GHOST HUNTING with THE BOYS | Phasmophobia 

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Phasmophobia is probably the scariest multiplayer ghost hunting game we've ever played! Who's going to die first?
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Oct 5, 2020




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Magnus Thomsen
Magnus Thomsen 22 minutes ago
31:23 the ghost ist standing in the door.
Bl00dy lollypop5
Bl00dy lollypop5 26 minutes ago
U n U S A N u S 👀
Angie Chalkidis
some other time when all of them are out of the trailer press the key pad so you leave without them hahahaha
Darcy Owen
Darcy Owen 4 hours ago
Photos of this game I got an idea how about you make a version of the game where you can basically play as a ghost or choose what type the ghost is and your teammates have to guess it while you watch them
Gavin Starr
Gavin Starr 5 hours ago
Hey there! I really enjoyed this, and would really like to see more! Also, I believe VR would just top it off; please consider utilizing the feature. Thanks in advance!
Donna Carter Kracke
34:55 - the famous scream...
Brock miller
Brock miller 6 hours ago
awh shit, i just panic pictured im dead rn lol
quinn johnson
quinn johnson 8 hours ago
I get chills when ever they say the name of the ghost.
Taylor Gant
Taylor Gant 8 hours ago
I find it frustrating that he used a black light as a flashlight for most of the episode lol fuck you Mark lol jk jk
ScreamQueenGaming 10 hours ago
Lol omg I jumped so much that I nearly fell out of bed when the hands appeared to kill mark 🤣
Brenna Berchtold
Brenna Berchtold 11 hours ago
Did he literally not miss the fingerprints ??
Lightning in A bottle
who ever disliked the video you are a very strange person i dont think you know that not liking is the even disliking makes you on the negative side not the middle
*Cheese Cake*
*Cheese Cake* 13 hours ago
*Cheese Cake*
*Cheese Cake* 13 hours ago
*Cheese Cake*
*Cheese Cake* 13 hours ago
*Cheese Cake*
*Cheese Cake* 13 hours ago
*Cheese Cake*
*Cheese Cake* 13 hours ago
Madelyn Olsen
Madelyn Olsen 14 hours ago
Alternate title: 4 incompetent idiots with flashlights running around terrified accidentally making ghost really mad for 35 minutes
Mustard flip flops and pickle
mia ramirez
mia ramirez 15 hours ago
Mark POV:oh shit this is fucking scary and Really cool Me:(yells Jennifer really loud 10 times) JENNIFER JENNIFER JENNIFER JENNIFER JENNIFER JENNIFER JENNIFER JENNIFER JENNIFER JENNIFER
Kimberly Jones
Kimberly Jones 16 hours ago
The:SEAN IS DEAD Mark:do we call the police? me:how do u call the police and blame it on Jennifer white who is dead!? *dies of laughter*
Sophie DieBesteDerWelt
12:20 ~ 13:00 This Situation. if you were to experience that in real life, it would be absolutely violent. I looked at this place several times and kept getting goosebumps. absolutely horrific!
Aidan Wilson
Aidan Wilson 18 hours ago
Okay this will haunt me their delivery in scares is thrilling and scarring at the same time
ǟռɢɛʟ ċǟkɛֆ
Don't you love when you have the same name as the ghost and they scream your name 😂
Sagarika Day ago
OMG his voice is 2nd most deep voice after Corpse in my opinion... I'm in love with his voice😍
wave wavewaves
I like how mark just throws the saw on Sean’s dead body lmfao 23:48
Affusions Day ago
Looks like a fun interesting game, Thinking of giving it ago on my channel ! :O
That doesn't even look like Sean anymore, Mark must love that picture🤣
Billee Tompson
She said the a adult attacked he so she was killed by a adult
I don't know if I missed something, but what is that white thing on Mark's nose?
Laugh out Loud
A great addition to the game would be to let those who died and are in the spirit realm, be able to talk to the radio in random times and intervals. For example: Dead person: "The ghost is in the living room, get out of there!" Radio for those alive: "The____________in_______________get out_______" The sentences are cut short at random times, so the message will be difficult to understand, forcing the dead players to speak the same things continuously and hope that the message could come across to the alive players.
