I ALSO LOVE SPACE... | Darkwood - Part 4 

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Who knew that I would find a kindred spirit in the heart of Darkwood?
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Aug 7, 2020




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Samaiya Gillett
Samaiya Gillett 11 days ago
Mark: What's rosin? Me a classical musician: A tasty snack
Rick Sanchez
Rick Sanchez 16 days ago
That fucking explosion when he searched the first corpse got me 😂
Avaricos 24 days ago
Man the voice acting for every characters makes it so great, really gets into it.
Rashad Hill
Rashad Hill Month ago
I died at the three different pronunciations of Gagarin
Shadow The Furry
i know that mark has already finnished the game but piotrek=peter its much easier to say it this way
NeedYourBlood Month ago
15:23 for anyone who's curious, it means "the sky is dark and the earth or soil (spelling is the same) is blue"
June Eclipse
June Eclipse Month ago
0:00 hello everybody my name is Darkiplier and welcome to Mark wood.
Merciless Realm
Merciless Realm Month ago
It's so weirdly pleasant to actually see Mark playing the game with Polish content. And I'm so glad he likes it!
Technical Month ago
Lol the character said it smells like Rosin 😂
Ayrat Khalikov
Ayrat Khalikov Month ago
15:22 I'm surprised Mark doesn't know Gagarin, first human in space.
Molly Month ago
no one: absolutely no one: not a single soul: manikin: exists markiplier: nope
Bug Smith
Bug Smith Month ago
holy crap, this game has me on edge more than anything i have ever played, and the fact that when the bell started ringing on its own, and a spoon in my room moved and clanked a bowl right after that started happening does not help either
Nate holter
Nate holter Month ago
that first corps blow up scared me shitless holy fuck
NSSupremacy _
NSSupremacy _ 2 months ago
a werefox with an ak..
Andrea Sikora
Andrea Sikora 2 months ago
18:53 mark: *random didgeridoo noises* me: LMAOOOO😳🤣
Drake Brown
Drake Brown 2 months ago
26:29 is that a nod to the I don’t like sand prequel meme
gavinatrix8376 2 months ago
i straight up thought that that record player with the creepy music at 10:40 was playing the instumental to mask off by future
Jaden Braithwaite
Jaden Braithwaite 2 months ago
Lol the explosion scared the piss out of me😂🤦🏼
Chel Beane
Chel Beane 2 months ago
Piotrek makes me feel so sad. He's so full of life and wonder (even though he is crazy) but he's stuck in darkwood
JD YT 2 months ago
i love this series ❤❤
A M 2 months ago
Cosmic Fools
Cosmic Fools 2 months ago
I was laying down on my couch and my dad decided to come up behind me and scare me Yeay not fun at all
Trenton Wieberg
Trenton Wieberg 2 months ago
This content is hilarious and I and would love to see more of it. This comment is sponsored by Raid Shadow Legends Verified.
Exxel Setijadi
Exxel Setijadi 2 months ago
Piotrek is a polish name so Poland can finally into space in darkwood
Foster Davis
Foster Davis 2 months ago
You should consider voice acting lol
Kaisar Dragon
Kaisar Dragon 2 months ago
Mark: Oh.. hello? "mannequin" ... I... no... As if the game didn't already tug at Markimoo's nerves.
SnakeStaffMagic 2 months ago
Marks voice acting at 27:00 sounds like the salesman from Adventures of sonic the hedgehog XD
Horrible Smile SKM
Horrible Smile SKM 2 months ago
Player 117
Player 117 2 months ago
I think this game takes place sometime in the 50s or 60s, because strange hat man mentions Yuri Gagarian, the first human in space, who went up sometime in the late 50s or early 60s
finalbreath15 2 months ago
Mark: "Give me that fabric off of you, i have these shiny stones for you, they're real nice" Sounds sexy.
[HH]General Burkhalter
27:45 nothing special btw, just a timestamp
Taylor Buni
Taylor Buni 2 months ago
On it like a nun in a cucumber field ......... Same
lé Hjönk
lé Hjönk 2 months ago
Me who has the nickname of chicken lady 👁👄👁
Des Vexel
Des Vexel 2 months ago
Why could he not hideout in the place with 2 metal doors with passcodes? Was there not a generator? Would the creatures even be able to get in?
