I WON'T EAT YOU... | Darkwood - Part 12 

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I won't do it... I won't do it... I won't eat granny...
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Aug 26, 2020




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C Lab
C Lab Day ago
WASSERAN 10 days ago
Mark, you forgot to add this vid to the playlist!
Leo Ahumada
Leo Ahumada 18 days ago
2:55 waiting for titus andromedon to pay rent
AhuuOnAcid 18 days ago
I love the thumbnail so much
No Name No Name
No Name No Name Month ago
@ the Musician always makes me so sad. I can't be the only one. I want to hug him so badly and tell him that things will be okay. I'd give him my food and some fabric to sleep with. I just want him to be okay.
Silvershadow294 Month ago
the "kid" with the violin is the kid that used to play music by the pig lady and she used to hate him?... man this game brings back old characters in a fucked up way i love it..
Daydream in Reality
AAWWWE that was so cute when he talked to the musician 🥺🥺
Alex Berdecia
Alex Berdecia Month ago
nod trust?
Annika Martin
Annika Martin Month ago
What is with the subliminal message at 20:12? "Nob.....TRUST" took forever to pause it at the right time to get a photo! Haha!
Sabin Dimitrov
Sabin Dimitrov Month ago
"Nob Trust" is edited into the video at frame number 36239 at 20:12. Check it out guys. I may be the first one to notice that.
occulus 7 days ago
Nope, not the first, but I think it might mean "trust nobody"
Diskonnekt Month ago
"That is a problem for future me." The motto of all procrastinators.
Simonsaysgaming Month ago
Eat her, Mark. *You need to eat her, Mark.*
ZovaZey Month ago
I hope someone along the way told him he can just drop shoot on the ground and it'll stay there.
Seff Viklysif
Seff Viklysif Month ago
" *nob trust* " Lixian, the fuck are you smoking?
Ayrat Khalikov
Ayrat Khalikov Month ago
Was anyone disappointed that Mark didn't eat the mushroom lady?
Jess The Neko
Jess The Neko Month ago
you have to eat her Mark she has the key inside of her that's why they said it's edible that's why you can eat her she has the key in order for you to go into the door that is locked.
Qt _McC
Qt _McC Month ago
Man dude I feel bad for the kid I mean even if all the people in the forest get back to mainland they would be shunned cause there all mutated and we all know how humans are but the kid I mean he is just a kid is all mutated and as we know he is terrified and he can't even do one of the only things that make him happy days he is to big and he can barely move so yea I just feel bad for him
PredatorKingX Month ago
*Trust no one*
AJ D 2 months ago
Could someone tell me if the boy stays or if there's consequences? Super interested
Zachary Gratias
Zachary Gratias 2 months ago
Nob trust.....? *What does it mean???*
Zachary Gratias
Zachary Gratias Month ago
@occulus that makes so much sense.....thank you
occulus Month ago
the nob was backwards, so it's don. and it looked like there was more to it, it looked super zoomed in and there were other parts on the side of the screen. OR it's supposed to say "trust nobody"
Game Bearing
Game Bearing 2 months ago
So Mark doesn't trust Twitch. But why?
Highland Sky Cunningham
I could not pause to see what lixian said, and it's driving me crazy
Mike Taco
Mike Taco 2 months ago
Mark start reading the comments your viewers HATE it when you're trash at games.
KarbineX 2 months ago
Mark hasn’t chewed wood in a few days, I’m starting to worry about his health
Ashchain - TheLonelyCat
this episode isn't in mark's official Darkwood playlist
KiraAsakura14 2 months ago
Not gonna lie, that musician peptalk hit a bit deep. Specially considering I trusted it AND it's all a lie.
Arthur Bastian
Arthur Bastian 2 months ago
the muscician is favirote
Rick but its not Astley
Bleszdt 2 months ago
Kinda wanted him to eat the old lady.. just to see what it did..
Tucker Huckabee
Tucker Huckabee 2 months ago
Trust nob? Got it.
Rick but its not Astley
the flea
the flea 2 months ago
orrabr 2 months ago
You forgot to add this one to the playlist realy liked the series btw
AbaddonArts 2 months ago
Anyone else notice the flash of 'TRUST' for a frame around 20:15 after he says the word Junkyard?
