MISTAKES WERE MADE!! | Unrailed - Part 2 

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But not by me! I was perfect the whole time!
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Sep 22, 2020




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Mad Eason
Mad Eason 2 days ago
Anyone else realize Mark only uses like two pictures of bob and wade and just photoshop them to look different in all of his bob and wade featured video thumbnails?
Some Guy
Some Guy 3 days ago
You guys' "chaotic coordination" is the reason I watch these videos lol. It may be cool if you guys play Streets of Rogue, would love to see how chaotic you guys handle the missions.
daphne 3 days ago
Will there be more unrailed content?
One word to ruin an entire episode.. Homelander
Boxey Space Kitten
I have a great idea, I think! If you play this again, you could take the rails the train has already passed and use them or stack them for the next round!
I'm not okay
I'm not okay 5 days ago
“Your not man enough to milk a flamingo... alright I’m putting it in.”27:35
Delmonte Foods Inc.
We need more unrailed... *Lip smacks* *in a smooth whisper* quality content
Tung Twister
Tung Twister 7 days ago
Bob needs to go to camel rehab
Jonah Smith
Jonah Smith 7 days ago
2:58 Do you not notice the BOLT LEGIT RIGHT THERE
P1XEL BR0 8 days ago
In which video did Mark make that face on the thumbnail?
Superbro 8 days ago
Mark: promotes milk in alot of games Mark in unrailed: doesn't want to hear anything about milk Edit: Mark: "Milk Brain!" Mark before this game: "Drink Milk"
Sawyer Fedderly
Sawyer Fedderly 8 days ago
Please play more of this!! I love this so much!
Georgia Rowley
Georgia Rowley 9 days ago
I so hope they continue with this game it’s so entertaining to watch them stumble over each other, it’s one of my favourites.
Fyre Lorde
Fyre Lorde 9 days ago
there was way too many animals, and too little cooperation
•No One Special•
Alternative title : Bob and Mark Bickering over Camels for about 3/4 of the entire freaking video
Benjamin Schreifels
I really want this to be a normal series
Richard Nichols Jr
Richard Nichols Jr 10 days ago
still waiting for part 3...
Fredrickson the 96th
Can't wait for a fan animation depicting them all jacked up on milk.
Leo Buelow
Leo Buelow 12 days ago
I love it when wade throws himself under the bus to stop there arguing
Prince Knockdown
Prince Knockdown 14 days ago
Don’t mind me, just lost on what to do after Unus Annus was deleted. I don’t want to go to sleep and it’s like 2 AM so horror is not the thing to watch currently. Memento Mori, I guess.
Denver Yap
Denver Yap 15 days ago
My favorite part was 37:23
Petrichor screen
Petrichor screen 17 days ago
I really, REALLY want them to spend hours more playing this game. This is such quality content.
Introverted Ninten
Introverted Ninten 18 days ago
This combined with Satisfactory's *[CONSOLIDATION]* has begun to make me despise Bob why, God?
Souta :3
Souta :3 18 days ago
Make more unrailed
Will Nielson
Will Nielson 19 days ago
Never mind
Will Nielson
Will Nielson 19 days ago
At 3:29 you missed a bolt
Statyk 21 day ago
Nobody noticed at 30:50 the thieves waltzing off
Chloe Weatherman
Chloe Weatherman 22 days ago
38:42 "You get rid of one of YOUR parents!" ....uhhhh bob?
Milica 05
Milica 05 22 days ago
imagine having a boyfriend who is man enough to milk a flamingo
Dominic Jackson
Dominic Jackson 23 days ago
Mark needs to bring back Unrailed
Rupan Sunderapandyan
More pls
Hazel Noot
Hazel Noot 25 days ago
The train carts smashing in sync with Marks outro music tho
Alex Moscatelli
Alex Moscatelli 25 days ago
Please bring more of this game, it's so much fun
mryall95 26 days ago
would LOVE to see more of this. The three of you got actually pretty far IMO and listening to you guys bicker and argue a lot definitely makes this much better xD
Ami Pancakes
Ami Pancakes 27 days ago
Pingu is on the Job
LaurenceFPSGamer 28 days ago
so if you drink the cow milk you can destroy wood and stone in just 1 hit for a couple of seconds and if you drink the camel milk (idk if I spelled it right) you can carry a lot of stuff like a tower of wood or stone if there is a goat horse etc what will happen if you drink their milk idk if my grammar is bad if there are mistake pls correct them in a nice way rather than a rude way
Ren Will
Ren Will 28 days ago
Can we get a episode 3
Jynx Pantera
Jynx Pantera 29 days ago
40:17 Mark turns into a howler monkey
The Revenger
The Revenger Month ago
Imagine drinking milk in real life and get buffed.
BlueSpartan 076
BlueSpartan 076 Month ago
Chad Thundercock
RIP Mark :(
LOVEFOB101 Month ago
Please play more of this game it’s good ❤️
Emaleigh Casey
Emaleigh Casey Month ago
More of this game needs to happen
Daniel Variety
Daniel Variety Month ago
Where's the next unrailed?
Cole Weller
Cole Weller Month ago
they didn't even reach a mile. WHAT IS THIS GAME SMOKING
Jeremy Goh
Jeremy Goh Month ago
Please do more of this
Darryn Yee
Darryn Yee Month ago
This game reminds me of overcooked
Kathy Hill
Kathy Hill Month ago
I'm going through hard times and this is hellping
Jorge Humberto Adame Acosta
Please continue
neighborly toad :-]
“you get rid of ONE of your parents” *i was so ready for a dark joke abt his dad,,, mark i’m so sorry for my thoughts* 👁👁
Crypto playz
Crypto playz Month ago
This is why bob can't have subs lol
Carlo Lozado
Carlo Lozado Month ago
Dude a saw your afk arena ads
Ryley Hicks
Ryley Hicks Month ago
mark: who built this bridge? also mark, several minutes prior: *let's not name names, but-*
DamageIncM Month ago
This game is so anti-vegan.
