I'M THE MONSTER NOW... | In Silence 

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You better watch out everyone... I'm the monster now and I can hear you...
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Nov 21, 2020




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Gints 13 hours ago
wait what when you played killer its easy to see XD
Gints 13 hours ago
games like this arent fun if you cant start winning as survivor, you should take time to get used to maps and such. i havent played the game but its obviously not fun to lose over and over agains, its not supposed to only be fun as killer. it was like that with dead by daylight for me too.
theoandthetrio 23 hours ago
reanimated6 Day ago
markiplier u should play this with jackseptceye coryxkenshin lauren and kubscoutz!
Big NoNo Square
I watched jacks video and had no idea that mark was behind him when he put down the bear trap so that’s funny
Muhammad Aisar
Muhammad Aisar 2 days ago
The thumbnail make me scare
quarrent 2 days ago
B4ngFargl3 2 days ago
The first time I played i was the rake and I had no idea what to do
Spencer Lowe
Spencer Lowe 3 days ago
You have to find some middle ground between normal talking and push to talk
jacob Schug
jacob Schug 3 days ago
1:24 I died laughing when he stepped on the squeaky toy and his face was priceless 🤣 🤣
Caleb Williams
Caleb Williams 3 days ago
Yall cant lie at 17:17 the flash-bang went perfect wen mark knew he was lying 😭
Manon Normanniae
Manon Normanniae 5 days ago
Vraiment excellent! Le coup du "la prochaine fois tu ferais mieux d'éteindre ta flashlight"... J'espère qu'il y aura des mises à jours!
Mynameisnotjames 5 days ago
What are you work!?!?- Markiplooyer
yan yami
yan yami 6 days ago
What The rakes sees is what i see 24/7 without glasses.
wolf_ girl ???
wolf_ girl ??? 7 days ago
I gunna try to get the game I'm not scrard
Nadeem Ramjaun
Nadeem Ramjaun 7 days ago
subscribed to peidiepie
Nadeem Ramjaun
Nadeem Ramjaun 7 days ago
hum ok my fried
Kevin Mccarrick
Kevin Mccarrick 8 days ago
Anyone else notice when mark started checking himself out and flexin them big marky arms
rice bowl
rice bowl 8 days ago
15:52 The way Sean says hi is cute XD
Kazuichi Soda -My AU-
i like how at the end, lixian made the monsters head go B o p to the beat XD Also mark i agree with you a lot. even though its blurry, heck it looks amazing
george senpai
george senpai 9 days ago
amazing '
Manya S
Manya S 10 days ago
is no one gonna talk about the extremely disturbing thumbnail? that sh!ts gonna come in my nightmares xD
Sherry 11 days ago
And Im free.... Oh, hi
Judy Sinclair
Judy Sinclair 11 days ago
Darkiplier? Is that you?
Jayde Cobler
Jayde Cobler 11 days ago
It's like a twisted game of among us...
Howling Wolf
Howling Wolf 12 days ago
I like how Mark's voice changed when he became the monster.
Three Raccoons in a Trenchcoat
"Word of advice: Turn off your flashlight next time." [Pause] [Flashlight clicks] [MURDER]
Goose Was here
Goose Was here 12 days ago
I was here *HJONK*
The Police
The Police 12 days ago
I thought this was dead by daylight gor a minute lol
elxr 94
elxr 94 13 days ago
Your supposed to leave press to talk off
Why couldn’t he kill anyone
M M 13 days ago
Go away u don’t wanna be here! Oh alright
Keegan Bowing
Keegan Bowing 13 days ago
corpze would e good at this
Stale Fries
Stale Fries 13 days ago
15:52 I love how mark brought out rp skills on the rake, he took the rakes of course unsettling self but gave it almost like it's own character and emotion, he deserves all of the chefs kisses
bad ohsem
bad ohsem 14 days ago
can we all play as player and AI be the monster? Please answer me..
Emma Wilcox
Emma Wilcox 14 days ago
it was wholesome when seán said "my light was off this time"
Demiro Tomaju
Demiro Tomaju 14 days ago
"if i pee while i run he'll never catch me!"
Azizullah Khan
Azizullah Khan 16 days ago
mark wick
Giran 0
Giran 0 16 days ago
That dub step run was the best
Osceola Little
Osceola Little 17 days ago
Mark: being quiet and silent. The toy on the ground: allow me to introduce myself.
The 40k Boyz
The 40k Boyz 17 days ago
This is definitely the worlds quietest lets play
_J a d e_
_J a d e_ 17 days ago
This feels so weird listening with earbuds or headphones-
SCP - 049
SCP - 049 17 days ago
He just threw a rock at jack
FreeRealEstate 18 days ago
It’s like watching a “quiet place”
I love Water Thank you
He’s not making no more videos of in silence
Nathan 2x4
Nathan 2x4 19 days ago
The only monster is rake
DarkAlphaPlays 19 days ago
Survivors can flashbang WAYYY to much. to much batteries
Z3abiii 19 days ago
nice vid 👌🏽
Squidnugget65 20 days ago
Nobody: Mark: "Hello...?"
