KINGS (peasants) OF THE JUNGLE (backyard) | Grounded - Part 3 

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We've made this place our own! We're not AFRAID anymore! No spiders can harm us! (they can definitely harm us)
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Aug 12, 2020




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Comments 100   
Oyun ve Oyun
Oyun ve Oyun 4 hours ago
jumped on a nail No-one: Mark: nailed it
WraythSkitzofrenik 15 hours ago
Bob did the Derek voice! Yay!
Simply Demon
Simply Demon 18 hours ago
do moooooooooooooooreeee
Wendigo Alastor
Bob's the builder, Mark's the soldier, and Wade's just there
Mark mark mark! There have been HUGE updates to the game! You, bob and wade need to go back!
wolfy boy
wolfy boy 2 days ago
Why doesn't he upload the next episode? He jumped down, made kt a clffhanger, so logic would dictate that there is another video.
Calvin Forest
Calvin Forest 2 days ago
Make another one mark MAKE ANOTHER ONE...
thejekky_br 2 days ago
15:13 stopped here
Jessi Krafts
Jessi Krafts 2 days ago
Mark we need more!!!
The Lemon Does Things
I hope another ep of grounded comes :D
Nine tails
Nine tails 3 days ago
Those graphics though
Cami Pinay
Cami Pinay 3 days ago
its called a pool mark
IllusionQueen 4 days ago
I cried laughing when Wade finished Mark off with the spear 😂😂
khalz pro
khalz pro 4 days ago
I'm surprised by how they fear the ants more than the spiders, wow rare instincts
ArrowHead_123 5 days ago
I was cracking up when the ants were glitching out the grass and when mark said it squirted at me
Eric Aitken
Eric Aitken 5 days ago
if they are in a backyard there wouldn't be a lake or an ocean so it must be A POOL
Ben Wilson
Ben Wilson 5 days ago
I want more of this
Angelina Bradwell
mark: water does not exist also mark: *slurp*
Muad,Dib 7 days ago
27:13 marks inventory starts bugging out and so does his face
Ryker Baker
Ryker Baker 7 days ago
31:23 that s s sad
Leon The man
Leon The man 7 days ago
"which looks like a ball sack" DIED
Simply Toast
Simply Toast 8 days ago
Marks pronunciation of yare yare daze caused me physical pain
Pumpkin 8 days ago
I agree.
Cheese Cake
Cheese Cake 9 days ago
7:24 becouse i killed the last airbender
Angel Has Sum Squirt
please continue this
Tylo Videos
Tylo Videos 9 days ago
Play the pond update, there’s a giant koi and a huge crow
Sealydog 10 days ago
Classic. Weeb.
Classic. Weeb. 11 days ago
I really want them to continuee this hhhhhhh
ya_boi skitz
ya_boi skitz 11 days ago
Make a new episode plsssss Also rest in peace unus annus
Allison Pagels
Allison Pagels 12 days ago
Mark please continue this 😂
Dracvich 13 days ago
They need to do more videos of this game, it got it's biggest update yet with the pond overhaul and also the hedge base Hope they do more soon!
Arianna T.
Arianna T. 13 days ago
Woah I like this game alot
Duck Poppy
Duck Poppy 14 days ago
Why. WHYYYY did they stop playing this😣
Owyn Ackerman
Owyn Ackerman 15 days ago
26:07 best quote of all time
FlakyBOiyts 15 days ago
9:12 that hurt me inside...
GummyyBearss 16 days ago
they should play this again
gernaid glitch
gernaid glitch 16 days ago
Baby spooders give spoder silk
EnderalPhantom 16 days ago
Marks character arc was incredible
roni johnson
roni johnson 16 days ago
im starting to notice a pattern with mark and games, nobody ever goes into the cave first its always mark no matter what game.
Khai Russell
Khai Russell 18 days ago
Plz keep doing this mark
OrbWeaver 18 days ago
"We killed an Orb Weaver!" ... I am kill. :(
TotenKopf 19 days ago
38:20 - literally every unus annus outro ever
No one: Mark: cmon man keep up
Chase Jacobs
Chase Jacobs 19 days ago
Thanks to you me and my brother might be able to play a game together.
