LAVA IS HOT HAHAHaha... | Minecraft - Part 16 

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Hey guys, did you know that lava is really hot and will burn your stuff to a crisp? I know that... now...
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Sep 7, 2020




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blue men
blue men Hour ago
markiplier killing enderman give me dark georgenotfound vibes
HAHA YEYE Hour ago
Watch it, Annus is breaking in
LordOfThunder 55
LordOfThunder 55 22 hours ago
Rip Minecraft series
Electrix_Mix Day ago
Mark really giving us a heart attack lol
B2B / xdabest
Mark: I could have the greatest pickaxe! I could have the best pickaxe! Me with a Netherite pickaxe with Efficiency V Fortune lll Unbreaking lll Mending : Amateur
JoJamesJo Gt
JoJamesJo Gt Day ago
At the part where he struggled to get out of lava while he was holding a water bucket was painful
MiaMiaOnTheWall XxOo
If you want anxiety jump to 6:08
WHY DIDNT HE JUST USE WATER???? Escaping lava can be really easy, especially in a situation like the one he was in, just don’t rely on water as it can doom you in rare occasions. As long as you go at the right angle, you can get out of the predicament. But be careful, if you place at the wrong angle, it could trap you in lava under OBSIDIAN.
Liv D
Liv D 2 days ago
Mark gives giving Lixan a heartattack for two minutes
The Jamal that pulled Out the 9
Mark: **calms down from being scared half to death** Ad: *YOUR MOUTH IS ABOUT TO BE, TAKE👏EN👏OVER👏*
Annabeth Altamirano
"not like this" then how do you want to die?
KairiRayne16 3 days ago
Wan time my brother find a pig he sees it i don't lol!
Chardzenpol Challeg
If you put a bed in the nether the bed will explode, trust me, it will explode
bby 4 days ago
The sequense at the start has like a motor sound, probably a train. In Wilford 'MOTHERLOVING' Warfstache, he says something about a train, and being trapped in the snow for days. Could it be that?? just conecting stuff that fits.
sophia 4 days ago
no one: mark: NO NOT LIKE THIS
AnimeLord32 4 days ago
Why does the scene between Mark and Lixian about music remind me of Dr. Robotnik from the Sonic Movie?
epic d_b_f_z crap
Replace the thumbnail and just make its the oh my fucking God meme
He1Io 5 days ago
Lost child
Lost child 6 days ago
Mark killed a man oh no
sarah small
sarah small 6 days ago
Lixian is literally the best editor wow
Elizabeth Bonner
Elizabeth Bonner 6 days ago
Me: *Seeing the title of this video* My Brain: "YOU ABSOLUTE IDIOT!"
Among Us Dectective
He’s back👉 23:59
J Oehl
J Oehl 7 days ago
oh im gonna kill em yes im gonna kill em
Troy Pearce
Troy Pearce 7 days ago
That was funny and scary 😯
XxJuno_StudiosxX Juno
Nobody: not a soul: mark falls in lava: LADDER LADDER everyone else: water 👍
A Human Being
A Human Being 7 days ago
Zombified Piglin Minding His Business Mark: FIGHT ME FIGHT ME
Kay Alvarado
Kay Alvarado 8 days ago
1:48 I-
Kay Alvarado
Kay Alvarado 8 days ago
Anyone care to elaborate on 0:18 ?
Charles Camilleri
your mc vids have to much edits
Cyp T
Cyp T 8 days ago
Go on to 6:18 and turn it one 0.25x you won’t regret it 🤣
Kylie Forgie
Kylie Forgie 8 days ago
15:28 I think everyone had a heart attack when he fell
TB Bryant
TB Bryant 9 days ago
Kayla Waldrop
Kayla Waldrop 9 days ago
So... more?
