SING THE DEMONS AWAY | Sign of Silence 

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Got a demon in your face? Just sing it away once and for all!
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Nov 19, 2020




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Jakester gamer Gore
Jakester gamer Gore 25 minutes ago
I hope you red this because it will help you There are three monsters the walker, the witch, and the alerter 1. The walker is not the worse monster, it stands still or walks in circles. It is half blind, and senses you if you shine a light in its face, or look in the face. If this happens it will teleport to you and hit you, but simply back up a bit, and you should be fine 2.The witch IS the worse, it stays in the ground until you, or something else makes noice, such as the horse, the dog, and crows. They pop out and look around, so if you can get behind a big object, it will not see you. You have two chances, and when she gets you the first time she brings you to her liar, and the second time, well you die. 3. The alerter, well alerts the other monsters, and I have to say is that do not get close to them, and they really blend in with the tree so be careful.
Eleanore Cashen
Eleanore Cashen 33 minutes ago
I'm just imagining the developers laughing and taking notes like "ok we need creatures in the water and we can't have sprinting past the creatures"
Daxe Dork
Daxe Dork 2 hours ago
Daniel Castells
Daniel Castells 7 hours ago
Bobs laughs right at the end tho XD
Drownedoutvibes 8 hours ago
“Baaa naa ha nah no nuuhhh nuuhh”
Jenelle Zabel
Jenelle Zabel 9 hours ago
O O P. . .
Amari Jackson
Amari Jackson 11 hours ago
Definitely not one for forests at night. Nothing ever goes right in forests at night.
relievedfoxy 628
relievedfoxy 628 11 hours ago
First I guess
I_am_me 12 hours ago
Marks reading voice sounds like Hubie from Hubie Halloween
sAvAGe 101
sAvAGe 101 16 hours ago
Wade: "Lady Long Legs" Me: "that makes her hot😉" Mark: "...okay..." Jack: "..." Bob: "yes" All: "🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣"
parnia abedi
parnia abedi 20 hours ago
@7:36 Why does is monster standing like a model😂
whelp, he a genius
Danae Young
Danae Young Day ago
god theyre all like deer in this game
Jason Thomas
Jason Thomas Day ago
Enjoy the videos but Jacksepticeye is not for me. He can be a annoying asshat with his dumb comments and arguments.
Jack: "I'm not adding to the problem so that means I'm helping" Also jack: *runs into the crows*
Bratty Day ago
What up mark
Gamer girl
Gamer girl Day ago
The jumps are at the end of the last video was the ONLY one that got me and I stg my soul left my body while my body simultaneously took a screenshot
Riya Wright
Riya Wright Day ago
Hi mark have you played a game called darkness episode 1 by lut? It's point and click scary, very scary, like the ring
LadyTenjoin Day ago
What did I just watch? huh never heard of this game before.
*flashback to the first episode then proceeds to descend into chaos*
Yasser Boumediane
The fact that Wade at the end was literally holding on to the edge with the tips of his toes is hilarious 😂
Madison -
Madison - Day ago
Duh duh duh duh duh ballora
Collin Bishop-Karney
The fact they had all the stuff for the boat and decided to kill themselves really irks me 🙄
MAD FATHER REMAKEEEE!! uwu new cutscenes and better graphics, 2 different story modes and a gallery/doll maker mode. Note: the doll maker mode is great, but not a huge part of the game. New modes in the game! 1: Blood 2: IF scenario 3: normal Gems
Conner Monds
Conner Monds Day ago
Mark: *puts his face in monster's taint without dying* Bob who died from standing on Wade's feet: *confused confusion*
Nahla Seif
Nahla Seif Day ago
Z Fisher
Z Fisher 2 days ago
Vincent Stout
Vincent Stout 2 days ago
We need a song where its just Mark going "Buh-Duh-Duh-Duh-Da-Duh-Duh-Duh-Da"
Gold Fish
Gold Fish 2 days ago
People around Mark: Dying for going within the same mile of a monster Mark: Running through monsters
DarkTortch73 2 days ago
LukaGelutashv 2 days ago
Black_Cat _Leader
So I anyone gonna talk about the figure u see at 3:07 and he just walks away calmly
Dumpster Child
Dumpster Child 2 days ago
Clifford Wilson
Clifford Wilson 2 days ago
The thumbnail looks like a Bible realistic angel
Sky MouZer
Sky MouZer 2 days ago
GD it. I always end up on this channel when I have less than 30 min to go to bed. Do more phasmophobia, then ill be up til 3 and can conduct my own experiments with informed decisions.
