I'M IN HELL... | Pogostuck 

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Why... why do I put myself through these things... so much rage...
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Jul 21, 2020




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Comments 100   
Yana Shah
Yana Shah Day ago
23:33 when he said times up, I got flashbacks Definitely and Annus move Memento Mori
Aditya Negi
Aditya Negi Day ago
Yes, mark you were among the flowers
Haydin Mesuna
Haydin Mesuna 2 days ago
"I wish I could say the Markiplier you know, and love was coming back..." Is this why we're getting videos about corn and flashlights?
Hairy Man of Scutchalo
The longer I watch this series the more I feel like I am a sadist
Mardade Mardadee
Mardade Mardadee 9 days ago
Mark being crazy be like: was among the flowers I was among the flowers HA HA HA iwasamongtheflowes I AM A FLOWER!!!
Mardade Mardadee
Mardade Mardadee 9 days ago
He’s crying I’m laughing at him crying hahaha
Rayzer Maniac
Rayzer Maniac 10 days ago
I admit that its a terribly bad habit of mine that watching someone do really bad at a game doesn't stay funny for long. It gets really annoying watching Mark get so far only to royally screw up and he basically let's himself fall all the way back down without trying to recover and stop the falling. This level should be split into segments. Make each safe ish zone a checkpoint that is like the furthest you fall if you make a mistake. I think Mark should just give up on this game. Some people can do these in under 5 minutes. Some people are just better at things than others. This is not Marks speciality. As I am writing this I am also stil watching and I just noticed Mark is back down at the bed after getting so far. What the actual hell!!
Alex Malix
Alex Malix 10 days ago
Alternate title: Down with the Slipness
mohammad akbari
mohammad akbari 11 days ago
Rohin Rajesh
Rohin Rajesh 13 days ago
22:22 😂😂 that fall was devastating
Doughnuts -_-
Doughnuts -_- 14 days ago
I didnt like the video but my ears are still there Also i am 10 so....... Thats a bit wiered for me
Tumbler 14 days ago
What is the head at 2:23? I really want to see what happens if you go over there.
Doughnuts -_-
Doughnuts -_- 15 days ago
I was among the flowers
LittleSamu 16 days ago
I was among the flours
Kira and Ace
Kira and Ace 16 days ago
Mark, if it makes you feel any better I can't make it passed the bones in the first map
CoffeeOverdose 17 days ago
8:26 What? sorry didn't quite get that. You were among the what?
Mr. G h o s t
Mr. G h o s t 17 days ago
1% of the chat: talking about Mark raging* 99% of the rest of the chat: *I WAS AMONG THE F L O W E R S-*
LexiEyesUnicorn 18 days ago
Mark is going to die streaming a rage game.
Mogozuart 19 days ago
I wonder which game mark thinks is worse pogostuck or bennet foddy
Jn 21 day ago
“All I ask is for you to be consistent; if not, STOP PRETENDING LIKE YOU ARE”. If that ain’t people irl. Much realism.
Jn 21 day ago
9:21 😀😔
Akula 966
Akula 966 24 days ago
1:02 Very musical rage, Markimoo.
Alejandro Marquez
Alejandro Marquez 24 days ago
*Mark:* i'm wanna be among the flowers *Game:* are you sure?... mmhh ok ._. (22:32) *Game:* There you have your flowers, don't thank me, i'm glad to help
Connor Schakosky
Connor Schakosky 24 days ago
Ivana B
Ivana B 24 days ago
Dumb people: the imposter was among us Smart people: Markiplier was among the flowers
Nicholas Kulikowski
if mark ever went to hell his hell would be to do a full run of pogostuck without his character getting hurt once on both maps in a row
MisonIsGone 25 days ago
*Give me those ears*
DDRTV 27 days ago
yay hate
Drew 29 days ago
Ah the good days before mark cheated 😂
Kirk Ellis
Kirk Ellis Month ago
Honest to god u have the patience of a saint id never have gotten that far coz I would have killed and been put in jail hence why I don't play these games proud of u bud 🤣
Chris D
Chris D Month ago
Just look at the flowers, Markie.
seriesly Month ago
"Big fludder bitch get out of here" i'm dying 8:42
Frost Boss216
Frost Boss216 Month ago
Lixian never fails to make me laugh with his editing.
