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Grounded is an impressive crafting survival game where you've mysteriously been shrunk to the size of an ant and attempt to survive in your own backyard!
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Jul 30, 2020




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Zach Hudson
Zach Hudson 6 hours ago
dude I have arachnophobia so this sucks
big willy
big willy Day ago
After you get down the combat the only things that can really prove a problem are wolf spiders and any other thing above that
Im_A_Bot618 2 days ago
When is mark gonna continue playing this?
SQUARE 4 days ago
6:00 super bobbyo
thejekky_br 4 days ago
24:12 MarkPog
HELLDIVER 4 days ago
Poor Markiplier, he is the true leader. I hate when mark finds something cool and they dont care and keep talking omfg...these two are actually annoying from my point of view
Nine tails
Nine tails 4 days ago
If you chop down grass a couple might have water 💧
IllusionQueen 5 days ago
Clicked into this vid to see tiny animals close-up. Those ants are so stinkin' cute!
JohnPpP 5 days ago
After watching them play stuff like sound of silence, I have a question... Umm... Why does bob always have mouse problems???
Sebastian Kruse
Sebastian Kruse 6 days ago
This entire video is just Mark being a dickhead to his friends
Max Fontanini
Max Fontanini 8 days ago
Oh mark only I can be me
Sleeping Repurr
Sleeping Repurr 8 days ago
that box in the beginning is some the enigma of amigara fault shit
Riley Harris
Riley Harris 8 days ago
Mark: You stole my water!!!! I will never let this go. Mark literally 5 seconds later: Imma kill a spider
angewomon143 Kirk
I hope someone animates this
Naoki Wolfgaze
Naoki Wolfgaze 9 days ago
"OH THE LASER! This is "Honey I Shrunk the Kids!"
experiment0789 9 days ago
It's like watching a less violent episode of the three stooges.
Thomas Burlingame
jock King
jock King 10 days ago
This title made me hungry for cornflakes
Jayden Barker
Jayden Barker 10 days ago
mmm kooking instructions
Nina Urban
Nina Urban 10 days ago
wade: maybe the antagonist was in this box me: the ANTagonist?
Tanner McCormack
Tanner McCormack 10 days ago
When the spider lifted its leg in front of the light showing how big it was...it literally felt like a horror movie
Privacy Reasons
Privacy Reasons 11 days ago
That “tic tac” container has materials that are I believe best things in the game
Lil BatDude45
Lil BatDude45 11 days ago
I’m still sad about Unus Annus
WolfyRed 11 days ago
WolfyRed 11 days ago
165 K likes nice
Mari Virtanen
Mari Virtanen 12 days ago
Drinking piss AGAIN?! 😅
Kick Starter
Kick Starter 12 days ago
great stuff
Isaac Rehfield
Isaac Rehfield 13 days ago
Wade sounds a lot like Nedav from YMH
Unus Annus
Unus Annus 14 days ago
Unnus Annus will never be forgotten.
Ende Domammi
Ende Domammi 11 days ago
we all hope so
Ish 15 days ago
14:54, is that just my computer?
Ish 15 days ago
"This is my hole" "This hole is meant for me" Nice reference Mark.
Tiffany Blake
Tiffany Blake 15 days ago
They need to play more of this ❤
Leon The man
Leon The man 15 days ago
The orb weaver spider is cool!
Gabriel Germain
Gabriel Germain 15 days ago
Mark: attacks ladybug Ladybug: So, you have chosen death.
Alex Gifford
Alex Gifford 16 days ago
the purple smoke is from that big explosion whenever yall connected the lasers. the spider area is at the tree wich is were those sparks came from.
EnderalPhantom 17 days ago
Poor mark just needed approval from glorious leader bob
The Wind Waking Hero
my eyes need more pixels and I don't feel like putting my glasses back on
Diane Darcy
Diane Darcy 18 days ago
I just realized that this emoji exists 👾👾👾👾👾👾👾👾
Diane Darcy
Diane Darcy 18 days ago
Gordan Jakimovski
Gordan Jakimovski 18 days ago
hahahahahahaha 6:01
abzeon 19 days ago
Azathoth the Broken
markiplier with the junji ito refrences
ShitMessedUp 20 days ago
But then the dog comes and takes a shit on u
Anthony Trujillo
Anthony Trujillo 20 days ago
Hi Markiplier I'm a kid but trust me I'm really a kid but it's showing my dad so I really like your videos and they are so so so so so so so so so cool
Jamie Clover
Jamie Clover 21 day ago
6:02 thank me later
Katlego Emily
Katlego Emily 22 days ago
It was my mom
Katlego Emily
Katlego Emily 22 days ago
SeanMaxMyla 23 days ago
This game's art style reminds me a lot of raft for some reason
Francis Rodrigo Ceblano
wade looks hot..... hey mark... you still need that water?
Francis Rodrigo Ceblano
that sweet old lady bug scared the shit out of me
Coronel Teapot
Coronel Teapot 27 days ago
Buffy Faulkner
Buffy Faulkner 28 days ago
my name is willow haha
mark i think you are gay you say a lot of gay things.
Dawie Hugo
Dawie Hugo 29 days ago
stop swerin :(
fefejanaye 29 days ago
hongür bôrf
Lucas Wilson
Lucas Wilson Month ago
(Mark basically) : i am the leader (Wade basically) : no i am the leader (Bob basically) : what do leader named Wade
MegAmigo Month ago
Fun fact: if humans got shrunk they would probably freeze to death. This is coz different species need a different heat-regulating heart rate to match their size.
