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Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is the best new battle royale game where I'm actually kind of good at it! Yay! Go me! And go Bob and Wade I guess...
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Aug 6, 2020




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Chris Playz2008
Chris Playz2008 3 hours ago
j w
j w 10 hours ago
I feel one of Mark's friends are over reacting over dieing and Mark is chill when he dies
Faith Utz
Faith Utz 3 days ago
“I’ve seen into the beyond” hits a little differently nowadays
Oh No
Oh No 5 days ago
can bob chill with the noises jesus
Electric Animations
Man this kinda died huh
glowing halo
glowing halo 10 days ago
Everybody doesn't rage because of the songs Its too happy *some of the people dont rage*
Temmy Flakes
Temmy Flakes 10 days ago
Nice video, love your content! Wanna be friends?
Melon Man
Melon Man 12 days ago
4:39 lmao Ethan needs to work on his.
Aida Dejesus
Aida Dejesus 13 days ago
Who else is watching will unus annus is gone?
Mr Gamer
Mr Gamer 16 days ago
I always loved it when mark danced to the music
Infading Munk
Infading Munk 16 days ago
US-first is down for ne
Sarumander 16 days ago
27:32 look carefully at the name of the person next to mark
Judah Caulk
Judah Caulk 18 days ago
Uh mark r u ok
B bob gaming
B bob gaming 21 day ago
Remember the week that this game was popular?
Chase Canupp
Chase Canupp 22 days ago
go to shop
*Everyone that plays* : _get tf outta my way_ 🤬 *Our loving Mark* : _Excuse me please_ 🤗
Felipe Sales
Felipe Sales 24 days ago
Hey Mark bumbum in portuguese is butt
陰眼怪物 24 days ago
31:12 31:12 31:12 31:12
Super Nova
Super Nova 25 days ago
Markipoo play more FALL GUYS PLS
watertommyz 26 days ago
Out of context, this sounds....pretty bad.
Captain_Cuddles 26 days ago
Only 1 word I have to say Beans
ThePizzaPoPo 28 days ago
It’s the scream @ 4:59 for me 😂😂😂
Derethevil 28 days ago
Really a bummer, that hackers and cheaters ruined this game so much.
lordofthemehmehs 18 days ago
@Derethevil one? okay. i still havent seen one in forever so they're really rare now. obviously they still exist but i haven't seen one since anticheat was added
Derethevil 18 days ago
@lordofthemehmehs A friend just told me yesterday, that he had one in game.
lordofthemehmehs 18 days ago
You're good to play, they're gone now
Carole Baskin
Carole Baskin Month ago
Alstontobin117 Month ago
Bruhh mark got robbed im over here yelling at my phone go mark go!!
Daniel Castells
Daniel Castells Month ago
i just love how wade loses his shit after mark having the best luck in the world , immediately fucking that up right at the crown XD
Chibi Cheya
Chibi Cheya Month ago
I really want to play this game on pc but i don't know how to get it for free .....
Matheus Cobos
Matheus Cobos Month ago
I miss the old markiplier
Had Y
Had Y Month ago
"ready" me: hol up i need to listen to this
The first round counted as a win mark you were better than both of your friends
Jen Month ago
NOBODY ME:that's an Apple I thought that was a mango
BensGames Month ago
1:17 imagine hearing that out of context 😳
Kjon 147
Kjon 147 Month ago
When you said the guy in first place is gone and will never come back it just made me think about your one try not to laugh video when the guy said this ball is long gone just like the ex girlfriend who will never return
Dione Rodrey Timbol
welp he didnt rage, but he raged on getting over it
among us GAME PLAY
mark always fucked up at final
Chloe Connors
Chloe Connors Month ago
He won 🤷🏻‍♀️
Charis Jackson
Charis Jackson Month ago
He dominated that
Takrak Month ago
The correct path tiles are usually higher up and pop out
MR Nobody
MR Nobody Month ago
i remember when famous youtubers played this game
averi buck-young
is that JP
JT Month ago
I'm having flashbacks to Super Bunny Man.
Jaden Fish
Jaden Fish Month ago
Them screaming incorrect instructions at wade on the tiles ones hurt my soul lmao you aren’t supposed to jump from tile to tile, you’re just supposed to run like Wade already was doing. It’s keeps you steady and accurate while jumping isn’t even and can get you falling more often
The Standard Play
RIP fall Guys 2020-2020. F to pay respects. that sure was a fun month
Goldleck 26 days ago
Its not dead , they just stopped making memes
Jeeves Month ago
"This intro is BUMPin"
Lauren Newsom
Lauren Newsom Month ago
HOW MARK PLAYS GAMES- Mark reads instructions and then completely ignores them.
Luis Santiago
Luis Santiago Month ago
Silly mark it's good to be back cuz then u have a big meat shield
NLK Month ago
*E V E R Y O N E S C R E A M I N G* Mark: “oh no. ive been thwarted.”
Emerald_Menace Month ago
the timeline is like this the server crashes, the golden age, age of hackers, age of the piles
Alexander Cheong
Oh my lord Jesus Christ Mark! Lol!
shuichi saihara
shuichi saihara Month ago
soda if you watching this you suck
Luna Haleraven
Luna Haleraven Month ago
Imagine being in a game with these guys...and not knowing that you screwed them over. Then watching this. Instant thought... "HOLLLEEEIIII SHITE!!!!!!"