Juliossz 2 months ago
The trader only...wanted a friend
TyDi Scope
TyDi Scope 2 months ago
Can he not call the biker guy to get his shit?
JSSterling03 2 months ago
Mark/Lixian. What was up with the "trust nob" for a single frame at 20:12 ???
Zima 2 months ago
Tbh though.... Those holes... and my trypophobia......... 0_o
False Feathers
False Feathers 2 months ago
"I don't trust Twitch." Fuckin' based.
Shintaro Aizawa
Shintaro Aizawa 2 months ago
one of a hundred reason I still haven't lost my hope in humanity, the empathy and sympathy. beautifully represented by Markiplier
Kaotek Kowbell
Kaotek Kowbell 2 months ago
Mark: "Why would I fix the fence?" Me: "FiX tHe FuCkiNg FeNcE!!!"
AFriendlyBloke 2 months ago
19:06 Well, Twitch has been doing ridiculous banning as of late. I wholly agree.
malky man
malky man 2 months ago
For anyone wondering 20:12 it says "nob trust"
BLEH nKy 2 months ago
Why do I eat while watching this . . . ?
Myuutsuu85 2 months ago
no wonder I got the feeling that I missed something. This episode is not in the playlist.
Kiley Hardin
Kiley Hardin 2 months ago
I think I know what those tanks are for now actually... The doctor mentioned flooded tunnels.
Auzzie 2 months ago
What happened to the doctors eyes? It looks like hes missing one
Cade Autism Proud
Cade Autism Proud 2 months ago
What does the split frame say at 20:11-20:12?
cameron daniels
cameron daniels 2 months ago
rags to riches bru
michelleevelynt 2 months ago
Daymn that Limbo music at daylight .-.
Lucy 2 months ago
Lol Mark talking to the kid with the violin gives _me_ confidence and reassurance 😂
mswan137 2 months ago
Oh my gosh he's such a sweetheart. "Well I'm not gonna steal a mushroom, I'm gonna wake her up!" "EAT THE OLD LADY?!?! I'M NOT GONNA EAT TH OLD LADY!!" 😂
Ivan Soedjono
Ivan Soedjono 2 months ago
Just a bit late watching this part. Noticed one frame somewhere at 20:12 saying "nob trust"
Kole Pack
Kole Pack 2 months ago
-Nob Trust-
Linsey D
Linsey D 2 months ago
The guy in the holes reminds me of Mole from Atlantis: the Lost Empire
Glob-Chan! 2 months ago
Violin kid turned into this guy?
mr. game and watch 2
"lots of good thing in the swamp" me: is it sherk?
Cien 2 months ago
20:12 is that some hidden message?
nice guy
nice guy 2 months ago
this reminds me so much of stranger things.
Dark Phoenix
Dark Phoenix 2 months ago
33:29 - I lol'ed at 2 in the morning
Cade Mcmonigal
Cade Mcmonigal 2 months ago
mark if you go to the barn you will find the pretty lady half eaten body from wolf man.
Brother Maxximuss
Brother Maxximuss 2 months ago
With my luck I’d misclick and EAT THE LADY
ISuckWindows 2 months ago
The awkward moment when this video is missing from your playlist.. I THOUGHT ID MISSED SOMETHING!
Zemozzo .
Zemozzo . 2 months ago
He should’ve dragged the barrel in front of the door
Ryuu Drazyl
Ryuu Drazyl 2 months ago
Mark: Little splurge never hurt anybody. Me: Dreaming of food with instructions that DON'T include the word "microwave" while dreading the next student loan bill and regretting the decision to go to university.
David_J 2 months ago
I am so pissed he didn't talk to the snail :(
Noah 2 months ago
Hello my name is puppies led me some hanky lab it Lenape isn myth kein dumb will all Xmarks lol my puptrak da skydiving imago mark jeb
2 months ago
Saturn 2435
Saturn 2435 2 months ago
does anyone else see something flash at 20:12? It looks like it says trust but its too fast to see even slowed down at 0.25 speed.
