i broke my nose... twice... 

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i'm fine... but just in case you should leave a like for a sweet boo-boo kiss.
also this video is a goof, i'll be fine.

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Oct 1, 2020




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Kresnata Adi Waskito 7C-16
I see red thingy in the nose
Metro Smoke
Metro Smoke 7 hours ago
YAZAN JAMOS 12 hours ago
Twice? ... that is ROCKY NUMBER you can do better
supremetraz 19 hours ago
its fake but good
Ducky .o.
Ducky .o. Day ago
Bbooo booboo kisses UNU
Wow why so many 3! Op
This is fake guys
Aurora Artemis
Wait a sec...is this from his previous hospital vid?? He faked it with himself😂😂😂😂
The Lonely Alpaca
Every like equals one boo-boo kiss Every dislike equals a person poking his nose and asking him if it hurts
SmellTheL 2 days ago
I hate seeing him like this
JEDI 1390
JEDI 1390 2 days ago
Bro this video made me sneeze🤣
Bratty 2 days ago
I hope u are okay ilysm
Mckinley Sosebee
Mckinley Sosebee 2 days ago
just like deku
Maggie Gregory
Maggie Gregory 2 days ago
Here your boo boo kiss 👍
Griffen Depoe
Griffen Depoe 3 days ago
I think this video has a lot of dislikes cause they dont like to see Mark in pain...
louise allen
louise allen 3 days ago
Last year i. Was beaten up by a homeless woman and broke my nose you don’t need a cast for a broken nose or need to be in a bed I was in the emergency room waited ages to be seen in the waiting room then got discharged
Lukas Milašius
Lukas Milašius 3 days ago
He should blur the "Unnus Anus" part
Marcus Wong
Marcus Wong 3 days ago
I just recently broke my toe
Jaime Cantu
Jaime Cantu 4 days ago
Well he did actually once tho
Jaime Cantu
Jaime Cantu 4 days ago
U can so tell this is fake 😂 the nose thing isn’t even in his nose!
Emily W.
Emily W. 3 days ago
its supposed to be a joke lol
J Quizzle
J Quizzle 4 days ago
mark: lives and makes this video youtube: *"ill give you verified youtubers"*
SanicStudios 4 days ago
The most painful thing is how there's loads of people that legitimately still think this is real.
McMellon 2 days ago
And that there are people who are saying, "So ObViOuSlY fAkE!"
Pain Train
Pain Train 4 days ago
I like how the face is on another persons face
yole 4 days ago
his face is on his face
Unknown tinfoil
Unknown tinfoil 5 days ago
Hes so brave to fight a chair and walk away. I fought a table once and i was on the ground holding my pinkie toe. I give u boo boo kiss
Sans 5 days ago
Anybody agree to pay $1,000 to fix his nose
ElloSufi96 5 days ago
It’s totally a real hospital bed. Anyone who thinks it’s photoshopped are haters.
Wyatt Keller
Wyatt Keller 5 days ago
It is fake because nothing I’d moveing
ProxyMaster Day ago
Weasel art and Toasty rat
The chair cheated- HOW DARE HE! I CALL A RE-MATCH
Kermit Blogs
Kermit Blogs 6 days ago
i know that u were not in hospitsl
MrsStillChill 6 days ago
I’m expected more than two.
Mythical Gamer
Mythical Gamer 7 days ago
Why isnt his hair moving when his face is moving
Ronni Satterwhite
He's probably using a background
Madison 7 days ago
Kinsley's Channel
I put a boo boo kiss 💕💕💕
Jillian ramos
Jillian ramos 7 days ago
Me: its real 100% real also me: " looks at the tube on his neck *
Linda Rios
Linda Rios 7 days ago
lots boo boo kiss
Soda Pop
Soda Pop 7 days ago
theres only 735K BOO BOO KISSES?!!
Rifat anjum Prianto
This video is the only evidence of Unus Annus
Rifat anjum Prianto
@Orange_squid44 ahh man tysm for this. I forgot knew that, that video was on their channel.