Arthur Gustavo
Arthur Gustavo Month ago
hahahahahahaha ótimo vídeo!!!
CrazyWintermoon Month ago
But no one answered the most important question: Was that JP?
Gustavo Month ago
Bumbum (Mark nickname) in Brazil it's the same of Butt hahaha
•Deprexxtion Clxuds•
1:17 mom pick me up plz
Andrew Gedelian
Andrew Gedelian Month ago
That moment he didn't know how to grab the crown is the most unsatisfying moment I've witnessed today. In the words of the great Tyra Banks: WE WERE ROOTING FOR YOU! WE WERE ALL ROOTING FOR YOU!!
•Deprexxtion Clxuds•
Why did Bob moan at the beginning?😨
Gaelic Princess
Gaelic Princess Month ago
flor gang pp gang mark gang grandma gang dog gang cat gang tikccc gang fat gang vegina gang
R 2 months ago
Is that tyler?
Tamara Patronis
Tamara Patronis 2 months ago
I like the egg game. XD
nicola link
nicola link 2 months ago
after a prolonged absence, i once again fall into the insanity that is Markiplier's channel. this was definitely an interesting place to pick it back up.
CallMeWolf 2 months ago
I love the dance and music at the end lol
Amanda Morales
Amanda Morales 2 months ago
the first round the end i was dying
Cynthia Nunez
Cynthia Nunez 2 months ago
I laughed so loud when mark missed the crown I scared my dad 🤣 he thought I was an emergency siren
Ela Artukovic
Ela Artukovic 2 months ago
I relate to wades game rage so much
_skyfullofstars 2 months ago
Mark and Arin be the 'almost grabbed the crown but disregarded instructions' bois Gotta love them
Paskalis Galant
Paskalis Galant 2 months ago
Oh Gods.... Bob is moaning D:
S H A D O W S _ O T A K U
31:05 is where i died of laughter.
Georgie Van Apeldoorn
mark dancing to fall guys music made my day
GabrielPlays 123
GabrielPlays 123 2 months ago
Isabela Moreira
Isabela Moreira 2 months ago
the "bumbum" name was intentional? if it wasn't, it means "butt" in portuguese lol
Isabela Moreira
Isabela Moreira 2 months ago
just love this 🙂
Isabela Moreira
Isabela Moreira 2 months ago
9:13 ARE YOU KIDDING ME? 😂😂😂😂😂 that was anticlimactic
Ancient Blade
Ancient Blade 2 months ago
Can we get an hour loop of mark dancing to the music in the beginning?
thomas Showers
thomas Showers 2 months ago
I really like you're video's they are really cool and funny
Ti'Ara Jones
Ti'Ara Jones 2 months ago
So is the KING of FNAF goin to play security breach
Morgan P
Morgan P 2 months ago
did anyone notice that mark's hydro flask matches his skin on the game...? no just me?
h4rmful101 2 months ago
DJay ForeEver
DJay ForeEver 2 months ago
"STOP TOUCHING ME PINEAPPLE " quote of the year
Anna Meyers
Anna Meyers 2 months ago
Came here from Game Grumps playing Fall Guys, and to be fair, Arin also made the exact same mistake Mark did when challenged with the final round.
guardian08527 2 months ago
Imagine Markiplier in the Death Star trench run, he gets to the end of the trench and then asks "What button do I press???!!!" Rebels: Yup! We're dead!
Joseph Joestar
Joseph Joestar 2 months ago
27:30 why was Jotaro there?
Nikki Kay
Nikki Kay 2 months ago
Bob you're struggle sounds are making my parents think I'm watching something lewd 😭🤣
James Markham
James Markham 2 months ago
thats me mark 2nd place
Caleb Betz
Caleb Betz 2 months ago
Who else watched him mostly like 10 years ago but respect the shit out of him for making my childhood better
Miran Games
Miran Games 2 months ago
if u mute its like watching gay porn
The Grim Raven
The Grim Raven 2 months ago
The same thing happened to Arin on game grumps too. No one realizes you have to grab it.
reif1983 2 months ago
1:30 That name...it look familiar I MEANT 1:31
Leyla Harden
Leyla Harden 2 months ago
The fact that Mark could've won his very first time playing this game if only he'd remembered the instructions. 😂
Edward Ballinger
Edward Ballinger 2 months ago
I love how Lixian subtitles ‘Mark’s a wizard at this game’ like he’s saying ‘Remember this later 😆’
Slope_1 2 months ago
mark is chillin
Broken Wave
Broken Wave 2 months ago
In our hearts, you won the first time, Mark.
Ninja Glider
Ninja Glider 2 months ago
31:26 🎵I've seen into the beyond🎵
sebastiao marques smithard
20:25 watch mark (BUMBUM) fall and hit someone
matthew beller
matthew beller 2 months ago
11:43 when you accidentally hit a zombie pigman.
Beal 2 months ago
Play among us
denis glinskiy
denis glinskiy 2 months ago
Mark in his first fall guys game ever: Almost wins Mark in other fall guys games: Eliminated first
Eren Ackerman
Eren Ackerman 2 months ago
i just got the game today and i wont my first try ^^
TheHusky Snowball
TheHusky Snowball 2 months ago
I feel like Mark won the first match because he was there at first and it was his first time playing so... Lets just say Mark won alright