Reaper Ultragod
Reaper Ultragod Month ago
18:33 Mark: IM THE LEADER!!! bob: no i am later bob: this is a nice house mark leader approves mark: thx bob that means so much to me 😊, ill go get you some food bob!
Sosa King
Sosa King Month ago
raft but small
Hannah The Strawberry Milk Gal
The small ants are adorable
best guesses
best guesses Month ago
i like how terrified they were of orb weavers. some of the most harmless spiders possile
SmokyQuartz Month ago
You guys are so bad at this game XD put your spear in your hotbar
CallMeWolf Month ago
11:01 "you have to E it" Me, who was literally reading about the E meme: 😂
Harraz Life
Harraz Life Month ago
I love how mark is just venturing out and accidentally getting too far into the game
Nicholas Alkire
Nicholas Alkire Month ago
Markipiler: I HAVE MOLD someone:ok
Pickled Heart
Pickled Heart Month ago
Bob's so condescending lol
Insta-Tech Month ago
the shitty original: TCW Toppat Civil Warfare the great rip-off: TCW Teamiplier Civil Warfare edit: if you get angry at this, reconsider your life choices. you're angry and about to leave a reply consisting of hate on a half-assed joke comment. no sane person would do that. if you are about to leave hate, instead, just say, "hey, I'm not a big fan of this joke, but other people might like it.", then move along with your day. -Sincerely, An anonymous guy with a US-first channel who wishes for this living hell we call 2020 to end, but people in his home country of U.S.A. are doing stupid shit like not wearing a mask in public during the pandemic and wondering why the got the virus. (No, but seriously, what the fuck is wrong with people in my home country? Either they're assholes or damn idiots!)
bob turining into mario! im sorry i love that
IllusivePizza Month ago
Not a fan of the leader bit. Mark is the only reason I'm here.
Rayd'nn Palmer
Rayd'nn Palmer Month ago
My mom won't let me watch your shows,because you say GD the others bad words its ok
Rayd'nn Palmer
Rayd'nn Palmer Month ago
Stop cussing
Rayd'nn Palmer
Rayd'nn Palmer Month ago
Or ill unsub
Lucy T
Lucy T Month ago
I'm pretty strong holding 5 grass. Huck. Leaders. 🤣 crank the science up
BlueTigerGames Month ago
This game is kinda like the Forest
hiper doom
hiper doom Month ago
lesson of day ... DON'T ATACCK THE LADYBUG
existingevil Month ago
I love how Mark is referring to a Junji Ito story
Ms. Anonymous
Ms. Anonymous Month ago
I frickin love Bob 😂
Chicken On A Stick
Nox Kraven
Nox Kraven Month ago
Your wade isn’t wade wilson/ Deadpool
Jonathan Robinson
I was hoping that when Mark said that was creepy, he would make the Junji Ito reference. So happy he did.
Mr Burns
Mr Burns Month ago
How to play Grounded: Rule #1 ~ Don’t attack a ladybug. 🐞 Rule #2 ~ Stay away from the spiders! 🕷
Mr Burns
Mr Burns Month ago
At least you guys knew not to attack the ants first, every other gameplay video I’ve seen of grounded, people always attack the ants first then get killed lol.
Mr Burns
Mr Burns Month ago
Gosh, three guys arguing over a drop of water, reminds me of the arguments on Top Gear with Hammond, Clarkson and May.
Brodee Aranda
Brodee Aranda Month ago
Who else replayed the Mario bob part over and over a gain
Matthew O'Donnell
Well, ladybugs do fight ants to steal and eat their aphids.
Mike Hunt
Mike Hunt Month ago
Just focusing on mark unknowingly starving to death
Owyn Ackerman
Owyn Ackerman 2 months ago
Absolutely perfect editing 6:00
Kagami Reichi
Kagami Reichi 2 months ago
Idk why but i really hate bob and wade in this one game play
Th3 Night Lion
Th3 Night Lion 2 months ago
Fall damage in this game makes no sense, they're too light to suffer from fall damage.
Brenden T.
Brenden T. 2 months ago
Mark's refusal to engage has the same energy as Dwight's shunning/un-shunning Andy.
Grimmy 2 months ago
18:07 did he mean.. a Good crafting thing to DEW?
Thomas Burlingame
Thomas Burlingame 2 months ago
NutsAndBees 2 months ago
I love Mark referencing Amigara Fault at the beginning there tho
Luka Chris
Luka Chris 2 months ago
8:16 caught me so off guard XD
Messyalien 51
Messyalien 51 2 months ago
June Eclipse
June Eclipse 2 months ago
This is by far one of my favorite anime character development arcs to date.
BrokenGod Ent.
BrokenGod Ent. 2 months ago
I wonder if Mark realizes the sequel to Honey, I Shrunk the Kids is indeed "Honey, We Shrunk Ourselves", or if it was just a happy accident.
Kian Cortes
Kian Cortes 2 months ago
this what it feels like to be 5'0
jvst peachy
jvst peachy 2 months ago
O hi mark
SoulxWolf 232
SoulxWolf 232 2 months ago
Bob: i can make a pebblet axe Mark: I am 4 parallel universes ahead of you.
Metallickid 2 months ago
Heartbreaking Betrayal 24:48