LOOK INTO MY EYES | Ninjala #2 

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This video is sponsored by GungHo Online Entertainment and Ninjala! #ad
Download here: www.nintendo.com/games/detail/ninjala-switch/
Bubblegum and ninjas. What do they have in common? We’re about to find out as I jump into Ninjala, a wacky new free-to-play multiplayer arena battler for Nintendo Switch!
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...stealth is for nerds...


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Jul 8, 2020




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Comments 100   
Dark Wolf
Dark Wolf 5 days ago
I have always believed in you 😁😁.
Cecil Anderson IV
Cecil Anderson IV 19 days ago
I’m sorry did he just do spinjitzu with bubble gum
Glitch Gaming
Glitch Gaming 20 days ago
I wish game companies wouldn't pay popular US-firstrs to play their games. This has nothing to do with the Markiplier theme of scares and laughs. I don't blame Markiplier for taking the sponsorship as he needs to make money but I wish a horror game would sponsor him instead
jordan simms
jordan simms 24 days ago
Only if he played around the sonic collaboration
M4D L4D Month ago
I know why its aliens....cuz its the opposite of humans. They did a splatoon with squids are the opposites of octopuses
Dean Ferreira
Dean Ferreira Month ago
Why for some reason, does this remind me of Dragon Ball Z ps2 days....
CeleryStick Month ago
Play more pleaseeeee
Funtine Foxy
Funtine Foxy Month ago
the 815 dislikes are just jealous of how much Markipliers subs U.U
Zerin BH
Zerin BH Month ago
if keanu can have a stuntdouble for ted ill happily vote for mark
sarah marie
sarah marie 2 months ago
"I will do my father's blood proud" *cuts to 4 other identical characters*
Beastgamer07 2 months ago
He doesn't play it anymore because the game sucks complete ass!
Alpha bruh
Alpha bruh 2 months ago
its not button mashing but its spamming
Random kid Man
Random kid Man 2 months ago
You suck
thunayan th
thunayan th 2 months ago
Legendary Leelando
Legendary Leelando 2 months ago
Shinobi means ninja or worriorr in Japan
MLH 2 months ago
Hey mark how did you record that on your switch
poilkjmnb1324 oofidy
smh he plays ninjala but he’s never played sploon...😔
Alder Cyng
Alder Cyng 2 months ago
He uses a donut, and his favorite thing is to dunk it...... totally doesn't remind me of anything....
KnightGamex 2 months ago
the yo yo thing is probably one of those weapons that's really good once you get used to it
amazing 3 months ago
SoulDude24 3 months ago
I kinda want to see him play more of this.
Bridgett the octoling
I would like to see more of it mark if you can do that
RetroCrusher 3 months ago
Girl: Wow you came in only 14 seconds... Guy: 12:34
Mads Lee
Mads Lee 3 months ago
Is it a me thing, or does anyone else wanna see Mark and Ethan make their own ninja gum?
Cassius Blake
Cassius Blake 3 months ago
I don't know if im just a weeb or something but the SHEER amount of anime references Markiplier makes. Why do i know all of them...
TigrulMatei 3 months ago
Youre noob i got 2nd place in my first match\
Dreamy Rachus
Dreamy Rachus 3 months ago
I’d really like to see more mark playing ninjala ✨✨✨
PUMPKIN KING 3 months ago
Slow down the outro to 0.25x
Aisu Tistoto
Aisu Tistoto 3 months ago
Why does this look like a really well made bootleg splatooon?
nerd :p
nerd :p 3 months ago
2:17 me in the middle of tech run 😂
Seigy Kanohi
Seigy Kanohi 3 months ago
Where is ninjala ep 3?!?!
TheReaperZ XGaming
TheReaperZ XGaming 3 months ago
You look and sounds like Metro Man in Megamind movie..
Symbiote God
Symbiote God 3 months ago
Appreantly Mark has mastered the ways of the Space Jam.