Fishy 9 days ago
Honestly Lixian is so cool if I was I girl I’d prob had a crush on him 😂
Cayde 6
Cayde 6 9 days ago
6:20 does anyone know what song that is ?
shinymelonsoda 9 days ago
Mark was really ahead of the curve on putting lava in the cauldron huh
mackin_tv 10 days ago
Mark: Ender pearls Sean: Endey balls
aNiMe FaNz San
aNiMe FaNz San 10 days ago
0:10 if you kill him he will give you iron but it's hard but if you want to cheat kick him and run to your house and put one block and kick him even he die
The Awoken Rogue
The Awoken Rogue 10 days ago
20:48 me when my friends start rolling another blunt
Dione Martins
Dione Martins 11 days ago
Mark: Kills the child pigman Me, who actively did fanart of Alex playing with a child pigman while Steve trades with a pigman: :0 why would you do that? Mark: *Digs down in the Nether* Me: AAAAAAAAAAAJSJAIAKAA WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT?!
Dione Martins
Dione Martins 11 days ago
Mark: Oh it goes to the same one Me: Swearing thinking he might end up in the old base
Vanillma 11 days ago
16:59 *it's the dance of italy*
leslie huerta
leslie huerta 11 days ago
ok what the fuck was that in the beginning of the video??
Marzi 9 days ago
for the youtooz figure
Sassyfog Tomlin
Sassyfog Tomlin 11 days ago
Mark that bone thing that you broke was a 1 out of 400000 chance of getting it
JoNatHan K
JoNatHan K 11 days ago
Mushroom Island
JoNatHan K
JoNatHan K 11 days ago
Make another portal.
Kaden Eastridge
Kaden Eastridge 12 days ago
Mark:he’s got pants! Also mark:*kills pigman Mark:I stole his pants
Kaden Eastridge
Kaden Eastridge 12 days ago
Smite is for undead markiplier
ByteMe 12 days ago
Brooke Tide
Brooke Tide 12 days ago
15:29 my soul escaped my body and now I am on my bedroom floor in a puddle of bones and flesh... this whole video is just 26 minutes of anxiety
Adriana Frank
Adriana Frank 12 days ago
My anxiety the whole time Mark was in the nether: 📈📈📈📈📈📈📈
tyler hatala
tyler hatala 12 days ago
I love the bantering between lixian and mark. Honestly probably my favorite part of the series 😂
Nylya Bartelt
Nylya Bartelt 12 days ago
Actually you can put lava in a cauldron
Caitlin Stevens
Caitlin Stevens 13 days ago
And on today's episode of 'Mark is the Luckiest Man Alive':
R N A 13 days ago
I seriously adore Lixians bond with Mark it’s so wholesome.
Makayla Scott
Makayla Scott 13 days ago
Hey Mark you can heal the Golems by feeding them iron
Lampinion 15 days ago
Theory: the train we see in the intro was the train Wilford Motherloving Warfstache was talking about in his video.
NORMAL COAT 6 days ago
The train line in WMW was just a reference to the novel Murder on the Oriont Express.
Angelina Laureles
Angelina Laureles 16 days ago
Nexus8846 Productions
Piglin covering up nudity: Exists. Markiplier: "He's too dangerous to be left alive!"
Avoyde 16 days ago
um.. the intro.. no ones gonna say anything?
TurnBased Combat
TurnBased Combat 17 days ago
what were the other two songs? I didn't catch them.
Stephen Wyatt
Stephen Wyatt 17 days ago
i am still laughing for his series
emily holt
emily holt 17 days ago
Falls.... *screams*
Breyden Ablard
Breyden Ablard 17 days ago
Pro tip: when in lava just use water XD
Remainlang Bareh
Remainlang Bareh 18 days ago
gallade gamer
gallade gamer 18 days ago
2:30 If only he waited for 1.17
GhostRider2224 18 days ago
Lixian's editing makes everything so much funnier
Illuminatiisnotgay 19 days ago
Mark: ‘can you even sleep in the nether?’ Us: 👁👄👁
Limedude Cubing
Limedude Cubing 19 days ago
Mark tries to put lava in a cauldron
Scarlett Parker-Pouw
why is it that he calls himself agenius but then says hes dumb ten minutes later?
