IT'S THE END OF THE WORLD!! | 7 Days to Die #26 

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Bob's back in 7 Days to Die... but the Blood Moons are still happening EVERY SINGLE NIGHT!! Can we survive the zombie horde?
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Jul 9, 2020




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Artful DAHJr
Artful DAHJr 11 hours ago
I hope Lixian and Mark remain a duo for a good while.
Quinn Anne ASMR
Quinn Anne ASMR 23 hours ago
Wade in this episode: Some glasses give you perks! Wade in a previous episode: Loot bonus?? Mark: DID YOU JUST PUT THE GLASSES ON JUST BECAUSE YOU COULD EQUIP THEM?
Ethan Foote
Ethan Foote Day ago
"I am a man who owns 5 blunderbusses!" I fell like I've heard this before
Kay Haven
Kay Haven Day ago
I wish they’d pick this up again.
Darkened Abyss
Darkened Abyss 2 days ago
What version of this game is it
DannyVibez 4 days ago
Imagine the people listening to this without the vid
Phinexcat5000 4 days ago
Am I the only one that when I found out they jogged in the day I immediately was think about night and how they will run like sonic during the night.
Michael Gentile
Michael Gentile 4 days ago
wait you can screw in 7 days to die??
Dark Wolf
Dark Wolf 5 days ago
Oh no this is not going to go well.
Zoë 6 days ago
This was posted on my birthday lmao
Cash Waldrum
Cash Waldrum 6 days ago
Mark:we have honey! Mr beast: WhAt
BoboelMonkey 7 days ago
Came here to enjoy myself after Unus Annus ended, Sees Mark wearing a Unus annus shirt. Cries
Lone Rider
Lone Rider 8 days ago
You’ve got your blunderbissess
Shannon Vassallo
Shannon Vassallo 8 days ago
Can we please appreciate the thumbnails for a minute? XD
Tarma 12 days ago
I don't know why but I can't get enough of this game. I don't care if this game is still in Alpha, I just love to play this game. Crafting and survival is always my vibe. And I love to see Mark play this game along with Bob and Wade. The Three Musketeers in a world of zombies goofing around yet surviving 😎 Keep adding more videos with your adventures Mark!
Mark Ian Oli
Mark Ian Oli 14 days ago
mark is whering a unus annus merch
Sassy Cat
Sassy Cat 8 days ago
Your spelling makes me violent but I agree it's wonderful
Prince_7557 15 days ago
is this video gonna be deleted on Friday, there is an unus anus shirt
Beyond The Pale
Beyond The Pale 16 days ago
Bobs mocking really got me. Like every time. I’ve watched this video so many times. 2020 has not been kind.
Iris x
Iris x 17 days ago
DELTA RUNE 21 day ago
Me and my daughter have decided that 18:00 is our favorite Mark quote.
Missclicked !
Missclicked ! 24 days ago
kanna chan
kanna chan 29 days ago
"we dont have any like defenses or weapons or literally anything" finds a shotgun*
Matthew Pennington
You are going to be the first youtuber I ever buy merch from
Excelsior Gaming
am drinking mustard
Sarah Castillo
Sarah Castillo Month ago
6:32 my brain when I’m trying to fall asleep
DerpyGamer0013 Month ago
Mark: "Blunderboos, ruum, veeable." Me: "Blunderbuss, room, viable." Also me: *wonders if Mark is pronouncing them the right way but we're too stupid to think its the right way*
Mikaela Villanueva
r.i.p lixian
mark in real-world: I am a man who owns fivvvvvvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeee ovens mark in-game world: I am a man who owns fivvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeee blunderbusses
J B Month ago
Fuckin family friendly 😭😭 miss the good ole days
Venitazar Month ago
Riley Bear
Riley Bear Month ago
The little boys pants had no rips or tears? But the photo shown looks like they’re ripped apart
Riley Bear
Riley Bear Month ago
How did I just discover this series?? It’s amazing. And Bob picking on Mark gives me life
Jake Ferrari
Jake Ferrari Month ago
My favorite part about this series is watching a multi-millionaire play a 7 year old game with minimal graphics on the lowest setting.
Stonk Donkl’r
Stonk Donkl’r Month ago
0:00 - 22:26 Bob: MuAnUaNaH
Lightningbepis Month ago
Mark a few years ago: I am a man of five ovens Mark now: I am a man of five blunderbusses
Alan Month ago
You know why they call Mark bumbum? 12:09
Ha, they found the evil dead house. Such a great easter egg
Isaac Griffin
Isaac Griffin Month ago
Poor Wade, Mark treats him like Michael does Toby from The Office
Haley Morast
Haley Morast Month ago
What happened to #28? It’s like they restarted
Brandi Story
Brandi Story Month ago
Bob's furniture doing something funny doing something until it's funny would never work on me and that's the funny part I never laughed when Bob always did that and I watch his videos so now Bob you're not funny when you do that
BD Gamecenter
BD Gamecenter 2 months ago
16:30 whose face is that?! LMFAO
Caleb Thomas
Caleb Thomas 2 months ago
commeded genuis 17:05
Caleb Thomas
Caleb Thomas 2 months ago
ewa 16:29
"Can I be food Bob?" you might say he's a pro-chef-ional
Umi Needs a life
Umi Needs a life 2 months ago
Bob.... I freaking love you.
