I'M ALONE AND SCARED | The Convenience Store 

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What would you do if you found yourself in the middle of a haunted situation at a convenience store in the middle of the night?!
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Feb 22, 2020




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Tiago Cerqueira
Tiago Cerqueira 2 hours ago
15:45 if the bully and the nerd of the class merged to form ''Mecha-Nerd'', this would be its punch line
Ol' Smokey
Ol' Smokey 10 hours ago
So I guess rambling and repeating the same thing four or five times in a row counts as comedy huh?
⟦ Ryun ⟧
⟦ Ryun ⟧ Day ago
oh that's made by terror engine????
Victor Thomas
Victor Thomas 2 days ago
8:17 they really pulled a fnaf on you didn't they mark
Emma Mac
Emma Mac 3 days ago
mark woke up today and chose violence. against rats.
why creepy
why creepy 3 days ago
F*** Samsu‌ng
Miguel Christian
Miguel Christian 3 days ago
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Blue 3 days ago
with his voice i will buy anything.
jana mogy
jana mogy 4 days ago
Don't say anything wrong mark
August Walker
August Walker 4 days ago
I think this game was made by the devs who made Okaeri, which Jacksepticeye played not long ago
relive911 4 days ago
for some reason my game doesn't let me click on the expired food. like how am i supposed to play if the game is glitching.
Julia Peña
Julia Peña 4 days ago
20:16-20:26 sorry that’s just funny for me
queff 4 days ago
this is a good example of my first time in retail, sheer horror as I avoid every customer so I don’t have to memorize where the aisles are
Lady Angedevimon
Lady Angedevimon 6 days ago
Markiplier as convient store employee alone at night: **eerily singing to frightened customers** customers where are you, come here customers where are you? We have a discount on Pringles.
Jack Fu
Jack Fu 5 days ago
convient store?
Angelmay 6 days ago
16:32 is the FUNNIEST PART. no cap
lunar Skies
lunar Skies 6 days ago
"Ghosts" are really demons playing with your emotions.
i am a loaf made from bread
Kevin: Ghosts aren't real after all. Markiplier: You ignorant f*ck.
Momento Mori Unus Annus
lol who is watching this during Lixians Stream?
Dr Calhoun
Dr Calhoun 6 days ago
Lot of praise for someone that never plays another Chillas Art game
Charl3s Sh33n
Charl3s Sh33n 6 days ago
when markiplier is yelling about discounts on pringles and you look at the numerous pringles cans on your desk
Breezy The Animator
this game is the meaning of my anxiety
Azyeon's Content/Streams
why am i watching this at night, i know i shouldnt be but im here anyways
Loonify 8 days ago
Kevin scared the absolute fuck out of me
Mark: Please don’t kil meeeee I don’t want to die 😩 Ghost: Understandable have a great day.
2060 10 days ago
WILD STORM 10 days ago
“not all hero’s wear capes, some wear headphones” -markiplier
Gangsta Egg
Gangsta Egg 11 days ago
Gangsta Egg
Gangsta Egg 11 days ago
CrypticxChris 11 days ago
Y am I seein live chat
MattyMayhem99 11 days ago
Just think.... he was never real ...this was never real
MattyMayhem99 7 days ago
@Kirstyn Nicole Lauzon wait..... does that mean WE aren’t real?
Kirstyn Nicole Lauzon
All my laughter from this was never real too?..
Pocket Philosopher
Pocket Philosopher 11 days ago
Why does Mark sound like Kronk from emperor's New groove 😂😂
Jérémy Rouvinez
Jérémy Rouvinez 10 days ago
Manueljulian 12 days ago
Say something Japanese I start Rabi Carrot Juice
Isabel Shanar
Isabel Shanar 13 days ago
LOL THE KEVIN JUMPSCARE. It’s 3am and my heart dropped when he popped out. And if you don’t know what I mean don’t worry it isn’t scary it’s a funny scare 22:27
Re84 13 days ago
damn mark
Stephanie Cox
Stephanie Cox 14 days ago
34:26 sleep poralicise 101 Sorry can’t spell
N 14 days ago
29:40 mark sounded like a manly seagull? that's the only way to describe it-
Stephanie Cox
Stephanie Cox 14 days ago
Me: sitting and watching this and eating chocolate! Please give me at least 25 likes :)
Wonderkathy 6
Wonderkathy 6 14 days ago
markiplier: I'm done! Im deadzo! I'm Dunion Rings! Im dead and a half!
