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After 5 years Completing the Mission is here alongside a remaster of all the other Henry Stickman games! So many more endings to find! So many funny moments to enjoy!
Fleeing the Complex ► us-first.info/player/video/hJ6AZadnZKBre3E.html
Infiltrating the Airship ► us-first.info/player/video/ocd7o2l6Z6OLgZs.html
Stealing the Diamond ► us-first.info/player/video/eqx2iWSlaXyplZc.html
Escaping the Prison ► us-first.info/player/video/gbqIdqKHimdjiZM.html
Breaking the Bank ► us-first.info/player/video/aNGNm62rkoeCgaM.html
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Aug 8, 2020




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Bluerayguns 7 minutes ago
exx cadion
exx cadion Hour ago
Damar Rafiazka
Damar Rafiazka 6 hours ago
There was A Stone mask from jojo !!
Silty Cellar4934
Silty Cellar4934 8 hours ago
Charles death is top 10 saddest moments in anime
Generic Protagonist
Generic Protagonist 10 hours ago
29:45 my favorite scene in all of these games
Matthew 10 hours ago
did anybody notice that the collectibles are among us people
OneFloofieBoi 12 hours ago
“It was a good plan. Maybe even a gre-“
Mrs Bernadette Hamlet
Gat kidnapped :)
Mrs Bernadette Hamlet
Get distracted (I_l). L. l. ( l L. ( ). ( ) L. L. T T
jojo gamer
jojo gamer 15 hours ago
Bro 15:33 the stone mask
Em Doi
Em Doi 17 hours ago
Shadow in Türkiye
Shadow in Türkiye 18 hours ago
valiant hero ending is like shadow the hedgehog backstory tbh
That Guy
That Guy 18 hours ago
Am I the only one who thinks the leader of the top hats sounds somewhat like Grian?
Naethan Miramon
Guys 15:32 bottom right corner Is that mask look familiar
DeJay Quintana
I love you Charles RIP😫
Zane King548
Zane King548 Day ago
Hyper Elemental
52:13 did you notice there running is the same sound in among us when walking
Amber Edwards
Rest in peace Charles we will miss you
Sonya Kowalewska
I've never seen such genuine enjoyment for a game before. You can tell that Mark was really looking forward to playing this.
Jason Lazo
Jason Lazo Day ago
he forgot a blue amoung us fig in 16:48
Trapic Day ago
henry: *Dies on revenged Ending* mark: Nice Charles: *Dies on Valiant Hero ending* Mark: *SAD*
Skyler Coffey
Exactly called leaving the complex not escaping the complex
Cruz Perez
Cruz Perez Day ago
Henry: *crashes at the train in high speed* Mark: *LaUgHs*
Its insane how a stickman game was able to make us sad for a characters death... Even if he wasnt your favorite, you still cried.
Moses Carter
Moses Carter Day ago
I love you 🥇🥈❤😎
Joe Langfordness
markiplier when charles dies "AHHHHHGGG!"
CT-5555 Fives-2
Mark's let's play of Henry stickmin> Jack's
Za Crusher
Za Crusher Day ago
27:48 Finally! The jojo reference my friend told me to see is true! God i love the devs of this game!
Gianna Francis
Gianna Francis 14 hours ago
Right was no one gonna talk about the bizarre reference?
Desert Gaming d
Desert Gaming d 2 days ago
13:45 kid playing with glass be like:
Yo mama Gay
Yo mama Gay 2 days ago
6:22 That was almost a backstab
안광식 2 days ago
안광식 2 days ago
최고의 플레이
S.Daniel Pie
S.Daniel Pie 2 days ago
55:43 I'm the bold action MANNN!
Ryan Schwaerzel
Ryan Schwaerzel 2 days ago
Elias Bailey
Elias Bailey 2 days ago
did you miss the undertale and starfox references? I love it less I LOVE IT LESS!!!
Aiden Hoorelbeke
Aiden Hoorelbeke 2 days ago
40:37 Is my favorite part of the video 🔨 🔨 🔨
CoomLord lord of Coom Land
I think the blond toppat rocket pilot is The Killian Experience
Railey Grummon
Railey Grummon 2 days ago
Mark: *starts the valliant hero path totally oblivious* Me: *watching this for the fifth time* NO MY BABY CHARLES
T 2 days ago
17:57 this mask is now in the among us
Freddie Harper
Freddie Harper 2 days ago
Imo The Revenged is the best storyline by far
crispr casnine
crispr casnine 2 days ago
57:40 press f to respect
juanvisio free
juanvisio free 2 days ago
33:17 ahhhhhh ahhhhhh huuuuuu
Truth’s Secret
Truth’s Secret 2 days ago
“I love this, I trust this.” Words Mark will regret.
leonelmatiasj leonelmatiasj
43:15 XDDDD
leonelmatiasj leonelmatiasj
30:00 XDDDD
Tameem Saleh
Tameem Saleh 2 days ago
48:58 haha iz tobey maguire
Lebogang Mogale
Lebogang Mogale 2 days ago
When Charles Died i was Like: No, NO, *NOOOOO*
Lebogang Mogale
Lebogang Mogale 2 days ago
29:42 Haa 2 Anime references in A Row
Lebogang Mogale
The JoJo Deference was before 29:42
Sonya Kowalewska
Which ones? I think i missed it.
Brenna Schreifels
13:09 This seems familiar.
