LIXIAN IS GONE. LUNKY IS HERE. | Minecraft - Part 18 

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Stop screaming. Lixian is taking a little vacation. So I'll be editing the videos for a while with the help Lunky! Alright let's have fun in Minecraft!
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Oct 11, 2020




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Comments 100   
Giann's Channel
Giann's Channel 2 hours ago
Mark when are you gonna upload an new episode
Olivia Moore
Olivia Moore 4 hours ago
He's trying to kill your friend
Olivia Moore
Olivia Moore 4 hours ago
He's not cout
Olivia Moore
Olivia Moore 4 hours ago
And he looks really horror aufiing
Olivia Moore
Olivia Moore 4 hours ago
Hwin he talks he's wiord
Olivia Moore
Olivia Moore 4 hours ago
I don't like lounki his wirod
Olivia Moore
Olivia Moore 4 hours ago
Mark you need to kill a blaze
dragonsboon 5 hours ago
he was so close to making a fire rest pot
[LEX]^Bl@de006 5 hours ago
First episode: "It don’t matter what game, I’m good at it...” This series: *Continuously proves that statement wrong*
The man behind the slaughter
We need more minecraft!
Tanner Bloch
Tanner Bloch 6 hours ago
How long till the next minecraft video
Jessica Nunya
Jessica Nunya 7 hours ago
Everyone ignored how funny it was at 7:00 when he was like oohhhh AHHHH screaming I was dying I had to rematch it because it was so funny
Sam 8 hours ago
I love minecraft only for brewing, I;ll make a world, get a brewing stand. Brew. And delete. I don't know why I'm like this. But hot tip: you need water in the bottles before you brew, it's what the cauldron is for I think?
blue men
blue men 17 hours ago
dear mark fill the bottles with water lol, nether wart to get an awkward potion and then bAM have fun making potions xoxo lots of luv -im bored thanks for the vid
PokuBit 17 hours ago
welp... this series aged poorly
how long until he knows he can make a shield.
Lunar 13 hours ago
He does know about shields he's just really annoyed by them so he doesn't have it on
Emily Bourne
Emily Bourne Day ago
The flying thing in the sky is a phantom. He comes for you if you stay awake for three days straight
Fret N
Fret N Day ago
Seth Playz
Seth Playz Day ago
Dude part 19?
Imperfect_star _
I miss Lixian 🥺
armedsnek Day ago
listen ive been drawing lunky all day yall hes just a lil ole bean
EW EW EW EW EW _EEEWW!!_ mark is editing!?!?!?! now his vid's edits aren't gonna have as much SPUNK and NICE-ITY to them!!! in mark's words, lixian is SO GOOD AT EDITING, AND HIS EDITING JUST CLICKS of some shit.
Luna Steewart
5:14 Mark: haha idiots *angry pig noise* mark: oh shi- me: *dies from laughing*
Elizabeth Wagner
23:19 *Donald Duck has entered the chat*
Elizabeth Wagner
20:03 Lessons with Markiplier: If you look good, your murders will be excused
Redd Hood
Redd Hood 2 days ago
More Minecraft More Minecraft More Minecraft More Minecraft More Minecraft More Minecraft More Minecraft
ZJ S 2 days ago
You could just have a farm. That's pretty- that's an option this game. You don't have to do anything. You could just have a farm! That's it. That's all you need. - Sun Tzu, Art of War
Bratty 2 days ago
Hair is everything
Mutilated Cow
Mutilated Cow 2 days ago
I sincerely hope lixian reads these comments and gets joy from them because we all love lixian especially over lunky lol
jera ruin
jera ruin 2 days ago
and with unus annus gone, so is the minecraft serie...
Mark: *Having trouble with the brewing stand.* Me: *SCREAMING WATER.*
Mads 2 days ago
so no one is gonna tell him you're supposed to put water in the bottles😂 he'll get it tho
Brandon Leonhardt
Why is mark not posting Minecraft? Was unus annus taking most his time?
N1kq 2 days ago
Ikr man
Myah Anderson
Myah Anderson 3 days ago
Why is this the last ep he made
Ryan's article place
Omg Mark is a noob at this
Jackattack 333
Jackattack 333 3 days ago
Its all coming together now I see it now, first its Darkiplier, then SCP Amy, now Lunky, a new order is emerging the question is who's next
Wille 3 days ago
more minecraft?
Maia Ivanova
Maia Ivanova 3 days ago
Me through the whole video: DO NOT HIT THE PIGMEN, WHY ARE YOU DOING THAT
Ełižå Grånt
Ełižå Grånt 3 days ago
is lunky dark lixian? cause that would be funny
maselito the gamer
so basically talking to yourself is crazy and talking to your self with a name that u created is ok
ANIME OALGIT 3 days ago
Put megma cream in the brewing stand you take the megma cream and you dint even use it! :)
kerby 3 days ago
w a t u r
Random Akatsuki
Random Akatsuki 4 days ago
Bruh its been a month
N1kq 2 days ago
Fr I love his minecraft videossss
Muhammad Hafis
Muhammad Hafis 4 days ago
Creating potion out of thin air.....