aesthetic kat
aesthetic kat 2 days ago
XLSwiftEditz 2 days ago
One of the guys in this vid sounds like the Squirrel from over the hedge movie 19:39
Adrian Clark
Adrian Clark 2 days ago
New music track: Anus Emanator
Zinuhena Sirupize
Did someone mention Among Us?
KI10 2 days ago
Why does Bob moan when he says hes dead? I mean, I know you gotta get them views...
Masked Majin2
Masked Majin2 2 days ago
you should do horror vr with multiple people
Riley Lovekamp
Riley Lovekamp 2 days ago
Themis Spanopoulos
I should try singing and running away when the tax collectors come knocking, I wonder if that would work.
James Maddox-White
I'm so confused why are in silence and sign of silence so similar
Daryll Fugurson
Daryll Fugurson 3 days ago
Can you play war thunder
Sam Sellers
Sam Sellers 3 days ago
Did anyone else see that tree look like it got two legs and twich at 3:05
DeltaSilver88 3 days ago
Mark: *sings while running* Spider lady: *stares as he goes by* Grabbing this one doesn't sound like a good idea. Slappy: ...Yeah, don't eat that guy. Seems diseased.
Landon Letterman
Landon Letterman 3 days ago
7:25 To answer Bob's question, it's because he didn't *"WOOOOO! WOOOOO,"* like an idiot, lol
/ bazyar
/ bazyar 3 days ago
game itself feels like 30 fps but the webcam feels 60 idk whats wrong with game
Axolotlking 2.0
Axolotlking 2.0 3 days ago
Mark, you need to play Doki Doki Blue Skies IT’S FINALLY OUT!!!!!
Asriel Dreemurr
Asriel Dreemurr 3 days ago
imagine all the monster people just looking at mark running away singing and just be like "his allready going to die by himself leave him be"
Raven Fish
Raven Fish 3 days ago
A fun mechanic to add to this game would be to be able to break your ankles as you run across the mountain tops :)
Xyrus Antigro
Xyrus Antigro 3 days ago
mark try to kill jacksepticeye with a flare
Tylda Fox
Tylda Fox 3 days ago
I would love to see all on escapes
Mama Bri
Mama Bri 3 days ago
Mark and Bob: chilling in the river Sean: deranged Irish screaming
Hailey Copen
Hailey Copen 3 days ago
Running is the way of moving out of the way :3
RaidenAnimates 3 days ago
This is sleep paralysis demons literally in a Frikin video
Cuzzys 2nd Channel
LOLs, the monsters love Mark's singing just as much as we do! :D
Marek Borgstahl
Marek Borgstahl 3 days ago
The ending of the first one scared the Sh*t out of me omfg!
Allie Epiphany
Allie Epiphany 3 days ago
Apparently, running and singing your own theme song makes you invincible!😂🏃💨
Hayden Heisler
Hayden Heisler 3 days ago
Ayo mark found Megan (if you got that joke marry me)
Patience Brown
Patience Brown 3 days ago
Can you play little nightmares 2
Stephanie Stone
Stephanie Stone 3 days ago
What kind of pc do you play on. Im want to to buy one and im needing help to find a good one that I can play steam on.
xyrone loyd lanorias
mark: 'gets jumpscared' also mark: *starts rapping/singing*
DreamBig319 3 days ago
**Everyone running and singing frantically away from monsters** I did this, and STILL do this everytime im freaking out towards anything. My childhood right here HAHAHA. Anyone relate?
