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Heh these fools are making Among Us almost too easy. They think I'm just an idiot... but I'm the SMARTEST idiot they've ever known!
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Sep 23, 2020




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Comments 100   
Phillip J
Phillip J Hour ago
Your voice effect makes you sound like ultron.
Jusst DaKing
Jusst DaKing 3 hours ago
Hes not wrong. I dont watch wade
𐒅Ȋ ᗶ𝟃ᣴꝄ! 七ᣴუ 七𝞡 ᣴ已𝟃𝛛 ຜ𐒅𝟃七 七𐒅Ȋي ي𝟃უي 𝞡Ꝅ? ƃუ已!Ȋ ᗶ𝟃ᣴꝄ! 七ᣴუ 七𝞡 ᣴ已𝟃𝛛 ຜ𐒅𝟃七 七𐒅Ȋي ي𝟃უي 𝞡Ꝅ? ƃუ已!
Bratty 2 days ago
What’s going on mark
tae 2 days ago
mark feeling bad that jack was on his own as a ghost so he tried to get killed to be his company bro i want a friend like that 😔
Kevin 3 days ago
I enjoy your way of playing
Steve's Greatness
mark, you're so funny
thefunnymanengi man
I’m thinking about getting this game because it looks fun
killerking06 4 days ago
Can we appreciate how Mark was trinna die because he felt bad for Jack being alone all these rounds? Thank u.
Kermit da froog hi
Their was a person who put markiplier as their name and I called them out then I killed them as imposter and he left so ur welcome mark
Mr. Intercore
Mr. Intercore 5 days ago
Wade: "no one ever wins by tasks" Wade as imposter: *loses to full taskbar*
AmadisLFE 2 days ago
James 5 days ago
31:42 me in the bedroom. 😉
Alan & Aden
Alan & Aden 6 days ago
I have a pet peeve with people now learning to play games and not knowing what to do but mark just makes it funny
kathryn apps
kathryn apps 6 days ago
why don't anyone be imposter on youtube vids
Kookie! 6 days ago
Catherine Payne
Catherine Payne 6 days ago
lol I just watched as Mark was about to be killed at 8:47 the ad came on
Topacio Mendoza
Topacio Mendoza 7 days ago
Mark: oh hi bob Mark: *realization strikes* Oh wait Please don't be the impost-
Jayden Tacoma
Jayden Tacoma 7 days ago
Can you guys just appreciate the fact that Markiplier is just running around doing tasks and being a good crew mate and vibing throughout the game?
jay Elleze
jay Elleze 8 days ago
Markiplier : I FOUND A DEAD BODY
Maja Kiepas
Maja Kiepas 9 days ago
I can't wait for Mark to meet Corpse👀
Spicy KittyKat
Spicy KittyKat 10 days ago
I do not feel comfortable admitting how many times I tapped the video cause I was used to actually playing among us
Alex M
Alex M 10 days ago
love how Sean has become big brain after playing with Toast
Nathan Lynott
Nathan Lynott 11 days ago
9:30 also a mood
NaTeDaReAL_ GeE 11 days ago
I like how mark repeats ever task he does lol
Korasaki 11 days ago
This is teaching me that mark has an iq of 2 inches
Gamer kid 64
Gamer kid 64 11 days ago
0:53 I FOUND A DEAD BODY!!!!! I FOUND ONE!!!!!!!!
w13WFang 11 days ago
I like that when he does play, he plays it how he wants. I enjoy his way honestly. It’s different
Go Love Yerself
Go Love Yerself 12 days ago
Damn I miss when everyone clips times in the video, I used those to find the good parts
amie fitzwater
amie fitzwater 12 days ago
if bob is not dead in the first or secont round he is sus because bob alwas gets killed
Monica C
Monica C 12 days ago
I love the disappointed "Wade... :(" after he voted for himself lmaooo omg then a few minutes later, in a different game, Wade goes "no, I think I might be guilty..."
Ghostie 12 days ago
No matter how many times I watch these videos, I can’t figure out who bob is
nonamesleft136 12 days ago
Unus Annus: We only have a year to live Mark: And I'm dead again, by my friends' hands
The Lonely Skeleton 2001
"People just love my throat" - Jacksepticeye
Chaelie Brown
Chaelie Brown 13 days ago
Hello Annus. That is what I think instead of Darkiplier
Ikkle Goth
Ikkle Goth 13 days ago
Mark doesn't like these kinds of games?
