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I am so sorry... I didn't mean to hurt anyone... I'm just not cut out for farming... please forgive me... please forgive me...
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Jul 5, 2020




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Comments 100   
Noobmaster69 3 hours ago
I fucking love this video, mainly because mark is being made fun of and can’t figure out the game and it has me dying
Jackson M
Jackson M 18 hours ago
akin şen
akin şen Day ago
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Truepsycho 2 days ago
You suck at every game you play..Are you sure you shouldn't switch careers? How can you be this bad?
Ashley Dix
Ashley Dix 2 days ago
10:37 you had enough clearance to just go back on your Field
Szymon Ochnio
Szymon Ochnio 2 days ago
The people need more !
Fireball Flamingo
We need more of these videos. Please play again
Clara Greenfield
Clara Greenfield 2 days ago
This automatically made me feel alot better about how my tractor driving lessons went a few years back. Thanks Mark! For being so bad I feel better x'D
Justin Felder
Justin Felder 3 days ago
Fun fact, actual forklifts operate with inverse controls
Crackerjacks22 3 days ago
I’m so in raged watching this because I play the game and I know what I’m doing
Destiny F Davis
Destiny F Davis 3 days ago
Please continue this 🤣
Fox Tail
Fox Tail 4 days ago
Play this game again guys
Jackie Wallace
Jackie Wallace 4 days ago
God this is kinda hard to watch, but so funny
Marleigh T
Marleigh T 4 days ago
The thumbnail looks like the collosal titan from aot
SilverStone 5 days ago
look, i have over 2200 hours in farming simulator and i grew up around this stuff, if you guys ever came back to this and wanted some kind of guide, let me know, I'd be happy to help
Dark Wolf
Dark Wolf 5 days ago
Poor Mark
Gregg Mc Farlane
Gregg Mc Farlane 5 days ago
I really want to see part 3 where Mark loses his mind and starts talking to animals and tries to betray Bob and Wade.
ChubHub 6 days ago
watching mark farm, hurts my head
Jeff Cantrizzle
Jeff Cantrizzle 6 days ago
I literally cant watch this it's so frustrating
The Talented One
The Talented One 7 days ago
I love mark but watching him back a trailer and make bad decisions is kinda infuriating
Jordan Constantine
It's so awkward when wade feels entitled to talk down to mark
ToxicDemon 7 days ago
As someone who understands how tailors work significantly more than Mark, seeing him make all the wrong moves when trying to back it up made me so upset :(
Otaku KHL
Otaku KHL 7 days ago
You're all saying Monopoly and Uno are breaking friendships, but look at this game!
Bisky 3
Bisky 3 8 days ago
Mark is slowly pissing me off..
Andreas Larsson
Andreas Larsson 8 days ago
Does Mark have even have a driving license?
AriefAzim 10 days ago
Dude I'm dead laughing 🤣🤣 my throat hurt so bad
Gregg Mc Farlane
Gregg Mc Farlane 10 days ago
No no no no no no nooooo!
michelle grote
michelle grote 10 days ago
I'm very skeptical that Mark actually went through any engineering program now.
michelle grote
michelle grote 10 days ago
Watching Mark harvest beats is the most unsatisfying thing I have ever watched. Edit: I'm less than 10 minutes in and I'm convinced that giving Mark a trailer or anything that gets pulled behind another vehicle should be a class 1 felony. No one ever give this man a trailer. Please.
Seranjine 12 days ago
And this is one of the videos where I just sit here and scream: "MARK WTF ARE YOU DOING? Please no more!" It's a swivel! It rotates around a single point.
Aviator225 13 days ago
cultivate->plow->Plant->fertilize->Herbicide->Harvest lmao
master munkey
master munkey 13 days ago
Did it ever occur that he’s not supposed go up on the road or or the other field why did he not just go diff directions
Lex 14 days ago
I wish they'd do more! This is amazingly funny.
Chill Beans
Chill Beans 14 days ago
he ligt could have gone around the edge to make it easy
miscellaneous dreams
alternate title: mark has a mental breakdown, a panic attack, and an existential crisis all at the same time while plowing
W_Alexander 16 days ago
Mark is Richard Hammond, just buys the most ridiculous things, Bob is Jeremy, who is kind of the middle, smart, but does stupid stuff... Wade is James, we all make fun of him
Mateo De Jesus
Mateo De Jesus 17 days ago
when will he play this again
EnderalPhantom 17 days ago
Everyone: *Having Normal conversations* Mark: BREAKDOWN! BREAKDOWN!
raethxtcss_ 17 days ago
why does that half face on the thumbnail look like the colossal titan in aot...... lmaoo
Bryan Burch
Bryan Burch 18 days ago
This whole thing was just painful to watch
Jonathan Gutierrez
Jonathan Gutierrez 18 days ago
So it was hilarious seeing how badly everything got messed up, and there were some basic things Mark was missing that would have made his life easier, but also like... So, why didnt they just do everything parallel to the road? The way they were working perpendicular from the road, that was why Mark was having so much trouble navigating through those trees.
lillian1356 19 days ago
Only this channel would make tractor simulator interesting.
Celvin Garcia
Celvin Garcia 22 days ago
Mark's Visible Frustration the whole game is so hilarious
Danae Young
Danae Young 23 days ago
wtf are scoops
Amy Cox
Amy Cox 23 days ago
While this is genuinely funny, as someone who plays this game it hurts my soul a little to see this
Bobchamp 23 days ago
Holy shit that was actually so painful to watch I had to stop and comment before continuing
Busy Unicorn
Busy Unicorn 24 days ago
please continue this series
The_Alaskan_Yeti 25 days ago
As someone who knows how to back trailers and dollies up, watching Mark try and back up is frustrating and hilarious. Don't worry buddy, everyone starts off like that XD
Jordan Pinch
Jordan Pinch 26 days ago
Omg I haven't laughed so hard at marks misery and talentless driving.