Annie Browning-Atkinson
nob trust In case anyone was wondering what the quick flash of words was
gemma Fortune
gemma Fortune 2 months ago
Then you do you do it up to ETA 👵
Echestag 2 months ago
I'm just upset that mark didn't talk to the snail!!!!
darsh kapadia
darsh kapadia 2 months ago
I watched this whole episode at 0.25x the speed at 3am with headphones full volume😱
Twin Sketchy
Twin Sketchy 2 months ago
36:00 MARK STEALTH 100
AvianXIII 2 months ago
Medium Caliber mags only work with AK47. You can only get by killing Wolfman. Theres another way but it’s pointless because you’d receive it when the game ends
CptMcquacken 2 months ago
Did mark turn into ethan at one point?
Jack-In-The-Box James
20:12 there’s a screen I don’t know if it was accidentally left in there but it says “nob” and “trust”
Orin-Remi L.
Orin-Remi L. 2 months ago
did anyone else see it flash "dont trust" (possibly backwards) on the screen? somewhere between 20:10 and 20:13
Capt_ SpaceCat
Capt_ SpaceCat 2 months ago
whats that flash of text at 20:11 reading "nob trust"
Joseph Watt
Joseph Watt 2 months ago
what dis mean 20:12 ??? trust nob
Bowen Coort
Bowen Coort 2 months ago
why the trust on 20:11 ? just asking ?
Hiven X
Hiven X 2 months ago
20:12 Trust?
Lucy Neilson
Lucy Neilson 2 months ago
this series is just distressed Markiplier opera singing
KillerFishBoy101 2 months ago
I wonder if Mark can use the Axe to break free from the trees when they grab him?
Nick Dawn
Nick Dawn 2 months ago
Click 5 on ye keyboard while the video is playing to E-xtract a mEmE.
Jakob Ramirez
Jakob Ramirez 2 months ago
Did anyone see the nobody trust thing that popped up?
Chris Redfield
Chris Redfield 2 months ago
It only makes sense that Marks plans do not go as planned as the normal human response to hi-stress situations is FIGHT or FLIGHT not PLAN or DO especially when you encounter the unknown or simply are not use to the situation even if known and i know this is a game and not real life but games are immersive experiences for the player this simply means mark is very immersed into the story of the game.
If anyone noticed the flashing words on the screen. I slowed it down and it says "nob trust" and im confused
MD G 2 months ago
thank you
Xorvo Official
Xorvo Official 2 months ago
What is 20:11
sl_ 2 months ago
20:11-20:13 "dont trust"? ?)
Kali co.
Kali co. 2 months ago
I feel so bad for the musician
DerpE 2 months ago
darkwood is the land version of subnautica.
ItsGraveRave TheBlackAndPurpleFurry
If i played this game and had le option to eat the old lady i would probably be like: **num num num num num num num num num num num num num num num num num num num num num num num num num num num num** ..and be poisoned
Fatum 2 months ago
Mark, not sure if people have already discovered this, but the traders come you can buy the items you want, back out, return to main menu and log back in and the inventory will be full again to buy from :) You can stockpile ammo and such
Ian Rocca
Ian Rocca 2 months ago
I'd like to make a funny comment about "The Swamp" as in the Hawkeye's tent in MASH, but I can't think of one. Anyone else got something?
Layla eXe
Layla eXe 2 months ago
Nah i can think of one either, darn.
Cyphero2 2 months ago
Was Mark not supposed to kill the Mother Pig? Was that bad?
Sage of Souls
Sage of Souls 2 months ago
For those struggling to see what it said at 20:13, it said “nob trust”, except with a backwards ‘n’. Not sure what that means...
Layla eXe
Layla eXe 2 months ago
@Sage of Souls no problemo
Sage of Souls
Sage of Souls 2 months ago
@Layla eXe Ah, ok, thank you.
Layla eXe
Layla eXe 2 months ago
Don trust cuz its mirrored meaning dont trust
Donovan Roof
Donovan Roof 2 months ago
Soul_Chibi 2 months ago
What happen to SCP contamination breach
goodbye fortnite