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Bob attempts to talk me through Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes! Guess what happens...
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Feb 12, 2019




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Comments 100   
Tipsy Llama
Tipsy Llama 17 hours ago
Sj Tiernan
Sj Tiernan Day ago
Insert i am die
Hannah Day ago
28:39 - “Bob I’m gonna die” “I think you might die” LMFAOOO
Andreja Dolar
10:20, 10:55, 11:09, 11:57, 14:01, 15:36, 18:03, 20:31, 28:12, 28:42, 30:00-, 35:44, 38:19, 39:12, 40:38, 44:23
Manuel Lopez
Manuel Lopez Day ago
Bob reading the instructions: "Switch to the next panel by pressing down and the previous panel by pressing up. Do not switch to the next pane- Mark: I SWITCHED TO THE NEXT PANEL
RadReaper08 2 days ago
Mark: "I'm not smarter than a 5 year old games' instruction pdf."
Fox boy676 2.0
Fox boy676 2.0 2 days ago
Upside down ! Mark that’s ?
Lucas Leite
Lucas Leite 2 days ago
" I have a nice reference" later: " O w/ penis"
Julia 2 days ago
Hello from 2021, came back to use it in my studies homework on virtual teamwork. Damn, time flies fast.
Gxchx Fxndoms
Gxchx Fxndoms 3 days ago
"Is 9 odd or even?" Are you out of school or are you in kindergarden?
vNightmareZ 3 days ago
Bob reading the manual: do not switch to the next panel Mark: I SWITCHED TO THE NEXT PANEL
Retro Guru
Retro Guru 3 days ago
Is that Stereo RCA with Dual Link DVI-D?
GET SHRECKED 3 days ago
Who ever did closed captioning did such a good job an if they see this then I just want to tell them good job
why creepy
why creepy 4 days ago
F*** Samsu‌ng
Princess Lover
Princess Lover 4 days ago
20:17 28:49 LOL
Fine Emery
Fine Emery 4 days ago
“ explanation point “ upside down question mark be like- : “DO i LoOk LiKe-“
PuppyCat 4 days ago
19:51 i died with laughter
Madison Menzies
Madison Menzies 5 days ago
I see why wade isn’t here
JustPassingBy 5 days ago
am I the only one ticked off that he said exclamation mark instead of question mark? - 3:51
Forrest Moreno
Forrest Moreno 5 days ago
fun in vr
TheePluto 6 days ago
The fact he called a question mark an exclamation mark
Endderie 7 days ago
30:30 Mark's face... That is the only valid reaction to that thing
Reiji 零時
Reiji 零時 8 days ago
This is the type of game that will only bring chaos between me and my friends.
Johnny Speedboat
Johnny Speedboat 8 days ago
So we just gonna slide past the fact that after all these years, Mark is still Steam friends with Minx?
kenna 9 days ago
37:53 what a voldemort laugh omg
Devan Boffa
Devan Boffa 10 days ago
9:48 15:41 -Heavy breathing- Tha- ... that’s-... THATS WHAT SHE SAID!
DerpyGamer0013 10 days ago
"Keeping running Kyle?" Karen exclaimed loudly.
Cameron Foote
Cameron Foote 10 days ago
This bomb is pretty much a bunch of among us tastes in one box.
