it's my birthday 

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it's my big beautiful birthday. also here's chica. her face is a little funny...


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Jun 28, 2020




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simplysponge 3 hours ago
Chica doesn't like marks birthday
Gourav Dutta
Gourav Dutta 8 hours ago
My parents introducing me to guest
Xylluk The Dragon
Xylluk The Dragon 16 hours ago
Mark: *Picks Chica up* Chica - :C
Jammie Dodger
mark:ITS MY BIRTHDAY WOOOOO chica: i have crippling deppresion
Jonathan Askapa
Jjoooooooo my guy happy birthday markimoooooo 😂😂🥳🥳🥳
Nicholas Bussiere
Chica: I know it's your birthday... can you just put me down now? 😒
Haley Whitlock
Mark it’s my birthday. Then China dear god help me
Carla the Osix ship child
I can't blame him I would laugh at her face too if I was her owner
Epic gamer
Epic gamer 2 days ago
Mark: it’s my birthday leave your bd wishes in the comment section Subtitles: leave your wishes in the conference
Aayush Tripathi
Aayush Tripathi 2 days ago
AniMaL aBuSE
Naveron 2 days ago
chica: father what are you doing? father stahp.
hstql 2 days ago
chica looks like she's seen some things
Jonah Zapata
Jonah Zapata 2 days ago
Apparently nobody cares about Mark. They only care about Chica. Which is fine... kinda...
creepjax 2 days ago
Grace Whitene
Grace Whitene 2 days ago
JPwendigo 2 days ago
The torment mark has put chika through, she was stranded in the middle of a pool, stuffed into a bag, forced to cook, turned into a ghost, no wonder she's mad.
In the holly bush
I never knew 37 second of a video could give me so my happenes until today
Jasmine Playz
Jasmine Playz 2 days ago
Chicago is a chicoh god wth
Snyijder Paredes
Snyijder Paredes 2 days ago
Chica* 👁👅👁
Noah Morris
Noah Morris 2 days ago
Happy birthday mark its mine also
Emo_Link Drowned
Emo_Link Drowned 2 days ago
I bet she was like ' dad seriously, again?' lol
Chica is posing for the camera, she is hoping to become a MEME. She knows Mark ALWAYS poses for the camera.
william wolsey
william wolsey 3 days ago
I know this was like 4 months ago but I hope you had a nice birthday mines comig up on the 28th of November
•beani_tot• 3 days ago
Happy late birthday
Rona Co
Rona Co 3 days ago
happy late birthday
Greg Hill
Greg Hill 3 days ago
Happy... Late... Birthday.
Faith 3 days ago
Chica is the biggest mood ever I swear 😂
Deluxe 1of1
Deluxe 1of1 3 days ago
Markiplier: it's my birthday!! Chica: ah shit here we go again
Pedro Neves Urias
She looks so sad
Ahmed Alibaba
Ahmed Alibaba 3 days ago
Luke Chalmers
Luke Chalmers 3 days ago
Rayan Gamer
Rayan Gamer 4 days ago
Chica looks really sad bc its your birth day, I think she crys when your birth day comes
DandyLion 4 days ago
I love how most the comments are about Chica and not Happy Birthday to Mark
lee 888 chang
lee 888 chang 4 days ago
Happy bday matk,😇😇
SAİD z 4 days ago
Very cute
Dumbomgee 985
Dumbomgee 985 4 days ago
I swear I can hear loud helicopter sounds when the camera pans to chica’s face
Cameron Weeks
Cameron Weeks 4 days ago
Chica does not approve
Jayden Dickinson
Jayden Dickinson 4 days ago
RIP Chica
Dat One Grain
Dat One Grain 4 days ago
Aw gee, happy birthday Mark :)
Tubbie420 the Weeb
Chica Dog Tips
ITSYABoi 4 days ago
Chica was born with a Cleft lip
its a me memes
its a me memes 4 days ago
No one has said happy birthday in the comments like he asked
Michael Jessy
Michael Jessy 3 days ago
Ikr they only focused on chica
Magmarxio Gaming
Magmarxio Gaming 4 days ago
i wanna see this animated
Psycho Path
Psycho Path 4 days ago
Happy Birthday Mark!🥳 Loves ya!💋🖤
Raven 4 days ago
Edward B
Edward B 4 days ago
i just lost all my netherite stuff in minecraft i really needed this to help me :)
Mega Pork
Mega Pork 4 days ago
She is not amused
Havoc Hiawatha
Havoc Hiawatha 4 days ago
Ima comment the exact same thing I did on another vid of this: *Chica how dare u.* 😠
