Heave Ho MEGA EPISODE w/ Jack, Bob, Wade 

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The gang's all here in Heave Ho! This MEGA EPISODE has so many funny moments and just non-stop insanity the whole way through! Get ready for non-stop laughter and screaming!
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EDITED BY ► LIXIAN us-first.info
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Happy Outro ► soundcloud.com/hielia/minimusicman-crazy-la-paint


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Nov 14, 2019




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Markiplier Year ago
My big brain promos are SO much better than Sean's... They're so good you don't even need to see anything from Mr. JackSepticEye to know how amazing our new collection is gonna be. Just hop on over to cloakbrand.com/ and see for yourself
Thomas Delgado
Thomas Delgado 11 days ago
Kevin gecko
Kevin gecko 24 days ago
the intro is spoopy
Tanjob Hasan
Tanjob Hasan 26 days ago
Sidney Seeley
Sidney Seeley 26 days ago
TRITON PARK 29 days ago
Damen Bennett
Damen Bennett 6 hours ago
I loved when mark just threw wade to the side in the basket ball minigame
Taken2369 7 hours ago
Wade died for no reason because the game realized how trash wade is lol
Yelitza Acevedo
Yelitza Acevedo 7 hours ago
Jack at the beginning: we’re not blaming you we did it too Jack half way through(38:56): He’s a fucking liability
Dustin Reitzel
Dustin Reitzel 14 hours ago
51:54 Helpful Lixian is helpful.
drawer 101
drawer 101 20 hours ago
Me 1 hour and 11 minutes in like "Bye Wade"
i would absolutely take Mark's *smooth* voice than anyone's screaming any day quite literally, deep voices hold me captive
Hailey Dean
Hailey Dean Day ago
Jack: I WANT TO MURDER!! Mark: *smiling intensifies*
Is that a ad or a dis?
Typical Samandre
These videos of Mark playing with the boys are my favorite videos, too bad recently it's been only the three of em no Sean or even Ethan
Wolfidess Dragondol
Everyone screaming Jack: I WILL MURDER E V E R Y O N E AND YOUR L O V E D O N E S
Wolfidess Dragondol
I always come back to this video whenever I need to laugh😂
Jacob House
Jacob House Day ago
Funny how marks promo made me not want to buy cloak
Purple Moon
Purple Moon Day ago
No one : ... Bob at 17:13 : *dabs* Me in my head using jacks voice watching bob dab : HE DABBEDDDDD!!!
Cash Martin
Cash Martin 2 days ago
Btw for anyone who missed it or can’t figure it out Mark is red/pink :)
Alexander Martinez Aguilar
tpwk carlie
tpwk carlie 2 days ago
Lilhedgehog 857
Lilhedgehog 857 2 days ago
This kind of reminds me of a less disturbing version of struggling
David Ericksen
David Ericksen 2 days ago
Don't mind me as I just dip you in the danger fondue.
David Ericksen
David Ericksen 2 days ago
Yeah well he roped me into this. That one roped me into this. That guy over there he roped me into this!
Deagan Reinwand
Deagan Reinwand 2 days ago
mark, how hard were you trying not to laugh during the cloak promo?
Ryan Carlson
Ryan Carlson 3 days ago
I don't know why I am only just now seeing this, but I absolutely love this video and am only 5 minutes in! Haven't laughed this hard in a while
Izlude 3 days ago
I can't tell if Wade was being deliberately terrible or if he just sucks. Either way that was hilarious!
