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This game from 2015 is soon to get a sequel so why not revisit and see the new monsters they've added to the game since the last time I played!
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Jul 19, 2020




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Comments 100   
OhYeahYaahYeet 16 hours ago
I'm surprised he actually forgot about the game 😕
Cloudy Mckinnon
Cloudy Mckinnon 6 days ago
5:04 Mark: *Drops flashlight* *instantly becomes Cockney*
Jade 6 days ago
23:00 is the time stamp for the "hey man" rendition of the disclaimer song
Molly Harris
Molly Harris 6 days ago
What does the beeping in the hallways mean? I do not understand.
Mac Adams
Mac Adams 7 days ago
A true power move would have been Ethan deleting the video where Mark beats Vanish when he had the chance
Subwoofer Gaming
Subwoofer Gaming 8 days ago
Love this game cant wait for monstrum 2
youngling destroyer
My nose is running and I sniffed and mark said who sniffed I got a little spooked
Fearlesseye 10 days ago
I’m so glad the steam squirt doesn’t instant kill him. That was a stupid mechanic in the previous version.
iaminevitable ree
iaminevitable ree 11 days ago
3:35 yep
R. C.
R. C. 11 days ago
Mark...... We, or at least I, do not wish to see struggle with Vanish. You beat it. No need to go back to torturing yourself. But knowing other people.... They will be foaming at the mouth for that to happen....
Minority Boi
Minority Boi 12 days ago
I think the second game is out, so...play :)
APieceOfToast 12 days ago
I am absolutely mortified by ships, to the point that I almost had a panic attack in the hangar of the USS Midway when I went to visit, so this is my biggest nightmare
APieceOfToast 12 days ago
I am absolutely mortified by ships, to the point that I almost had a panic attack in the hangar of the USS Midway when I went to visit, so this is my biggest nightmare
Alienlover 123
Alienlover 123 13 days ago
*music plays* Mark: w h y
Terran Republic
Terran Republic 13 days ago
Just some suggestions if you play more of this. 1, Do not run, or make general noices unless you have to. Most of the creatures go by sound to track you. 2, Use the lean function to scan hallways before you go. 3, You can hide in a lot more places then regular lockers. For example the big desk cabinets, under beds, under regular desks. Thank you for the video!
CruelMaster MC
CruelMaster MC 13 days ago
Memento Mori, UNUS ANNUS
John Clips
John Clips 14 days ago
Mark: *Drinking water* Monstrum: Click click Mark: I WAS DRINKING wAtEr
James Ashcroft
James Ashcroft 15 days ago
Markaplier: Would you like some *screaming*? Me: That's why I'm here.
Mr Gir
Mr Gir 15 days ago
"where were you come from" Markiplier July 19, 2020
Leevi Kautto
Leevi Kautto 16 days ago
Does markiplier still know that you can hide well i take it back when i was writing at the same time he did it
jess401 17 days ago
Who thinks Mark should review his 'Try Not to Laugh compilation'?
Luke Curtis
Luke Curtis 18 days ago
bring back prop hunt
wart wart
wart wart 18 days ago
You should play vanish again that would be funny I think
mittchell james
mittchell james 19 days ago
OEDODRAGON 21 day ago
20:52 Not a VHS. They're cassette tape players you are finding.
OEDODRAGON 21 day ago
13:45 That's why I don't like the water monster. As soon as it comes out it kills you. It doesn't even...roar?....Scream?.... It doesn't even squelch first. There is a way beat it with him, but it's boring.
OEDODRAGON 21 day ago
I love this game. Still play it. I always restart until I get the Brute (Stompy Torch Face), as he is the most fun to play against. I was even playing it just before watching this video. Tip 1: Don't hide unless you are in a dead end, just run away (far enough) until chase music dies. Tip 2: Don't hide when he's watching. He'll go straight to your hiding spot.
OEDODRAGON 22 days ago
0:37 But you didn't complete Vanish before the update. x)
Rachel S
Rachel S 22 days ago
Never forget the rage Vanish created. 17 episodes, all failure except for one.
Jane Sakura
Jane Sakura 23 days ago
It's been five years since he's played this and he already forgot how to play and that there are multiple monsters per game XD
Hayley Tyler
Hayley Tyler 23 days ago
What's great is he dies once from every different monster 👹👽👿
Mike Hipps
Mike Hipps 25 days ago
When mark realizes that he can hide in the cupboard
Jeff Cantrizzle
Jeff Cantrizzle 26 days ago
"tell my family... please subscribe." Lmao
Brody Crowder
Brody Crowder 26 days ago
He said my name.... Unfortunately it was not to me
Alex D.
Alex D. 29 days ago
Quote from the original Monstrum video: "I WON'T LET THIS BE ANOTHER VANISH"
Radek Hornik
Radek Hornik 29 days ago
zander the blazer
GOD I miss this game
Maddie Clark
Maddie Clark Month ago
Poor Lixian, while editing these scary games, he has to deal with the jumpscares 😂
Inferno Playz
Inferno Playz Month ago
Wow the new among us looks so realistic!
Mia Treado
Mia Treado Month ago
“**GASP** the heli-ke-chopper keys!” I’m wheezing🤣🤣💀 I’m never calling a helicopter anything else
Susanna Guzik
Susanna Guzik Month ago
The sweet tunes start at 23:02
ADaddylicious Month ago
This is scary but makes no sense at all.
S T A N K Y Month ago
Please turn on your air conditioning, I don't want you cooking like a turkey.
Undef1n3d Month ago
beymaster15963 Month ago
But did you truly beat vanish tho...
Fred Reed
Fred Reed Month ago
Though lookin game.
