I FIND DIAMOND... | Minecraft - Part 6 

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I finally found some glorious DIAMOND and I mine it very very correctly. Very Correctly. With the right tool. The exact right tool for the job...
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Jun 15, 2020




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Comments 100   
Stacey Cherry
Stacey Cherry 2 hours ago
I heard my name.. What did I do?
Sanath Gunasena
Sanath Gunasena 3 hours ago
you mined diamonz from a stone pick axxxxxxx
Jeremiah Piper
Jeremiah Piper 8 hours ago
I didn’t say that his floor was bad but my name got called out still :l
Jeremiah Piper
Jeremiah Piper 8 hours ago
Your vids are great mark btw keep it up UwU
Howdy 2 Googl Plex quintillion quadrillion Partner
ZI am going to find some diamonds and I’m going to find some diamonds I’m going to find some dormant usually steer reimbursed
matej Kufa
matej Kufa Day ago
j00nie nvm
j00nie nvm Day ago
pls his "im gonna find a diamond" was scary
james coleman
Oh well then why don’t you just look up with glass panes are real because they are
Kay Kay
Kay Kay 2 days ago
Am i the only one who likes the song 🎵 🎶"I'm gonna find a diamond,I'm gonna find a diamond."🎶😌
Slasher Plays
Slasher Plays 2 days ago
Woah that timelapse That timelapse was sick That was like the best timelapse I've ever seen in my life That was just a nuts timelapse from start to finish
Sofia Alvarado
Sofia Alvarado 2 days ago
Christian Simpson
When i started minecraft 4 years ago i mined diamond with a wooden picaxe 😆😂 and wondered why there was nothing 😁😂😁😂😆
gacha dema
gacha dema 2 days ago
wow a we-wa 😂😂😂😂 yo yo yo yo yo XD
JAYLIN DIAZ 25 3 days ago
mark : blah blah blah ... was that time-lapse good
SpecialDork 3 days ago
My dud has diamonds but doesnt have a roofq🤦‍♀️
Sis jus mad
Sis jus mad 4 days ago
*and I have no roof.*
Zephyr McClellan
Zephyr McClellan 5 days ago
the choir of lixians was the best thing omggg
DaKrazyKiaju 57
DaKrazyKiaju 57 5 days ago
can we all agree that lixian is the best editer
Duralid 7 days ago
7:40, p a i n.
Spark the cat
Spark the cat 8 days ago
8:42 Lixian's face killed me. LMFAO
Steph B
Steph B 8 days ago
Heh you have no roof
Jordan Allen
Jordan Allen 9 days ago
I need more hole -Markiplier 2020
Pahrisgamaliel Delaysla
Jerymaya is accually a youtuber from philipines 2:21
Leonidas1520 YT
Leonidas1520 YT 9 days ago
Woah that time lapse- that time lapse was sick that time lapse was like the best time lapse I’ve ever seen in my life! That was just a nuts time lapse from start to finish
Delma Mandar
Delma Mandar 10 days ago
good work mark lol
Nagami M
Nagami M 10 days ago
Just to make mark feel better- woah bro, that time lapse? That time lapse was cRaZy
Divesh Chand
Divesh Chand 11 days ago
Who else was screaming MARK STOP YOU NEED AN IRON PICKAXE!!!!!
Blizzard 12 days ago
I wonder if Markiplier ever saw the final video.
SammyPoops :D
SammyPoops :D 12 days ago
why does he have his shield not equipped?
M̶i̶s̶h̶a̶a̶ S̶h̶i̶r̶o̶m̶i̶ K̶ᴜn⃠
Minecraft: lets just say the forbidden word.. Markiplier: DIAMONDS! minecraft: hahaha /clear minecraft: after that /give @s stone_pickaxe.
The Potato Kouncil
The Potato Kouncil 13 days ago
Mark near lava - *panik* Mark finds diamond - kalm Mark takes out stone pick - *pAniK*
Chromebroke 14 days ago
billy_jimmy_jeremiah_abigail_stacy remember that he will never forget or forgive you.