Jerry B
Jerry B 14 days ago
Ma'am - Ma'am - Ma'am - Ma'am - Ma'am LOL
Dayna Edwards
Dayna Edwards 14 days ago
why am i watching this at midnight with the lights off i’m so tired lol
Pumpkin_Spice Latte
Markiplier and Kubz Scouts should collab
Cora Richardson
Cora Richardson 15 days ago
Mark don't be a creep to the customers
Nicole Evans
Nicole Evans 15 days ago
Markiplier I am one of your biggest biggest fans in you probably know my uncle uncle Ricky the one who’s your friend so if you could play drunk Minecraft again can you please play it oh and I want to play this game it’s called Night Shift is one of the scariest games ever it’s gonna freak you out so I am do you know you have a that that friend you had a long time ago his name is uncle Ricky one of your friends he’s my uncle just to let you know so can you play Night Shift for me and I’ll give you 1000 1000 of likes
BOWEN YU 15 days ago
Black_ _Smoke
Black_ _Smoke 17 days ago
Is it just me or does Kevin look like a younger version of mark 😮😂
ChildOfStrayKids Stay
Am I the only one who noticed that in the beginning when Mark was looking at that magazines that some of them look exactly like Jhope. Face shape, jaw line, hair. Everything. Is that real or am I just crazy?
John Doe
John Doe 17 days ago
The Devs: *animates a guy walking into the store* Mark: wE HaVe A dIsCoUnT oN pRiNgLeS The game: *reverses animation*
John Doe
John Doe 17 days ago
European Country: Wow look at this oil we found, the US totally isnt tapping this phone network! Te US: 14:37
Lune_coc 17 days ago
25:40 When you’re in North Korea and your friend says Kim Jong Un is not the most beautiful person in the world 12:41 When you agree with him 29:40 The next morning when a strange van arrives outside and someone knocks on your door 32:40 when the guy outside grabs you and takes you to the van 23:55 when you’re in the van and the door shuts and you begin to feel light headed 34:20 When you wake up tied up in a dark room 34:43 When a guy with a gun walks in
Schuyler Dawn
Schuyler Dawn 17 days ago
Bring your girlfriend in In a video I would like to see her
1:53 he said intereante (in Spanish) I didn't know he speaks spanish
Saurabh Dey
Saurabh Dey 18 days ago
5:06 oh he kinda looks like you
🅱_B I G_M E A T Y_ T H I G H S_🅱️
Marks voice is so soothing no homo (marry me mark)
Water Waifu
Water Waifu 19 days ago
I was expecting this to be like working at Walmart on Black Friday
Kermit Animates
Kermit Animates 19 days ago
Kevin’s jumpscare made my soul leave my body
ArchAngel121996 19 days ago
i dont like your face markiplier
Yeshaya Uzumaki
Yeshaya Uzumaki 19 days ago
Notice how This video was made in the same date I joined US-first
ZyberGlitch 20 days ago
20:43 ´dont mind just making a time stamp
ZyberGlitch 20 days ago
19:43 here is when the scary happend
Aloe Arts
Aloe Arts 20 days ago
man: *minding his own business* mark, fast-walking towards him: “i don’t like your face i don’T LIKE YOUR FACE I DON’T LIKE YOUR FACE”
C_Noob_Dude 20 days ago
14:35 Context is for the weak.
Li Feng Liu
Li Feng Liu 20 days ago
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MrSpunge 21 day ago
I love how when he sees the person when the store is turned off he just turns into a monkey AA A A A A A A
Jonah Lacefield
Jonah Lacefield 21 day ago
I like ur deep voice
Detective Snickers
1:28 I could be wrong, but I believe that is supposed to be a chinchilla
Terøn 21 day ago
5:05 What, scared by your reflection?