Orange_squid44 6 days ago
Actually I’m pretty sure one video is still up it’s the obstacle course
CombatPlaysGT 7 days ago
He said the word bobokiss 12times..
Mr.Blueberry 7 days ago
haha funny
Abimelec Martinezcruz
I love how his face moves without the ears and upper hair. 10000000000% real no fake 1 link mediafire .jpg
HomieBoi 86
HomieBoi 86 7 days ago
Goddamn it mark, how many time do u break ur nose?!
Keira Sottolano
Keira Sottolano 8 days ago
Knew title: give me boo boo kisses
el michi kun
el michi kun 8 days ago
It's fake xd
Kile C
Kile C 8 days ago
Well, yeah, but he legitimately broke his nose
Michael carrasco
Michael carrasco 8 days ago
Bole shit booboo 💋
Spxice 8 days ago
Mr. Tree
Mr. Tree 8 days ago
Memento Mori for the OGs down here
Katie Bach
Katie Bach 9 days ago
booboo kisses
Michael G
Michael G 9 days ago
I love the fact that: A-there are many people who never will know what actually happened And B-there are many people who haven’t been around long enough with Mark to know that the body image is actually Mark as well.
George Cribb
George Cribb 9 days ago
No one: The pokemon name team: "Bubukis."
JohnAdds 9 days ago
0:19 , looks at his face. It's photoshopped the whole time...
ThatCreepJace 5 days ago
No shit
Hillel Kita
Hillel Kita 8 days ago
No shit sherlock
Kile C
Kile C 8 days ago
I mean, yeah, he's making a little joke, but either way, he legitimately broke his nose.
TheAngryPotato 2.0
the fact that this will be one of the only official notes of what kind of content unus annus made is hilarious
VladVlad2810 9 days ago
For the first 5 seconds i actually thought he was in the hospital... than i saw how photochoped it was
Michael G
Michael G 9 days ago
To be fair it is him. But with his face edited over his past face.
cynnakii 9 days ago
oh nonono poor baby with a poor nose oh how sad
Fell char 2.0
Fell char 2.0 9 days ago
I'm sorry but wtf is a full body nose cast
JaclynDiane 10 days ago
Got that LONG sphygmomanometer cuff I see. ;-)
ThatCreepJace 5 days ago
No shit sherlock
Razkanaz 9 days ago
Which part?
Afiq Mad
Afiq Mad 10 days ago
This video is fake Change my mind
ThatCoolGamer XX
ThatCoolGamer XX 10 days ago
700k boo boo kisses for mark LOL
MAD SHEEPz 10 days ago
"The chair got the upper hand because it cheated" I'm gonna have to use that next time.
Do Fu
Do Fu 11 days ago
Alternate title : mark persistently begs for boo boo kisses
Corn G
Corn G 11 days ago
Still not at a million boo boo kiss
Phantom Cat
Phantom Cat 11 days ago
If a like= a booboo kiss what’s a dislike do?
Nick - 666 シ
Nick - 666 シ 11 days ago
I really thought it was real-
Gaming With Drean Robinson
It’s fake
Luis The Man
Luis The Man 11 days ago
His nose breaking no... him being in the hospital yes...
Nikki Vazquez
Nikki Vazquez 11 days ago
Damn, these deepfakes are getting out of hand.
BendyInkDemon Vladimir
Pallawi Kumari
Pallawi Kumari 11 days ago
Its fake see his face
Afiq Mad
Afiq Mad 10 days ago
Its obviously a jokes
Geo Den
Geo Den 12 days ago
Maddi J
Maddi J 12 days ago
Boo boo kisses to you Mark!!
Chris Brown
Chris Brown 12 days ago
I love how in the future people will forget that it was recorded how Mark broke his nose and it was uploaded in a 17 Minutes video, this is what remains of a channel remembered by many.
Zack Dee
Zack Dee 12 days ago
At the bar: fighting with broken glass Mark:fighting a chair
Sean Wicker
Sean Wicker 12 days ago
Man people won't ever get to see what really happened anymore.
ham 2 days ago
i can only remember the 2nd time he broke his nose that damn hoop
AntMann 12 days ago
Only some people will have seen the truth to what happened.
