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Friendship with Bob ended! Now Wade and I are best friends in UNO!
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Jul 17, 2020




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Comments 100   
Dark Wolf
Dark Wolf 16 hours ago
This made me laugh so hard
Blake Cacini
Blake Cacini 23 hours ago
14:50 Bob needs some goddamn *FAITH*
Sarah Rogers
Sarah Rogers Day ago
Legendary Detective Wobbuffet
My dad calls "wodes" the part of a woman's inner thighs that jiggle when stepping.
Mark, when are we getting another UNO video?!
Ashton Mitchell
Ashton Mitchell 4 days ago
X-01 gaming
X-01 gaming 6 days ago
"14:50" - Dutch Van Der Linde
Gracie Ryback
Gracie Ryback 9 days ago
I fucking love the spongebob inserts for when bob laughs, especially that screaming one😂😂😂
Monochrome Purple
Monochrome Purple 10 days ago
7:25 *Noice*
Felisha St. Pierre
Felisha St. Pierre 11 days ago
Alternate Title: Getting Demonetized in the First Minute | UNO
claire dib
claire dib 12 days ago
the person that posted that tiktok probably feel dumb as hell rn
Gee Diddi
Gee Diddi 16 days ago
Mark: I'll risk it! Me: That has never worked!!
Sound Judgement
Sound Judgement 20 days ago
Archie was the best teammate in every single round, and was literally incapable of knowing it was teammates with anyone.
Vortech Anime
Vortech Anime 24 days ago
The funniest thing to me is when mark +5ed Wade he could've made him win by flipping the deck.
TheToonBoom 29 days ago
5:10-5:20 laughed my ass off
Pontiff_ Zero
Pontiff_ Zero Month ago
Wade: its not the best choice! Me playing outerworlds *gasp* "ITS SPACERS CHOICE!"
Dramatic Eyeball
Why yall playing against my cat?! (My cats name is Archie)
mister krutoy
mister krutoy Month ago
But where do I get the game? Can anyone please send me a game link bc I really wanna play that uno game and there’s just cheap shitty knockoffs on the microsoft store.
Fii Month ago
Is this game worth to buy? I've seen some bad reviews about it but i wan't to see other people's perspective too (i'm planning to buy this alone so i'm only playing against random online people)
Mister Cheese
Mister Cheese Month ago
I miss Barbara.... or Wade’s hatred upon her.
Luna Haleraven
Luna Haleraven Month ago
I think my fave thing about Mark playing with Bob and Wade is that Mark always looks to his right when he's talking to Bob and to his left for Wade. Like he's talking on Discord with them and he's acting like their right there with him xD
So challenging a Wild Draw 4/Wild Draw 2/Wild Draw Until Color works like this: By the rules you shall only play a Wild Draw 4/Wild Draw 2/Wild Draw Until Color if you have no other choices to go with. If challenged, the player who played said Wild Draw 4/Wild Draw 2/Wild Draw Until Color must show the challenger their deck. If they find a card they could've played before playing the Wild Draw 4/Wild Draw 2/Wild Draw Until Color (not counting other Wilds), the effect of said Wild Draw 4/Wild Draw 2/Wild Draw Until Color is deflected onto the player who played said Wild Draw 4/Wild Draw 2/Wild Draw Until Color. Otherwise the challenger must take two extra cards after the effect of the card wears off.
Helpless Narwhal
It took me 15 minutes to realize that Archie is a bot
Nathaniel Miles-McLean
16:20 “I am a man with FIVE THREES”
Frank Reight
Frank Reight Month ago
No cats always land on their feet elephant always remember . Mark has the best videos and uno videos keep up the hard work.
MsRavenNightshadow 2 months ago
"Suffer my wrath." Was NOT what I first heard..... 🤣
random stuff
random stuff 2 months ago
does anyone else think mark sounds exactly like micheal malarkey or enzo from the vampire diaries? ex : 18:38
Secret Spaghetti Freak
Since no one else is gonna talk about the thumbnail Split-face from The Thing anyone?
