I Bought the World's Brightest Flashlight 

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Many flashlights on Amazon claim to be the "BRIGHTEST" so I very wisely spent my money to test out these bold claims with my own eyes.
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Nov 20, 2020




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Comments 100   
Collin Joe
Collin Joe 44 seconds ago
4:27 I was waiting for the disclaimer song there....
Witchybubbles26 pandalover123
Mark: don't do this at home Me: *expects disclaimer song to start playing* Also me: *remembers that this isn't Unus Annus and that Unus Annus is gone*
quayana walters
quayana walters 4 minutes ago
7:21 how dare you *prceeds to massage lixians face* i am disapointed in you U^U
imPASTA 7 minutes ago
Alternate title: mark tries to give himself a migraine for 26 minutes and 56 seconds
The Anonymous Commenter
I googled the big imalent torch after watching this. 7 days later I've just received an email from Amazon advertising it. _Bruh._
Oisin Byrne
Oisin Byrne 11 minutes ago
It's a man reviewing nearly identical flash lights and I love it
Davering Oppression
Davering Oppression 16 minutes ago
Mark is so strong that his theories are questions.
That One Guy
That One Guy 27 minutes ago
floodlight on steroids
Yami Yugi
Yami Yugi 34 minutes ago
It’s like an Unus Annus video but Ethan was busy so Mark had to do it alone
K1R1N 36 minutes ago
Even watching this video kills my eyes
Sleiman Nohra
Sleiman Nohra 41 minute ago
This video started off by reviewing flashlights by their brightness and ended up by reting them by how good he can stroke them.
Ozzy the Great
Ozzy the Great 55 minutes ago
If Ethan was in this video Unus Annus mk 2 would be here.
Hour ago
My eyes after exiting the video was like a caveman didnt see the sun ever in his life
trixterii _
trixterii _ Hour ago
Alternative title: Markiplier Burns His Eyes Away
Calisby Hour ago
now try the World's Brightest Fleshlight..........
Moon Hour ago
crying child from fnaf 4: damn, that would have been useful..
Mike Hillen
Mike Hillen Hour ago
The way this video began made me expect Ethan to pop out at some point
Alex Animates
Alex Animates Hour ago
Ama Sha
Ama Sha Hour ago
I wanna see Mark testing the 100,000LM flashlight outside in the dark
Jordan Mckibbin
We all think he’s reviewing touches but in actuality he’s just found a new way to satiate his masochistic tendencies.
GalaxySketchWolf 2 hours ago
Wait, this isn't unus annus.
gamers Kamote89
gamers Kamote89 2 hours ago
Awesome flashlight
Kira 2 hours ago
This feels like a [DELETED CHANNEL NAME] Video.
jon sponser
jon sponser 2 hours ago
Why does Mark just have a room in his house for random shit
THEDARKNIGHT8657 2 hours ago
mark are you ok??? hah
Deniz Duran
Deniz Duran 2 hours ago
You forgot about Discord light mode, it's free real estate.
Narwhals 2 hours ago
I love that he has the mark face there
Whimsical Clouds
Whimsical Clouds 2 hours ago
I like that Lixian had to spend his time watching Mark blind himself for who knows how long
Izstrella 2 hours ago
My eyes were hurting through the screen, geez!
Allen Madent
Allen Madent 3 hours ago
I see someone's been watching Ghost Town Living channel, eh?
Guil 3 hours ago
i wonder what would happen if he reached 200,000LM... Maybe he would go to heaven and visit unus annus.
God 3 hours ago
Nobody: Marks camera: ------ ------
Cha0tic Neutral
Cha0tic Neutral 3 hours ago
i can just imagine the seizures and migraines id get from this edit; epileptics don’t watch this video, there is strobing and lots of flashlights turning on and off and a super bright flashlight.
FOOD BOI 3 hours ago
Man, talk about DARKiplier with that intro!
MrJomharp 3 hours ago
*I think my eye sight got bad because I played some flashlights like 3 or 5 years ago and mostly the flashlights are pointed directly at my eyes*
NEKO #ΦωΦ 3 hours ago
Imagine if a horror movie or game got that kind of flashlight
Jazib Hussain
Jazib Hussain 4 hours ago
You think this is bright, you should try discord’s light theme
Me: sees the thumbnail Also me: *UNUS ANNUS*
Jack thrills
Jack thrills 4 hours ago
Ever since I watched unus annus, I can’t seem to see mark the same way anymore haha
My Name Might Be Connor
Mark bought the flashlight from GTFO
My Name Might Be Connor
I need the bit at 18:17 as a thing to send to my friends, who I don’t need because they just disappoint me 💃
My Name Might Be Connor
The long hair really helps his chaotic mad scientist energy 😂
Jack Dab
Jack Dab 4 hours ago
Mark not even using the wicked lasers FlashTorch. I'm disappointed and my day has been ruined.