Nyssa Rutherford
Nyssa Rutherford 12 days ago
boo boo kiss
Galaxy Films
Galaxy Films 12 days ago
You por nose
Pengmaeda 12 days ago
Wait....Whats Unus Annus?
Pengmaeda 7 days ago
@Rifat anjum Prianto I am telling you dude. I have no idea what This Unus Annus thing is nor did I make this comment 2 days after it’s death for comedic effect of being just exactly too late to the party.
Rifat anjum Prianto
Please tell me you are joking. And if you're not then what can I say you missed out a wonderful journey
Musha Luna
Musha Luna 9 days ago
Oh... _oh_ I'm sorry for your loss-
Ezra Reed
Ezra Reed 12 days ago
Youd have to have been there to understand
Channel Mayhem
Channel Mayhem 12 days ago
...you don’t wanna.
RoboCario 12 days ago
Just realise I saw u break ya nose the 2nd time in [ERROR CHANNEL DOESNT EXSIST] Memento Mori
RoboCario 12 days ago
Ik you mention the name of the channel in the video a.d littrelly explained that. But i just like saying ohh error .. tge channel doesn't exsist. Idk XD. But yea u hit that hoop reeeaaaal hard. U were too ambitious on the hoop.
Autumn 13 days ago
People will never know the truth. Now that Unas Annus has died. Miss the channel already 😥
69 420
69 420 13 days ago
Unus Annus is dead. ☹️
kamyr mohseni
kamyr mohseni 13 days ago
Mikael Challender
Mikael Challender 13 days ago
R.I.P Unus Annus :(
Evelyn Kay
Evelyn Kay 13 days ago
People who become fans of Markiplier later will watch this and hear: "we were filming an Unus Annus video.." and have no clue what that is, and will be unable to find a video, even this one he talks about, broke his nose in.. but us, my fellow Unus Annus it-wasnt-a-cult-but-it-was followers.. WE WERE HERE MEMENTO MORI UNUS ANNUS ☠☠🖤🤍🖤🤍🖤🤍☠☠
JustGamingForLife 13 days ago
This is to good of photoshop for me to say it 100& fake
Lmaooooooo mad much?
Afiq Mad
Afiq Mad 10 days ago
No sh*t sherlock
Bot TacoMan
Bot TacoMan 13 days ago
What's unus annus ;)
Hailee Clawson
Hailee Clawson 13 days ago
memento mori
ShockTheBear Felton
That is fake but his nose is broken sorry mark
Jerey The Gundam Luna
Does anyone even notice the tube running up mark's neck? 😂🤣
Afiq Mad
Afiq Mad 10 days ago
No sh*t sherlock
baddie b camaraderie
everyone who didnt watch unus annus in time: ????
EricZ Khan
EricZ Khan 13 days ago
The way he says boobookiss...
Lazar Mihajlovic
Lazar Mihajlovic 13 days ago
This has 4 million views
Armless Copito2910
Armless Copito2910 13 days ago
Memento mori to Mark's nose. 😞 A cruel reminder of what we lost.
orca_whale123 13 days ago
I knew it was fake i can tell by the photoshop lol
Afiq Mad
Afiq Mad 10 days ago
No sh*t sherlock
Judah Forrester
Judah Forrester 13 days ago
This is soo sad now unus Annus is gone
Lleyah Waller
Lleyah Waller 13 days ago
Coming back to this video now, the lyra hoop DID get obliterated. What a wild time, Mark is that powerful. Memento Mori the lyra hoop...
miscellaneous dreams
the last evidence of unus annus on markipliers channel
Something Secret Only For Friends
This is the last video abour unus annus Memento Mori.
*- Andy -*
*- Andy -* 13 days ago
You actally have a beatiful voice- 😅
Emily Ocean
Emily Ocean 13 days ago
Salty Jayden
Salty Jayden 13 days ago
at least this isn’t deleted
tricky tiger
tricky tiger 13 days ago
so is the tube going into his neck?
Goat Man
Goat Man 13 days ago
This is how many times he said boo boo kisses 👇
Spicy Burritos
Spicy Burritos 13 days ago
Lmao stfu