Not Gonna Lie... Kinda Struggling Right Now | STRUGGLING w/ JackSepticEye 

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This is all a bit too much... I mean just look at us...
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Sep 21, 2020




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Comments 100   
Glorp Florpius
"Cant eat the arm AAAUUUUGHH" śëáń
itzzAdam Day ago
I want to part two to this
Krys P
Krys P 2 days ago
Its kinda sad that they still remember and mention Septiplier. Even if just as a joke, but it made them so uncomfortable.
Green Muslim girl
same '-')
Elizabeth Ford
Elizabeth Ford 5 days ago
lixian you do a amazing job editing mark made the right choice when he hired him
P T 6 days ago
Lixian always gives Sean subtitles when he doesn't need them lmao Sean's accent isn't THAT thick, man
Alex Kostov
Alex Kostov 6 days ago
For anyone who comes back in 5 years, Take your tickets down here ⬇️
xgalaxydreamerx 6 days ago
Jack: nub steroids Me: hehe nubroids
Momento Mori
Momento Mori 7 days ago
Just a lot of me saying "oh I hate it" while trying to avoid looking at the screen 🤣
SAMYBN 1203 9 days ago
There we go
Frosty. 9 days ago
pretty hilarious game to play with peeps
John Wegener
John Wegener 10 days ago
Victoria 10 days ago
"Classic Mark video. 'Me, me, me.'" XD
Alexa Martinez
Alexa Martinez 11 days ago
I love the outro
Debbie Simp
Debbie Simp 11 days ago
Well let’s hope to the eldritch gods that sceptiplier doesn’t start again
keglo 12 days ago
0:08 Purple guy, no BLUE GUY
Angel Martinez
Angel Martinez 12 days ago
we need more.
Gemmaa 12 days ago
*The RATS*
Trinity Vermuelen
Trinity Vermuelen 12 days ago
See you all in 8 years❤️
Vichet _Sokhary
Vichet _Sokhary 15 days ago
I need more :)
RangedFire 817
RangedFire 817 16 days ago
Those screams are otter noises
Just A Normal Viewer
2:03 As Sean slowly reaches for the poor man’s groin and squeezes tightly.
EggBootleg 19 days ago
You guys should play this game again!
Yuri the Coffee Addict UwU
Mark is left brain because he is bigger
Dantiel82 25 days ago
Lyn Markwell
Lyn Markwell 26 days ago
this game made me physically unconfutable, in so many ways. mostly watching mark and jack at the end...
deadspeedv 28 days ago
Hope they release more of this
Gowri Krishnadas
Gowri Krishnadas 28 days ago
seems like Mr struggle to me
Drew 29 days ago
So part2?
Justin Leow
Justin Leow Month ago
GRABBBB ITTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
blixer theboi • 10 years ago
Basically getting over it but with 2 wobbly hammers and with checkpoints
Braydunce Month ago
please make a part 2 mark
Mikey Butler
Mikey Butler Month ago
I'm blue dabeedabada
Dj Ice Kream
Dj Ice Kream Month ago
2:04 nice dome touch
Chad Thundercock
RIP Mark :(
Qla Hood
Qla Hood Month ago
That was hilarious lmao wtf was that game lmao
The Pastel Noob
The Pastel Noob Month ago
you didnt even get to hear cry of the firstborn
Rin Month ago
nothing against jacksepticeye but i like the editing on your videos a lot more. they skip less.
Nicole Richey
Nicole Richey Month ago
Isn’t funny how Mark says he’s smart, but he used a word that isn’t in the Dictionary. Stupider🤣🤣 lol I love it tho
David Martin
David Martin Month ago
9:02 There listening to NLE Choppa🤣
Kingwesley XIV
Kingwesley XIV Month ago
I love that around 2 minutes jack just puts his hand on the crouch of the scientist
P1ckl3d P0t4t03s
Chef BraydenT
Chef BraydenT Month ago
Lixian pull a spooker
Homun culus
Homun culus Month ago
Legit reminds me of the Stadjäger from WWII
AuroraGaming &more
I forgot about Septiplier.
Shawn Lee
Shawn Lee Month ago
the floor is mice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
cow King
cow King Month ago
What the name of this game?
Outdated BitFalls
Okay, the rat part was pretty funny.
Jeff Cantrizzle
Jeff Cantrizzle Month ago
More please? :]
Mouheb Rahal
Mouheb Rahal Month ago
hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh so crazy i love it
Project Spark
Project Spark Month ago
That was singely the most terrifying yet most captivating thing I've ever watched in my entire life... like, I'm sick right now so I'm already OUT of my F*****G MIND but HOLY JESUS THAT JUST MADE ME QUESTION MY LEVEL OF SANITY!!!!!!!! MY BRAIN HAS KNOWN NO SUCH PAIN AND NO SUCH FOG LIKE THIS BEFORE!!! Also, I legit just sat on my bed laughing and rocking back and forth, clutching me legs close to myself while trying to figure out what in the name of the one and only Wish God who brings unholy items down to these lands I had just witnessed 🥴😳
Lenox Holl
Lenox Holl Month ago
i-... regret watching this... i lost my apatite
Angelina Montealvo Craig
This is the funniest thing I have ever watched and Idek why lmfaoooo
King Donut
King Donut Month ago
Mark: Oh... kill me. Jack: Just like the day I was born!
