REDSTONE and ILLAGERS!! | Minecraft - Part 15 

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I'm starting to experiment with redstone when EVERYTHING BREAKS AND EVERYONE ATTACKS ME!
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Aug 24, 2020




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Comments 100   
Goldfish Bro
Goldfish Bro 2 hours ago
Watching Mark doing redstone even just a RAIL is infuriating even to someone who can’t do much with redstone.
Violet Fitzgearld
Violet Fitzgearld 20 hours ago
Dose he not know that that at levers
Saul Flores
Saul Flores 21 hour ago
How epic was Mark's fight with the looters
Imperfect_star _
Mark: this is what it means to go beyond Me; ...PLUS ULTRA! Mark; does anything Me, like EEF; Maaark!! (These are my only responses now)
Egg King
Egg King 2 days ago
Without the golems mark would of died
Elda Mae
Elda Mae 3 days ago
Mark trying to do all these objectives and projects feel way too much like me trying to do math without the teacher helping me. and boy am I fucking bad at math :)
Jessica Agius-Tracy
guys whos watching this right nowy
Discordia Dingle
Discordia Dingle 3 days ago
Does he ever realize that red stone torches power powered rails?
Andrew Bernard
Andrew Bernard 5 days ago
Uh oh Darkiplier
Doberlee 5 days ago
Ignorance is Bless
Lee Blackadder
Lee Blackadder 6 days ago
an entire rage fit and all he has to do is put the block in the furnace. Genuis :D:D:D
RavenTheCat 7 days ago
this was the funniest one so far
Stevia 8 days ago
Darkiplier uses his voice to advertise or mark uses darks voice to advertise?
J Graber
J Graber 8 days ago
He wasted all his rails when he could’ve just fell down the hole
Dexii Animations
Dexii Animations 9 days ago
mark having a crisis over a finding a stone pressure plate and then manically filling and unfilling his cauldron somehow defines this whole series
slimey hobo
slimey hobo 9 days ago
his redstone is better than mumbo's
Katie Lane
Katie Lane 9 days ago
Marks: "falls of the edge of house" Also Mark: ow Me: "falls of edge of house " DOES NOT HURT MOTHER FUCKER
Cassy Sida
Cassy Sida 9 days ago
sponsored by raid shadow legends
LiaMario GaMing
LiaMario GaMing 9 days ago
24:34 did u just hahaha,😂🤣🤣😅😁
spicey 9 days ago
Dude. U make my day 😁😁😁😁😁😁
The Real Spinel
The Real Spinel 10 days ago
So who’s gonna tell him
Cayde 6
Cayde 6 10 days ago
anyone know the name of the song that played during the villager raid ?
Ethan Schmohe
Ethan Schmohe 10 days ago
Anyone else have the anxiety of him driving himself straight into lava
ThatOne BandKid
ThatOne BandKid 10 days ago
Mark singing sugar we’re going down gives me life 😂
Joshua Budiarto
Joshua Budiarto 11 days ago
This is like watching animals do their shit
Beans On Butter
Beans On Butter 12 days ago
19:53 You stood between death... and destruction? 25:31 AH! COLLECT THE TORCH!
Dione Martins
Dione Martins 12 days ago
Me: When will.Mark make a shield? Mark: Makes a shield Me: :D Mark: Never uses it Me: D:
DJ Dragon
DJ Dragon 12 days ago
Mark trying to figure out how to R E D S T O N E
Dom_The_Otaku 2020
Dom_The_Otaku 2020 12 days ago
Mark loses literally half a heart Mark: GOLEMS HELP MEEEEEEEE!!!
Henry Stickmin
Henry Stickmin 12 days ago
Felix: peepeepoopoo (pig) army Sean:dog army Mark:cow army
Laysha _
Laysha _ 12 days ago
Tsukasa Yugi
Tsukasa Yugi 12 days ago
Chai Linden
Chai Linden 12 days ago
6:31 We're going down down, down down, sugar we're going down swinging -Falloutboy
hannah is on the way
hey don't call us dummy!!
hannah is on the way
ha!!! joke!
fovo god of fear
fovo god of fear 13 days ago
I love watching markiplier,i love watching him play minecraft but boy does it hurt to watch this series.
MysteryMuffn 13 days ago
Episode 15, mark makes his tactical shovel
Lindsey M
Lindsey M 13 days ago
14:35 reminds me of "T H E G R I P W A S L O O S E" when Mark knew what Ethan did
Melody Morrison
Melody Morrison 14 days ago
Just came from the unnus annus ending to watch these to cheer me up
Lefty mobile
Lefty mobile 14 days ago
“Did you just Sh*t in my cauldron!” Markiplier 2020
Malachi Daw
Malachi Daw 14 days ago
Darkiplier comes out on average 3 times an episode
R N A 14 days ago
You know I’m no redstone genius too I actually despise redstone all my life so seeing Mark having trouble with it makes me relate.
EYLÜL ÇELEBİ 16 days ago
5:47 Mark said... '' Watashi wo Kurapika''
Penelope Mdibaniso
Penelope Mdibaniso 17 days ago
Just put a redstone torch down
Talkin' Spicer
Talkin' Spicer 17 days ago
*Puts hands in face* Hey, it's okay, at least it was funny seeing you try to go up the first time on your Mine railroad.
whomst has awaken the ancient one
who's gonna tell him he can use redstone torches
PrinceAliTheGreat 18 days ago
Im just putting this out there....Mark's a Mandalorian
Sam 18 days ago
I... actually can't believe I've played Minecraft for years and Mark beat the raid his first time... and yet... he doesn't understand the redstone....