Kaelyn Kitten
Kaelyn Kitten 13 days ago
My favorite point is 9:30-9:39
Jennifer weller
Jennifer weller 13 days ago
If someone is sus follow them and check the bar at the top to see if there clear. If the bar goes up, there clear. If it doesn't, then there the imposter.
scoot 14 days ago
at this point i'm just screaming at him to do his fuggin tasks
crystalkingdom 935
crystalkingdom 935 14 days ago
Memento Mori🤍⌛️🖤
Mister Sleepyhead
Mister Sleepyhead 14 days ago
Mark: “Heh...Almost too easy..” Me: He said it! He did the thing!
Jessica Baird
Jessica Baird 15 days ago
Mark your always entertaining well done. Being new to this game I understand most of this 😂
Connor MacLeod
Connor MacLeod 15 days ago
I love the way you play this mark
Dee Konami
Dee Konami 16 days ago
The way chilled killed Ryan by vote at the last second I just burst out laughing and tears falling
Draven Adamsデイブンアダムス
Marks “go” rant it the best thing that happened in 2020
Kat Rose
Kat Rose 17 days ago
I spent an embarrassingly long time in the first episode trying to figure out if Tesh had a speech impediment or if he was just Australian.
Kaelyn Emily
Kaelyn Emily 17 days ago
0:53 Mark: "I FOUND A DEAD BODY!! I FOUND ONE!!" 7:51 Sad Chilled: "My friend's dead and I found the body!!" 14:03 Mark: "Oh no. Not again!"
WorkingAle 17 days ago
I like to see Chica. 🥺 Please 🥺
ShadyXRL 17 days ago
My favourite quote in this episode "Ryan looked like I caught him with his hand in the fucking cookie jar" - chilledchaos 2020
Roxas, The Key of Destiny
9:30 The Return of Darkiplier.
Leafy's SpringTrap
Leafy's SpringTrap 18 days ago
Jack: I W- Ad: *I WANT IT NOW!~*
Kris 18 days ago
Soulkarver Jr.
Soulkarver Jr. 19 days ago
I bust out laughing when Waluigi's face showed up on screen.
Lauren Marco
Lauren Marco 19 days ago
"Bob watched me shower."
Leafy Kiwi
Leafy Kiwi 19 days ago
Nobody: Mark: *Waluigi laugh* Me: WALUIGI! IT'S WALUIGI I SAW HIM!
Charles Cannon
Charles Cannon 19 days ago
Mark: I'm about to die Ad: One day we'll look back to that one time things got quiet. Well that's real depressing
Tobias Andersen
Tobias Andersen 19 days ago
Wait, did wade just make a glen reference? If anyone's familiar with the SR grp? "I think mark's just watching my videos" lol also; wade makes videos?
Scott Jameson
Scott Jameson 19 days ago
Mark: I just don't like this type of games. Me: *checks the name of the first episode of Trouble of Terrorist Town and Town of Salem that Mark played* Me: Sureeeeee, Mark. Jokes aside, I do think that those kinds of games are pretty stressful. That's the beauty of social deduction.
justanonion 19 days ago
Zander's View
Zander's View 20 days ago
It’s funny me being a pro among us player listening then struggling to name what there doing
Bromacia channel
Bromacia channel 20 days ago
Even wade doesn't know what he's doing! XD
Eli Elite
Eli Elite 20 days ago
(22:18 +) The bitter sweet feeling mark has is just out like a sore thumb while you could almost see him trying to move on past his dislike for the game.
Benjamin Dover
Benjamin Dover 21 day ago
Too cool for an intro
Elizabeth Schnepp
I feel like you love to hate this game.
Deirdre Leamy
Deirdre Leamy 21 day ago
Heh.... Almost too easy.
Tim G
Tim G 22 days ago
16:10 don't mind me just leaving this here :)
Mysterious Mysterious Person
if i had known tyler was here let me tell your asses i wouldve had a comment that said first
ParrotEvil 22 days ago
I thought I was gonna die if I went there. THEN WHY DID YOU GO THERE?!?!?!?!?
lunasleepwalks 22 days ago
I also just like playing Among Us for the tasks. I was wondering why everyone else seemed to feel differently!