Jessica Rabbit
Jessica Rabbit 19 days ago
As soon as he screamed Cola and walked in the can I got a coka cola ad😂😂😂
Aiden Polera
Aiden Polera 22 days ago
Mr12Relic 22 days ago
2:32 The sequel to Lord of the Flies
Raven Kurobara
Raven Kurobara 24 days ago
youve heard of lord of the flies now get ready for king of the ants XD
Magik Mudkipz
Magik Mudkipz 25 days ago
Where’s the next episode?????????? :-:
Metallickid 26 days ago
27:29 chest.exe not responding
Nemu_1234 28 days ago
Eww the ants one mmmmm i hate it i hate ant... *died*
Harper Swanston
Harper Swanston 28 days ago
can u guys play the new halloween update
Samuel Havrilchak
Samuel Havrilchak 28 days ago
Your the best upload more I grounded keep it up
Jennie Riley
Jennie Riley 29 days ago
I cant stop laughing at when he keeps trying to move the ball sacks he called them
max makarenko I have no clue what I'm doing
i honestly feel like wade yelling is funnier when you cant see his face
Christian Conrad
Christian Conrad 29 days ago
Stan The Water Man
Noah Lofton
Noah Lofton Month ago
new content update for grounded just to let you know markimoo
Jacob O'Halloran
make a fourth epsoide
Egg and friends Mtb
Where is the next episode of this
Ms. Anonymous
Ms. Anonymous Month ago
Bob was so thrown off by Mark's compliment he didn't even know how to respond except just "uuhhhhhnnn.."
Chadiearmy 147
Chadiearmy 147 Month ago
4:06 my favorite drink in gta
Joseph Caskey
Joseph Caskey Month ago
Mark to get the webs for a dew collector you need to use an axe to chop the webs Also the multi story bases give you the floors
jera ruin
jera ruin Month ago
welp... that was it for this game
DevilDryEyes Month ago
This is the bad kind of grounded... Whereas Introverts like myself, used to think that being grounded was blessing more than a punishment. More time for gaming and watching US-first videos without being judged by parents =P The outside is overrated anyway!
Floyd shyane
Floyd shyane Month ago
mediha 22
mediha 22 Month ago
omg Bob the builder
Cameron Dale
Cameron Dale Month ago
Maybe someone had a pee sauna in their yard and the droplets coalesced into those puddles.
CarnoGOD Month ago
Pls make more Grounded
Jake Memegod
Jake Memegod Month ago
I wasn't expecting a jojo reference in a Markiplier video.
Thantric Month ago
Is this series gonna be like oxygen not included? not finished
Brayden Bartling
"I thought I was pooping on your pants"😂
SmokyQuartz Month ago
There is new update
Kermit the god
Kermit the god Month ago
Make more grounded vids
nickkii luvz
nickkii luvz Month ago
Mark u gonna play again there's another science laboratory in a tree somewhere i saw it on another US-first stream
Melanie Horowitz
I love these Dorks xD ❤️
cupcakes with embolism
This name ia like Subnautica It's not a horror game until you rlly get into it
TheGoatHero24 Month ago
holy moly is that a jojo reference?
Mike Thebeast
Mike Thebeast Month ago
When’s part 4??
Nathan's Land
Nathan's Land Month ago
A nuke can't even kill all of those ants
Sarah Gardner
Sarah Gardner Month ago
It's good to know Mark drinks pee with more than just Ethan XD
Amanda F.
Amanda F. Month ago
We need more episodes!
Aimee Month ago
Whens the next episode??? I want more of this
GreySlasher63 Month ago
22:27 *Giant* _Enemy_ *s* *p* *i* *d* *e* *r* *!*
Bacon And Banana's
the ending was mark jumping off.. there should be a part 4. lets wait
League Of Tricksters
and bows stroage and icons are better now
League Of Tricksters
there is more content for alot of stuff
League Of Tricksters
the game is still unfinished but there is more storyline crafting and wepons AND GO GIVE BURGAL HIS CHIPS . . .its important
That Dude
That Dude Month ago
Plz plz p la play more
wolfy boy
wolfy boy Month ago
Why didn't mark upload the other video? I know he didn't stop playing when the video stopped.
CrazyAly246 Month ago
I died laughing around 14:44 😅😅😅 I just started playing this game with my boyfriend and I react to danger in the same way Mark does 😅😅
stephanie hufnagel
Lol poop water
Jesse h
Jesse h Month ago
neeed mooore
Jacob Treuer
Jacob Treuer Month ago
Mark and friends: the ants are cute and friendly! Seán and the Irish lads: THEYRE CREEPY DEATH TO ANTS!!!!!!!
Summer Jewell
Summer Jewell Month ago
wade:no no no no no mark:you alright? wade:no?
Byron Watkinson
Byron Watkinson Month ago
Mark: How's the house? Bob: It's Nutty! Ethan if he was playing: I guess I cant visit.
Optom Bomber
Optom Bomber Month ago
27:41 i giggled so hard when I saw goofiplier's goofy faces LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL
DELTA RUNE Month ago
How exactly do ants fertilize their eggs? I never payed attention to science when I was in school
Sega Sonic
Sega Sonic Month ago
Funny Fajitas
Funny Fajitas Month ago
I can't wait until this is officially released next year hopefully they do a lets play of it 😁
Yugi Muto
Yugi Muto Month ago
Mark: I’ve never cooked a thing in my life Also Mark: I am a man who owns five ovens!