Good boyo
Good boyo 3 days ago
21:51 mark is no medium sized box Tim. If someone thought of this before I did I'm sorry
Jeremy Bennett
Jeremy Bennett 3 days ago
Sasha Mensh
Sasha Mensh 3 days ago
i just wanted to mention his uhh, CAMP UNUS ANNUS SHIRT
Kaizer Mordecai
Kaizer Mordecai 3 days ago
3:07 puuure luck markimur didn’t run straight into that thing. He went with his guts, did the right thing
Sam Ryder
Sam Ryder 3 days ago
Wade: y’know that whole not dying thing? Wade: *NOOOOO! *dies**
Luna 3 days ago
Bird Seeds
Bird Seeds 3 days ago
anyone else notice 3:07 - 😭😭
Zenaku 3 days ago
i should've watched this sooner, laughed my ass off
JacketHoes 3 days ago
time to cower in fear while also manically laughing. Love these group videos.
skywolffantasy 3 days ago
Dragon Youtopia
Dragon Youtopia 3 days ago
0:53 I think that's a anti cheat system. And the loser part I believe they want people see you have it.
Shelby G
Shelby G 3 days ago
I wish there was some way to take Bob's laugh, bottle it, and then mass produce it
Alwyn Nito
Alwyn Nito 3 days ago
eeeeh, insectgina. Edit: THING!!?!??!?? 3:07 Hu dat
Alphanique Dean
Alphanique Dean 3 days ago
1:24 is when the real video starts
ShadowFighter12 3 days ago
I like it how Mark is putting in his own background music when he sings, it's freakin' hilarious. He even does his own drum kit sounds and background guitar and bass. Hahahaha! xD
daedream 3 days ago
He’s wearing camp unus annus mercy 🥲
Aubrey Walker
Aubrey Walker 3 days ago
Wade: ohh horsie shut the frick up. Bob: umm you dont have to talk to the horse like that. That's completely unnecessary.
Aubrey Walker
Aubrey Walker 3 days ago
Mark: I'm throwing them off our trail shut up. Da ba ba ba ba da da ba da!
xferno wolf
xferno wolf 3 days ago
no one: mark: deh dun dun dun DUN DUN *DUN DUN DUN DUN BUM BUM BUM DER BUMBUMBUM*
KADEN TALBOT 4 days ago
"I screwed the dogs the spider lady got me." Jacksepticeye, 2020 4:20
littlepiggy945 4 days ago
all i could think when mark was singing was "asugarandpepper and apepperandsugar"
Дмитрий Киселёв
4:24 oh no, here we go again NotLikeThis
Odette Pianca
Odette Pianca 4 days ago
It’s Heehoo, he has returned
Rouge the bat girl
Title I don’t think the Demons won’t go if singing, It will extract 😂
Em Tee Inn Sigh Duh
I’m just saying as a Bostonian I am very offended Mark pronounced Massachusetts “Massachooschoos”
Ninja Dave
Ninja Dave 4 days ago
3:01 i love how he didnt see the creepy monster giant in front of him
Damian Jake
Damian Jake 4 days ago
wade: "no head *breaks skateboard*" i see what you did there, wade. i didn't like it. i *LOVED* it.
Ian Glepa
Ian Glepa 4 days ago
Wade's laugh can probably end the pandemic.
Abby Brown
Abby Brown 4 days ago
My favorite games are the ones that play together. But the 4 of them. I love it.
boothekill 4 days ago
Can someone explain what happened to Tyler
Jadimatic 4 days ago
Infinitus Annus, Memento Vita.
Ben Curtis
Ben Curtis 4 days ago
I like at the beginning when mark got caught and knew her got caught he just kept yelling like: “awhawhaehawhwhaw”
hehe xd
hehe xd 4 days ago
1:27 *Ancient Language*
ChazChill 4 days ago
Sing the demons away? Sorry, I dunno how to get the getting over it dev away.
Cheese Meister
Cheese Meister 4 days ago
7:09 perfect summary of the Mark, Bob, and Wade’s relationship