Brian Borrego
Brian Borrego 3 months ago
More ninjala !
Athalja Gijbels
Athalja Gijbels 3 months ago
I want to download it but when I click on free download there is an error. Is it possible that ninjala is not available in Europe?
Lauten Custance
Lauten Custance 4 months ago
BEANS....DON’T SPILL EM... Everyone who didn’t see livestream: *confusion*
Lance Johnson Jr.
Lance Johnson Jr. 4 months ago
His voice sounds like it's supposed to be humble but the he just goes and says Markiplier: I'm amazing 🤣😭
Sean O'Brien Plays
Sean O'Brien Plays 4 months ago
So you have a switch, but don't make videos of games you play on it? It would be pretty cool.
Stardust Pie
Stardust Pie 4 months ago
5:39 I never noticed that the 1st time I watched the story mode on US-first 😂
SomeAsianGuy 269
SomeAsianGuy 269 4 months ago
2:38 *naruto intensifies*
Your Opinion Is Garbage
Legends says that this video will never reach 1 million views...
TheKiller HotDog
TheKiller HotDog 4 months ago
I feel like mark hates this game and is being paid to play it by Nintendo
Nick Luff
Nick Luff 4 months ago
Munch KING
Munch KING 4 months ago
2:00 This game looks a LOT like Splatoon. Have you tried holding that Roller Horizontally? :p
Areta 4 months ago
KillerPotatoZ 4 months ago
Hi random person who reading this follows their dreams, My dream is to be a successful US-firstr! Hope you have a good day. :3
- Skibble Skiвs -
- Skibble Skiвs - 4 months ago
That Loca Cola thing looked like it would be in a scary old Coca-Cola commercial Or McDonald’s
ToastyMarshmallows 4 months ago
Did mark ever play Darwin Project?
Ryanmonday40 4 months ago
Ninja gum, it has the properties of both rubber and gum.
stellar.artois 4 months ago
Hears the characters attack sounds: My brain: *Killua???*
Paincake 4 months ago
Is poop
Josɧ 4 months ago
low views
Just some guy Named Raptor
No thanks
Sword Reaper
Sword Reaper 4 months ago
Hey Mark, you need to play Ghost of Tsushima. It is really good and really awesome.
captain price
captain price 4 months ago
Markiplier what do video your horror games because I am watching / listening to your anesthesia video know what it's called when you play play them your horror games any type oh also icing jacksepticeye play siren head it scared me as much as it scared you and scared him
Aldo Parziale
Aldo Parziale 4 months ago
Markiplier- 2020: "I Always Knew I Was A Donut" 'I Dunked" New Sponsor In The Works Mark?
Aldo Parziale
Aldo Parziale 4 months ago
11:20 You Were #1 For A Minute Mark
Aldo Parziale
Aldo Parziale 4 months ago
"I'm A Sign"
No name
No name 4 months ago
what if ninjala sponsored ninja
Vixen Gold
Vixen Gold 4 months ago
Giving me kingdom hearts fight style
PoTaToCrAb256 4 months ago
I wanna teach him how to play this game and avoid the drill, because that thing is uber spammy
Hmni Kadoza
Hmni Kadoza 4 months ago
Soooooooooooooo. Kingdom Hearts, Naruto and One Piece smashed into one crappy package. And Rurouni Kenshin. Son of Aoshi.
Hmni Kadoza
Hmni Kadoza 4 months ago
Game equal B tier Boruto. Mark equal S tier talk no jutsu.
Mr. LandFish 2
Mr. LandFish 2 4 months ago
THICC cat 0:22
Gregory Parsons
Gregory Parsons 4 months ago
Splatoon vibes from this game anyone?