The Industry
The Industry 4 days ago
everyone has had this moment: 16:29
GordoRaton 4 days ago
Pls dont tell me mark dropped minecraft
Cat Missy
Cat Missy 4 days ago
Sorry Mark but like I cringe to the max with these videos and I laughed my butt off when u figured out the red torches like I was literally dying 🤣
Soup in a can
Soup in a can 4 days ago
markilplier: bes humble for like 10 secs after 10 seconds: actually I'm the greatest that ever was
Frijoles fri
Frijoles fri 4 days ago
Don't kill pigman they don't attack you
Zelda Crafter
Zelda Crafter 4 days ago
18:42 so this is where Epic Games got their Henchmen voices
Zelda Crafter
Zelda Crafter 4 days ago
This minecraft series gives me anxiety each time I watch it. The markiplier touch.
•Savage_Child• UwU
Coordinates: AM I A ROACH TO YOU!!
Nuna-Nuna 4 days ago
Bottle bottle bhehcbhdheeebhghhbehgbegh 23:15
Liam Crawford
Liam Crawford 4 days ago
MythFury 4 days ago
1 month later after this episode came out...
Liv Gh0sty
Liv Gh0sty 4 days ago
Mark... you need to fill the bottles with water and throw the eyes of ender...
Emma Obando
Emma Obando 4 days ago
mark for the love of god please upload pt.19 I’m begging
Pegyson 4 days ago
The duality of drawing skills
stell2431 4 days ago
No one: 11 y/o me playing little alchemy: 22:12
ily Ricky
ily Ricky 4 days ago
bring back minecraft 🥺
klaedo 4 days ago
Austin Lee
Austin Lee 4 days ago
Have you ever tried RLCraft?
Lampshade 4 days ago
Looks like mark abandoned this series
Kraken 4 days ago
Mark: creates Lunky* Also Mark: Lunky, i don't like you
Kraken 4 days ago
Mark: and im not crazy Us: let me doubt
Kraken 4 days ago
"This is like the green one, but red" - Mark
fourcornet 4 days ago
Robby C
Robby C 5 days ago
Mark: My pickaxe has silk touch! Me: oh no. oh no. oh no no no no no
Keels Lacke
Keels Lacke 5 days ago
I cannot tell y'all how many times I had a heart attack watching this individual video, from Mark jumping in lava a lot, to fighting the mobs, to watching him on the edge of that base thingy fighting that fire thing. Literally dead
Euben Nathaniel Regudo
The golem died because Mark didn't heal him :(
BlueSteel 5 days ago
when is part 19 coming out
Just A Realistic Potato
Part 19?
Nathan Childers
Nathan Childers 5 days ago
Oh god mark doing his own editing is bad
DragOn wEildeR407
Maya Slimes
Maya Slimes 5 days ago
Erica Peralta
Erica Peralta 5 days ago
I don't know why but I only watch Markiplier's Minecraft videos
teeklee_meeklee 5 days ago
just throw the eye of ender it will lead you to the portal
Grae Lynn & Co.
Grae Lynn & Co. 5 days ago
me:lunky is evil
uraraca ochaco
uraraca ochaco 5 days ago
Lunky scare me
Homeboi 5 days ago
Axes do more damage
P G 5 days ago
Try looking for nether wart in the fortress and then fill up the bottles with water and try some stuff out with those ingredients (nether wart always comes first)
Pop Corn Boy
Pop Corn Boy 6 days ago
i still waiting for part 19
Bobby Jacob
Bobby Jacob 5 days ago
Ace Originals
Ace Originals 6 days ago
Oeaston55 6 days ago
Mark play more MINECRAFT.
Caitlin McVicker
Caitlin McVicker 6 days ago
Ergh, Lunky gave me major Salad Finger vibes and I hated it.
MagmaLynx 6 days ago
Lunky is Lixican’s evil brother
Qweef Leaf
Qweef Leaf 6 days ago
🥰 9:15 😇
Qweef Leaf
Qweef Leaf 6 days ago
U just ever wanna ⛄️🏌️‍♀️
Charles Moreland
Charles Moreland 6 days ago
still waiting on the next segment...
SnowDog 6 days ago
Mark: *Jumping carelessly around the Nether* Me: He knows there are lava/lava blocks in those holes right? 17:46 Mark: Why am I jumping through this area like a mad man? Me: FINALLY Also, Lixian vs. Lunky! (I hope Lixian wins btw)
Chris S
Chris S 6 days ago
I think you forgot something. It's part 19. Or did I miss anything?
MINECRAFTYnow 37 6 days ago
Where is the new video?
Keevan Nair
Keevan Nair 6 days ago
Pls upload more
Xander 175
Xander 175 6 days ago
Says hes a pro. Doesnt even know about the f3 button shows cords
Just A Realistic Potato
Right?! I literally started playing Minecraft a few months ago on the Nintendo Switch. I’m actually a noob and even I know that....
Chole Burbanks
Chole Burbanks 6 days ago
the gaming joshua
Lixians evil twin brother
TinTodder 6 days ago
if you wear gold piglins wont hurt you
RedLy 7 days ago
Robert E.O. Speedwagon
Its been a while now when are you going to upload the next minecraft vid?
Gerard Palattao
Gerard Palattao 7 days ago
Me a minecraft Veteran if I hit a zombie Pigman:Panik Mark a minecraft player who just played minecraft again 5 years ago and if he hit the zombie pigman:Calm