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This is completely unfair! Bob and Wade are BULLYING me and they should feel bad! This should be illegal!
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Jul 15, 2020




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_Akira Todoroki_
_Akira Todoroki_ 6 hours ago
Idkw but I love Mark’s outro music
gremmlinz 20 hours ago
Your that gut who beat you in chess -bob
Jayzoom !
Jayzoom ! Day ago
Mark+Bob= Markersperm
TXZ ColtN 2 days ago
13:54 imagine archie had a + 5 right there bob would get 30 cards lol
TXZ ColtN 2 days ago
1:35 why did i laugh so damn hard
Shadow Thestra9274
EpicGamerz1 Voskina
The first minute is just them telling stories 😂
Jimmy Dinh Phan
Jimmy Dinh Phan 3 days ago
Bob: online relationships are weal Me: now this is quality content
Shadow Thestra9274
Shadow Thestra9274
14:23 hey nobody was talking about how archie was 2nd both times.
Shadow Thestra9274
Shadow Thestra9274
Shadow Thestra9274
11:03 He has a geareen 8 and a yellow 8
Shadow Thestra9274
10:24 Laff Left left Laft Left.
schmxck editz
schmxck editz 3 days ago
for all who want the actual quote, its "you had my curiosity, but now you have my intention"
Mar_sonist 3 days ago
2:54 all the drama had to happen for me to finally understand what they were talking about right here I've seen this video multiple times but just recently I know more about xQc and it makes it even funnier now Knowing Mark... I'm pretty sure he already forgot it 🤣
Legendary Detective Wobbuffet
I made raman with coffee instead of water once because I forgot to take the grounds out.
Dark Wolf
Dark Wolf 4 days ago
I love this.
Ivy_4104 h
Ivy_4104 h 4 days ago
They should bring back Barbra 🤣
David Ycaza
David Ycaza 4 days ago
your not the only one being bullied mark
Kaite Inskip
Kaite Inskip 4 days ago
Me: watching mark on a playlist eating Guacamole and chips Mark and wade talking about eating and drinking spoiled shit and loose stools Me:puts food down... appetite lost
Eternal gaming
Eternal gaming 5 days ago
JustDenzelJ 5 days ago
What is homogenic memory? Imagine thats a thing.
Les Pace
Les Pace 6 days ago
18:29 to 18:37 the uno song Mark: Bass Wade: beat drop Bob: rest of the song
Archie Torain
Archie Torain 6 days ago
It feels like I'm in the game because my name is Archie 🤣🤣🤣
Op Turtle gaming
Op Turtle gaming 7 days ago
"Well i hope Bob doesn't win" Bob: "I'm about to do what's called a pro gamer move"
Logan Morris
Logan Morris 8 days ago
Onwine wewasionships aw weal UwU
Unknown Person
Unknown Person 9 days ago
Past bob: “Hey! That ultimate reversal is so funny!” Now bob: “that uh...that card is annoying”
Sparity 10 days ago
when i play uno i don't throw my wild draw 2 cards because of wade at 15:33
Emma king.
Emma king. 11 days ago
Mob, bobiplier, bark, maob,
crazysweetheart akaiye
I have watched this video so many times and I just found out about Greaseball and I can now understand the XQC chess convo
Blocky Master
Blocky Master 12 days ago
13:56 was so good
Krishotha Sarves
Krishotha Sarves 13 days ago
“From First to Worst - A Wade’s Autobiography” - July 15th, 2020 14:30 I have never related to a statement in my life
Supernatural bear
Supernatural bear 13 days ago
Anyone else here to cope lol
Supernatural bear
Supernatural bear 13 days ago
@Austin Schafer it hurts but its fitting that as soon as it was deleted we all flocked back to them to comfort. Memento mori my friend i hope things are well for you
Austin Schafer
Austin Schafer 13 days ago
Silver_Ninetails 13 days ago
i'd just ike to point out; I think wade just drank normal milk... he was talking about normal residue on the glass from milk X'D
Jeffrey Ziegler
Jeffrey Ziegler 14 days ago
ManlyMinotaur99 Gaming
I’ve lost a game of chess in 3 moves It wasn’t recorded, but for some reason I did it 3 times in a row
jody spears
jody spears 16 days ago
the cure
Phinexcat5000 22 days ago
nena 22 days ago
9:51 😭
Epic VlogMaker
Epic VlogMaker 23 days ago
how do u get this game of uno
Crism 133
Crism 133 23 days ago
LMAO, you guys need to go to the US-first channel Penguinz0, thats the guy that beat XQC in chess, he only knew that one move and say how many people he could beat with it
Deegan Landez
Deegan Landez 24 days ago
When my milk is spoiled it turns into cheese and stinks and taste bad
Falcon 25 days ago
Ignore this comment if you like oxygen
Eli Milleman
Eli Milleman 25 days ago
Why did I watch this while eating...
Harrison Curran
Harrison Curran 27 days ago
They need more of these videos. I always watch them at like 2 am and I always die of laughter because I’m sleep drunk or something. Also it’s 2 am right now
Subangelis Gaming
The U key calls Uno
Kristofer Mcdaniel
Mark: I’m being bullied Also mark: 13:37
Ramoun Month ago
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Spoopy Blogs
Spoopy Blogs Month ago
23:37 was he about to say "96% homosexual.."..?
That One Youtuber
2:52 Bob: "I saw that coming in my third eye" Me: "Okay Tien Shinhan..."