Remainlang Bareh
Remainlang Bareh 19 days ago
6:32 going downtown 😂😂
Remainlang Bareh
Remainlang Bareh 19 days ago
10:47 11:11 15:40 25:00 24:25
Arekkusu Chan
Arekkusu Chan 21 day ago
Mark you need to use the red stone torch near the rail that goes fast in order to work and you gotta fix the rails cuz straight down or up won’t work
Leci-D 22 days ago
I love how he call’s chests boxes.
haefen cyrus rubia
haefen cyrus rubia 23 days ago
Coldest Flame
Coldest Flame 23 days ago
21:20 yes hes finally learning
Warrior The Amazon
Warrior The Amazon 24 days ago
Mark not using red stone torches hurts immensely
Isuzu Akimori
Isuzu Akimori 26 days ago
14:44 Im laughing so hard I and i asked out loud, "Mark, are you okay?' Was not expecting a reply lol It's okay buddy, everything will be alright lol
Republic of Great America
I think we can all agree that mark is just a little dumb about new minecraft
Leo Noz
Leo Noz 27 days ago
god this episode drives u insane if u actually know how to use redstone
Xara Raven
Xara Raven 28 days ago
“I alone stood between death and destruction.” *Ran to the golems for help every time.*
TaylorTube Draws!
TaylorTube Draws! 28 days ago
12:15 can someone translate that for me I'm confoosed
Merlivider 28 days ago
Me: smelt the cobblestone Mark: officially goes insane
AriesChild 05
AriesChild 05 28 days ago
Mark 14 minutes into the video: Is essentially going insane because of redstone Me: Sounds like Darkiplier’s on his way back
Ryah 28 days ago
Should someone tell him about animal leads? no? okay
FNAFLT sus 29 days ago
*markiplier being crazy for 14 minutes straight*
Sonic Forces The Hedgehog
Markimoo: *Sees Raid* Also Markimoo: *INTENSE KEYBOARD AND MOUSE CLICKING*
MrQuacklingz Month ago
Marks raid battle was actually good specially without even using his shield and does not even know most of the stuff when pewds and jack had a raid they had more knowledge and is fully geared then again mark had 3 iron golems and a full enchanted diamond gear but still really good
rein protacio
rein protacio Month ago
Just wait for it XD
rein protacio
rein protacio Month ago
XD the best when he says 'I will kill you' 5:35
JT Chad
JT Chad Month ago
2:50 they had us in the first half not gonna lie.
Dallas Martelock
It's pillagers Mark
Lacey Jensen
Lacey Jensen Month ago
get milk
Lauren Shaw-Butler
His cone number is 13295749
Bob Boetarboetar
Powered rail put down redstone on the side of the powered rail and make your minecart faster.
PoolsandGames Month ago
get netherrite
Lucas Horne
Lucas Horne Month ago
ehhhhhhhhhhhhh STONE!!!!!!!!!!
kyle icawat
kyle icawat Month ago
GamerDude Month ago
Other youtubers be freaking out on raids while mark be like "Yer stoopid hats!" and forget about it later
KateWolfStar Month ago
When do you think Mark started to go crazy?
Thomas Blue
Thomas Blue Month ago
As much as I love this series, seeing as I mainly messed with Minecarts as a kid this episode in particular hurt...
Jon Dwayne Hilario
markiplier:im working with redstone right now not riadstone
Aiden ki
Aiden ki Month ago
15:08 Did Mark just pull a Dream with the cobblestone crafting table??
Soapy 25
Soapy 25 Month ago
anyone else gets HIGHLY triggered watching him figure out this game and u can't even tell him.....what he's doing wrong.....
Pasha_Z_gang Month ago
Just place the fucking red stone torch
GigabyteMegs Month ago
Honestly dying of laughter at the fact he can't figure out why his cart slowed down over the powered rails... :'D
Carson Spinks
Carson Spinks Month ago
I am very impressed at his ability to defeat a raid on his first try without a shield, plus he didnt know what any of it was.
Dr Dalmation
Dr Dalmation Month ago
The part where he slowly grows more insane is giving me warlike flashbacks of Darkiplier
Ty Rex
Ty Rex Month ago
Anyone else just sitting and waiting for the raid to start and mark to rage
Gelatin Month ago
Mark: Does something correct Everyone liked that
Gelatin Month ago
Mark: Yes, I am the hero The golems: Am I a joke to you?
ezekiel tipton
ezekiel tipton Month ago
Chad Brown
Chad Brown Month ago
How the spider tryed to run away 5:45 😂😂😂😭😂
Silent Bunny
Silent Bunny Month ago
Prev episode: I'm a one man arny Right now: GOLLEM HELPP ME
Melon-Melanie Month ago
14:44 me after I got possessed
Jazmyn Henson
Jazmyn Henson Month ago
19:50 i wonder if these are the words All Might spoke after becoming a hero
DarkWolf4564 Month ago
11:11 - *_*E P I C C O A S T E R D R O P*_*
Melanie Horowitz
I wonder if Amy can hear Mark when he’s recording 🤣
Retro Guru
Retro Guru Month ago
Oh no, vindicators and worst of all evokers are part of the raid!? I had no idea they were part of raids, they don't pillage on Xbox 360/PS3 Aquatic Edition 1.14.
Retro Guru
Retro Guru Month ago
7:23, that was very UNCOOL! The 3rd option would normally give you 3 max level enchantments.
Retro Guru
Retro Guru Month ago
If you insist on making rails, go for the 500 block 1 direction achievement. I assume that's an award you can get on PC cause it sure is on Xbox 360.
Addison Knowles
Addison Knowles Month ago
Mark: mine kart. Me: ... MARIO KART WEHEE!
Ron F
Ron F Month ago
9:06 A mariplier feeding his markimoo children.
supermentos Month ago
This is the most anoying video so far cuz I know redstone very well
Colin Furze Stuff
Colin Furze Stuff
Smell-O-Vision is REAL