The Crystal Witch
The Crystal Witch 10 days ago
For anyone wondering the U with an I is the 2nd last letter of the Greek alphabet "Psi" pronounced like sigh
Anarchist Banana
Anarchist Banana 11 days ago
I only clicked on this video because of the perfect length of the video
The Unknown
The Unknown 12 days ago
Imagine your last words being “O with a p*nis”
Useris0v3r 14 days ago
15:34 bro bobs laugh is so funny 😂
Draye Lemons
Draye Lemons 14 days ago
Did anyone notice eathens/crankgameplays score under Bob's at the beginning. Lol😆😆😐
Five nights at Lolbits
Aye that game is in vr
martin nguyen
martin nguyen 15 days ago
Cheat death,u can’t do that bc in the future u will be in a show called unus annus, and in it u say we can never cheat death
ThatGuyGlenn 17 days ago
i have no clue whats happening at 30
AndyIsGone 17 days ago
they did the who's first one completely wrong but were so goddamned lucky
The deadly Ghost Gamer
ahh the ff7 victory music
Dyury 1237
Dyury 1237 18 days ago
Why is it so funny to see mark suffer. It's like slapstick humor but with the mind
Pyromaniac 18 days ago
Holy shit, Bob is really good at going against mathematical probabilities. There was a comment on Mark’s SORRY video, that did the math on Bob’s luck of not rolling a 6 for that long. It was a 0.6% probability of that happening. Next was him rolling nine fives in a row. There was a 0.00001% chance of that happening. In this video, Bob, with Mark’s stupid version of help, he somehow selected all of the right word buttons through sheer dumb luck. Now I’m no mathematician, but that had a pretty low probability of that happening.
Pinkbriansbrother 18 days ago
puzzle piece!
Ethan Paxson
Ethan Paxson 18 days ago
Markiplier I have your phone number
zaccwiggins 19 days ago
“What does the middle left button say” “No” “No, you have to tell me”
Ahmed Wardani
Ahmed Wardani 19 days ago
we can safely say we found something more harder and more annoying than math
Gabriel Ginyard
Gabriel Ginyard 20 days ago
18:08 is Winnie his camera blacked out
nagito komaeda
nagito komaeda 21 day ago
Left click to spiny spiny Right click to do-y do-y ...God why didn't I think of that
Pook Ie
Pook Ie 22 days ago
Their communication is so good
Nate DS
Nate DS 22 days ago
Bob literally had a 1/216 chance of getting 3 of those panel things right in a row on luck
Chloe Couch
Chloe Couch 22 days ago
Is it just me or did it sound like bob opened a can of something in the beginning after he said that’s me? It happened at about 37 seconds I think
Zealox 23 days ago
very fun indeed
Mr DmarDX
Mr DmarDX 23 days ago
21:44 That Smiley Face is actually an Arabic Letter (ت) and its equal to (T)
evil_potato12 24 days ago
yeppers peppers
Poké Kid
Poké Kid 25 days ago
45 secs flat, perfect
Sabrina Senter
Sabrina Senter 25 days ago
Lambda lambda lambda revenge of the nerds
Satan Has Logged In
what if for the next time when you go shoe lace wires, you say "Do" for do cut, and "Don't" for Don't cut?
Scratch Adams
Scratch Adams 25 days ago
I printed out the manual and made my own custom bomb defusing kit with graphics and sick designs on the folder. Its really cool
᭙ꫀꫀ᥇iડꫝ ᠻꪮꪮꪶ
its a upside down Question mark Mark..
Justin Lambert
Justin Lambert 26 days ago
Error! Data overflow=process
Jonathan Howells
Jonathan Howells 26 days ago
This is not the game for people with autism
Allison HASKINS 26 days ago
Mark's pure joy whenever he does something right is so wholesome! 🥺
Jack Newman
Jack Newman 27 days ago
Pissed off bucket guy
Top 10 famous last words before tragic death: Number 1: YES
Edgworth Mtb
Edgworth Mtb 28 days ago
Lambda wow smart Upside down explanation mark bruh
Peter Silverman
Peter Silverman 28 days ago
23:40 "hang on I gotta hit the snooze"
Morgan Is Alive
Morgan Is Alive 28 days ago
He called a question mark an "exclamation mark" anyone else catch that?
Owen Toad
Owen Toad 29 days ago
Bob’s luck is ridiculous. Not always a good thing though.
Maria Matrin
Maria Matrin 29 days ago
When he said train tracks I got frustrated cause it couldve easily been discribed as a puzzle piece 😂
Abbey Santor
Abbey Santor Month ago
the password is so confusing how you guys do that :O
Stefen Lunn
Stefen Lunn Month ago
O with the penis.