Erin Biddle
Erin Biddle Month ago
The monsters are called the hunter, phantom, and the brute
mann co
mann co Month ago
I can’t wait till he finds out there’s gonna be a second game and it’s co op
Zboy 115
Zboy 115 Month ago
18:49 Wait a second.... 106 is known as Radical Larry *oh god*
N The Shinobi
N The Shinobi Month ago
probably shouldn't be watching this before i go to bed, but oh well
cdonnak morehead
Who is here because of dark deception monsters and mortals
abigail bobeck
abigail bobeck Month ago
Rudol von Stroheim
This kinda Feels like the Lore of Among us dont you agree? edit: Among us mixed with granny i guess?
Mun Ko
Mun Ko Month ago
Keep playing, then it become popular again
NightMaker 120
NightMaker 120 Month ago
I can see the animation now.
Tamara Newman
Tamara Newman Month ago
the know
Reece Reinholtz
Reece Reinholtz Month ago
seeing him pass up gas canisters is painful to watch
Anthony Huffer
Anthony Huffer Month ago
you can hear the silent rage and loathing mark holds towards vannish
master hammy
master hammy Month ago
4:37 mark still thinks the same thoughts as last time
Brandó Month ago
please play vanish again
Lixian I love your editing and Mark... you’re okay, I guess I joke Mark❤️❤️ you’re my favorite person to watch on US-first sincerely!!!!!
In2sanity Month ago
I won't play vanished he's says I wonder what the people will ask
N33L B4M3
N33L B4M3 Month ago
Did anyone else notice how curved the guys thumb was when holding the torch lol
Mr12Relic Month ago
18:49 Is that an SCP reference? "Larry" "106"
Random Roleplayer
Monster: Rawr *crunch noises* Mark: 👁️_👁️
Richard A
Richard A Month ago
When youtubers see blood on the floor in the game they say it's not a good sing but go any away that makes sines 100%
Halloween Baby
Halloween Baby Month ago
23:00 i stg i thought he was gonna say "hey , how yall doin'' XD
TripleTea Month ago
the kobayashi maru..? no? ok bye
Aiden Cangemi
Aiden Cangemi Month ago
mark who is Lixian and how did you meet?
Brody Anderson
Brody Anderson Month ago
I was halfway paying attention and when he said Brody I almost had a heart attack. lmno now!!! (My name is Brody)
lity fity
lity fity Month ago
Mark has finally mentally recovered enough to even mention Vanish. Just a few more years of therapy and he can play the VR version!
{Thy Baron Annabelle Lee}
Mark is like one of the only gaming channels left that plays horror games.....
The Comment Alien
“I don’t trust like that.” - A car salesman and Markiplier, c. 2013 and 2020 respectively
Pop Extra
Pop Extra Month ago
0:44 I love how the 2 clips from your younger self is you screaming of jumpscare and then screaming of happyness! 🤣🕸👏😂🦇
Sephryth 2 months ago
Ooh ... Vanish
Hektor Sein
Hektor Sein 2 months ago
I actually like Lixian giving commentary on how the monster scared BOTH of you. Can we get more of that in the future?
Krimzon_Devil 2 months ago
Bro I loved watching you play this game, I’m SO happy they’re making a sequel, I really hope it’s good and that you plat it
Ocean Cowan
Ocean Cowan 2 months ago
I need to stop watching markiplier play horror games
Samuel Thomson
Samuel Thomson 2 months ago
The fact that he didn't remember this game kinda saddens me
Samuel Thomson
Samuel Thomson 2 months ago
Darth Vadra
Darth Vadra 2 months ago
Please play vanish just one more time for nostalgia.
risqy 2 months ago
18:50 scp reference?
johnny stander
johnny stander 2 months ago
26:50 Many of us are old... but are you Tiny Box Tim old?
Noah Jones
Noah Jones 2 months ago
You have gas and a lighter come on
G Man
G Man 2 months ago
I love how throughout this video he just keeps getting Vietnam flashbacks to his first playthrough of monstrum
Star Puppeteer
Star Puppeteer 2 months ago
All dealth 18:33 26:41
morcego sangrendo Games
This game and the year 2015 I suppose
New Courier
New Courier 2 months ago
*Markiplier*: Don’t bring up Vanish *My smart ass*: ...vanish...
Souahi Mohamed lou
Souahi Mohamed lou 2 months ago
Poiised Is the king of this game 🤣🤣
creepypasta Queen
creepypasta Queen 2 months ago
Can you plz and try and play vanish again plz
Crystal Howe
Crystal Howe 2 months ago
23:02 Horror the Musical! XD
Braelynn Stuller
Braelynn Stuller 2 months ago
Get a minni fan if you want maybe that will help?
Jonathan Green
Jonathan Green 2 months ago
"They added monsters" No, you just forgot the water monster and discovered the ghost monster. I never found the updates here.
i just noticed a picture of the 8 bit crying child
Samantha Vetrano
Samantha Vetrano 2 months ago
3:33 dont you hate when water bottles do that.. XD
Chloe Wolf
Chloe Wolf 2 months ago
I kinda zoned out and then randomly heard mark singing like👁👄👁
Cosplayer Forever
Cosplayer Forever 2 months ago
I jumped violently at the first jump scare 😂 I’m loving this video
brodin blaber
brodin blaber 2 months ago
what kind of headphones are those?
Olivia Lissa
Olivia Lissa 2 months ago
oh cool! so does that mean we'll be seeing Welcome to the Game? been hanging out for the finale my guy
True Catastrophe
True Catastrophe 2 months ago
Monstrum: *Famous horror game of what we call monsters* Also monstrum: *Commit merge universes with DD* Dark Deception: *Guess I'll die.*