DamageIncM Month ago
4:34 "Shares area a little low..."
Tsunami Manokit
Tsunami Manokit Month ago
Can you please play this again.
Mr_Jack _Craked
Mr_Jack _Craked Month ago
MILK ! MILK! MILK! MORE MILK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
RadLad The supreme SuperMeme
Can we please get another one
JMSGridIron56 Month ago
Anyone else ever notice that regular milk in school was terrible but the regular milk you buy at the store slap so hard?
Warren Mudd
Warren Mudd Month ago
This is one giant metaphor for 2020
Papa Pepperoni
Papa Pepperoni Month ago
I have never seen such incompetence in my entire life
Kevin Villela
Kevin Villela Month ago
Love this game lol
CS _Streamz
CS _Streamz Month ago
Please make another video
James Month ago
Bob's pissing me off a little. Js.
A M Month ago
birdman Month ago
Got an afk arena add with u in it
Owen Peters
Owen Peters Month ago
MARK levvo who was the first person to comment on your new channel back in 2012 is still around i found him on a video called Markiplier Reacts To His Top 1000 US-first Comments by (Ars Technica) heres what he said ''I am still here! I was actually moving when this video was posted so I missed about a month of US-first vids including this one. This isn't my main account any more, but I'm glad you've gone as far as you have and are still making vids! c: Wild to think it's been seven years''
WightMan Month ago
We need to see Mark, Bob and Wade running a real business/corporation IRL for a day. A coffee shop would do.
Chara Penguin
Chara Penguin Month ago
I was actually wondering if flamingoes actually have milk lol also I appreciate Bob dressing up like a penguin it's my favorite animal
Shiny Gengar
Shiny Gengar Month ago
Shiny Gengar
Shiny Gengar Month ago
41:48 XD
Shiny Gengar
Shiny Gengar Month ago
I have slain demons in my dreams with tooth and claw I have watched a loved one's last breath I have bled for both myself and others I have been close to death many times before I have fought both man and beast I have wielded both rifle and sword I have moved earth and flown in water I have predicted the deaths of loved ones I have seen both heaven and hell I have raged amidst tempests I have stalked in the dead of night I have howled at the full moon I have battle fire and dragon's eyes Mortal flesh would be but butter beneath the heated glaive
Shiny Gengar
Shiny Gengar Month ago
damn...just remembered. gotta go through ALL of these epic horrors again and like em all. sheeeeet.
Shiny Gengar
Shiny Gengar Month ago
19:50 - 20:43 XB giggle
a cow that likes cookies
if they upgraded the ghost wagon they would of never had a camel blockage problem; as the upgrades makes wagons next to the ghost passable, as well as the animals attached to the milk wagon when it is passable
Justin .Y
Justin .Y Month ago
*What is the word in which when the amount of letters it has is multiplied by 10, the answer is the definition of the word itself?* I came up with this btw no cap. Reply ur answer. Good luck, see u around 😏
Shadow Fame
Shadow Fame Month ago
" someone was being an annoying pants " Mark: " oh, it's okay, I forgive you "
Daniel Variety
Daniel Variety Month ago
I'm loving this series
SenterSen Month ago
Wade: "Look at me! Bringing happiness and joy to a world full of pain and milk" Mark: "Who's not happy?" Bob: "uhhh one of us who's being a complainy, whiny annoying pants" Mark: "oh that's ok, I forgive you" Those lines literally killed me
Noah Bodnia
Noah Bodnia Month ago
Can’t you just reuse the track the train has already ran over??????
حسين علاء
Mark there's a new spooky house of jumpscare update that completes the story you should try it
E Schmidt
E Schmidt Month ago
Very funny video, would watch a thirdd, thank you
These fucking camels annoyed me so much I felt anger, and sympathy for Mark
Oni - Chan
Oni - Chan Month ago
30:05 Bob: m-milk yourself - me : w h a t -
Koby Moore
Koby Moore Month ago
Haha Mark the Shark
Leo Mario
Leo Mario Month ago
Where is more now, please
Leo Mario
Leo Mario Month ago
nerdyophelia Month ago
Ok, what the hell is up with the weird 34 minute long 'female mind control' ad before this video??
I really hope the boys come back to this game, this was so amazing
Hulfe Month ago
I've never before gotten hiccups from laughing!
Prophet Month ago
Please keep playing this game until you made it through the ice biome.
Alukard TheDeathknight
Mothers milk is supreme just how Homelander likes it
Michael Urbanec
Michael Urbanec Month ago
Bob: “well then you need to get rid of one of your parents” Bob... bob, mark’s dad is... Bob no... bob please... think, man.
Gravity Controller !.!.!.!
when are you going to upload the video paranormal wimp
EmeraldArtist Channel
Andrew Farnsworth
What is the name of your train Mark Also if they it call their train they’re a bunch of dick heads that are wrong
vanko gaming
vanko gaming Month ago
Do you have to continue to try not to laugh challenge the 23rd one you actually lost do you have to continue
vanko gaming
vanko gaming Month ago
Do you have to continue to try not to laugh challenge the 23rd one you actually lost do you have to continue
Edddw1n Month ago
Still laughing at the MILK RAGE 😂
KingCrab Month ago
Somebody tell them they can kill thieves
Samantha Laurier
Love this, can't wait to see the next one
Reija N
Reija N Month ago
I hope we see more of this!
Anyone know if this game is coming to consoles?
Joeman24 Month ago
Unrailed part 3?