That would be really interesting to see
Rei Zak
Rei Zak Day ago
I feel like Bob is the equivalent of "Awww... you made me ink!" with his panic pictures. XD
Skarner The Crystal Vanguard
i seriously dont get whats so special about this game,its just a middle of the road horror game,not to mention you cant see shit
Rachel K
Rachel K Day ago
I played this and I lost my sanity in real life 😎✌🏻
roblocplays Day ago
ghost:is coming team:LISA GO AWAY ITS UR TIMEOUT ghost:goes
Karen died because the manager got fed up with her bullshit
skye nixon
skye nixon Day ago
I just saw a shadow figure but you didn’t notice it
JoelJoestar Day ago
Lixian’s editing turns this let’s play into a horror movie
Brando Crispim Vieira
Somebody in the team yells just like Steve Carrell!
Thamor 2 days ago
Who said "Milf" was the first to die...taking notes.
Critical Gaming Channel
22:55 Missed opportunity for a "The Lion Sleeps Tonight" (Wimoweh) reference. 😞
in my opinion, just slap pewds right in there, (and also maybe corpse), perfect youtubers collab.
We do this for real every weekend
Bratty 2 days ago
U look amazing mark
jennifer moshi
jennifer moshi 2 days ago
feels so weird them saying my name 😂😂😂
손Son 2 days ago
Karen must have been salty 😏
Thrythlind aka Luke Green
by the way, if you find a Ouija board you can ask the ghost when they died...and apparently the answer is somewhere between 1 and 1000 years.
Thrythlind aka Luke Green
The Smudge Sticks make a hunting ghost wander and forget you for about 6 seconds. But if you use them on the ghost room, it gives you about 90 seconds of safe time where the most it can do is screw with you, not actually hunt.
Thrythlind aka Luke Green
if you can see the ghost, it's too late to use the crucifix. You place the crucifix on the ground and if the ghost tries to hunt with 3 meters of it her attempt to hunt fails. And each crucifix can handle two hunts before breaking. Generally, you ID the ghost room and put a crucifix in there.
Thrythlind aka Luke Green
The main objective isn't proving it's real. In fiction, they know there's a ghost and the players are sent to learn what kind of ghost it is...then, if they live, they pass on their info to actual exorcists with actual power who do the actual ghost removal.
Z 2 days ago
Oh boy will this be a fun game in VR
Owen Westhead
Owen Westhead 2 days ago
More of this would be cool!
Owen Westhead
Owen Westhead 2 days ago
Can u please do more phasmafopia cause It’s really interesting and cool!
Fluffy Kitty
Fluffy Kitty 2 days ago
Me: *Terrified because the ghost killed Sean and everyone else just barely got out* Also me: *Sees that Wade's sanity is at 69 percent* Haha, nice
Salty 13itch
Salty 13itch 2 days ago
Lol. PPl always die on those doors. hahahaha.
StuckInsideATrap 2 days ago
"Lisa why can't you run?" "Lisa why do you need an adult?" "Lisa White, are you a milf?" "LISA WHITE ARE YOU A CUP" Lisa White: *Not really amused*
Tom Videos
Tom Videos 2 days ago
Bruh I turned my brightness all the way up😂
Taco Kitty
Taco Kitty 2 days ago
the house at 26:47 kinda looks like the one in alone in a dark house on roblox. its a ghost hunting game too.the ghosts name is eric i think
Kortak 2 days ago
Difficulty Amateur :)
jack robinson
jack robinson 3 days ago
Annie 3 days ago
It's so weird to watch Xoda's Phasmophobia with the guys all professional and cool.... and then there's Mark and the gang lmao
Danica miller
Danica miller 3 days ago
12:17 til 13:48 I think was the scariest
Marek Borgstahl
Marek Borgstahl 3 days ago
Why does Jacks character look like Sheldon from the Big Bang Theory lol
Jonté Is Dark
Jonté Is Dark 3 days ago
Sean dies: Me URGING myself to stay on the video:😤😑😒
Jordan Freeman
Jordan Freeman 3 days ago
Elealeh Blue
Elealeh Blue 3 days ago
"Oh, I just panic pictured." - Bob, 2020
His little nose 🥺
Chaos Crusader
Chaos Crusader 3 days ago
I hear E
Owen46 Gaming
Owen46 Gaming 3 days ago
JENN II FEEERRR!!!!!!! 7:36
randoman 3 days ago
Any jumpscares bois?im scared af
jack amberschawz
jack amberschawz 3 days ago
Sean: IM DE- a few seconds later *I THINK SEANS DEAD*
Joseph Pomele
Joseph Pomele 3 days ago
YO the Ending tho!