Broken Wave
Broken Wave 2 months ago
Bob: that was kinda not what I intended. Mark: *MY WRATH!*
The Pleased One
The Pleased One 2 months ago
archie is best cat
Hunter Casey
Hunter Casey 2 months ago
Mark: I am a man who owns 5 threes
Lucas 2 months ago
we need more uno
Memento Mori
Memento Mori 2 months ago
Mark: I have 5 3s My brain: "I AM A MAN WITH 5 OVENS"
Sohail Honain
Sohail Honain 2 months ago
I love your videos 😍💙❤️
Clarity Flouse
Clarity Flouse 2 months ago
Mark said that his hands were off the keyboard and mouse, and then says they might have been down his pants. But we all know that Mark isn't wearing pants rn.
Pilot 51
Pilot 51 2 months ago
I love how when Bob or Wade are losing, they instinctively start making fun of Mark.
Camila 2 months ago
Mark and Bob bullying Wade: 2:14 2:49 5:21
Jack Murphy Batman Fan
he sounds like master xanderd from power rangers samurai
Chloe Speight
Chloe Speight 2 months ago
(Has anyone made this comment/joke, yet? If anyone has done so already, I apologize! You deserve the credit for this. Not my unoriginal ass) Wade: Are you fucking that cat, Bob? **Shane Dawson has entered the chat**
ShroomyPlays 2 months ago
I just want to say that if Wade and Bob combined names, it'd be Wob. W o b.
Saki Kuusara
Saki Kuusara 2 months ago
Man they shouldn’t have messed with mark Mark: suffer my WRAAAAATHH Bob realizing the magnitude of his regret: UnLesS I pLaY onE Of ThEse
Oni 2 months ago
I guess you can say.. Now we are UNO
Brian Stevens
Brian Stevens 2 months ago
I literally almost choked to death from laughter
Godylh 2 months ago
My real life cat is actually named Archie
Hunter Jojo
Hunter Jojo 2 months ago
Shoulda done we are all Uno
Nyx 2 months ago
Mark: Wade, you lost friends... Wade: ... Mark: I hate you Wade: I had Friends?!?
houchi69 2 months ago
I am very curious to know who Archie is.
SaruCharmed 2 months ago
I can't for the life of me get online mode to work... I've only been able to play with friends locally. How did Mark get it working?
Aidan Donnellt
Aidan Donnellt 2 months ago
Corona is just Marks Wrath
zaako arolikin
zaako arolikin 2 months ago
Lixians errors: 18:45 misspelled quiel
Sophie Chen
Sophie Chen 2 months ago
I like to imagine that right before the outro music, Lixian was just like 'okay I'll let him have his last "my wrath" before I cut it off'
Mega Rayquaza
Mega Rayquaza Month ago
*MY WRATH!* **Crazy La Paint plays**
m2 2 months ago
Mark: Wade you lost friends. I hate you. Wade: *I had friends?*
Cheryl Chapman
Cheryl Chapman 2 months ago
Why do I love this so much maybe it’s just the three dishes that play together that I love it’s just occasionally Bob Wade and Mark I will be deleting this comment when unus annus is over 😑
Oof Oof
Oof Oof 3 months ago
10:21 This made me laugh so freaking hard idk why 😂
Completionist_ Gamer
Why do you not invite Jack anymore
Lorenzo Toniutti
Lorenzo Toniutti 3 months ago
Fun fact : In italian, "one" is "uno"
Music_ Story_Prompts
17:53 is the TikTok conversation, just because that’s fuckin hilarious to me
Vivid Wizard
Vivid Wizard 3 months ago
That is not uno... Half those cards arent even in uno.
Vivid Wizard
Vivid Wizard 2 months ago
@m2 Ah, Makes sense, but i do not understand something newer they usually put in the stores. But this is definitally a much modified version of the original Uno, only containing +4, +2, Reverse, Basic Number Cards, Skip, And Color Change. Might be missing one have not played uno in years.
m2 2 months ago
@Vivid Wizard Well I have actually got a physical version of this game. Its true you can't find them in stores (atleast not easily) that is why ordered them online.
Vivid Wizard
Vivid Wizard 2 months ago
@m2 Never heard of it before, i always find the normal uno cards in the store.
m2 2 months ago
Its a variant of uno called uno flip. It is also created by Mattel.