Mr. Lizard
Mr. Lizard Month ago
Only a few people with get this “Daz’s stupid h and daz’s stupid n”
Dio D Die
Dio D Die Month ago
7:28 You do know that an uppercase backwards N is the same as a normal upoercase N right?
Chaos Void
Chaos Void Month ago
I think the better title would be "KEEP EXPLODING and NOBODY TALKS"
Jack Hinks
Jack Hinks Month ago
i love this game
Leo Month ago
how come ethan is first in every bomb they do
Leo Month ago
@Mangle 21 ik
Mangle 21
Mangle 21 Month ago
It’s a friend list.
Why is my life like this
24:17 who else got scared the video would end because lixian likes to put that music in the to be continued things
shawn doherty
shawn doherty Month ago
Hold on if you're trying to diffuse the bomb why did Bob press "detonate"
Mangle 21
Mangle 21 Month ago
Because that’s what the button said. It wouldn’t actually detonate the bomb since the only way for that is if you mess up (get strikes) or don’t finish in time.
shawn doherty
shawn doherty Month ago
They made up such ridiculous nicknames for the symbols
Amanda Massie
Amanda Massie Month ago
good teamwork
Elsa Tan
Elsa Tan Month ago
The legal room classically rob because printer habitually colour beside a fluffy moustache. able, auspicious attack
Miles Atkinson
Miles Atkinson Month ago
me and my buddy did this in vr
Che Ariz
Che Ariz Month ago
The recondite yam intraoperatively stain because pelican adversely camp plus a ethereal recorder. ossified, nervous rule
Che Ariz
Che Ariz Month ago
The broad undershirt conversantly float because cymbal microbiologically annoy atop a guttural H habitual stepmother. scattered, hateful kettle
Rubberduck 64
Rubberduck 64 Month ago
you truly know you're color blind when the red wire looks like a yellow wire
Ayden Shark
Ayden Shark Month ago
How was he recording if his cameras dead
Mangle 21
Mangle 21 Month ago
I think it’s a face cam, so his mic was still on and he was recording/streaming he’s desktop.
evan griffith
evan griffith Month ago
The used brace epidemiologically reign because ramie spectroscopically hammer underneath a earsplitting thursday. inquisitive, ill-fated ikebana
Harry Eaton
Harry Eaton Month ago
Mark: "Is 9 odd or even?" Bob: *so this is the day I die*
Allison HASKINS 26 days ago
Sindy Gerber
Sindy Gerber Month ago
The utter men naturally screw because dew recently thaw beside a small carnation. enthusiastic, deafening desert
Lorenzo Montano
Lorenzo Montano Month ago
I love how happy mark gets after completing a level, its absolutely wholesome and heart warming
Zevox 90
Zevox 90 Month ago
This is my favorite video. It is exactly 45 minutes
Ray Emling
Ray Emling Month ago
You'll notice that Wade was not invited to this party, that seems like a good decision lol
Crispyverse Creator
"We cheated death!" So.. is this gonna be a 'Final destination' thing, or what?
evan griffith
evan griffith Month ago
The omniscient blinker rahilly attach because yew lately plan as a foolish sturgeon. ahead, cut quart
Dark Month ago
backwards p also known as q
evan griffith
evan griffith Month ago
Mark while reading about complicated wires: Visible confusion Mark: H-hold.. on.
His camera dies so much 😂😂😂
Damn that friendship how Bob got all of nonsense 😂😂😂
999lazerman Month ago
First fail at 20 min. Better than I expected 😅 normally they fail often
C.J.Dingus Month ago
That thumbnail is true beauty
MarZ is deAd
MarZ is deAd Month ago
9:46 sounds like Joe Swanson
Merciless Thunder
anybody else do a double take when the first bomb went off they were doing so well 😂😂😂
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