CaYlYa 3 days ago
Jennifer White. Why does that name seem familiar.
tripxverknife 3 days ago
If yall ever want to play Phasmo, please, never invite me or something. I scream at the top of my lungs like a squirrel whilst completely fainting inside.
Audrey Rose
Audrey Rose 3 days ago
I absolutely love how they are screaming at one another until they figure out they can toggle the mics lolol
A I 4 days ago
A I 4 days ago
This was a LEGIT horror movie
The Panther2706
The Panther2706 4 days ago
I love how this game is almost like a scary movie when you just hear them scream and then it's just completely quiet. And how the comms were glitchy and stuff it's awesome
Phoebe Lore-Hale
Phoebe Lore-Hale 4 days ago
Everyone: -chants Lisa Whites name- Lisa white: -appears- Everyone: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH HOLY CRAP WTF GO BACK TO YOUR ROOM
Phoebe Lore-Hale
Phoebe Lore-Hale 4 days ago
Bob: Lisa White why are you so scared Ad: Just because
Walter White
Walter White 4 days ago
I see ghost hunting with the boys and I thought mark would be playing with random people but then I realize he’s playing with THE BOYS
RANDOMamb.tmg 4 days ago
Ashley Zanon
Ashley Zanon 4 days ago
Yeah for real, Karen's get super pissed when you use their name 😂🤣
Arem Novacom
Arem Novacom 4 days ago
Some of my favorite moments 9:25 11:47 32:43
_I_Enjoy_Food_ And_Art_
I’m only one minute in and I’m already laughing my ass of....this is gonna be fun.
Julia Poisso
Julia Poisso 4 days ago
24:38 LordMinion777's sanity percentage 🙂hehehehehe (yes I'm very immature I know)
JoshIS_Tired06 4 days ago
The best part is when wade screamed no right before he died that was creepy and gave me horror movie vibes
Camilla The Bat
Camilla The Bat 4 days ago
Bob when they where calling Jennifer’s name near the phone: je nni FER
Johnathan To Err Is Me
mark is awful at finding things
Steven Langer
Steven Langer 4 days ago
This first episode is maybe the best of the series purely for the contrast with later episodes. They’re running around like scared teenagers in this episode and later they’re having standoffs with axe wielding murder ghosts. Great character development.
Mr. Scare Crow
Mr. Scare Crow 4 days ago
Were those not fingerprints on the books in the second house?
Mr Penumbra
Mr Penumbra 4 days ago
Alternate title: *Markiplier and friends film the house of a dead Karen.*
LeSAN DÃNI 4 days ago
Cine este român să de-a like
Mr Penumbra
Mr Penumbra 4 days ago
Lisa White and Jennifer White both died the same year. Lisa was Jennifer’s elder sister.
Mr Penumbra
Mr Penumbra 4 days ago
Bob: I panic pictured. Bob: I didn’t saw her. Me: Bob you ok bro?
Wintertech Gaming
Just a little side note : If you look up lisa white, you'll see that it was an actual child who mysterioulsy dissapeared on her way home, she hasn't been found and it's been about 46 years. In a note left to her mother the day she left home she confessed to being in love with an older boy saying "You think I'm a child but I'm not" Hence why some of the questions partained to her being a child or an adult, and why said she can't run.(under the assumption her mother didn't give her the "freedom" she wanted. Authorities believed it be a kidnapping but had no direct evidence ever for or against this suspicion. However within a 10 year span 5 young girls went missing in the same area of vernon, connecticut.
Lil_Lizzii-Chan 3 days ago
Melania Plasko
Melania Plasko 4 days ago
I imagine this is what it would be like if they all lived in the same house together
Cobalt Prime
Cobalt Prime 4 days ago
It feels like a real horror movie when their screams cut out
Bak2Stash 4 days ago
18:39 what the hell was walking!!!
Sofia Vega
Sofia Vega 4 days ago
No One: Not A Single Soul: Jack: THAT EXTRA MOTHER FAWKER
Granny Simulator