Shazuki Ishtar
Shazuki Ishtar 4 months ago
17:48 um...yes they do otherwise they'd just end up not paying you for the sponsorship
Ivan Pinkus
Ivan Pinkus 4 months ago
Naythaniel Jackson
Naythaniel Jackson 4 months ago
Yo sup Markiplier my name is Nate I hope ur enjoying ninjala it's a very cool game, if u totally want 2 kno how 2 change into change into a security camera stand on the wall & press the morph button
Naythaniel Jackson
Naythaniel Jackson 4 months ago
By the if u want 2 learn more about ninjala I can totally add u as a friend 👌😎💥🔥⚔
Sensationally Psycho
Looks like the game BLOB!
AvenRave 4 months ago
3:12 Tfw you're a street sign (·__·)
Tim van der stam
Tim van der stam 4 months ago
this has to be your worst video..... have not seen it and not going to but still
Optimization2526 4 months ago
4:20 I thought mark said yare yare but he actually said yada yada My inner weeb must be slipping out
Anders Heiberg Eckhoff
Is no one gonna mention how a ton people (including me) cant even play the game!?!
Bossome Dude
Bossome Dude 4 months ago
Does mark not know that he can press right stick to lock onto targets?😂💀
CakePop 4 months ago
This game, is like ninjago
Michael DeGroot
Michael DeGroot 4 months ago
Bruh why is his only voice nick cage
Dark L. Muller
Dark L. Muller 4 months ago
Dolly isn't your friend...
I am Here
I am Here 4 months ago
“I’m a sign” -markiplier 2k20
Rigg Amortis
Rigg Amortis 4 months ago
Lock on click right stick it helps
Moonlight Violet
Moonlight Violet 4 months ago
Mark your close ups are making me uncomfortable... 🤣
chayce elliott
chayce elliott 4 months ago
Please play more
Lisa Bailey
Lisa Bailey 4 months ago
Mark are you ever going to get back to subnautica sub zero ? I loved watching you play them !
Happy Sea
Happy Sea 4 months ago
Interesting. Waiting for Dead Dreams Part 3!
SkeleGone 4 months ago
Last Ep.of Ninjala "I'am a box"
M4D L4D 4 months ago
Will there be more?
Zeπ-Pie D RightHere
Is there a reason why this video only has 613k views today only 5 days after it's posted date? Because if there is a reason that I'm Unaware of...I'd like to know what it is Very Much! Especially since his most Recent vids are already at a Million... Fu....g chair phucking simulator phcuking bull$#!+ Phucking game is already at a phucking million... WtF
rihanna bolton
rihanna bolton 4 months ago
splatoon and naruto’s love child.
Gretchen Ryan
Gretchen Ryan 4 months ago
You kill drones to get stronger and get the bigger weapon. To parry you what to hit the parry button before they hit you and then once they do you choose a direction to attack. In the end it comes down to chance and know what your opponent is gonna do.
random unus
random unus 4 months ago
Can we just take a moment to appreciate the editor's mad skills?
Luis Manuel
Luis Manuel 4 months ago
i am the only one who thinks this is splatoon 3?
Joshua Kovacs
Joshua Kovacs 4 months ago
*screams in Ōtsutsuki*
MHA BAA 4 months ago
He sounds like keanu from bill and ted reading the story lines.
Bella MP
Bella MP 4 months ago
Daniël Fuhres
Daniël Fuhres 4 months ago
This is just a somewhat clone of Splatoon. But really bad. xD lol
Diogo Fernandes
Diogo Fernandes 4 months ago
Please play more of this game!!!!!
LumiKarpalo 4 months ago
19:10 every time someone offers me Coca-cola light or Pepsi Max..or any other light soda.
CoveredArtYT 4 months ago
Mark looks more scared then he was when he first played fnaf for the first time when the cola bottle showed up on the bridge
me dio
me dio 4 months ago
This game isn't out for pc yet is it?
me dio
me dio 4 months ago
shirobi ye I figured out thanks
shirobi 4 months ago
Just for nintendo switch
Jay Smoove
Jay Smoove 4 months ago
Idk which way is up half the time🤣🤣🤣
DanitakuGames 4 months ago
4:21 Mark sounds like Jotaro XD