Whitney Colosimo
Whitney Colosimo 2 months ago
On it like a nun in a cucumber field 🤣🤣🤣
Whitney Colosimo
Whitney Colosimo 2 months ago
We love you! Keep being awesome!
TUKVSHANS 2 months ago
To be honest, for me it's kinda surprising than not everyone in the world knows how to pronounce "Gagarin". Thought it was common knowledge - the first man in space, and all that. Like - everybody knows how to pronounce "Armstrong". Not judging or anything, just surprised.
Elizabeth Bolin
Elizabeth Bolin 2 months ago
Bike guy: Ashes to ashes, dust to dust Me: Memento Mori. Unnus Annus
Eyebye Bena
Eyebye Bena 2 months ago
After he said "*murdering people*", i heard a squeaky toy from somewhere and i was like...that- that makes sense?
HitodamaKyrie 2 months ago
25:44 Poland can into space?
Kevin Getzoff
Kevin Getzoff 2 months ago
15:15 Rosin is a useful material, it is the solid form of resin (not to be confused with). You can use it to make medicines, sealants like glue, and various other things. However I know rosin as the material that you use on your violin bow to get that nice sound. Hint hint... The guy with the violin pestering the Chicken lady.
Kevin Getzoff
Kevin Getzoff 2 months ago
Got spooked by Lixian's exploding corpse edit at the beginning of the episode
Syrup Snake
Syrup Snake 2 months ago
I actually jumped at 0:20, lmao.
snake eyes
snake eyes 2 months ago
I bought the game
Renegade Dragon 57
Renegade Dragon 57 2 months ago
17:55 Initiate Metal Gear Solid chase music.
Mediocre Dude
Mediocre Dude 2 months ago
Markiplier i want to play we need to go deeper with ya, would be a great knock off the ole bucket list
Mason Catalone
Mason Catalone 2 months ago
I'm too late to make this suggestion for future gameplay, but I imagine if you eliminated the lights that didn't help you and turn off the lights until the shadows come, you'd use less electricity and save fuel in the generator and other monsters wouldn't be attracted to you.
GSH 2 months ago
this game is one of the most immersive, harrowing, and fun experiences I've ever had. GOD I fucking hate this game, I got so mad sometimes I almost cried. Though, the atmosphere, soundtracks, story, and everything just blend so fucking well that I kept coming back.
XerxesTexasToast 2 months ago
I really like how they show growing trust by having the Wolfman switch from calling you "Meat" to "Comrade"
Master Inamate
Master Inamate 2 months ago
August 7th 2020 I reminding you that there's a new henry stickmin game it's called completing the mission PLAY IT NOW! NEW! NEW! NEW! NEW!
Carter Davis
Carter Davis 2 months ago
Elliott Boddington
Elliott Boddington 2 months ago
its the beer boy!
TheLoopy1993 2 months ago
I love his voices!!!
Ghost Games
Ghost Games 2 months ago
When the monster is so big it makes it's own light...
Sese 2 months ago
nothing scared me until lixian made that corpse blow up I shit myself
Rhyd Snow
Rhyd Snow 2 months ago
Bought this today because of you and now I don't know if I should continue this series so I don't spoil myself 😅
kalamafraggre1 2 months ago
Hank Venture. Anyone else?
Castafiel 2 months ago
He almost died at the classic " the enemy has 1 HP I must attack now and forget the patern I was using that worked so well up to now". We all did it at some point.
SexyMonsterLover 2 months ago
It's dodge hit dodge hit.
SASHI 2 months ago
Why do lixians jumpscare edits actually scare me in this game
Cody Luttrell
Cody Luttrell 2 months ago
mark please, you dodge then attack, not take a hit straight to the face and then wump em'
Very Thicc Cat S A L A D
I like how the wolfman casually has an AK-47
Delta Gaming
Delta Gaming 3 months ago
"On it like a nun in a cucumber field" W O W
IanExplains 3 months ago
The poster at 12:48 says in Polish "Rural Prosperity" on the top, and "This is the prosperity of the cities" on the bottom.