Audrey 39
Audrey 39 24 days ago
This place is literally like the places I see in my dreams wtf
Tate Robinson
Tate Robinson 24 days ago
Me about to go to bed: Tomorrow? Tomorrow.
Fnaf Lips
Fnaf Lips 24 days ago
Joa Ye ahas yuh
halfcafian 24 days ago
“How many fridges do you need?” Past Markiplier: “I am a man who owns five ovens”
BLAZE X 24 days ago
Marklipier looks Japanese cuz his eyes and his face 🤣
Grayson Conley
Grayson Conley 24 days ago
Markiplier walked past the bathroom so fast that he didn't see it... (after the *second night* screen) (If you want to see what I'm talking about, assuming you haven't seen it already, you can check out this same game being played on the Kubz Scouts channel).
Grayson Conley
Grayson Conley 24 days ago
"A man with his legs completely bent the other way", sounds like Markiplier. (Because he can twist his legs around, I almost forgot that he could do that).
Arielle Wasiak
Arielle Wasiak 24 days ago
I should not have laughed so hard at the zoom in on his face and the "you ignorant fuck" but 🤣🤣🤣🤣
うし 25 days ago
Smithson2267 25 days ago
Nobody: My Teacher After Not Doing Math Her Way 14:37
Burning Flame
Burning Flame 27 days ago
This video came out on my birthday
wyatt is awesome
wyatt is awesome 26 days ago
HDkillzone990 27 days ago
Great. I work at a convenience store so now I have demons to worry about my night shift lmao
the Dabbing Panda
the Dabbing Panda 27 days ago
same though. oh wait no, nothing is ever convenient to me
Runa Yomozuki
Runa Yomozuki 27 days ago
*ok scary stuff aside this was a really good game-*
Miriam Rehder
Miriam Rehder 28 days ago
"Donion rings." I laughed so hard
JOEL GARCIA 28 days ago
JOEL GARCIA 28 days ago
Cool game
JOEL GARCIA 28 days ago
JOEL GARCIA 28 days ago
A M 28 days ago
John Crum
John Crum 28 days ago
I don't know if that was a list of backers or what at the end, but I know who Minx and Krism are! :)
Nocturnalzyx 28 days ago
Hey Mark, why the long face
CrazyDave652 28 days ago
Isn’t this the one all the Vtubers played?
I want more game With this vaporwave-ps1 like style. Anybody know other games with this style? I'm dying to know
WolfyFX Month ago
So no one is gonna talk about the thumbnail looking like morgz's mom
Olga McLellan
Olga McLellan Month ago
mark:come again. we've got discounts on pringles. me: funnyiest thing ive ever heard.
just leave me alone
Whenever Markiplier acted the way he did when that guy came up asking for the package, is constantly me.
SuprumexZombie Month ago
miss these old days :(
Holyfield Barrett
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Gage TN
Gage TN Month ago
mark: oh hi! the man: hi air conditioning problem?mark:sees monster on cams mark:hes gonna get got oh no! goes to save him the man: fine mark: ohhhh i can go in here now.
Jeon Jungkook
Jeon Jungkook Month ago
Customer: * walks in * Mark: Konnichiwa! How are you? Annyeonghaseyo! Me: * can speak Japanese and is also a Kpop fan * Oop- Bish really caught my attention there-
Jeon Jungkook
Jeon Jungkook Month ago
Why tf did I get so scared when I heard the character speak Japanese. I can speak Japanese. I literally shat myself
The MGV Month ago
I don't know why I love this video so much, I've seen it like three times now, I just love the atmosphere of this game & Mark's commentary.
Lexie Sontag
Lexie Sontag Month ago
Who said he was allowed to be this cute?
Twigg_Stick Month ago
I’d love to be chica for a day Just hearing my owner yell “We have discounts on PRINGLEZ!” And other stuff must be awesome