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Every ghost in Phasmophobia only wants to come after ME!!
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Nov 15, 2020




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Christina Yu
Christina Yu 18 minutes ago
Will you be playing more Phasmophobia or are you pretty much done with the game?
Samuel Kent
Samuel Kent 8 hours ago
Mark:"Where are you?" Me waiting for the clip from i miss you
TeenJa 9 hours ago
you need to throw the smudge sticks not hold it in your hand
Miriam Afton
Miriam Afton 11 hours ago
*me trying to stay quiet because its **1:50** at night* Mark: C A U L K me: PFFT-- !! XD
Eksa Stelmere
Eksa Stelmere 12 hours ago
Is it weird that I keep holding my breath when I'm not even playing?
AyeItsSpringyBoi _
AyeItsSpringyBoi _ 12 hours ago
Does Bruno Mars is gay- I can’t stop laughinggg
Faith P
Faith P 13 hours ago
Mark : Why did I die!? Also Mark : Runs around screaming with his light on
Kadmium 17 hours ago
Exciting content man! Liked and subscribed!! If there’s any Hindi speaking folks here, check out my gaming channel too. I’m covering Phasmophobia and other awesome games. Thanks in advance! To everybody else, hope you have an amazing day. 😊
LauraJean Weber
LauraJean Weber 17 hours ago
Mark: "WhYy MeEeE?" The ghost that killed him: "I am inevitable." Me: "Because Jack isn't playing."
Ebbu Virta
Ebbu Virta 18 hours ago
if ever came the opportunity to date a markiplier i would take it🙋🏼‍♀️✌🏻
Adriana Flair
Adriana Flair 19 hours ago
21:33 Me : I still hear him sometimes... 🖤🤍🖤🤍 Memento Mori
Hammer Of Justice
Hammer Of Justice 20 hours ago
11:15 I am currently screaming at my screen for mark to turn of his light close the door and sit down. this is fine.
dollspine !
dollspine ! 20 hours ago
i played with some guy who used VR before and he went head first into the ghost room and TOOK PICTURES OF IT while a HUNT was going on. it was legendary.
Blackname V1
Blackname V1 21 hour ago
Hey chat. I want some likes 😳😀
Robert Gardner
Robert Gardner 21 hour ago
I hear the ghosts don't like mark, because they're afraid of him since he was the king of FNAF, he might over rule and banish the ghosts next.
Thrythlind aka Luke Green
I've seen player ghosts throwing stuff to lead others to the exit...I've also heard of dead players making like arrows pointing toward the ghost room if it hasn't been found yet. Which feels like mostly for larger buildings. I've also heard of players ghost decoying others away from the ghost room and confusing evidence.
Eva Lise Højen Jensen
why you? You are obviously loved by ghosts.. they want you... bad...
Thrythlind aka Luke Green
apparently activity 10 doesn't always mean a hunt but a hunt always hits activity 10
Thrythlind aka Luke Green
apparently tossing a voodoo doll causes it to slide to the ghost room
Layla eXe
Layla eXe 22 hours ago
Wade: have we interacted with a ouiji bourd together before? Mark: no i dont think so The Drowned Man: taco
Erik Moore
Erik Moore 22 hours ago
*cracks neck..looks at the screen* Mark: *turns around saying he heard something in his room irl* me: XD XD XD XD what a coincident!
Erik Moore
Erik Moore 22 hours ago
why me ya ask?..well..its coz ya never really died in that game UwU woo 15 Nov ay? 1 renew? anniversery for Unus Annus..even tho it died before its bday..how sad but oki happy 1year Annus-versy
abby f
abby f 22 hours ago
"Annusly" Every UnusAnnus witness: "Annus?" Spiral of ???
E_ IMPEX Day ago
Celine K.
Celine K. Day ago
When it starts Hunting you have to hide and turn of your flashlight,because if you stand in the middle of a room with your flashlight on its obvious that it's gonna kill you xD.
Jenny Wiseman
And I thought Markiplier was the smartest and the bestest ghost finder or the hunter lol
GalaxyGamer 0100
taki Day ago
20:24 comedy
Gh6st Day ago
i saw the ghost enter the van and never stayed in the van ever since
Sierra Sedgwick
When Mark says "wanna drink some piss" 24:54 this is what I said: "Apparently you did Mark sense you did u-u"
Jackson Loper
Bob:What do you think ghost porn is? Mark:”Your right I’ve seen so... I should’ve known.”
Christopher Bingham
Mark, put down your caulk and be a good ghost for once!
I enjoyed the "it's Annusly..."😂 21:30
Adam V
Adam V Day ago
Does bruno mars is gay?
Lemardeyoutube God
What jumpscared me in this video wasn’t the ghost it was 26:59
earlysteven gamer number 2
18:58 Bookmark
"Woah-oh, Dead Betty! Bam Balam!" I fucking spewed my soda through my nose! 😂😂😂
Bratty Day ago
DXRKZ Michael
This is my favourite series to watch right now I really hope to see more of it
T_revTheDino Day ago
Don’t die! -mark 2020
"Does Bruno Marz is gay?" -Markiplier 2020
James W
James W Day ago
The age old question Does Bruno Mars have gay?
Robotb00gie Day ago
Something i find weird abut mark is that he goes off with stuff that cant even detect a ghost even on the big maps like high school and asylum. Like wut ya gonna do?
Ginger Seconds
dOeS bRuNo mArS iS gAyYy??
FurtherChimp 668
15:38 17:54
Gay Baby Jail
31:39 Hehe Caravan Palace reference :>
Luke Ounsworth
as a carpenter's apprentice, I can confirm that even the professionals make caulk jokes. We just love CAULK!
