I AM AMONG YOU... | Among Us 

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I may have no idea what I'm doing in Among Us... but for once I'm gonna use my stupidity to my advantage! TIME TO WIN!!
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Sep 20, 2020




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Comments 100   
Marah Wolsfeld
Marah Wolsfeld 2 hours ago
Failing wires😭
Kyonna 9 hours ago
Can someone tell me what katon means lol? Pretty sure I didn't spell that right. 17:03
banana Rose
banana Rose Day ago
most of my fav people are in this yay
indisputable proof
Annika Pluta
Annika Pluta 2 days ago
14:20 did anyone else here corpse husband or just me?
Niki 2 days ago
why is nobody talking about how many times he said "indisputable" 😂😂
The picture of the video tho
Cold Cafe
Cold Cafe 2 days ago
boomer plays among us
Renee .-.
Renee .-. 2 days ago
Mark VS Door Who will win today On the left we have Markiplier On the right we have Door And the results: Door 1 - Mark 0
crateredcallisto 2 days ago
wade: i was teaching mark how to play mark: *LETTUCE*
Karlaly 2 days ago
This is the first Markiplier video I've ever watched and I gotta say I've never fallen in love with a youtuber this quick, holy fuck
Fell x
Fell x 2 days ago
Я из России, почти ничего не понимаю, но мне нравится
Slashernotfound Tv
bumbum bum bum SMASHING
Random Soundstorm
Watching this after seeing Eef's live stream is top notch
Kiersten Eddy
Kiersten Eddy 3 days ago
Mark: "It's literally impossible that I did the doors last round because I don't know how" Also Mark: *presses random door buttons on the sabotage screen*
Alex Rudacille
Alex Rudacille 3 days ago
As someone who has trouble with colors, thank God they put shapes on wires. I was sus every damn time
Natasha S
Natasha S 3 days ago
"I'm a genius" Proceeds to connect the incorrect wiring
Alex Marie
Alex Marie 3 days ago
Alex Marie
Alex Marie 3 days ago
8:00 go there it’s the best part
Isis Darosa
Isis Darosa 3 days ago
Him repeating ‘INDISPUTABLE PROOF’ six times and no one answering made me CACKLE 🤣🤣
Annabelle Butalid-Piczon
Play among you ;-;
Mr Gamer
Mr Gamer 4 days ago
No one Not a single soul Not even jack Markiplier: I HavE iNdusBuTaBLE pROof
Toppat Civil Warfare Henry Stickmin
16:24 *THE BABY!!!*
Princess-Consuela- Banana-Hammock
I like how it said, Wade: Don’t watch wade, he never does fawkin tasks! and it was Seán.
Alex Judkins
Alex Judkins 4 days ago
Bryony Nalder
Bryony Nalder 4 days ago
Mark screaming eveynow and then "THE BABY IS WANTING AN ANSWER TO A QUESTION!" Baby markimoo XD
DIO BRANDO 4 days ago
Mark im sorry but I could not stop laughing when you tried to fix the wiring as an impostor
Sexy Kermit
Sexy Kermit 5 days ago
12:15 ADHD Activat
Aeron Nicolai Torres
Why aren't you playing with pewds and Jack anymore??
JPYoonie 5 days ago
17:15 Wade said to not watch Wade
Snappel frog
Snappel frog 5 days ago
when i first played amung us i got imposter five times in the row
Awkie Awks
Awkie Awks 5 days ago
The fact that Mark is actually trying to do tasks when he's an impostor
W_S Gaming
W_S Gaming 5 days ago
Why does mark look like Kiana Reaves
Blue-Maned Hawk
Blue-Maned Hawk 6 days ago
Would love to see the psuedocode he wrote.
The Crazy Lucario
In this episode: we watch baby mark learning how to play a big boy game, he might be dumb now but he'll be the best of the best in due time.
Bahaar Anand
Bahaar Anand 6 days ago
Warner1929 6 days ago
12:14 *Everyone* : *Discussing Chilled's murder* *Mark* : *in awe* "I'M IN SPACE...."
Potato Head
Potato Head 6 days ago
16:35 lmaooo 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Rae 6 days ago
I love how Ethan is called EEF
MrGamerFuture 6 days ago
Don't Be suspicious don't be susious
QUINN MINTY 6 days ago
0 IQ play
xEuphorian RoseX
xEuphorian RoseX 6 days ago
It took me a moment to realize he was trying to tease tyler because he thought he was impostor. xD I honestly thought he was just talking to himself insanely. Pfff-
X Ray Studios
X Ray Studios 6 days ago
Game: Among us Title: I am among you... creativity: 100
Razkanaz 7 days ago
I just realized that in the thumbnail that in the shadows there is an "it me"
UmbraFaux 7 days ago
I love how he made notes on the mic rules but somehow missed the top of the task list : fake tasks, kill everyone
Troy Ogle
Troy Ogle 7 days ago
Brian Berryhill
Brian Berryhill 7 days ago
over -9000 iq
skinny girl stef
skinny girl stef 7 days ago
let’s talk about how mark literally looks like keanu reeves
sagalindhe 7 days ago
Omg everyone screams over Mark! And he has the capacity to be the loudest one. It's a damn deep voice thing. They don't listen to them
Robert Alexe
Robert Alexe 7 days ago
Love seeing Tyler in here. He hadn't appeared in any of Mark's videos for a year until this, and not even a single Unus Annus video.
Michaela Harris
Michaela Harris 7 days ago
I need a Markiplier and Corpse Among Us stream. That would give me so much life.