NicoG Month ago
hey... where's your red stapler?
Benjamin Yeager
Benjamin Yeager Month ago
that pore water bottle
Benjamin Yeager
Benjamin Yeager Month ago
When wade plays pogostuck: I love this game When mark plays pogostuck: WHY CANT I GET TO THE FLOWERS AND LADYBUGS!?!?
Ack Ack
Ack Ack Month ago
18:11 is when marks loses all sanity
Runa Rindo
Runa Rindo Month ago
*class in progress* *Mark starts laughing maniacally* Teacher:Mark are you ok? Mark:yeah I just thought of a joke *Teacher continues class* *Few minutes later Mark starts maniacally laughing again* Teacher:Mark? Mark: sorry I remembered the joke again. Teacher:Care to share the joke with us?
music Studio
music Studio Month ago
Larry Kan
Larry Kan Month ago
Markiplier = fuger man (funny + rager = fuger)
꧁DaltyOh꧂ Month ago
2:05 is it just me or does he sound like Ethan just being Ethan?
TheRingedGames Month ago
23:30 The moment i almost died of laughter
Harry Mason
Harry Mason Month ago
Based on customer reviews this game is now part of the government's enhanced interrogation program.
ZeekerDog Month ago
I am watching this high and this is epic
sebastiao marques smithard
At the end lol
Ms. Anonymous
Ms. Anonymous Month ago
Lixian should've done a count of just "among the flowers"
Gryfith Sparrow
Gryfith Sparrow Month ago
21:53 why does he lowkey kinda sound like a deeper voiced comic book guy from the simpsons tho
Tyler Robinson
Tyler Robinson Month ago
14:33 you made the common mistake of downloading the worst fricking game imaginable to mankind
Wuld Wuld Gaming
Anyone else getting the sense of a headache from Mark's headache
Rin bean
Rin bean Month ago
Drinking game: take a shot every time mark says "i was among the flowers"😈
mirrorsedgy Month ago
im just like you mark, when you're someone that doesn't give up you just tear yourself down until your nothing but a husk
Jeff Forso
Jeff Forso Month ago
he is broken
Duo Strikes
Duo Strikes Month ago
heres a question, do you hate this game as much or more then getting over it? also, i don't think the pogostick has a stickiness problem, its very solid most of the time, its just its hitbox is very janky at the bottom and said jankiness is more obvious when you hit stuff upside down.
Natalie Zamora
Natalie Zamora Month ago
I was among the flowers that's skit always gets me
RYLzArieSz Month ago
It's a poggostuck, not a poggoslip. I really do think it's a bug
IGANEz Month ago
Satan last words before get thrown out from heaven: !I WAS AMONG FLOWERS!
Izaah Cruz
Izaah Cruz Month ago
Hey mark I just want to say you don't have to play this anymore this is starting to be sad but if not? Then please don't do anything you will regret? So have a nice day mark! 😔
Dylan ಠ_ಠ
Dylan ಠ_ಠ Month ago
Guys I think he was among the flowers 🧐🧐🧐
To be honest if I made a game I would hide a backdoor system to screw with famous players to watch them later react to it
Unknown Person
Unknown Person Month ago
“Who’s calling me right now?, who dares to call me right now? Go a thousand miles away” *The person who’s calling is Amy*
NLG4 Month ago
You Markiplier fans
NLG4 Month ago
Who’s gonna watch this in 2050
Steven Lozada
Steven Lozada Month ago
Netflix: "are you still there?" Someone's daughter: 9:24
Toby Ray
Toby Ray Month ago
"i was among the flowers" doesn't even sound like words anymore
Tony Pringles
Tony Pringles Month ago
Hes turning insane
꧁༺Wolflez eve ༻꧂
Rodrick Gore
Rodrick Gore Month ago
Mark over here talking polls and how they make it harder to vote
Zefzec Month ago
Mark has gone insane
Noahknowswhat `
Noahknowswhat ` Month ago
turn this video to 2x and this vid will sound like a mobile game ad or eminem rap god
Splite _
Splite _ Month ago
This is all of the voices of markipler. Who killed markipler2?