Lemon Chad
Lemon Chad Day ago
I've lost over 156 hours to this game and I'm level 72
RAE DR Day ago
Use the thermometer! It helps sooo much.
Naruto Uzumaki
Dr.Gaming98 Day ago
Mess with them by playing random scary sound effects into the microphone! Do Freddy’s laugh or something!
Rejima Othelli
I was cringing the entire time when it was hunting and their lights were on. I swear-
Thomas Wiltherford
37:24 "What do you want?" "Death." Damn, too relatable.
Danica miller
Sepanta Aghvami
What markipliers friend dont know is that mark IS the ghost that they are trying to ...lets say decode
GameGrie Day ago
Mark : hears something in his house Also mark : doesnt care and continues playing Me: i would have a heart attack if i heard something out of the game
Sophia Laver
Sophia Laver Day ago
Morgan Wellard
Famliawave55 _YT
When he said possessed it means the ghost can take control of you and your body I’ve heard by the way mark
Mojang Studios
i love these long vids can you do more 40 minute vids but only in silence and phasmophobia
MostlyVR Day ago
Caerigna Day ago
Let's all talk during a hunt while standing in large open door rooms...that won't get us killed. 🤦
She Day ago
*h e y l i t t l e p i s s b a b y*
Brielle Thurnau
"A love only she can seduce, a murderous monster she had created." "a daughter was founded, a new murderer created" From under the bladed saw, only a heritage could make since of it." "An apple that only the tree could realize" 🍎 MAD FATHER REMAKE 2020 "A game he would surely play, like he had played before" Too: markiplier From: a handy salesmen 🕴️
27:41 Me : mark soo what sorta porn you watch. Mark : its complicated.
Sophia Moody
Sophia Moody Day ago
I have a screenshot of something in the background of marks room when he heard something in his room
Anonymous Workshop
Mark, if you turn off your flashlight when it’s hunting and turn off your microphone, it won’t hunt you
Silverfang 538
Silverfang 538 2 days ago
Imagine if they encounter a demon, while it's first name is Barbara
DioBrando935 2 days ago
So, in case you didn’t know, using Global and Proximity chat attracts the ghost to you, so don’t use that when the ghost is hunting
randoman 2 days ago
Belai _
Belai _ 2 days ago
23:28 I can't be the only one who thinks that these kind of things maybe foreshadows a heist 2 or something
Frøppy 2 days ago
Mark: *Caulk, caulk caulk caulk. CAULK CAULK!* Also mark: **yeets caulk in air 1000000 times**
Zdeslav Tokić
Zdeslav Tokić 2 days ago
21:33 hmmmm, maybe thats the reason it gone for mark... (annus-ly)
devon sword master
I have like over 1,000 hours on steam
Algrenion 2 days ago
"Betty Davis you little piss baby" ghost of Bette Davis - 2 time academy award winner and star of 'All About Eve' dir. 1950 - appears with a cigarette and a cold, hard expression: what the FUCK did you just say about me you little bitch
Dope Compilations
Play phasmophobia in vr that’d be epic and incredibly scary mark.
Otaku Chan
Otaku Chan 2 days ago
The only time I'm laughing at a dead person is when Mark dies in Phasmophobia... It's just impossible to keep a straight face with such a teasing ghost!
Raska The Slaanesh
Ghosts in Unus Annus: "I love you mark, big fan" Ghosts in Phasmophobia: "I hate you mark, you are the worst being and your positivity hurts me"
Dustin D
Dustin D 2 days ago
Biden isn't President. Trump!
оргил батаа
good video
Matt Cravens
Matt Cravens 2 days ago
The rumor come out
vkook is real
vkook is real 2 days ago
mark's HA HA HA HA makes me remember the song HAHA by Lil darkie-16:40
Payton Howard
Payton Howard 2 days ago
The characters move so painfully slow, they should make an update where u can run but the if u run the ghost gets more aggressive
Payton Howard
Payton Howard 4 hours ago
@vinny b. Not if they do a mixture of running and walking
vinny b.
vinny b. 10 hours ago
everyone would die bc they'd nearly always run
Elizabeth Morgan
Elizabeth Morgan 2 days ago
Just Mark yelling *DON'T DIIIIIIIIIIIEEE!!!!*
Maysen Elliott
Maysen Elliott 2 days ago
“Does Bruno Mars is Gay?” Makes every game grumps fan have a wide grin of enthusiasm.
Dracopyre 2 days ago
Mark: WHY ME!? Also Mark: *doesn't turn off his flashlight and doesn't hide8
Ray Lee
Ray Lee 2 days ago
When Mark got to the "piss baby ghost" part (which, out of context, lol in itself), he sounded like Him from PowerPuff Girls.
ImaBrikWahl 2 days ago
at 21:33 bob said annus and fuck the flashbacks hit hard
Kai Young
Kai Young 2 days ago
I LOVE this series
Bethisweird 2 days ago
Bet the ghosts are getting revenge from the last episode because Mark kept escaping them and living lmao 😂
Chris The dude
Chris The dude 2 days ago
Doesn’t having the flash light on give away your position when being hunted
Harrison Davis
Harrison Davis 2 days ago
That's cra cra he has 99.6 hours but that's mediocre. Try to beat 254.6
Oniviper 2 days ago
This makes me want to watch one of those ghost hunting shows, but i know i would never be anywhere near as entertained as watching this.
Sunflower Coffee
Sunflower Coffee 2 days ago
50% of this is mark saying caulk
TheFlashDrive 35
TheFlashDrive 35 2 days ago
Just a few tips, once the time runs out stay in a group unless it is an alone ghost, and when the ghost hunts go into a room and shut the door, keeping a distance from the door, and wait for it to stop hunting don't keep running unless you are trying to get a ghost pic, even then it's a horrible choice.
rấnhni anboilam
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