LORD RAGE SCOUT 3 months ago
*burn it down burn it down burn it down burn it down burn it down burn it down burn it down burn it down burn it down burn it down burn it down burn it down burn it down burn it down burn it down burn it down burn it down burn it down burn it down burn it down burn it down burn it down burn it down burn it down burn it down burn it down burn it down burn it down burn it down burn it down burn it down burn it down burn it down burn it down burn it down burn it down*
D .D
D .D 3 months ago
15:22 Это...... Гагарин?))
Here is a theory: I believe the wolfman and the trader are the father and son the hen woman was talking about. Also I believe the person that was locked up might be the mother.
Mike Fluff
Mike Fluff 3 months ago
"On it like a nun in a cucumber field" I love these jokes
JamesOfTrades 3 months ago
BURN Ye Salty Dog
Antisocial Bitch
Antisocial Bitch 3 months ago
are we just gonna ignore the "on it like a nun in a cucumber field" line?
ROnan Mckenzie II
ROnan Mckenzie II 2 months ago
@Antisocial Bitch VGhpcyBvdmVyZ3Jvd24gTmF1dGlsdXMgaGFzIGJlZWVuIG1hZGUgaHVnZSBvbiBhIGRpZXQgb2YgQWxpZW4gZHJ1Z3MgYW5kIHN1cmdpY2FsIGFsdGVyYXRpb25zLiBQZXJ2ZXJ0ZWQgYmV5b25kIHRoZSBzY29wZSBvZiBuYXR1cmUsIHRoZSBHaWxsbWVuIGhhdmUgYWRkZWQgbWVjaGFuaWNhbCBjb250cm9sIHN5c3RlbXMgdG8gdGhlIGNyZWF0dXJlIGFuZCBub3cgbm9uZSBvZiB0aGUgY3JlYXR1cmUncyBvcmlnaW5hbCBuYXR1cmUgZXhpc3RzLgoKRGVwbG95ZWQgYXMgYW4gb3JnYW5pYyB3ZWFwb25zIHBsYXRmb3JtLCB0aGUgWGFycXVpZHMgdG91Z2ggc2hlbGwgYW5kIG1vYmlsaXR5IG1ha2UgaXQgYSBmb3JtaWRhYmxlIG9wcG9uZW50Lg
Antisocial Bitch
Antisocial Bitch 2 months ago
@ROnan Mckenzie II it deserves recognition it’s a brilliant line
ROnan Mckenzie II
ROnan Mckenzie II 2 months ago
Xoruam 3 months ago
"Dobrobyt Wsi To Dobrobyt Miast" - "Welfare of the countryside means welfare for the cities" - Propaganda poster from communist era Poland.
l Emerald l
l Emerald l 3 months ago
I simp for wolf man ❤️❤️
The Thicc Dictator
The Thicc Dictator 3 months ago
Love how no one is talking about Yuri Gagarin just showing up lol
Metalviking 3 months ago
8:39 I literally laughed out loud so much my throat hurt. That's the funniest shit I've heard in a long time
Jenny VS Games
Jenny VS Games 3 months ago
I am LOVING this game! I jumped like crazy at the explosion in the beginning. Lol One of the best games you've played!
Regge Glover
Regge Glover 3 months ago
Mark I fuck with you I’m just not fucking with this game 🤣
That One Cat with the Top Hat
Don't! Put! The lights! Near! The windows!