Mikaela Villanueva
septiplier no one:.. random child: *I S H I P I T*
kevin Boccanedes
*this makes me say ew*
Queeny 2008
Queeny 2008 Month ago
I've been watching your videos with my puppy Jack Daniels and he clicked the like button 🤣🤣 (No point in posting this since no one will even see it.)
Robyn Jay
Robyn Jay Month ago
The ending loop to this one has me dedddd
chilz beatz
chilz beatz Month ago
I got an ad of mark for afk arena
Paul Larson
Paul Larson Month ago
I want them to see the opera pinball part!
Alpharius Omegon
Take my strong hand!
Alena Teo
Alena Teo Month ago
Me waiting for part 2 of this
Shiny Gengar
Shiny Gengar Month ago
side friendly hug
Shiny Gengar
Shiny Gengar Month ago
22:18 Damn XB
Shiny Gengar
Shiny Gengar Month ago
black n red
Shiny Gengar
Shiny Gengar Month ago
15:48 :B
Shiny Gengar
Shiny Gengar Month ago
Shadow Bunny
Shadow Bunny Month ago
I love any time Mark and Sean play together but man this game sucks
Justin .Y
Justin .Y Month ago
*What is the word in which when the amount of letters it has is multiplied by 10, the answer is the definition of the word itself?* I came up with this btw no cap. Reply ur answer. Good luck, see u around 😏
Danielle Russell
Lord of Siberia
Lord of Siberia Month ago
4:02 23:14
{Śêłèñâ Çóökïê}
Two words: MAKE. ANOTHER
Juliann Sofia Vasquez
DAMNNNN!!! This video never failed me to laugh so HARD!! XD
Dont Talk to me
Dont Talk to me Month ago
Please play more of this!!! It was so fun to watch.
حسين علاء
Mark there's a new spooky house of jumpscare update that completes the story you should try it
Silverspacewolf 7
Play some more raft it came out the next part
just a comment stating how much I appreciate Lixian and how great of an editor he is.
Chapter2cosplay Dawn
I'm laughing so much I feel like I'm gonna throw up 😂😂
Philip Matic
Philip Matic Month ago
0:41 are they in a tooth!?!?!?!?!
JcTheAnimator Month ago
That thumbnail will give me nightmares forever
MelonThePotato Month ago
me: *terrified of ghosts and spiders* also me: watching jacksepticeyes Phasmophobia video at night my brain: haha what if spider plus ghost make spider ghost hehe
F In chat
F In chat Month ago
2d multiplayer octodad
Agnes Landry
Agnes Landry Month ago
Alien Sam looks pissed. Funny thing I didn't notice him in Jacksepticeye's play of this game. I really got to check it out. Thank you Lixian for everything you and all the talented editors like you.😄
Ryan Drury
Ryan Drury Month ago
“Apes together strong”
Chica Nugget
Chica Nugget Month ago
I have missed hearing you two scream at one another in anger, very wholesome
vanko gaming
vanko gaming Month ago
Do you have to continue to try not to laugh challenge the 23rd one you actually lost do you have to continue
vanko gaming
vanko gaming Month ago
Do you have to continue to try not to laugh challenge the 23rd one you actually lost do you have to continue
reagan eltus
reagan eltus Month ago
Please do more heave ho i was dying 😂 while watching that video
Nadinemakesblogs D,M
7:50 okay I’m so sorry but that just sounded so dirty😅🤦‍♀️
Normal bacon
Normal bacon Month ago
Mark did you foegeten about fnaf? They just realsed a security breach trailer!
xmas-pika yaboy
xmas-pika yaboy Month ago
Cemerella Month ago
This is mark-*vote for trump add pops up* me:tf-I am not ganna sopport trump🍽👄🍽
poolverine Month ago
Now I can't sleep
AFLAC Duck Month ago
What monkey bars felt like when you were like 6
Can0e Month ago
play terraria plz. I think it would be very fun. thank you
Mishy Fushiko
Mishy Fushiko Month ago
SEPTIPLIER IS BACK! Sorry, I had to. But don't worry, I'm not the hardcore shipper.
Trooper_025 Month ago
Ready for Mark and Sean to get their Nubroids sponsor
laurenbear Month ago
redbear 1244
redbear 1244 Month ago
This reminds me of when aqualad, kid flash, robin and superboy are escaping cadmus
Sophie S
Sophie S Month ago
Ok I am going to start calling you guys the Christmas boys only bc you and Sean are red and green
Dr Necko
Dr Necko Month ago
21:01 is anyone else getting Indiana Jones vibes from the last Crusade movie?? just curious
Mr. Squid
Mr. Squid Month ago
play this game more everyone wants to see it
Timmeh Month ago
this is a lot like manual samual
YouCantKnowIt Month ago
press 6 on your keyboard
AiErudito __-_-__
VISAGE - Full Game
Superliminal (FULL GAME)