Kunal Kaul
Kunal Kaul 3 days ago
I'm back a year later and that throw and grab @6:38 blew my mind lmao. somehow Jack and Wade switched PERFECTLY MID-AIR and Wade grabbed the wall instead of Jack who was just on the edge... damn bih
Steven598 3 days ago
Grab my hand
Darwin Boy
Darwin Boy 3 days ago
Ralph And Leo
Ralph And Leo 3 days ago
This is the only sponsor I actually wanted to see 🤣
AquariusDiva **
AquariusDiva ** 3 days ago
I was so high watching this and I could not stop laughing, my apartment neighbor actually knocked on my door to make sure I was okay
Melli Mornn
Melli Mornn 3 days ago
Mark promoting clothes: yea it’s big brain time
塩辛Shiokara 3 days ago
When Mark says “don’t touch me”, I get aggressive Unus Annus flashbacks😔
Phia 3 days ago
Jack/Sean: He’s following a GPS into a lake Me: **Gets The Office flashbacks**
Phia 3 days ago
Wade @ 8:07: “I used to play basketball I’m pretty good at this.” During the basketball mini game: **a hazard to himself and others** Wade: “So I wasn’t very good at basketball guys, just Incase you didn’t notice”
Dude51: Gamer
Dude51: Gamer 3 days ago
Intro was the best
CAPTAINPRICE79 4 days ago
Mark advertising Cloak: _professional, clean, and with mood lighting_ Seán advertising Cloak: _dumptruck_
Valerie Cupples
Valerie Cupples 4 days ago
I’ve watched this like 10 times now but it never gets old xD xD
Tank The Hedgehog 105
11:22 Wade’s Funniest Part
Static Wolf
Static Wolf 4 days ago
Wade is like the annoying little brother that you have to be with because your mother said so while you’re with your friends
Stephen Osirus Covers
Lmao why does wade make everything more complicated lmao?
Emma Mirando
Emma Mirando 4 days ago
I actually played this game a few times it's SOOO much fun five Stars but the team work can be stressful
[place name here] [place surname here]
how do i end here every night
Star echo
Star echo 4 days ago
this entire epasode was, "FUCK OFF, WADE!!!!!!'
Ivan Sulzbach
Ivan Sulzbach 4 days ago
i love how he kept on promoting his cloths for a solid minute and a half
Mr potato
Mr potato 5 days ago
I loved this memories
boredomania 5 days ago
I laugh every time Jack screams. In a way he reminds me of Captain Jack Sparrow when he freaks out lmbo
Stressi and Anxie
Bob: The mom/angry dad Mark and Jack: the siblings who do nothing but fight Wade: the baby Welcome to the road trip
Avery Afton
Avery Afton 3 days ago
Very painfully accurate
Avery Afton
Avery Afton 3 days ago
This is accurate
Oilean Galligan
Oilean Galligan 5 days ago
mark-need coin seán-duck the coin "as seen in subtitles" bob-LET GO OF ME wade-LIABILITY, EVERYONE SAYING "WADE GET THE **** OFF OF ME!
Tayla Presland
Tayla Presland 5 days ago
Rebecca Harrison
Rebecca Harrison 5 days ago
this video will never not be funny
Allie Shelton
Allie Shelton 5 days ago
Jack quite literally carried them through this game
Lil Lunar
Lil Lunar 5 days ago
When all fails blame it on wade
Aidan Wilson
Aidan Wilson 5 days ago
I wanted to make so many Kylo Ren memes about holding on and letting go
Oilean Galligan
Oilean Galligan 5 days ago
i was drinking.... genuine spit take
Jenny 5 days ago
I’ve never laughed so hard in my f,ucking life 😂😂
Ferdous mahmud Sawon
1:04:55 Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee eeeeeeeeeeeeeee eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Isaiah Gastelum
Isaiah Gastelum 6 days ago
David Terhune
David Terhune 6 days ago
Am...... i.... the only one who recognizes the music inside the intro...?
Eli Raylor
Eli Raylor 6 days ago
Jack is Better Than You.
hArRy pOtTaH
hArRy pOtTaH 6 days ago
Wade: "But I wanted your help:(" I just wanted to comment this and get people to notice that he actually sounded a little sad
Shiny Kun
Shiny Kun 7 days ago
42:19 The array of sounds-
sofia the fifth
sofia the fifth 7 days ago
Watching this while high is the best
thegamingvahn 7 days ago
What a amazing intro
18 Mirat Parmar 11-D
_M O R E I N E E D M O R E_
Emily Eskine
Emily Eskine 7 days ago
i overheard this while painting and turned around to "what the hell is going on in here on this day?" moment cause.... hot damn mark lol
The Italian
The Italian 7 days ago
putting this random quote without an timestep: " wade let go of my ball"
Aye, Fair Enough.