Wade Farms
Wade Farms 29 days ago
Me as a farming simulator player 😬🤦🏻‍♂️
koravel Month ago
We need so much more of this.
Folkish Creature
I wish bob and wade would stop acting like mark is so stupid like farming is hard that’s why only farmers do it.
vryle pallarca
vryle pallarca 26 days ago
Mark was was being real stupid though Which makes this video so so funny
AmazingSahir08 Month ago
*sees thumbnail* he's half titan!?!?!?
Metallickid Month ago
Suffering starts at 20:05
matthew cooper
matthew cooper Month ago
dunno why they didnt just go lengthways instead wouldve made it so much easier and given them more room to turn lol
Chris Hamilton
Chris Hamilton Month ago
Why did they stop this it was so fun
jaymon r
jaymon r Month ago
I wa?nt to see a platlist with ypur freinds play this simple game and fuck it up
jakob andersen
jakob andersen Month ago
hey Mark, I can help you in farming simulator, I have over 300 hours play game.
Engineer Coffin
Engineer Coffin Month ago
My chicken died form a fox or cioaty attack
Z F Month ago
Sasagero sasagero jen so sasagero
TragerM Month ago
Reminder to self, the giggly part: 12:13
Anthony Jackson II
oh yeah, mark isn't a masochist
SkyWalker 01
SkyWalker 01 Month ago
This is so painful to watch
Jay Pryslack
Jay Pryslack Month ago
just like Raft, this series will never have a new episode...
Mimmi's Art
Mimmi's Art Month ago
Please play more of this! I want to know of the neighbours will press charges or not 😆
alex beaton
alex beaton Month ago
i need more of this is my life
William Richardson
Feel bad for mark. He was so genuinely confused the whole time and Bob and wade were just not having it.
777Redmind Month ago
".... I gotta got... Yeah. I gotta go... "
Kuroo Month ago
Mark: We got 10.000 dollars Me: But...It's...It's not dollars, though
Tayspace Month ago
I just got an ad with mark in it before this
Julie Francis
Julie Francis Month ago
PLAY MORE PLEASE WATCHING YALL PLAY THIS IS HILARIOUS 😂😂😂 I havent laughed this much in a long time
Awww his little "ok" when Bob says he won't help him
Matt Martin
Matt Martin Month ago
This is a fantastic series. Can't stop laughing
TheDarksaphira Month ago
This is just way funnier than a just straight up farming sim should have any right to be. This is hilarious!
Phoebe Smyrell
Phoebe Smyrell Month ago
Haha amazing innocent voice when saying I Ploughed all the neighbours field More plz loved it
Jackson Month ago
He sould have sayed slowaplier
Robert Weatherholt
0:26 - No beets?!
Maddude604 Month ago
Still waiting on another video of this game
William Blasberg
So much kring
Pissed off bucket guy
Every man's worst enemy: TREES
Stacie Nowikowski
The untiled ground look like A cracker
Sixion Zear
Sixion Zear Month ago
Ngl watching this just makes me question how stupid mark is. He seems really smart. Usually. But this game is just- frustrating to watch.
Matthew Daniels
Matthew Daniels Month ago
As a farmer this was way to entertaining!
Rico Brown
Rico Brown Month ago
if you need help with your farming simulator series i am a expert at the game and can help you (for no money if you were wondering) just reply to this comment if you want some help
Wizard Barrel
Wizard Barrel Month ago
Mark is literally Kevin from the office
Ada Isaksson
Ada Isaksson Month ago
could you do more of these, It's not really been a thing for a while
MoverAndA Shaker
This is so painful to watch.
Ronto Goldlust
Ronto Goldlust Month ago
I was so excited to see Mark play Farming Simulator, and then he gives us this... D:
Captain's Cookery
Go. Horizontal. on. the. field. god-DAMN
Yes Month ago
12:50 It fit through the tre-he-heees
Kyle Kind
Kyle Kind Month ago
Whats funny is that the other fields get planted, they grow and then get harvested all on their own. Soooo I think that's what happened when Mark went too close. Just too perfect timing lol
Jo-Jo The Not So Smart Puppers
mark: slow and steady wind the race. wade: TOKYO DRIFT BABYYYYY bob: morons.
Ms. Anonymous
Ms. Anonymous Month ago
Mark really struggling over here Really getting to know the hardships of farmlife
Fushicho Kurayami
My God....Watching This Hurt EVERY Ounce Of Farming Blood I Have In Me....Like....My God....Their Fields....All Their Fields....And The Neighbors Crops....My God....Id Be Done Killed Him....How Is He Able To Work On Someone Elses Land? Wasnt That Just A NPC Farm? Im So Confused....And Shocked....And Disturbed....Markimoo....NEVER Go Work Onna Farm....ANY Farm....SMH. X'D
Zerø Animates
Zerø Animates Month ago
*Me clicks on vid cuz attack on Titan thumbnail* this is beautiful
Alice CandyCotton
I wish he would've continued this
Florent TARDY
Florent TARDY Month ago
OMG MY GOD. Stop, just stop, please sir... xD
Meow? Meow.
Meow? Meow. Month ago
I require more
Gaming Rebel
Gaming Rebel Month ago
Who wants this to be a series leave a like and comment so mark can see it because i cant wait for another video
ShinobiKid Month ago
when i saw the thumbnail i thought this was AOT :C