king shablooshki
king shablooshki 4 days ago
HAPPY birthday 🎁
Dantiel82 4 days ago
Eric Thompson
Eric Thompson 4 days ago
chica: your gonna put me in the BAAAAAAAAAAATHH....
Chica: 0-o
gl1tch 4 days ago
im a bit late but hupe burthde
Maria Debarlieva
Maria Debarlieva 4 days ago
I can never forget Chica's face 😂😂😂
Gamey Alpha
Gamey Alpha 4 days ago
Who else is watching this in 2020 still? XD
Kevin Redford
Kevin Redford 4 days ago
Feliz cumpleaños, Mark.
DJ Gardner
DJ Gardner 5 days ago
This got recommended to me on my birthday and it’s amazing.
Dark Wolf
Dark Wolf 5 days ago
Chica is like I don't want to be here 🤣🤣.
flame of sea
flame of sea 5 days ago
Happy birthday Ahahaha
Iver Arentowicz Kielland
sorry im late but happy birthday and wishes that chica will look less dead inside
Kay Renee
Kay Renee 5 days ago
I often come back to watch this occasionally to have a good laugh when I’m feeling terrible. I love how unintentionally happy Chica makes Mark. 🥺
gawk gawk
gawk gawk 5 days ago
Mark: It's my birthday! Chica: 👁️~\|👁️
Flamestone Dragon
chica only likes her birthday
Ashwvin Anbalagan
Marks birthday Chica:(very happy ) Also Chica: (thinking that they will celebrate alone)oh we have to celebrate with other people...(makes the face)
Anakin Weaver
Anakin Weaver 5 days ago
Mark why did you just pick up Chica. Was that necessary, well maybe because you wanted to
Canadian Quarter
Canadian Quarter 5 days ago
Its her puff n fluff I'm being picked up face
Unnamed Visitor
Unnamed Visitor 5 days ago
Chica literally making the J: face
Hannah Straate
Hannah Straate 5 days ago
I love your doggie she’s a good girl 💕💕💕
hannah b.
hannah b. 5 days ago
my boxer does this too when i hug him sometimes :3
Amanda Bullock
Amanda Bullock 5 days ago
Im gonna be so sad when chica dies ...srry did that turn dark?
Cj 5 days ago
Mark: His best day of the year Chica:Her worst day of the year
hampter 5 days ago
Why would you dislike this
Nova Reet
Nova Reet 5 days ago
Chica really said •~•
Hi There
Hi There 5 days ago
Holy shit I didn’t realize makers birthday is like 2 or 3 days after mine
BARAN RADO 5 days ago
Yes anyways why im here now?!
Devyn Henkel
Devyn Henkel 5 days ago
Tincheck 5 days ago
happy birthday
the nerf guy
the nerf guy 5 days ago
i can watch this soooo many times and keep laughing
David H
David H 5 days ago
RIP archduke Franz Ferdinand
13th Century Vice
I like how when big dogs get picked up they don't know how to react at all, which is the same thing happening to chica
Smitty Werbenjagermanjensen
Chica's Birthday: Chica YAY Mark's Birthday: *Chica YAY* My god I love it
A DUH KIDFLASH 5 days ago
Ethan The king
Ethan The king 5 days ago
Mark's bday is one before mine
roxy picasso
roxy picasso 5 days ago
chica is *uncomf*
Layla Umbowers
Layla Umbowers 5 days ago
She looks so fed up
RangerScorpio RAC
Decided to come here because it's my birthday to. God chica looks so unamused
Rubb3r Lizard
Rubb3r Lizard 5 days ago
Chica usually looks so happy and energenic in videos. What happened. :/
HorseLuver4Ever 5 days ago
She doesn't like being picked up.
BlakeTheBot 5 days ago
Markiplier: Has a birth day Chica: War Flashbacks
Umbřìş Pļůţø
Who else remembers the video when he got Chica!
Pug Life
Pug Life 5 days ago
Chica must be angry because Ur still alive, she wants ALL LIFE TO BE DESTROYED.
Mrmeble 5 days ago
Chica went : :/
L. R.
L. R. 6 days ago
Nobody in the entire universe: Chica: ⚫👄⚫
Mitche23 6 days ago
Chica : I'm a dog *Barf*
Casperni 6 days ago
Good Meme Template
BoxInsideOfABox 6 days ago
Happy Birthday, Markplier! Sorry I’m late
Thomas Long
Thomas Long 6 days ago
I love China and Mark happy birthday
godbeastlegen 6 days ago
It’s like he didn’t get enough sleep and got interrupted mid sleeping
Jake Bennett
Jake Bennett 6 days ago
happy B day lol
Mamerta Maglasang
Mark: today's my birthday! Chica: *Not happy, didn't smile.*
goodbye fortnite