Total Tabsian
Total Tabsian 7 days ago
Marks love of space is awesome
Lyra Does Things
Lyra Does Things 8 days ago
Someone is Among us... *It me*
GazpachoMacho 8 days ago
He’s not used to being ignored.
I Am Truly Greg
I Am Truly Greg 8 days ago
Who tf was that at 14:20 that sounded like corpse husband
I Am Truly Greg
I Am Truly Greg 4 days ago
@• e l i j a h • but like he isn't playing with them, that's what's confusing me
• e l i j a h •
it isn’t? it is i thought
Jess is Jess
Jess is Jess 8 days ago
16:36 Mark sounds like one of the dogs that live on my street
Icy 6 days ago
I want money
I want money 8 days ago
17:24 Poor Ethan
Athena Kwok
Athena Kwok 8 days ago
Mark is me. I’m a beginner and when I’m a imposter i don’t do shit, only stupid things, but still get really happy when we win
Vincent Stevens
Vincent Stevens 8 days ago
look at my speedrun
TheAngryPotato 2.0
Mark trying to do tasks when hes imposter is the cutest thing ever
Crystal Gaming
Crystal Gaming 9 days ago
Haha lol 😆
sonali bhosale
sonali bhosale 10 days ago
Mark being confused for 30 minutes and still won 2 times as impostor 😲. *i am a genius*
Wombat Person
Wombat Person 10 days ago
Mark is a computer who programs himself by writing shit on his little notepad
Wombat Person
Wombat Person 10 days ago
Writes down the list of fake tasks that is already in front of him on the screen in the form of a list
MilkyWhite25 10 days ago
Best Markiplier Among Us Quotes: *hOw Do i dO wIriNG* *WhaT dOes AnYThinG dO* *oH ThAT lOoKs CooL* *wHaT? yOu CaN go In tHe vEnt?*
Mari Chan
Mari Chan 10 days ago
It's ok mark i'm not any better at this. Not like I pressed an emergency meeting as soon as a game started or anything- 😂
Futsan Flier
Futsan Flier 10 days ago
Holy shit the longer hair looks so good on you
Sophia Ojeda
Sophia Ojeda 10 days ago
"I'm in space" -Mark *serotonin levels rise*
leah :D
leah :D 11 days ago
its so adorable how he tries to do tasks when hes imposter
ValorGlory 11 days ago
Just had a game of Among Us that made me relate so hard to this moment 13:34 that I had to come here and immortalize the moment with this comment I was the Ze in this equation
GameHunter 11 days ago
hey mark you look like John Wik
NaTeDaReAL_ GeE 11 days ago
22:02 When you think you know but you really don't lol
Nathan Lynott
Nathan Lynott 11 days ago
16:33 is a mood 😂
•Winter Weeb•
•Winter Weeb• 11 days ago
Markiplier: *sees how to vent* Markiplier: :0 Jack: 👀👄👀 *sees him* Markiplier: wtf is this
Pepsi 11 days ago
R.I.P Unus annus chain
Pepsi 11 days ago
R.I.P Unus annus
Itz 2kChico
Itz 2kChico 11 days ago
Unnus annus
Jasmine Kasaj
Jasmine Kasaj 11 days ago
no one- mark-“i hAvE iNDiSpUtABLE pRoOf”
Mac Coleman
Mac Coleman 11 days ago
Alex Gamer
Alex Gamer 11 days ago
Lol when jack says don’t make this the Markiplier hour
Alex Gamer
Alex Gamer 11 days ago
Ps I am late on watching your videos Markiplier
Maeve Milless
Maeve Milless 11 days ago
Let me remind you all, that Mark went to college to be an engineer. Just a thought.
pokesonav 12 days ago
This is a surprisingly good introduction video to Among Us
pokesonav 12 days ago
It's like a reverse school, with one student and 7 teachers who don't really care about their job.
Saige Fao
Saige Fao 12 days ago
iNdIsPuTaBlE pRoOf
Virtual Simp
Virtual Simp 12 days ago
“I thought Bob was the other impostor, and I was the impostor-“ -Mark the smartest Among Us player
socialgirl 378
socialgirl 378 12 days ago
12:23- This is a pure moment.
Discord 12 days ago
Me: *starts watching Markiplier because people keep talking about how attractive he is, thinking he can't be that attractive* Markiplier: *does anything* Me: *gay panic*
mordy 12 days ago
these first minutes are gold
Lisa Tatum
Lisa Tatum 12 days ago
An accurate representation of what happened to us in quarantine
THRILLARAMA 12 days ago
This game reminds me on the videogame: Tintin on the moon...
Deino07 12 days ago
He grew up so fast 😢
ivan dragovich
ivan dragovich 12 days ago
Gta v or minecraft version of this game would be prime
Kick Starter
Kick Starter 12 days ago
good job
Rose Productions
Rose Productions 12 days ago
Nobody listens to Mark lmaooo
GameMonkey 28
GameMonkey 28 12 days ago
i;ve never seen someone mess up wires lol
Dagamear 1241
Dagamear 1241 12 days ago
I got imposter first time and won even though I knew I was fucked
Zelda Wolff
Zelda Wolff 13 days ago
"We have to stop meeting in the reactor room" 😂😂
Hector Munoz
Hector Munoz 13 days ago
Tf is mark thinking ?
Bleeding Kraken
Bleeding Kraken 13 days ago
Is it just me but is the group treating mark kinda bad? Most of the time they’re just ignoring him and brushing him off
• e l i j a h •
it’s among us, it’s not that deep
Caius Volturi
Caius Volturi 13 days ago
i have that game so dose my wife
PANCAKE MAN 13 days ago
Mark is trying to do wires as an imp