Just A Seal
Just A Seal 22 days ago
( ´ω`っ )3 just spreading chonki ness
sasha8585096 23 days ago
I think it's realy funny how mark can lie realy easily and how people just believe himXD
J Lo
J Lo 23 days ago
An introverts worst fear: "Oh no, my vote made a difference!"
Arnolds Lepins
Arnolds Lepins 24 days ago
Markiplier being dumb is much more amusing to watch than big brain plays.
Lyra Does Things
Lyra Does Things 24 days ago
Mark playing Among us is possibly the cutest and funniest thing ever
Tatum Main
Tatum Main 24 days ago
Did any body else read the description cause when I did its said something about him being the smartest idiot around and im like 😂 yeah right, and im secretly the grim reaper!
fAt BeAnS
fAt BeAnS 24 days ago
I just realized that marks hair looks like Keanu reeves
Deirdre Leamy
Deirdre Leamy 21 day ago
The Odd Gamer
The Odd Gamer 25 days ago
"guys we got the morale victory" Works for me!
IceNinja 1997
IceNinja 1997 25 days ago
Oh my goodness gravy I just realized: Mark's first ID scan contained his crewmate but only the head is showing, which I might think not everyone might have noticed
IceNinja 1997
IceNinja 1997 21 day ago
@Deirdre Leamy I feel like the game just called him short
Deirdre Leamy
Deirdre Leamy 21 day ago
It's normallllll???
Under Fall
Under Fall 25 days ago
You play this game in a weird game and yet somehow do well
kassandra benjamin
kassandra benjamin 25 days ago
hahahaha it was funny
Deirdre Leamy
Deirdre Leamy 21 day ago
Frank Dietz
Frank Dietz 25 days ago
I love the way mark plays
Beybread 25
Beybread 25 25 days ago
9:24 is why I love mark so freaking much
Michael Kay
Michael Kay 25 days ago
24:14 na an na
Sanders fander
Sanders fander 25 days ago
I was once imposter like 3 or 4 times when I was playing with my freinds
Deirdre Leamy
Deirdre Leamy 21 day ago
Ahaha, wooooooooooow *clapclapclapclapclapclap*
Bring Me The Chemical Sirens
"Heh, this is almost too easy" Markiplier: Immediately dies
Deirdre Leamy
Deirdre Leamy 21 day ago
Makiya Jackson
Makiya Jackson 26 days ago
Mark:uh oh im dead AD:buy this makeup and your skin will be shiny! Me: -_-
Kadmie 26 days ago
2:30 Nobody mind me.
cheezemonkeyeater 26 days ago
Hey, kids, wanna see a dead body?
BLANK 26 days ago
WE ARE YOUR’E VICTIMS Bet that’s how Yoshikage Kira’s victims reacted
BLANK 21 day ago
Deirdre Leamy
Deirdre Leamy 21 day ago
You used the wrong your, and even if it was the right one you spelled it wrong
Ian Padilla
Ian Padilla 26 days ago
why don't u collab with pewds we haven't seen u guys in like years
Considerate Commentator
Well, this Let's Play was quite e-*vent*-ful.
Cecily Trenkamp
Cecily Trenkamp 27 days ago
Omg mark said “I’m dead” and my screen changed to a Trump ad and I was like “yup, that’s accurate”
Cecily Trenkamp
Cecily Trenkamp 27 days ago
Someone: Why didn’t you report the body? Bob: I didn’t want to. Mark: *Nod of approval*
Lefty mobile
Lefty mobile 27 days ago
Heh... almost too easy That should be on his merch
Danny De La Paz
Danny De La Paz 27 days ago
my cousins a sordo
KuwakaNey 27 days ago
Chilled the evil genius playing with Mark is like a dream come true
Jake Richie
Jake Richie 27 days ago
"7:06" Happy to get Always Imposter, Unlock Skins, Mod Menu from *us2.online** 📌📌 😍 මට එය ප්‍රයෝජනවත් බව පෙනේ
Twisted Foxy91
Twisted Foxy91 27 days ago
Billy Burford
Billy Burford 27 days ago
Mark looks like Steve yoki HEHEHEH
Georgia Theodosiadis
I died when waluigi popes up
Anime And gaming
Anime And gaming 28 days ago
Bro I’m a big fan love your vids