Jessica Foss
Jessica Foss 3 months ago
Hi mark video music bee honey Blake Shelton good song
I'm Lost
I'm Lost 3 months ago
“An elephant always lands on its feet” Me: I don’t think Elephants can jump
DavidFrostbite 3 months ago
I like after all this time, they've never bothered to set the scoreboard to more than a single round.
Jessica Foss
Jessica Foss 3 months ago
Hi mark video music bee honey Blake Shelton cool
YEET MAN 3 months ago
Wade is that friend in the group where he always gets picked on
ahmad Bilal
ahmad Bilal 3 months ago
uno is a good game to make enemies isnt it?
Charles Henriquez
Charles Henriquez 3 months ago
Wade: I know Mark's got my back Mark got his back.. filled with +5's
Hazatron 3 months ago
On a come down. Aha good old wade the casual drug addict
Emma Sullivan
Emma Sullivan 3 months ago
little note to myself - 22:33
LoliCatgirl 3 months ago
Anyone knows that music that played on 24:50?
Hoofed Toaster97
Hoofed Toaster97 3 months ago
You should turn on draw until you match and turn off force play and make a stack of cards
minerpig 3 months ago
18:43 *the game volume was too quite
Jessica Foss
Jessica Foss 3 months ago
Hi mark. Tomorrow tue aug 18 new video Jessica
Why does it seem they never had teams on? Mark was never able to see Archie's hand, so whether it was intentional or not, I felt I needed to call it out.
lazaro padron
lazaro padron 3 months ago
Weight is Archie A person?
Regicide 3 months ago
When the outro started playing as Mark was about win. Bob and Wade: Why do I hear boss music
TCGames 3 months ago
He had the perfect to name this video now we are uno
Courtney yeehaw
Courtney yeehaw 3 months ago
I guess you could say you are.... uno
SolidMoonbeams 3 months ago
Mom Dad
Mom Dad 3 months ago
0:34 10:21 are the best parts
Codie Coll
Codie Coll 3 months ago
Mark you had a glitch at 18:32 x
Nathan Litz
Nathan Litz 3 months ago
辻時子 3 months ago
Light Theme: Red, Yellow, Green, Blue Dark Theme: Fuchsia, Orange, Teal, Purple (this is fine)
david robles
david robles 3 months ago
Dangerous_ Shadow
Dangerous_ Shadow 3 months ago
Could you to an Unus Annus vs bob and wade uno game? Idk about anyone else but i think that’d be fun
riceiam 3 months ago
I watch this live, but I like to rewatch because Lixan's editing makes this 10x better
Darkness Dpa
Darkness Dpa 3 months ago
I like how they do team like battles but never 2 vs 2 battles.
Mahr Haider
Mahr Haider 3 months ago
that thumbnail is the thing of nightmares lol
Tyler 3 months ago
Dr Pep YT
Dr Pep YT 3 months ago
Tittle: We Are One My Brain: We Are Uno
Lindsey M
Lindsey M 3 months ago
Welcome to the fandom 😏We are one!
My Reactions
My Reactions 3 months ago
Dont download tik tok, theres no content on it and is a waste of storage space
Emma Dilemma Filtness
Wade's reactions are always legendary!
Maddilynn Alden
Maddilynn Alden 3 months ago
"I know marks got my back I know i can always depe-" *Mark hits him with +5*
Le Tuan Anh Nguyen
Le Tuan Anh Nguyen 3 months ago
Shann Sub Zero
Shann Sub Zero 3 months ago
Wade skips mark* Cards flips* MARK:YOU GANNA SUFFER MY WRATH BOB
King Dynam
King Dynam 3 months ago
Tyffanee Lavely
Tyffanee Lavely 3 months ago
Man, the comment section sure sucks ass now a days. It's all quotes, or written like a damn play. No opinions or thoughts. You guys are all just turning into one another. Maybe some time you could try and write your actual thoughts about the video? Or have you lost the will to be an individual? I'm npt trying to be a hater, but this crap has been going on for like 2 years now. Not even comments anymore, just words repeated from the video or others. Oh well I guess..
Cameron Corson
Cameron Corson 3 months ago
Zack John
Zack John 3 months ago
Despite the evidence that proves that elephants do eventually forget
Donkey Juice
Donkey Juice 3 months ago
Mark: I’m gonna win. Mark: *Wins*