6 Popular 6 Hell 6
6 Popular 6 Hell 6 5 hours ago
So its a domesticated HeeHoo vs a Viwitch
Rylyn Munro
Rylyn Munro 5 hours ago
I rlly just watched a man play with flashlights
frank k
frank k 5 hours ago
frank k
frank k 5 hours ago
How can you make a video thats 25min. Ling
Beta Xeeta
Beta Xeeta 5 hours ago
Markiplier makes himself blind
6 Popular 6 Hell 6
6 Popular 6 Hell 6 5 hours ago
I just want mark to do more stuff with ethan, its the funniest thing when they are together, not just the U-A stuff, but even before that
A Meaningless Channel Doesn't Need a Name
This is not good for me at 2:58AM
sam foots
sam foots 5 hours ago
i wanna ask about the other idea now just to give you back the money youre waisting for us xx
Victor Guerra
Victor Guerra 5 hours ago
hey mork, you should really go camping with ethan an put some use to those flashlights XD
Brick My Life
Brick My Life 5 hours ago
I got classic Unus Annus vibes from this
Clare Novell
Clare Novell 5 hours ago
This video is simultaneously satisfying my Unus Annus needs but also making me miss it even more
Motsu 5 hours ago
hey so just something I noticed is the infrared that the camera uses to scan your face at the beginning
Thedoctoroa 75
Thedoctoroa 75 5 hours ago
I’m watching this at 2:30 am... my eyes...
Its_Golden 5 hours ago
i was today years old when i learned you can adjust the phone flashlight's brightness
Mayz 5 hours ago
Ethan left him alone for too long
Nek 6 hours ago
"smells like something's burning" Yeah dude your retinas
brandon dickey
brandon dickey 6 hours ago
Bruh what happened to the old him? :/
2am anon
2am anon 4 hours ago
@brandon dickey yus i see (been watching him since i was a kid doe)
brandon dickey
brandon dickey 6 hours ago
@2am anon I dont watch this dude and I'm fully aware of people changing lmao butttt he was so different or is so different now
2am anon
2am anon 6 hours ago
evolved so big we can see the difference
Isaac Walton
Isaac Walton 6 hours ago
This would be a good unus Annus vid, EEF tries to find heehoo
Winter Meier
Winter Meier 6 hours ago
He is a light goblin
Gojifan 54-19
Gojifan 54-19 6 hours ago
23:02 Oh you naive bastard,that’s not the light you wanna turn on right now
type 20
type 20 6 hours ago
U could tell he misses Ethan 🥺
FaKe_MRpotato 7 hours ago
if you get a magnifying glass with the big torch than, BOOOMM!!! fire starter
데니쇼 7 hours ago
how are there 300K views but it has a total of dislikes and likes combined is 600K?
Purple Strawberry Pikturrs
Boss speaking to flashlight making guy: Have you heard of a spotlight? Guy: Say no more
TheBeatBox124YT _M8
I thought Mark was talking about something else when he said something about “girth” and “length”
Fractal 7 hours ago
And this one is *MADE IN CHINA*
frostmined 7 hours ago
Yall ever realize how smart he is but the smartness goes in 8500 different directions at once when he talks
VHS 7 hours ago
Minueling Hex
Minueling Hex 7 hours ago
Now, if only Alan Wake had that last flashlight. All of the monsters just immediately die to *THE POWER OF THE SUNLIGHT*
X-Legend 7 hours ago
5:05 "normal flashlight"
James Hanzel
James Hanzel 8 hours ago
It hurt my eyes when he put it in his eyes
Demon the Gamer
Demon the Gamer 8 hours ago
How about next video you make it about the most blackest black paint
Jake 8 hours ago
“This can light up the Grand Canyon” *uses it in a 10x10 room*
Rylan White
Rylan White 8 hours ago
That hurt my eyes but i liked it
Douglas Bartlett
Douglas Bartlett 8 hours ago
The whole time I was just laughing at his shadows
Purple Bubbles Games
Mark: reviewing flashlights Also mark: reviewing how well they can be used as weapons and other things 🤣
Gamer Bot
Gamer Bot 8 hours ago
Honestly I wanna have some mark soup
Terra 8 hours ago
11:57 eef is that you??
Preder Nation
Preder Nation 8 hours ago
Objective unclear: I burned my house down.
Marideyza Plagge
Marideyza Plagge 9 hours ago
Sir Markiplier , do you still want to make Unus Annus Videos ? Just a question .(◍•ᴗ•◍)
Pogo ._.
Pogo ._. 9 hours ago
Im going blind
Nick Moore
Nick Moore 9 hours ago
Blue Fang
Blue Fang 9 hours ago
I thought it said 6 years ago
Did someone give his nightmares about the vvitch????😂
Kaylan 9 hours ago
4:27 he turned into a just dance character
Oofers_lemon 9 hours ago
It's like unnus annus, just no ethan 😔
itzzAdam 9 hours ago
There should probably be an epileptic warning on this Mark is usually good about that but although I think most people with epilepsy stays away things that have lights especially flashlights because there's a strobe on it but you know
Jas_ *
Jas_ * 9 hours ago
this reminds me of unus annus :(
Narancia Ghirga
Narancia Ghirga 9 hours ago
This is everything I asked for
lil_snagg 9 hours ago
I want to ask questions now
Autumn Leaf
Autumn Leaf 9 hours ago
Ah yes, the Light Emitting Diode Diodes.
Blitz Main
Blitz Main 10 hours ago
Dude nextdoor: *wakes up for a glass of water* Mark: "T a s e T h e SUN"
star riot
star riot 10 hours ago
And they still say marks eyes are still broken
Glow 10 hours ago
Watching this with a concussion hurt. But wow that big boi is bright
Canned Corn
Canned Corn 10 hours ago
He’s just doing solo unus annus. Ah yes- time to cry more over unus annus because I’m thinking about it now yay
ShaTTered Uv
ShaTTered Uv 10 hours ago
Im not gonna look in it. *insane thinking noises* thats why i brought sunglasses
Just Another Ordinary Lama
0:00 ummm... well this is disturbing
Superliminal (FULL GAME)
Walmart Drive-in
Walmart Drive-in