IdkHonestly Month ago
"I dont understand, *intense moaning* " - Markiplier
thealvindan Month ago
I'm still waiting for I was among the flowers shirt and/or hoodie
Lil Dino
Lil Dino Month ago
Mark:I am among the flowers The flowers: there's an imposter among us
•Madeus •
•Madeus • 2 months ago
He was among the flowers
dang, he was remembering those hilarious jokes that have been only told in rumors and legends
EmceeCh4p 2 months ago
I take it you were among the flowers?
Chandrasenan M.R
Chandrasenan M.R 2 months ago
I have a challenge for you every time mark fails hit yourself with a nerf dart promise me I did this and I almost gave up on life
Chandrasenan M.R
Chandrasenan M.R 2 months ago
Ps start from the first episode
John Hajje
John Hajje 2 months ago
Pogostuck: Inconsistently inconsistent Getting Over It: *CONSITENTLY INCONSISTENT!!!*
Austin Hill
Austin Hill 2 months ago
1:43 loses mind. Couple seconds later... Sorry thought of something really funny there! 🤔
Just A Proxy
Just A Proxy 2 months ago
I love lixian so much. The stopping and starting of the "I was among the flowers" counter when Mark started to say it but paused for a moment is such a beautiful thing to me.
Limey lemon
Limey lemon 2 months ago
1:44 imagine if thats how people normally laughed..
Faris Hakim
Faris Hakim 2 months ago
*Mark saying I was among the flowers* Me: *Looks at the movie The Aviator* *Looks back at Mark* Also me: Hol up
Leeland Mash
Leeland Mash 2 months ago
Mark seems like he would be at a psychiatric ward and all he would do is scream," I WAS AMONG THE FLOWERS!"
Mitro 89
Mitro 89 2 months ago
Darkiplier is realy scary.
John Smith
John Smith 2 months ago
Mark is daddy! 3:36 Daddy gets scawwy sometimes...
Muzan Kibutsuji
Muzan Kibutsuji 2 months ago
Mark: I belong among the flowers Pogostuck: there are flowers at the beginning you know
Yaktoss 7894
Yaktoss 7894 2 months ago
I can now say I watched a man lose his mind for twenty three minutes and 3 seconds
Derpi Booru The Commenter
Alternate title: *"Mark vs The Devs: The Secret of Insanity"*
Bbeaucha88 2 months ago
The Devs watching this at first thought it was soooo funny. They were likely gutting themselves laughing. Then halfway through this video... DEVS: We've gone too far. We have broken this man.
Along Came Sonic
Along Came Sonic 2 months ago
is it bad that I want someone to edit these videos so that you see Retsuko from Agretsuko in the face cam.
RussianSpy 666
RussianSpy 666 2 months ago
Marks talking to this game like he’s about to have a messy divorce with it.
Dr.Phantom Lab
Dr.Phantom Lab 2 months ago
Guys can I ask? What is that on 11:42(sorry I didn't play yet)
Andrew 2 months ago
the absolute SPEED that i just liked this video- but my ears.. they didnt make it..
Thanatos 2 months ago
Use me as a Mark Hug number
Thanatos 2 months ago
There are two kinds of people. People who call mark People who know marks number, and choose not to disturb him
MrSportscollector 2 months ago
At 22:35 Mark is again one with the flowers.
SaladFish 2 months ago
The five stages of Markiplier rage: 1.) “Could get worse” rage 2.) Struggling to stay calm 3.) “It got worse” rage 4.) Out of place positivity 5.) Hysteria, conspiracy theories
Snoop Dogg The Certified G
that 2nd "im immune" really got me
DoodleDoll 101
DoodleDoll 101 2 months ago
16:06 DARK?!?!? 😱😱😱
DoodleDoll 101
DoodleDoll 101 2 months ago
I was among the flowers x24