Mirkku Kisu
Mirkku Kisu 3 months ago
Cup Hot Pancake
Cup Hot Pancake 3 months ago
IT is so funny when Mark trying to say Polish name
The scooting coyote
The scooting coyote 3 months ago
Yeah!! You also like dudes.🤣😂🤣🤣🤣😂😂
Kirsten 3 months ago
I get this strong feeling that this game is representative of WWI and the horrific realities that soldiers encountered. The wolves, friend who is stuck in his gas suit/mask stuck in the past, the escape from pain using booze and homelessness, the ptsd of soldiers attacking at night and light being the only safety to keep them awake from those terrors. (the constant references to pigs makes me wonder if it's not WWI specific. WWII would be pigs/fascists. Maybe this doesn't focus on any particular war, but maybe just the horrors of what and what it does to people)
Nikolas Bock
Nikolas Bock 15 days ago
imma be 100 with yall yall are geniuses
Oscar Oddie Ozborn Ozomantius
@Carcharocles Megalodon also the magazine in the tunnel is from "this year" in game. So thus is taking place in 1986 or 1988, can't remember which year was on the magazine.
ARandomBullet54 Month ago
@Teddy Skrub what was the time stamp for the tank?
Carcharocles Megalodon
There's “1961” on that photo of a soldier. The tech is clearly post-WW2 (e.g. the pocket-sized radio). The ration stamps looked like the ones from 1982, though I may be mistaken (checked on Wikipedia xP).
INeedTherapy Month ago
didnt know soldiers used shrooms to open their third eye and to run for longer
Sampl3Text1 3 months ago
I'm on break from my zoom meetings for a bit, my head kind of hurts, I'm eating my food, and that explosion scared the fuck out of me and almost made me drop it lmao.
RealWorld Gaming
RealWorld Gaming 3 months ago
Bike man: “I can bring your junk from the other hideout” Mark: *Yesssss* Me: How does he know about the other hideouts
Tornado Blovom
Tornado Blovom 2 months ago
Yes he will because mark had two bottles of alcohol and gave one to him but left the other one at his previous hideout and there was no alcohol in the bag.
subpar 1224
subpar 1224 2 months ago
@TheLoopy1993 I've heard he will still your alchohol
TheLoopy1993 2 months ago
Or that he wont steal my stuff lol
Tyffanee Lavely
Tyffanee Lavely 3 months ago
because of the bike
Spexint 3 months ago
1:18 this actually is nothing just reminding myself where I left off no need to click it
Spexint 3 months ago
When you ask your crush on a date and she says no You: Oh that’s fine I was just joking 😂 How you actually feel inside: 0:21
Batteryman 3 months ago
Going to space? He should put mini rockets on his hot balloon , so once he's high enough he can starts the rockets , but he will die of lack of oxygen, but at least he will be in space :-P
LordBloodySoul 3 months ago
I got through two of these today. I am feeling really shakey now, but this is just amazing. The tension, the weirdness and the darkness of it all. But I guess I will watch something else for now, unless I wanna get hospitalized because of a heart attack :O
Ben Solomon
Ben Solomon 3 months ago
Cheesecake tastes better when you’re high :)
Zealos The First
Zealos The First 3 months ago
Dark wood dark souls edition. Featuring marketpliers
Jazzygirl 3105
Jazzygirl 3105 3 months ago
Is it just me did Mark give "Patrick" the voice of Bullwinkle?XD
Kelly 3 months ago
10:36 Mark... "mannequin" Me... Delores?
Chelsey The Local CrYpTiD
“MY LUNGS ARE MORE EFFICIENT YEEeeeEEeEeEeEe!!!!!” Markiplier 2020 XD
deejayxcrypt 3 months ago
12:08 A real life question here. Why would you ever need wire to fix cables if the problem isn’t with the length of the cables? Don’t you just need some cutting tool to bring out the metal parts from both ends?
Alexis 3 months ago
I'd like to thank lixian for making this playthrough so entertaining.
Blins for the Win
Blins for the Win 3 months ago
I can feel myself cringe at how badly he pronounces the slavic names. It's PIOTREK like PYO-TREK geez. And the way he pronounced Gagarin.. i-- oof
Oscar Haugen
Oscar Haugen 3 months ago
Mark: That corpse is gonna kill me! Mark: unless 0-0
random dazzle
random dazzle 3 months ago
0:21 bruh that made me jump
Inquisition -_-
Inquisition -_- 3 months ago
" IM A SURVIVOUR" Mark 2020
MooseCampbell 3 months ago
The courier looks like he should be in Sally Face
Trovie 3 months ago
0:20 actually scared the crap out of me XD