42:45 *shiet*
Hello Hooman
Hello Hooman 7 days ago
That intro... I love it.
Ryan Paolo Fangki
Poor Wade
olivia tucker
olivia tucker 8 days ago
Funniest thing I've ever seen in my life 🤣🤣🤣
jemma Gladwin
jemma Gladwin 8 days ago
Lol when wade couldn't move
Galaxa_Wolf YT
Galaxa_Wolf YT 8 days ago
My save point 54:02
Alexei Robin
Alexei Robin 8 days ago
57:17 is Mark's greatest noise but I'm not sure why
Steffan Dalziel
Steffan Dalziel 8 days ago
the part that wade was going SPIKY SPIKY called me dog because his name is spike
Yagmi 8 days ago
Nothing makes me laugh more than grown men screaming XD
shreksphone boi jr
1:15:58 the spike is a pencil
Minty Silvis
Minty Silvis 6 days ago
Omg it is
Will The Person
Will The Person 9 days ago
33:12 Favorite moment
The Mask
The Mask 9 days ago
Also me: its not real people HES NOT REAL
shreksphone boi jr
20:43 Duh
Joseph Joestar
Joseph Joestar 9 days ago
WARNING: do not watch this and drink at the same time
Kitty Samtpfote
Kitty Samtpfote 9 days ago
I sadly made the mistake, almost fucked up my assignment
Sebbers Megronski
Bruh Mark's voice is smoother than my brain
Cotton Demon
Cotton Demon 9 days ago
Jack: "I used all my fucking skill to do that." Cut to 17:58
Carol Chikitani
Carol Chikitani 9 days ago
I'd like to state here that whenever I need to brighten my mood, I immediately think of this video. It works every single time, thank you, boys
Thomas Burlingame
take a shot everytime someone screams WADE!
William Karpicke
William Karpicke 9 days ago
A group of 4 idiots laugh and suffer well one of them tortures the others
Kate Lorando
Kate Lorando 9 days ago
Wade: Everyone: WADE GET OFF!!!
JollyJoshua5013 9 days ago
What was the song used in the cloak promo because it is so relaxing
Kaijuuu ._
Kaijuuu ._ 9 days ago
Slow mark was strong in this game
Nanda Griffin
Nanda Griffin 9 days ago
This is one of the funniest videos I've watched
Anna Casey
Anna Casey 10 days ago
The tired girdle counterintuitively fix because description reversely milk mid a acoustic addition. near, normal scraper
Smol Pebble
Smol Pebble 10 days ago
This hurt to watch, honestly I could bearly finish it, my poor heart My poor heart hurt of laughing so much , *You know how difficult it is to continuously try not to laugh too loudly when people are near?!!?* I sounded like a squeaky horn less than half way through
Christine_ Gacha6
Christine_ Gacha6 10 days ago
This is funny😂 but the way these guys pick on Wade, they are joking, but my friends do the way Mark, and Sean do it, my friends do the same to me but not in a joking way but my friends are doing it in the serious way
Cole Smith
Cole Smith 10 days ago
The dance of Italy - 37:27
Jennifer JUergensen
1:05:00 jack reats eeeeeeeeeeeeee like 12 times
Sun 11 days ago
I hope they come back to do versus.
Honza Havlas
Honza Havlas 11 days ago
1:14:17 b l u e n i q q a
qwerty 11 days ago
i will sum this up: some friends use team work to win and also back stab the other guys, oh and wade is also there
Jennifer JUergensen
marks intro is *italian hand* perfection
Eric Fitch
Eric Fitch 11 days ago
Lmao Wade absolutely made this episode better
Jason Flores
Jason Flores 11 days ago
Poor Wade...
Edgar Rodriguez Martinez
I love that jack was just having fun and Mark is fighting with wade and bob 🤣🤣
Michael Hart
Michael Hart 11 days ago
This has to be one of the funniest Mark videos I’ve ever seen