there's plenty of options that they have to fix the game with out costing "an obsecene amount of money". The reason they haven't done anything is simply because they don't want to. Why dont you do your research. Nothing is impossible its people like you who make it seem that way. 🤷‍♀️
Torian Flack
Torian Flack 2 months ago
... If you, er, deigned to pay any attention to the situation of the game, you would know that the console version hasn’t been updated in years because it was tied to TellTale when _that_ went under, and that while TFP (the devs of the game) reacquired it within the last year or so, it would cost an obscene amount to update the console version when even the PC version is regularly being changed and adjusted. Don’t get it twisted.
DeltaSilver88 3 months ago
So, I just saw the intro image and did a double-take at the "monster"... Seals look adorable even with a demonic lens glare.
Barry Bee Benson
Barry Bee Benson 3 months ago
ange Alice
ange Alice 3 months ago
u shuld play again there has been an update!
Alison L
Alison L 3 months ago
I love the intro to these.
Chelsea Giannino
Chelsea Giannino 3 months ago
Family friendly my ass 😂💛
Equilibrium Phoenix
Equilibrium Phoenix 3 months ago
Only wade can instantly get infected.
2groovey 3 months ago
Mark*Wears a helmet with a MINING LIGHT MOD and never uses it iuntill the last moments of the damn video* Me: You are now called Markatard
Raelia Ca
Raelia Ca 3 months ago
Love this! Now I feel like replaying 7 days to die! Who wants to play? xD
Ivan Beers
Ivan Beers 3 months ago
¨dreams are for losers¨ jul/14/2020
Johnny Speedboat
Johnny Speedboat 3 months ago
Mark: "You worry me sometimes Wade, you worry me a lot." Me: MR. MARSH PLEASE NO
R2 lirious
R2 lirious 3 months ago
bring the series back mark!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
They should *REALLY* play ARK!
Ajlez 3 months ago
I finally started playing again after watching these videos and I'm confounded by like, the ammo pile in the blank cupboard and shit that Mark finds. Why does he know where all the hidden loot is? I feel like such a noob now.
YTP Craziestnine
YTP Craziestnine 3 months ago
I'm here because I finished watching the raft videos need more please 😂
Nicholas Richardson
Nicholas Richardson 3 months ago
Hey Mark. Me and my Gf are big fans of you! We love watching your videos and Binge them every night. My Gf's birthday is just in a few days and I was wondering if you would heart or wish a happy birthday for her ❤
Fiona Woodward
Fiona Woodward 3 months ago
Ras Elclare
Ras Elclare 3 months ago
Was sitting here like why is this so hard to see, then i looked at the quality and it was auto 320
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