Endreya Barber
Endreya Barber 2 months ago
A blood moon makes animal's that are either pacifist or neutral turn dangerous.
KalassinDracon 2 months ago
Sunny Figueroa
Sunny Figueroa 2 months ago
5:10 16:43 17:04 18:01
Katherine Swartz
Katherine Swartz 2 months ago
I love this game
Ostaz Dodo
Ostaz Dodo 2 months ago
Game: has many weapons Mark: BLUNDERBUSS
Hayden Rose
Hayden Rose 2 months ago
16:29 14:41
Jack .H
Jack .H 2 months ago
I used to play this game with my cousins back in 2016 when I could visit
Zaine Broughton
Zaine Broughton 2 months ago
no you not
Family Whittle
Family Whittle 2 months ago
Sooo cool
Xavier Fuentes-George
yOuw iLlreG eT!
just a random account
When Bob said please help me after mocking mark he sounded like Rodger from American dad lmao
Kingz Dodongo
Kingz Dodongo 2 months ago
It’s so nice that he is wearing Unus Annus gear
avian assassin
avian assassin 2 months ago
They need to make more of these
Syko Gam6r
Syko Gam6r 2 months ago
I woud love to see Mark and the gang livestream this with the mod that allows chat to spawn things on them and curse them.
Mr12Relic 2 months ago
13:33 Ads be like
Mr12Relic 2 months ago
13:19 "I actually did find some -urine- you're in luck"
Johnny Shumway
Johnny Shumway 2 months ago
Lol I just finished watching that blood moons episode.
Adrian Conde003
Adrian Conde003 2 months ago
2:15 the muffled scream killed me
Byron Watkinson
Byron Watkinson 3 months ago
Imagine at the very end of this (17:39) a pig walks into the room, and said 'Ahh Babe!?!'
Callsign Scout
Callsign Scout 3 months ago
The stoped updating the Xbox version so I can play with my friends :(
Mccoolfriend6 3 months ago
Idk why but Wade cussing more than before is weird Very.... But Mark Improved, now he has 6 Blunderbusses to choke Bo-I mean Wade, oh I mean Zombies
Joseph Schultz
Joseph Schultz 3 months ago
_"You will regret."_
Darkshark24 3 months ago
The thunder is a audio clue the night will be a blood night so... Yeah.
Wraith 3 months ago
6:32 the mocking begins
jojo ahmad
jojo ahmad 3 months ago
Taj 3 months ago
i cant believe you done this
Cassius Blake
Cassius Blake 3 months ago
14:40 At this moment i decided to take a sip from my Mtn. Dew. Man did i dEEPLY regret that decision after it came out of my nose.
Jack Murphy Batman Fan
i do love it when bob and wade mocks mark it's just so funny 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Crunchatize Me Senpai
8:00 don’t mind me just bookmarking this clip
Killian Moore
Killian Moore 3 months ago
the reason the six blunderboos didnt work was because he never reloaded them correctly :P so its his fault
Wesley C
Wesley C 3 months ago
“I thought it’s ANVIL?”
Marshall G
Marshall G 3 months ago
i swear bob was killing me with his mock voice,
Isaac Nevins
Isaac Nevins 3 months ago
Miku. 3 months ago
I thought the video said seven ways to die
Haylie F
Haylie F 3 months ago
No one: Nobody at all: Not a single soul: Mark: TURTURIAL!
Sean Theliaison
Sean Theliaison 3 months ago
Welp I went in the water and now I’m 98% umbrella
mikel short
mikel short 3 months ago
Jogging is just diet running.
gracyn lord
gracyn lord 3 months ago
demented_the_dev - HORROR CONTENT AND MORE
video: 7 days to die thumbnail: *has a zombie from cod bo zombies moon*
Crying Angel
Crying Angel 3 months ago
Mark is the BEST gamer (but H20 Delirious is the funniest)
Da potato Squad
Da potato Squad 3 months ago
ur the best and ur the funnyer person
Isola7edWolf 3 months ago
To bad console version is stuck in potato mode 🥔
Vincent Difilippantanio
17:15 when i feed da chikens.
R Montgomery
R Montgomery 3 months ago
im 11
R Montgomery
R Montgomery 3 months ago
charlie. 3 months ago
Good job
ThisAnimatedPhantom 3 months ago
All the mockery. The best mockery
nightmareoffire 3 months ago
16:44 Wade hits on Bob lol
Abid 3 months ago
I really hope they keep making these! Also I like how it's all serious and scary at the end then the outro starts playing.
Titan Nova
Titan Nova 3 months ago
William Fowler
William Fowler 3 months ago
Dont be family friendly be your self
David Hays
David Hays 4 months ago
Infinite loot supply... Mark immediately destroys it.
Common Cell
Common Cell 4 months ago
Its a good day to die hard.
Kinlee Rhodes
Kinlee Rhodes 4 months ago
This is my fave series besides scrap mechanics
Jon Greenshields
Jon Greenshields 4 months ago
Oh I remember the original series, oh I didn't realize how much I missed it
MoonFlux 4 months ago
When mark kept eating and drinking things when he did not need to... i was screaming *NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO*
Your Funeral
Your Funeral 4 months ago
Wait till they find nightmare speed, it’s so fucking hard