Wasiur Rahman
Wasiur Rahman Month ago
I'm actually dying right now
Mervyn Pacana
Mervyn Pacana Month ago
What was in the Korean BBQ
Bubbilility Month ago
If the milk doesn't smell bad maybe Wade is lactose intolerant. I didn't realise milk wasn't supposed to smell slightly sour until my partner pointed it out. All milk smells off to me, it's a body defense. Now if only that worked for chocolate.
HayThi Month ago
"I drank chunky coffee for 3 DAYS" This is why you should get the top of morning coffee. Its great and won't be chunky by it now at.......I'm 100% not getting paid by jacksepticeye
the penguin king
Wade x Archie
Super7steve Month ago
Wade: I do realize when i eat lots of the salt i get... ...salt. Mark: *alright*
Min_otaur Month ago
Bob: Wade was literally taking bites out of his blocks of milk Me: Isn’t that just cheese?
Ms. Anonymous
Ms. Anonymous Month ago
14:03 oh my god if Archie had played a +5 Bob would have picked up *t h i r t y* cards
JHggV Month ago
Pretty sure I heard some Jojo reference here
F-35A Lightning II
Let’s just acknowledge that if Archie had a +5 Bob would have received 25 cards.
Namjoon’s Underwear
Where can I play this shit
Crazy Kat45
Crazy Kat45 Month ago
"Myplier" Myskerm and Markiplier
Jami Black
Jami Black Month ago
xqc 🤢😂
Aza Stark
Aza Stark Month ago
1:15 That's just....that's literally what happens after you drink milk? Like, you have some milk left over cus you can't always get all of it so it leaves the glass looking like it's white and/or cloudy? Also - 13:35
Mogozuart Month ago
I miss them playing with Barbra
demonic savior
demonic savior Month ago
Team bobiplier
Streaks Clumsy
Streaks Clumsy Month ago
I said to my girlfriend one time after watching this "wouldn't it be cool if milk was in form of a block?" and she said "yeah, that's called cheese." i felt so dumb. it was such a mark moment.
Ariel Jade
Ariel Jade Month ago
A disclaimer from a grocery store associate, the expiration date on dairy products is when we pull it off the shelf, it's still good for at least 3 days or until you can't poor it anymore lmao
Abid Kamal
Abid Kamal Month ago
The fact that mark used everyone’s expectation of him acting like a dumbass to his advantage is probably one of the best plays of all time.
Pääsky Kissa
Pääsky Kissa Month ago
Milk chunk= cream= butter= good
Carnage Superior
Carnage Superior 2 months ago
Bob I think at 18:30 you forgot "and then another heh heh heh heh".
Stephen Fasciani
Stephen Fasciani 2 months ago
14:00 bob has way too much fun with his GoXLR
OziasEvren 2 months ago
Lol chuncky
OziasEvren 2 months ago
You had my curiosity and now you have my attention
Dylanand 2 months ago
Y'all completely missed out on Fischskins smh
Rumi Usagiyama
Rumi Usagiyama 2 months ago
I played Uno with my family and decided to adopt Mark's personality. I think you can guess what their reactions were
Ms. Anonymous
Ms. Anonymous 2 months ago
Even after Bob betrayed him Mark still saved him lmao
Erin Boc
Erin Boc 2 months ago
First 5 minutes, I thought Bob was Archie XD
Sohail Honain
Sohail Honain 2 months ago
I love your videos 😍💙
Th3Badd3st 2 months ago
Villain Us
Villain Us 2 months ago
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Camila 2 months ago
Mark and Bob bullying Wade: 1:34 5:15 11:16 12:16 15:32 27:51
Hailey M
Hailey M 2 months ago
No matter how many times I watch this video, I always lose my shit at 14:00 when bob plays the curb your enthusiasm meme
bruh 666
bruh 666 2 months ago
6 moves
Jack Murphy Batman Fan
i feel like mark is bulling wade and bob all over years more than they are bulling him
tatataro 2 months ago
I decided to open this video while I'm eating lunch 2 minutes in, I'm deciding to return and watch this after lunch
Jason Hurrle
Jason Hurrle 2 months ago
Love the family guy reference and then died laughing to the were yelling im a part of it joke.
Madam Creepypasta
Madam Creepypasta 2 months ago
Bob is Edd Wade is Ed and Mark is Eddy
TheBlueHeron 2 months ago
I miss Jack in this lineup
Brittany williams
Brittany williams 2 months ago
Bob is the funniest person!
[•Just A Nobody•]
Fs & Aviação
Fs & Aviação 2 months ago
"My milk was not chunky, like... It didn't feel chunk while I was drinking it..." Wade, my dude... That phrase out of context is... I N T E R E S T I N G
tkardaishou 2 months ago
"I'm drawing these cards for you, T E A M M A T E!!" XDD
pig_rabbit 2 months ago
Mark and Wade's milk and creamer stories make me wonder how they're alive
Casualnonbinary 2 months ago
18:28 Bob's beautiful singing
ProudFurry Games
ProudFurry Games 2 months ago
Best centence mark has ever said. EAT MY SLONG!
Elliot May
Elliot May 2 months ago
Mark: Well I hope Bob doesn't win Not even a second later, Bob wins Mark: Welp
Memes Ahoy
Memes Ahoy 2 months ago
Chess to everyone else: the end of the world Chess to me: go fish?