Bruh Yes
Bruh Yes 22 days ago
Mark, there is something that can only be mined by a Diamond or "Netherite" Pickaxe, it's called Ancient Debris and most often spawns at Y Levels of 15 in the Nether. It's stronger and the current best stuff in the game, and as you guessed it, it's "Netherite" you need to craft 4 Gold Ingots and 4 Netherite Scraps for a Netherite Ingot which can be used with Diamond Gear in a Smithing Table. Ancient Debris getting melted in a furnace = Netherite Scrap. You need 36 Ancient Debris or Netherite Scrap for 9 Netherite Ingots, and when you add the full set of diamond with those 9 Ingots you get all Netherite Gear.
Uzumaki 23 days ago
This man mined bones... those are rlly rare bru
Bonnie Shen
Bonnie Shen 23 days ago
You can't sleep in the nether because you will explode
Bonnie Shen
Bonnie Shen 23 days ago
Warrior The Amazon
Warrior The Amazon 23 days ago
Maaaaark...what are you up to with weird intros??? Edit: also he forgot the portal he found in the mine shafts somewhere
gallade gamer
gallade gamer 18 days ago
Yeah, what's going on?
Warrior The Amazon
Warrior The Amazon 23 days ago
Maaaaark...what are you up to with weird intros???
Happyheart's Studio
24:00 - 25:21 *Poor Lixian-*
Ms. Zombangle
Ms. Zombangle 24 days ago
dxlima. kt
dxlima. kt 25 days ago
I think you would like Genshin Impact :) I would like it to be more surprising so I’m not going to give any info about it other than amazing graphics and challenges
Barbentos 26 days ago
Mark's home is starting to look like Crosley Tower.
Eggy the egg
Eggy the egg 26 days ago
"This time... *_it's personal_* "-Probably the most badass thing Mark've said
Lazu Imani
Lazu Imani 27 days ago
Mark, I came here to be entertained, NOT TO SUFFER ANXIETY ATTACK EVERY 3 MINUTES
Kris Carpenter
Kris Carpenter 27 days ago
when he fell, i actually jumped
Xjwilly 28 days ago
Bruh silk tuch is actually so bad but good at times, efficiency IV is way better
Roman Reeves
Roman Reeves 28 days ago
goddamit LIXIAN why did you put so much intensity into one video my anxiety is killing me
Craytherlaygaming 28 days ago
....Am I the only one who looks at the weird ass intro shit and asks "Is there lore to that?"
MrQuacklingz 29 days ago
Seán: Adventurous quest Felix: Turns to an anime series Mark: Documentary of a man going insane
Yoongz_Iz_Cat YT
Yoongz_Iz_Cat YT 29 days ago
I took his pants -Markiplier 2020
zuzana bobakova
zuzana bobakova 29 days ago
zuzana bobakova
zuzana bobakova 29 days ago
Charles Calvin
Charles Calvin Month ago
Doki Doki Literature Club: You can talk to AI and be friends with them The villager: *Amateur.*
Anthony Brochu
Anthony Brochu Month ago
Weeeeee! Weeeee! Weeeeee! Weeeee! Quality content !
Millard Francis Anuta
Mark: Everything I need to make everything everything I have..... Me:.........................wut?
T-pose Play’s
T-pose Play’s Month ago
When mark asks “can I sleep in the nether” anxiety *intensifies*
Eloisa G
Eloisa G Month ago
......Didn't Mark find an almost complete nether portal in that same cave he's in right now?
Mr Mc moustache
Mr Mc moustache Month ago
Villager: “Where’s my friend” Me: “I don’t know buddy I think he spontaneously combusted”
dafro job
dafro job Month ago
alternative to "stop it get some help": "dont be greedy, you can get addicted to the wheat"
sarah lake
sarah lake Month ago
I love Lixan 😂😂😂
Channel Rob
Channel Rob Month ago
Theres a big nether castle and smaller pig castles Also, if you wear gold then the pigs won’t attack
PoolsandGames Month ago
if you sleep you will die
Dale Patrick
Dale Patrick Month ago
Just realized, do you think the door is a reference to lunky being locked away and is trying to escape? It’s only a couple episodes later that he is let out...