CasKat 20 days ago
"And I'm Free"
Determination Terminal
this was also good .... all the videos are going to my funny list
evan griffith
evan griffith 21 day ago
The earsplitting shake intriguinly vanish because south korea actually hug notwithstanding a upbeat plantation. puzzled, simplistic property
diamond_miner 69
diamond_miner 69 21 day ago
The thumbnail is cursed
Faeran Robillard
Faeran Robillard 21 day ago
MASON GRIMM 22 days ago
9:32 Markiplier: I AM SPED
Jacob Anderson
Jacob Anderson 22 days ago
Mark: "Word of advice, maybe next time turn off your flashlight" ...clicks off*
Svasta pomalo
Svasta pomalo 22 days ago
Great game
BobaSauce 23 days ago
This is a game about A Quiet Place lol
Madison Conley
Madison Conley 24 days ago
For sure do this again together do more vids together again please 🥺
Snails Noob
Snails Noob 24 days ago
Literally thum nail makes him look like a tree
Tariman 24 days ago
this dude lost in his first rival encounter in Pokemon for sure
jennifer floyd
jennifer floyd 24 days ago
People with headphones watching this- >>
dobble wooble
dobble wooble 25 days ago
9:03 scared me to death
케빈스타일 25 days ago
9:15 best part LMAO
Hawkes Jefferson
Hawkes Jefferson 25 days ago
l thetuerkgamer
l thetuerkgamer 25 days ago
9:30 yooo that's sick music! What's it called?
Polish Cream King
Polish Cream King 26 days ago
2:39 mark is too big brain for this game 😂
robotic pro777
robotic pro777 27 days ago
When i play tag with my friends and need to eun 9:16
robotic pro777
robotic pro777 27 days ago
Grayson Conley
Grayson Conley 27 days ago
Mark, afterword: says he can't see anything during the rainstorm During the rainstorm on screen: perfect clarity for the monster's sight, but loses the ability to hear. The thing about the rainstorm element to the game, during the rainstorm the monster will no longer be, practically, blind, but it will lose it's main sense, hearing...
Kermit E. Frog
Kermit E. Frog 27 days ago
why is it even more terrifying when the killers just talk like normal bros
Octo sponge
Octo sponge 27 days ago
I love that intense fail of a run away
Sindy Gerber
Sindy Gerber 27 days ago
The worried farm incidentally blot because modem specifically strengthen next a third leopard. placid, ultra handle
moof760 loofy
moof760 loofy 28 days ago
9:15 i cant stop luaghing at this part
DELETE THE THOTS 28 days ago
╭┈┈┈┈╯    ╰┈┈┈╮   ╰┳┳╯     ╰┳┳╯    💧       💧    💧       💧       ╰┈┈╯    💧 ╭━━━━━╮ 💧
Natan Luiza
Natan Luiza 28 days ago
It would be cool to have the monsters from Where the Wild Things Are in stead of whatever that thing is. Those creatures always tripped me out when I was a kid
3:43 keep watching
Toby Wainleft
Toby Wainleft 28 days ago
If I pee while I run he'll never catch me! SPEEEEEED!
HNR shi
HNR shi 29 days ago
Is that bumbum in pubg
GlossyButDazed 29 days ago
Your friendly neighbourhood monster! 7:10
Sonicgamer 999
Sonicgamer 999 29 days ago
I can’t take the rake seriously, like one second everybody’s vibin’ and the next IS A FUCKING RKO OUTTA NOWHERE
Noah Dobbs
Noah Dobbs 29 days ago
they changed the price to 7.99 instead of 9.99
Rei 29 days ago
9:31 someone clip this
Diego Miguel
Diego Miguel Month ago
You should play this game more.
Charkit Month ago
5:59 that was like a horror movie scene
Becky Burchett
Becky Burchett Month ago
R . I . P me I was watching at full volume.
edgelord 5000
edgelord 5000 Month ago
Anyone: "GO AWAY" Wade as the monster: *k bai*
Cy Nalley
Cy Nalley Month ago
This game looks like Bird Box all over again.
Secret_Character S.C
9:16 name of music ?
Spooderman Month ago
9:12 Now this is what i call, a pro gamer move
Enchanted_ CodyBanks
What I love about this group is how despite being against eachother they will show eachother and tell how the game works
Derp Krimson
Derp Krimson Month ago
12:47 was this the thing you clicked on
Dboiplays 06
Dboiplays 06 Month ago
A Quiet Place: The Game
Mike the Knight
Mike the Knight Month ago
I swear some of the arguing that happens between everyone shows you they are friends
a disappointment i guess
You would think the rake would have great vision at night considering that it hunts in the night but alrighty
Indie Flower
Indie Flower Month ago
I love how Mark plays the game seriously then as soon as he is found his brain just goes dumb
Edit Tyler
Edit Tyler Month ago
Give me ideas
Legit - troll - killer
Please make an Mark animated series for this. Please
Reason97 Month ago
They should change how the blindness and sound mechanic works I think. Maybe something more echolocation-y? The more noise there is in an area, the clearer that area becomes?
Bailee Grill
Bailee Grill Month ago
Mark is a real softie ain't he?
Brittany Morris
Brittany Morris Month ago
Does anyone know what's on Mark's shirt?
TayValkyrie 27 days ago
camp unus annus. special merch for a now dead collab channel he did with crankgameplays
Mortal Kombat Clones