Reynolds Family Maynooth
Whos here in 2021
Zer0 Cyber
Zer0 Cyber 15 days ago
Mark: *has diamonds* Me: HOW DOES HE NOT HAVE A DOG YET!!!
sweet potatoes
sweet potatoes 15 days ago
I felt literal pain when he mined those diamonds with a stone pickaxe
Xander Harrison
Xander Harrison 16 days ago
That time laps was amazing
phoenix polk
phoenix polk 16 days ago
we need to get markiplier to 28 mil sub
Young Sidon
Young Sidon 16 days ago
Wowwaweewaa Yoiooooooooing Is the noise I now make, whenever I find diamond. My friends have now mine for iron
Punkzs 16 days ago
fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck why mark why did you mine the diamonds with a stone pickaxe
SkyRose 16 days ago
Ik I’m late but like That time lapse was siick That time lapse was so cool
bardock UwU
bardock UwU 17 days ago
walter dog
walter dog 17 days ago
the title is yes
XxConorDalyxX 17 days ago
7:39 This scene hurts sooo much 💎⛏❌
Thrasher 18 days ago
10:58 Ummmmm.....
Ares Tang
Ares Tang 19 days ago
Worng pixccka
Revanti Dongre
Revanti Dongre 19 days ago
When mark mined the diamond with the stone picaxe I literally had a heart attack
Memes haha funny
Memes haha funny 19 days ago
I legitimately was happy when he said proud of you
Rhianon Everwood
Rhianon Everwood 19 days ago
Don’t worry man happens to the best of us I tried to mine Redstone with a stone pickax one time didn’t make that mistake again once you learn the hard way the first time you never forget
Wolfie Gorl
Wolfie Gorl 19 days ago
People are actually bulling for having dirt floors I think humanity has hit a new rockbottom
Denki’s_ baby
Denki’s_ baby 19 days ago
When he saw the diamonds we gasped at the same time 😂
Ange T
Ange T 20 days ago
hey mark remember that creeper that almost blew your diamonds if he did what will you be: 1. Angry 2. Sad 3. Crazy 4. Rage Quit Pick your Choice
Nina _
Nina _ 20 days ago
*Zooms in on Mark making a stone pickax while looking for diamonds* Me: *already knows what's gonna happen because I watch w a y too many compilations*
Black Hooda
Black Hooda 21 day ago
Don't mind me imma just puttin' all the "I'm gonna find the diamonds" time-lapse scenes. 3:41 4:31 5:29 (High pitch) 5:57 (Low pitch) 6:48 (Reversed) 10:24 (Reversed 2)
whataaa 22 days ago
I saw this in a montage only to come here to find out it really happened
Brothers of Chaos
Brothers of Chaos 23 days ago
*Mark starts mining diamond with stone pickaxe* Me watching at 2:30AM: "MARK NO!"
SolidSnakeSister 16
Mark: "Shut up its fine" *breaks ankle" Me: yea its perfectly fine
Ophelia The Golden
Ophelia The Golden 24 days ago
You mean the dude who said ahem* "me(Actually not me) looks at marks floor..Haha *poor*" NOT MY WORDS!
Lily Virusis FireGlaze
I’m convinced Lixian is a comedic god
ssophia 24 days ago
"I'm not stupid" *calls chest a box*
Mr.Spoontastic 24 days ago
i almost cried mark NOOOOOOO
The 14th Doctor, Comments Editon
Mark makes a stone pickaxe *theres trouble in the air you can smell it* but lixian is on his own, ill let him tell it.