YoloYester 2 days ago
Alternative Title: Markiplier loses it at 46:36
Jovier Ong
Jovier Ong 2 days ago
Was that a jojo's reference
Keano gamer
Keano gamer 3 days ago
i want a mod for that ending so they both survive
Sarah Fairman
Sarah Fairman 3 days ago
The world collectively cried on this day. RIP Charles, he was the real MVP
안광식 3 days ago
Sonya Kowalewska
@안광식 what are you doing?
안광식 3 days ago
안광식 3 days ago
안광식 3 days ago
안광식 3 days ago
Sarit Ben Moshe
Sarit Ben Moshe 3 days ago
the succpak worked!!!!!!!! who will believe it will work
Zeanlu21 3 days ago
Trey Redcliff
Trey Redcliff 3 days ago
is it just me or dose that SAM site look like the one in Just Cause 2
Soli Azizi
Soli Azizi 3 days ago
36:42 kinda sounds like jeffy’s uh uh noise
Not Fiery animations
When he said “I’ve got a plan” I thought he would crash in the ship
RickyTruong Day ago
*this is the greatest plannnnnn*
Jake Messina
Jake Messina 3 days ago
I literally almost started crying when Charles died
Joshua Lee
Joshua Lee 3 days ago
Charles: dies in a fail Everyone liked that Charles: dies in an offical ending E v e r y o n e s t r o n g l y h a t e d t h a t
Sarah Fairman
Sarah Fairman 3 days ago
SPOILERS EVEN THOUGH THIS GAME IS MONTHS OLD: everyone talks about the valiant hero ending but can we just look at revenged ending real quick
Jonah Liriano
Jonah Liriano 3 days ago
Markiplier: it’s not that funny. Also Markiplier: *G I G G I L I N G I N T E N S I F I E S*
Sky Andrea
Sky Andrea 3 days ago
39:01 i like how he said "Ow. My Spine"
whomst'd've 3 days ago
57:01 bruh, i just noticed the old guy from the museum with the diamond and shit. what a plot twist
Barkie 7812
Barkie 7812 3 days ago
I started crying at 57:52 r.I.p my man...2020 actually sucks
Rekxz_ 597
Rekxz_ 597 3 days ago
So i just freaking noticed that the colectables are the among us characters, i watched this vid 3 times and i started playing among us probs 2 months ago idk? And the characters are there
Rekxz_ 597
Rekxz_ 597 14 hours ago
@the spumel joke i know but i had no idea that the plushies were among us characters
the spumel joke
Because the same people who made this game. Also made among us.
Logan does nothing
Anyone notice tf2 11:00
Joe E
Joe E 3 days ago
Charles is the greatest
Luke Seigel
Luke Seigel 3 days ago
Jhoanna Quiruz
Jhoanna Quiruz 4 days ago
1:07:35 umm henry why are u there? i will be like: DUDE HENRY WHY ARE U THERE I WILL KILL U WHEN YOU ARE DEAD”
raymond garcia
raymond garcia 4 days ago
57:40 is where we started to cry and remember every thing charles did that made us laugh
Reaper Gecko
Reaper Gecko 4 days ago
Charles was a good soldier, and a damn good one too...
fernando Flores
fernando Flores 4 days ago
People who dislike this video don't even have a soul
Trace 4 days ago
Yamzicle 4 days ago
1:05 Among us players: :D 0o0
Master Hunter80
Master Hunter80 4 days ago
There are so many great references but I absolutely love how subtle the dance scene is at 48:56 where it has the Spider-Man 3 Peter Parker dance followed by the part 5 JoJo torture dance XD this game truly is a masterpiece.
Dark Link121
Dark Link121 4 days ago
How is it Reese B and Lizzy Hofe Aka Princess Rizu sound familiar?
Armand Bier
Armand Bier 4 days ago
Analy Delacruz
Analy Delacruz 4 days ago
Hay I no you in a movie
Nednal 4 days ago
50:09 technically he spoke a word here too ⬇️ 47:56
Adam DeLand
Adam DeLand 4 days ago
Is 51:09 supposed to be a reference to anything?
The_Art_of _Flames
48:22 they pulled a yamcha
Luis Acevedo
Luis Acevedo 4 days ago
I bet if you were challenged, it would be the hardest "Try Not To Laugh" challenge huh?
EClare 2.0
EClare 2.0 4 days ago
I like to call 32:37 scene: "an ode to the teleporter"
IgnaCrafter 4 days ago
57:40 sad ending 😭
Mike Howell
Mike Howell 5 days ago
is completing the mission
Elements 5 days ago
I just notice the among us reference
ElSuperDoctor 5 days ago
Contaminated Duck
the fact that markiplier picks 2 endings together dont do it in order. my OCD is screaming
A L 5 days ago
57:41 not me crying over stickmen 😭✋
57:35 when my dad and mom tell me I'm adopted
No Picking
No Picking 5 days ago
48:56 spiderman 3 or 2 dance idk I think I forgot I'm sorry if I'm worng
JGamer 2008
JGamer 2008 5 days ago
57:40 Mark's face tho
Eijiro Kirishima
Eijiro Kirishima 5 days ago
Raidriar 5 days ago
Among us reference at 33:35
MEGAMEG 5 days ago
Mitchell Aguirre
Mitchell Aguirre 5 days ago
Oh my God a jojos reference this is single handedly the best video yet
Demon-itized 5 days ago
The collectables were Among Us crewmates
Gabriel Posada
Gabriel Posada 5 days ago
1:05:31 the photo on the video
Keano gamer
Keano gamer 5 days ago
33:35 that poster was somthing about an impostor
Lisa Gill
Lisa Gill 5 days ago
Y type move is a parody of Z moves from Pokémon sun and moon