Rachel Gomez
Rachel Gomez 24 days ago
can i just say.... Vixen is a genius, i need to know where i can find edits on his channel or something :> cause....... wow its just the edits there so good :>
935 Mc
935 Mc 25 days ago
I agree with mark about how shields get in your way of ur view
MC Draws
MC Draws 25 days ago
I aspire to be like Lixian. The kind of editor that the content creator interacts with in the middle of recording sessions. That just seems so fun and adds a fun layer of entertainment to Mark’s videos :)
Sniff Boi
Sniff Boi 25 days ago
The anger that I feel inside
Sketch _er
Sketch _er 25 days ago
The silence of Lixian being terrified is too good, I laughed really hard.
kaleb boliver
kaleb boliver 26 days ago
markiplier is ultimate life form, he is a true god. he can make any point a good moment in history. he shall be worshiped. he is my god
Lisa Strauch
Lisa Strauch 26 days ago
cranky doodle dude
cranky doodle dude 26 days ago
6:25 here we see the caveman suprised by the lava
Settro Blu
Settro Blu 26 days ago
Why does Lixian looks like Mark's imaginary friend the whole time
YourLocalHugDealer 26 days ago
Man that time-lapse was amazing. I'll remember that for the rest of my life.
Mizu-Chan 26 days ago
Mark, you'd be good for doing movie trailers.
joao arthur
joao arthur 26 days ago
mark: mines diamonts with stone pic me: OH NO OH NO NO NO 😥😖😱
Sean Downs
Sean Downs 27 days ago
Can you play echo
Chokoboh 27 days ago
The fundament of your walls is still DIRT!!! How dare you?? >:D
Australian Crocodle
"Your so dumb you're mining diamonds with a stone pickaxe!"
Mike Dubo
Mike Dubo 27 days ago
Okay, to be fair, I wouldn't have known about the rules of pickaxes to diamonds either. Seems kinda stupid, when you think about it.
Shex Sardar
Shex Sardar 27 days ago
Fucking oh my gosh you're so lucky you can find diamonds or gold the most golden yellow things and useless Diamonds Are Not useless ok just just listen to me no I mean you can make or you where you can make the running tracks out of it make those
Trash Hoops
Trash Hoops 27 days ago
I love Lixian’s editing lmao
Code_Gamer 27 days ago
me: *mines diamonds with iron pickaxe* mark: *mines diamonds with a stone pickage* me: *jumps off a high place*
Jonas King
Jonas King 28 days ago
He needs to be on y-coordinate 12
Jonas King
Jonas King 28 days ago
Jonas King
Jonas King 28 days ago
He could’ve made a diamond pick ax in a shovelAnd a lot more
Jonas King
Jonas King 28 days ago
I like how he found iron and could’ve made an iron pickax but he decided to mine it was stone
Jonas King
Jonas King 28 days ago
Mine it with stone
Jonas King
Jonas King 28 days ago
He probably missed like 20 million diamonds
Jonas King
Jonas King 28 days ago
He was below the lava which means the diamonds are above the law
Jonas King
Jonas King 28 days ago
Jonas King
Jonas King 28 days ago
Dude he’s not mining on the correct coordinates
Jonas King
Jonas King 28 days ago
Is lexian Ethan
tydye the wolf
tydye the wolf 28 days ago
M o r e H o l e
Rachael McKay
Rachael McKay 28 days ago
I was so triggered when one diamond stone pickax !!
Venus Covus
Venus Covus 28 days ago
watching him figure all this out makes happy
Lame 29 days ago
I like how all his other tools are iron except for the pickaxe
FiNea 29 days ago
I swear at 9:13 he's saying "yoyoyoyoyo" It made me laugh so hard
Angery Grey boi
Angery Grey boi 29 days ago
6:26 When the Sims Talk
bambi 29 days ago
the fear that vent through my body when i saw mark equip a stone pickaxe when he saw diamonds
blæk 29 days ago
it hurt my soul so much when he mined diamonds with a stone pickaxe...
Simp-a-licious 29 days ago
His diamond song was ✨AWESOME✨
Abbigail Lilly
Abbigail Lilly 29 days ago
Mark said Abbigail and I looked at him and we made eye contact and I was intimidated
Scrumbo 3
Scrumbo 3 29 days ago
His face at 0:00
Kymani Stephen
Kymani Stephen 29 days ago
Can u pls play among us
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